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> > > > Sveda - Restaurant & Lounge

Sveda - Restaurant & Lounge

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  


23 Reviews / 25 Ratings

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Sveda - Restaurant & Lounge Reviews



I had booked sveda banquet hall for my wedding as well as the reception. when i had been there initially while deciding on the venue..a very rosy picture was shown and i was absolutely impressed and decided to book it for both my functions. what actually happened was a complete DISASTER.
i reached there at 8 am in the morning and the entire hall was a mess.. the changing room provided to me was in a complete guests were waiting down and they had not even begun with the decoration neither cleaned up the place (there was some party last night). when my fiancee told them to decorate soon..they were very ignorant about it and were behaving dumb.. the people responsible for cleaning up were SLEEPING...finally we had to wake them up and be behind everyone to start their work..we literally made them work as if it was our duty to supervise them. manager had not yet arrived. all the guests along with my fiancee were WAITING FOR 2 HRS DOWN becoz of their poor service.
we had told them while booking that we need uttapa , tea and biscuits to be served for breakfast to our guests.. there was no arrangement made for the same and when we reminded them..they said that " TAVA KHARAAB HO GAYA HAI"... is this the kind of answer one expects???... we had to change the entire menu at the last moment and serving was also delayed. the food for my functions was pathetic too.. the bowls and the plates were also not clean. they crossed all limits when they didnt even arrange the tables for bride , groom and their family in the end to have their meals... the bride and the groom sat on the casual table to have their meal in the end. the service was so bad that everytime we had to tell them "please get this"... please get that..etc if they r paying us.
my personal advice....AVOID SVEDA BANQUET AT ALL COSTS!!!!!



Lovely food and awesome ambience

I loved the ambience.... not to forget about the food... they serve tasty mediteranean food.. will be defenetly visiting again for 31st celebration....


sjr44 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 14,2012



TERRIBLE EXperience on the 7th of October 2012.We had booked a table for 15 of our guests-and that dinner experience was the worst any of us had.I had booked a table in advance , had received a confirmation.I was expecting a great dining experience as promised. However there was one person attending to 15 guests and what was worse was that they got our order all wrong, both the subji's were made in the same gravy.The soup was not hot.Terrible in all.When we started experiencing difficulties we called a senior and asked them to be more cautious of their mistakes and the customer's needs.But it just got worse and worse(if that was possible). They didn't serve us food until one and a half hour after order and even then they missed out on good taste as well as various aspects of our dinner.While we were having dinner the guys at the table next to us walked out in disappointment .And as the evening went on ,we realized all other tables too were extremely disappointed at their pathetic service.Unfortunately the evening ended with EVERYONE at the restaurant WALKING OUT because of the horrible experience everyone was put through-and there wasn't any apology given. The managers and most of the staff was busy attending a MNCs party in their banquet hall- while customers were being dished out bad food and worse service.


Great Peaceful Ambience in Andheri East

Well I was recommended by my Mom to go over here, After much delay one day I finally went here and went to their open rooftop restaurant on the 4th floor, And the time you step into the restaurant you just forget that this is situated at one of the most congested areas of Andheri east. The place is very Windy and very Quiet just the perfect place to spend quality time withone someone and chat peacefully. The last time I went here I had a cocktail and some starters to go along with it. Not many options in Veg food and especially in Main course. They do have a Indian restaurant on the floor below. But this place is very expensive so not a regular place for me. Though a must visit


Vijay Singh - Burrp User

Vijay Singh

1 Reviews

November 10,2012


Be aware Wedding planner and birthday party

My self Vijay Singh
I m attend 4 party in Sveda in terrace hall 2 wedding and 2 birthday party. But pls its my suggestion to you dont go with this hotel. bcos third class waiter service here and management is not good and proper. Bcos they r not serve starter properly .even in the wedding party they dont have manpower for serving 250 people in the party. Me and My family all party r spoil . So pls its my personal experience share with you. Thanks For All


kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 10,2012


value for money

I had bought a deal for dis place and finally v landed there for dinner...v chose to sit in their restaurant which serves authentic north indian cuisine....v ordered 2 starters both paneer ones which wer decent...the main course was real real good...also the indian breads wer soft and meltable...v calld for chocolate gulab jamun in their desserts which wer really tasty...another dessert the name i cannot recall was sumhow not palatable...v also tried their moctails-sherlyn temple and fruit punch both of which wer good...d ambiance makes up for an lovely dining experience...



