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> > > > Sutra, The Lalit Mumbai

Sutra, The Lalit Mumbai

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 02266992222, 09833021184
  • Lobby Level,The LaLiT Mumbai,Sahar Airport Road,Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 3800

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Sutra, The Lalit Mumbai Reviews

lubnas - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 04,2012



SUTRAS, has a good ambiance and nice big bar but a lot of things sucked there, the 1st thing was the DJ he had no songs to play, have you ever exp a club repeating songs more than once, he was playing a song 3-4 times, also being a Saturday night the Dj was so bad i can imagine on a weekdays... the 2nd thing was the service it was soooooooooo slow ... they had only 2 bartenders, OMG it was horrible, finally they closed the bar without informing at 1am, as the cops arrived..... over all a bad experience... but with my friends any where we are we still rock.


Sleaze Baby!

This is kind of like Pulse @ Bandra only classier and with higher priced hookers. Absolutely sleazy ambiance and feels like a non-regular, outlaw kind of place. Couples entry free, stag Rs.2000 full cover.

I'd go back. It's one of the few places in Bombay where you can sit at the bar and the girls come to you :) Now that's hospitality.



I love Sutra

I loved it when i would go to the "Sutra" when I was india. Everything can't be perfect at a club. I been to many clubs in Bombay. Sutra is a great place to relax dance and enjoy your company. I danced for hours and felt great when there !




I hate this place. The ambience is okay. The Lightening was also not bad. But the Dj sucked. It was really really horrible..I felt because of the Dj everything was Horrible.


Not too bad

One big plus is that its open till very late (or should i say early morning). Music is a mix of everything. Crowd is young. Most nights are reserved for private parties and so you need to be on the guest list or plead/pay extra to get in. It's large and quite spacious, lighting is interesting. Nothing spectacular, but not a bad option.


Sucks and Sucks bigtime

This place's so bad that , I had no words when I saw the endless number of shady people, hoards of wierdos that you'll find in Mumbai bars drinking whiskey. The place has a good ambience for a disc cum lounge and in a 5 star- so we thot it should be good, I still shudder

So if you care about your female company please avoid this place.On the flip side I would love to come here with 4-5 of my guy friends 4-5 pegs down, not pay the cover i.e 1000/- for a couple, and bury myself in the dark corners of this lounge disc cum bar