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> > > > Tamarind, Fariyas Hotel

Tamarind, Fariyas Hotel

ColabaSouth Mumbai  

  • 02261416141, 09594968405
  • 1st Floor,Fariyas Hotel,25, Off Arthur Bunder Road,Colaba, Mumbai
  • Continental, North Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1500 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Tamarind, Fariyas Hotel Reviews







A restaurant worth trying

This poolside restaurant is sure to catch your eyes. Lovely music, awesome food and above all, excellent service. What else does one look for. The music out there is soothing and calm. And you would also love the outdor kind of ambiance They serve a wide range of cuisines to try. The best I liked here is the drunken chicken and the seafoods. And one more thing I noticed is, the food is served faster than other restaurants. The price is slightly towards the higher side but its all worth compared to the services you receive. A must try place for sure.



Superb ambience!

Loved everything, the service, the food, the location, the silence......


rohn1992 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 24,2013


decent experience..!! :)

I went to Tamarind a few days back with my parents. It was a nice place. The food was great. The service was also up to the mark. The soft music provided us with a soothing environment. We liked everything out there. Thanks to the site from where my Dad booked a table for us...because it was through this site that we came to know about Tamarind and also got a great deal of discount on booking through it.



jusk ok

had gone for their diner buffet, the live music was good. the variety in the buffet very 650/-pp one expects a more elaborate buffet. the staff was just ok , we had landed at about 9.45 an told them we will be going in for a about 5 to 11 they told us its time for them to close the buffet....that was a little unsettling, because they should have told us when we had ordered the same....they gave a relaxation of about 10 mins, we had a hurried such the food was just not was greasy and did not look or smell fresh. I'm not going there again! one of the disappointing experiences!


ravitej7 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 31,2011


A pleasant surprise!

Being my first place that I visited without reading a review, this place turned out to be one of my best culinary experiences in Mumbai. And, I should not stop praising it at the food alone. The ambience, music and service were really good. I'm usually of the opinion that a place with good music never serves good food and vice-versa, because they try to compensate for one with the other. Well, this place stands as an exception to this rule! The surprising part of this expedtion was that I was unable to find any reviews for this place anywhere.

Ok, let's come down to the food. It was a birthday treat by two of us for few of our friends. As one of my friend had visited most of the places in and around Colaba, I was desperately searching for a good and a new place when I came across this with a 3.25 rating on Timescity. Anyway, we decided on a buffet after reaching the place as the menu seemed sumptuous.

Salads consisted of Seafood Salad (mostly Fish (haven't yet figured out the variety)), Cottage Cheese with Bell peppers, capsicum and Tomato, shredded chicken salad and Tomatoes in Mayonnaise. (There were soups. But, I usually skip them). The order of the salads is in the order of my liking. Shredded chicken needs a little bit of brightening in taste. It stands a tad bit dull alongside the other two. And, I have a personal bias against large-ish quantities of Mayonnaise and hence the last place for the Tomato Salad. They were served with leavened bread rolls, sweetened and unsweetened.

After that the main course consisted of some real lip-smacking and intricate items. The one which caught my interest the most again was a fish item named something like Fish in lemon sauce. I was rather impressed with the texture and smoothness of the sauce. I actually ended up having a second helping of this. I really enjoyed the taste imbued by the camouflaged lemon grass to the fish. Others on the menu included Chicken in some kind of a sauce, stir fried fish (tangy!), beef(I did not try this), mutton curry(Indian style), Chicken Kadai (Indian taste stands out when compared to the rest), Dal Fry, etc served with Steamed rice as well as Pulao. My main course ended up being small after my stint with the Salads.

Now, for the desserts. This was a bit disheartening after all that, but, they were nevertheless good. Probably, the ones with the bread items can be cut down from this list and the desserts can simply consist of Cheese cakes, Fruits and Kheer. Because, after the breads with salads, you are not really in a situation to for more bread/cake based items. Negelecting this the desserts were also good. (There was only one item on the menu which I was not pleased it and that was the Peach Swiss Roll. It was rather dry and the cream had a flattish taste with no great contribution from peach.)

Overall, it was a great experience. I would definitely go back here some other day.