beware of nexus with wedding planners

since we are planning a wedding, we are in touch with wedding planners who first took us to this place, pure coincidence had us revisting the same place, this time my friend said holidayinn sakinaka (incidentally both belong to the same group), he is already booked for his function at the same venue. it took us 2 days to get a proper quote(a web inquiry solicited a quicker response), the rates were ridiculously high, twice that of the wedding planner and thrice the rates confirmed with my friend, subsequent calls to our (at your service)wedding planner went unanswered leading to the obvious conclusion of the nexus ," you have no rights to make inquiries if you are in touch with our mr. friend wedding planner". well good luck to their service oriented business style. i hope the owners are listening and reading all these reviews which are full of praise for the staff, you may have a good taste in your investment but without the right people in place this ain't taking off. we found an alternative , but you lost business.


October 14, 2012response from management at Sveda - Restaurant & Lounge:

Dear Anish ,
Thank you very much for taking time out to write your review on burrp .
But would like to clarify few things on record . We are not tied up with any wedding planner for 31st dec .
And your friend is doing a mehndi function at our restaurant which has capacity of 150 pax on friday in nov. Whereas you are looking for the same rate on the lawns which has a capacity of 800 guest and that too on 31st dec. Your requirement is for 200 pax on the lawn on 31st dec .
Hence the conclusion is anyone can make inquiries but the


Really nice place to hang out

Found a great new place called Sveda the lounge thanks to crazeal. Beautiful ambiance in the heart of north Mumbai.



Rocking Place...My all Time Favourite!!!

Sveda has been a place which I must have frequented most often. And it has never disappointed me. May it be Cricket/Football/Tennis Finals, Weekend or no occasion at all, Sveda is the place to be! The food is good, the service is good and Happy hours actually makes you happy!! :)
my favorite is their Lebanese Chicken its just Yummy ... never found the same taste anywhere else...The staff is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable.
The music, ambiance, service, everything is rocking.... all and all, its a very good chill out place...Good show guys keep rocking..



Cheapness Exaggerated!!!!!!!

Seriously it seems like they have a cheap waiter, cheap butler and a cheap manager serving exorbitantly priced "cheap" food at a over spent decored place.
First on the food
I had actually taken a deal from Crazeal which wrote a meal for two worth Rs 4000/- at rs 699 which included 4 pints of beer, two starters, two main course and desserts.
What this bunch of idiots served me as starters was 6 small pieces of disgustingly tasting fish and chicken. the portions were so small that it even didnt fitted 1/6th of the normal size plate. on enquiring the over smart manager tells me that the portions are designed for tasting only (What the F.... only tasting will cost u 4000 rs). I then actually ordered a chicken dish from the menu (by paying over and above the voucher!!!) and here comes another disaster ... HAS THE CHICKEN DIED A YEAR AGO!!!!! Pathetic
Then comes the soup main course and desserts .... seriously all crap, disgusting and smelly!!!!!!

Now the Service
We chose to sit in the lounge which is a good place in the first look ..... then comes the blaring speakers (the rickshaws have a better speaker quality), utterly digusting choice of songs, an over smart waiter (learning the tricks from the manager of course!!) and last but not the least an arrogant DJ (DJ my foot!!!!) who would not reduce the volume with a reason that " Sir this is a lounge!!!!!" making me wonder what have i been visiting all this year of my life.
Seriously Rani Mukherjee sounded good than those speakers!!!!
No the ambiance (final nail to the coffin !!!!)
They have a capacity of close to more than 150 people, have beers in their menu and have only one single toilet (thank god separate for male and female). overly spent decor with no common sense of placing of seats ... what a waste
I am not a typical over demanding customer but not even a single tale was left where the people were not complianing it yuckky taste of butter chicken, water leakage, from AC tripping on the customer, over billing, garlic naans given to jain family to literally the arrogant butler fighting with the customer over what should be the taste of the butter chicken....
My advise dont go to this place its a nightmare which you will live in real world by actually paying for it ...


aish11 - Burrp User


70 Reviews

October 03,2012


Ok fare

We had placed a take-away .The Lamb galouti was ok ,so was the Chicken chilly.The portions were measly.The saving grace was teh CHicken Manchurian starter.
They hav limited Biryani options.We only had DUm Murg Biryani in CHicken biryani.It was greasy but ok.
They need to spruce up their portions!



