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> > > > Sugar & Spice, Vivanta by Taj - President

Sugar & Spice, Vivanta by Taj - President

Cuffe ParadeSouth Mumbai  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Sugar & Spice, Vivanta by Taj - President Reviews


Very average for a 5 star pattiserie.

Im giving this place a 3/5 because their desserts are above average- definitely far from excellent but not terrible either.

Its a good go-to place if youre rushing somewhere and dont want to go empty handed.


All time fave deli!

Love this, the deserts, the cold cuts, everything.

This is a must do weekly indulgence for us.



Sugar and spice; and everything nice

That's what, as the poem goes, little girls are made from, supposedly. However, it's also what I was soon to be made from after my long, post-lunch perusal into their cabinets of desire.

Take note! This is a very dangerous place for those who have no grasp of the word "no" or any sign of the slightest wisp of willpower, like me. Just ensure the elasticated waist of your trousers has some give in it before placing your order.

The staff are hospitality personified and take a maternal stance in ensuring that you are fully fed, watered and content before allowing you to go on your way back into the now sweeter world you exist.

I miss their "all you can eat" pudding fiesta which they had in 2008. I think I managed 8 or 9 plates before the room started spinning and my cheeks went a nice shade of green. Oh happy days.

You need their number in your phonebook. Call up to order cakes, salads and more. Ask for the very helpful, and dapper, Patrick.

And next time you go, get me a pyramid pastry please.



Great desserts - but not worth it.

Sugar N Spice delivers on the taste - it has some fantastic choices, makes sinful cakes and everything else is made with a lot of attention to detail. But thats not the whole story.

Prices have been rising every month - it's now so high that you could get 4 (non-veg, mind you) frankies for one chocolate eclair. Just too much - even for a TAJ place.

Service is - bleah. Staff are slow, billing is noisy, and they make you wait most of the time.

The only good thing here is unlimited bite-sized desserts and coffee late nights.

Avoid it if you're just looking for a quick sweet bite. You'd spit it out when you get the bill. Moshe's desserts are way better anyways.