Looks can be deceiving!

Going in with the great reviews this place had, we skipped UT and headed over. Definitely smelled a rat when everything appeared hunky dory here.

The place has a great feel-good ambience with nice decor adding to a warm comfort. Ideal for fine dining or a romantic outing. They have a good range of drinks and are reasonably priced. Head over to the main menu and thats when the problem starts. A simple Butter Chicken is marked as their signature dish and you end up getting a tomato gravy laced with chicken pieces! The staff is new and dont know gourmet terminologies when it comes to basic serving. Be prepared to ask for munchies along with your drinks & water.
The Dal Makhni was good and certainly the chef is veggie. The desserts are best avoided, as the waiter said,' fruit salad with gulab jamun!!' The Kulfi Falooda made sure I ended up with a sore throat.

Locations good, ample parking space but customers dont head in seeing your decor and ambiance, its the food that has to rock as he is paying almost 300 a dish!

The single star is for the ambience which is really super & is a place ideal for business meets over a quick drink and snacks, as for the taste and vfm it gets a royal thumbs down. Try the other options around this area :)

Happy dining!


S-VEDA...I went Simply Veda (Mad in Marathi)

I beg to differ from my fellow burpers who've overrated this place.Either they've had an out of the world experience or they've been extremely patient at their respective outings!!!

My Review

Ambience:9/10....They've converted the available place into what i call a Diner's Delight

Food:6/10.....Someone please teach them how the Chicken in butter chicken is meant to be cooked...u dont serve boiled pieces of chicken charcoaled in cheap tomato gravy n that too for a good 270 bucks.
Their Dal Makhani was yum..worth a praise

Service:2/10....U dont take an order n then come n say "Sorry sir we dont serve wine as per glass...we serve as per Pint"

No complimentary munchies with ur booze until you ask for it

A drinks order takes them 15 minutes...Wow....grow up amateur bartender!! He goes wrong on a simple mocktail n gives it a second try!!!

Amatuer Servers-The guy is struggling to pick up a simple roti and serve it to you!! Dude Jumbo Circus need jugglers like you mate!

You dont ask a customer to pass his plate just cause you cant stoop to pick it up!!!

A finger bowl served cold is the worst treatment your hand n fingers can get after all the smearing they go through thanks to the Indian way of eating.I call that a "Super Hot" bowl (added sarcasm)

Mr Waiter to Mr Manager "Sir im not sure of whats been charged...Shall i take it back?" dont know what n how much to charge me....Nice!!!! A customer's delight i must say!!! ;)

Total Damage:2200 including alcohol (Sorry too much for the mediocre butter chicken n the shoddy service!!)

Honestly looks can be deceptive....Experience it at our own risk!

For the presentation of the place...had the service and some part of the food complimented deserved a 5/5

Cmon folks there is definite scope for improvement! ;)



Unexpected Delight!!!!

Sveda is one of the most unexpected restaurent/lounge that you will find in mumbai. I use the word unexpected not due to my poor grammar but because it is very much so !! Picture andheri ….then picture andheri east…and then saki naka .Now how can you fit an open air ,tastefully decorated two floors of wonderful ambience in a place like that. Sveda is an almost 7000-10000sqft of pure pleasure located around 100 metres from saki naka junction. It is the last bastion of a decent place on the kurla road and it does not fail to disappoint. I have visited it twice. The indian restaurent is good and they are still learning. We ordered a paneer dish and dal and they were good but not exceptional. what was exceptional was however the service. At sveda you are allowed free time to sit and eat in peace and somehow the staff give an impression that they want you to enjoy the meal leisurely rather than attempting to turn the tables around quickly.I also visited the lounge on the second floor and it is an open air delight. We had a 20% discount coupon from our first visit and a ladies night on a wednesday . The total bill after around 2 cocktails , two beers and 3 starters was around 400 bucks !!! what was even more awesome was the fact in the evening the lounge was overlooking the powai hills and hid the slums below whch made the experience excellent. Sveda has decent food and great service, one thing i would really want you to try is their roti ki tokri...which is a huge crispy kharkra roti which is garnished like a masala papad. For the great ambience and excellent service i would definately reccomend sveda for a visit.




good ambiance..however the lounge does not not give u a very great view...v preferred to sit in their restaurant...spacious and nicely done interiors... unprofessional and courteous staff to help you with the menu...had indian food which was really damn good...d desserts wer also decent..d moctails very very good especially their vigin mojito..




I have tried out allmost all joints at andheri & was luking out for a new venue around, had got a mail from Snap deal regarding a buffet joint called SVEDA, so jus thought of giving it a try..Didnot expect much,but to my surprise this place is truely amazing..Right from soup to desserts & ambience this place rocks..the food is very delicous..My rating soup 9/10 , appertisers- 8/10 ( 1 apertiser was v tasty but the other snack ie chicken pakoda was abit oily) , salads- 9/10, main course- 10/10 ; deserts- 10/10, service-10/10..the chicken served was v tender & juicy.. g8 experience....highly recommended, A must try place.



Hi, i have been visiting SVEDA since a year and found them very good. Excellent service at economical price, worth being there. Staff is very good and cooperative and adjust as per customers convenience. Highly recommeded to visit them. The food is just yum and delicious and the variety of spread in their Buffet is Vast.Best Place in Andheri to Hangout in the Evenings as they also Offer HAPPY HOURS from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. And also has ample car parking space . Definately worth a try..


Unprofessional Service

After spending some time at the lounge, when we wanted to have dinner, we were informed that Indian dinner is served only at the restaurant downstairs. Our server was nice to bring us the restaurant menu and take our orders and guide us to the restaurant once our order was ready….or so we thought.

We enter the restaurant which is huge, with well-spaced tables and nicely done interiors. After being seated the wait began…. We kept on inquiring about the food and were consistently told that it would just be served. Finally, after 20 minutes, when our order arrived, it was cold. Very clearly the food had already been made in the kitchen and was waiting to be served all this time while the servers kept chatting among themselves. Despite good food, our experienced was spoiled because of the unprofessional service.

Disclaimer: This experience is about a visit ~ a month earlier. Hopefully, things might have improved.


Cool Ambiance

We went to this place a couple of weeks back on a weekend night. The lounge is open air and is beautifully done. The dim lighting and the cool breeze add to positively the ambiance. But that’s all that is good about the place. Since it a lounge, we were not expecting exceptional food, but bad service, and that too when the place was just half full, is inexcusable. The drinks took too long to come and half of the order was forgotten. And wile we enjoyed the drinks, mosquitoes had their own party drinking our blood…. though agree that there is not much the management could do about it.

Later, when we wanted to have dinner, we were informed that Indian dinner is served only at the restaurant downstairs. Our server was nice to bring us the restaurant menu and take our orders and guide us to the restaurant once our order was ready….


sveda is all about swaad

well I have been to this place 2 times in past 1 month .. once for a private party and once to chill out with frens... both the experiences were too good..
food and ambiance give a tough fight to each other..the view on a full moon day is just superb. we ordered for both chicken and veg starters.. out of which chicken was better then veg. we ordered for Margarita which was well prepared ...the only bad part was .we were getting disturbed by the party what they have organised in the nearby garden ... loud music of that party was just spoiling the feel of the ambiance.
they also have a separate terrace for private roof top parties for about 15- 20 ppl.,which sounded exciting
.. its a hidden place which is definitely going to gain much more popularity in coming time . do give a try ..


Great Ambience mixed with Quality Food !!

So we wanted to have Indian Food, Decided to go to Sweda Restaurant but since there was a private party going on at the indoor restaurant, we were told to move to the open air Sweda Lounge. The Ambiance is really awesome, The staff is really polite and courteous. We ordered from the menu of Sweda Restaurant and not the Lounge. Everything from the starters to the main Course was jus Yum.


Indian Cuisine Is Just too Good !!

So e wanted to have Indian Food, Decided to go to Sweda Restaurant but since there was a private party going on at the indoor restaurant, we were told to move to the open air Sweda Lounge. The Ambiance is really awesome, The staff is really polite and courteous. We ordered from the menu of Sweda Restaurant and not the Lounge. Everything from the starters to the main Course was jus Yum.


Made My Sunday :)

i been here for power lunch serve by them on sunday, it ws just mind blowing experience from the first step when v enter to the Restaurant, the mind blowing interior, Hospitality is really good, food ws just awesome.....but really diff & really testy food they ws pan short which they serve as a mouth freshener....Keep it up....c u soon :)