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> > > > Tangerine Restaurant

Tangerine Restaurant

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 66495000, 66495044 , 42485000, 66495045
  • , The Mirador, 131 B, New Link Road, Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Indian, Oriental
  • Meal for 2 - 600

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Tangerine Restaurant Reviews

Good food ...bad service...

I had been to this place with my project team...we had made reservation 3 days before that we are 15 people and want a single table but the manager was not able to manage though he committed for that this was a turn off..

But when it comes to food ...its really really good ..the price is very very less when you compare quality , ambiance and service.....

Try it out ...


A delight.....

A buffet after a loooong The Tangerine....was real fun...cuz i could spend 2 hours enjoying delicious food with my hubby.

It a cozy place with live music(the singer was not so bad) and thr service was really good.

we paid 1200 for unlimited food-3 veg/non veg starters, veg/non veg soup, 8/3-veg/non veg salads, 2 veg & non veg bhajis,Roti,dal & rice,papad.

The best part was the Desert, they had falooda,assorted pastries(8 different types),2 types of souffle,freshly cut fruits,Rasgulla, and hot walnut brownie pudding.

Everything went of well but at the end, my husband had to take out the car as no Valet was on duty-but all and all a good experience.


aish11 - Burrp User


70 Reviews

October 26,2011


Enjoyable Time

Went to Tangerine -The Mirador for a team lunch on Friday
Opted for the buffet.After a waiting period of 20mins,we were allotted a table.
The buffet spread was good.Skipped the soups & salads & opted for the starters - Lamb Peshawari Seekh was nicely marinated & tenderly cooked with the right amount of spices.The TaiPei Chicken was tangy,also The chicken casserole.The Fish fingers were good too. paneer tikka/gulmarg kabab/Fried potatoes made up the veg part of it
Special mention to Grilled burmese fish in Main course.Murg Afreen & ROgan Josh.There was Mutton Keema Pav,but didnt try that.Chicken Biryani was ok,Avoided that too.
Now the fave part of the spread-Desserts.Tried the Zebra Tort & Pineapple pastry-sumptuous.The fruit pudding was simply irresistible.There was also mango icecream with Fresh Cut Fruits.
At INR450+ taxes,it is totally VFM.Absolutely loved the experience here.



Ambience: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 5/5 (unlimited)
Food Pricing: 5/5

My boyfriend, a friend and I visited this restaurant on Sunday for lunch. We did have ourselves an awesome time and everything you need to know about our experience is enlisted as under:

Ambience: A white Walled Hall with Tables and Chairs, decent seating arrangement but the ambience could do a lot better with elegant paintings framed & displayed at alternative parts on the wall. Even a couple of decorative glass vases with a plant could soothe the restaurant set up. The music is strictly instrumental and inclined towards the Indian tunes. They could introduce a western inclination for a change in rhythms.

Service: I called ‘Ankita’ who answered my phone call on Friday to make reservations. She mentioned a soft drink or a beer will be provided complimentary. We walked in Sunday for lunch and on asking the waiters for our complimentary drink, they said they don’t serve it. Immediately I called the number, another rep answered and on being asked about the complimentary beverage, agreed that they serve it. Requested him to talk to the waiters over the phone and tell them the same so we could get our beers! He walked into the restaurant & only on telling them to serve us our beers, they did. Don’t lie to customers, its disrespectful.

Food Quality: The aromas were incredibly enticing, the colors were varied, the pieces of meat were satiating, and the display I guarantee, did not upset us! Listed below were the dishes displayed:

1) A Veg Munchurian Soup
2) A Chicken egg Drop Soup (beautiful texture, thick, generous pieces of chicken and a bang of flavor)

Veg Salads:
1) Sprouts with sliced onions, tomatoes and coriander
2) Spiced Paneer with Purple Cabbage
3) Corn with bell peppers and flavorsome spices
4) Sliced cucumber, carrots, French beans and lettuce leaves
5) Roasted Mushroom & baby corn

Non Veg Salads:
1) Egg Tomato Salad (Good tangy taste!)
2) Roasted Chicken Cheese Sandwich (It was the best in our opinion)
3) Chicken Salami Salad (Served with a Russian white sauce and finely chopped veggies – Good combination but the sausages and salami should have been defrosted. The sausages were hard, the salami pieces were great)
4) Egg Mayo combo (Egg in mayo salad with a lotta pepper – tasted swell!)

Veg Starters:
1) PaniPuri (Very hygienic and it was great!)
2) Paneer tikka (Different spices used in my opinion, tasted better than usual)
3) Roasted Veggies (baby Corn, cauliflower, spring onions, carrots, bell peppers, etc)
4) Veg Cutlets (Dint try it)

Non Veg starters

1) Tandoori Fish (Was dry but the masala was amazing)
2) Fried MeatBalls (Tasted like beef but I’m not a 100% sure)
3) Chicken Afghani Dry
4) Schezwan Chicken

Veg Mains:
1) Dal Fry
2) Chole
3) Veg Korma
4) Lady Fingers with Potato
5) Veg Tawa (Varied vegetables cooked and placed on the sides of the tawa, whatever you choose is what the chef combines, adds a few spices as per your palate preference and knocks you out with end result. I tried it & it blew my mind away)

Non Veg Mains:

1) Goan Style Fish Curry (Good flavor)
2) Roganghosh (Mutton Spicy Curry)
3) Chicken Fry (Green Masala Based)
4) Chicken Kofta
5) Non Veg Tawa (Mutton, chicken, fish etc all cooked in varied spices and placed on the tawa, whatever you choose is what the Chef will combine and add in a few extra things based on your palate preference and knocks you out with the final result. We tried it and I ordered my spicy as hell. He gave me exactly what I asked for ;)

1) Plain Boiled Rice
2) Tandoori Rotis (with butter – option)
3) Bundi Raita
4) Veg Raita
5) Papad
6) 2 pickles


1) Dutch Truffle Pastries (heavenly)
2) Gulab Jamun (they were undercooked)
3) Litchi Mousse (Litchi flavored White Mousse in canopies with a piece of litchi placed on top – tasted beautiful)
4) Sugar Coated Pineapple – Cinnamon balls (Pineapple and cinnamon batter cooked and dipped in sugar– Very unique)
5) Fresh Cut Fruits (Watermelon & Papaya)
6) Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Food Quantity: Unlimited everything! :-)

Food Pricing: Phenomenal! We had everything enlisted above with a pint of Fosters and paid JUST 450/- (Inclusive of Taxes). I’d suggest you to call and make reservations, also inquire about the complimentary pint of beer/mocktail served on different days.

We had an excellent time stuffing out faces and we will come again to PIG OUT SOME MORE!




This is an amazing place to catch a late dinner post a movie. The midnight buffet (11.45 PM to 2.00 AM) with 2 veg/non veg starters + 2 veg/non veg main course + 1 veg/non veg biryani and a live chinese counter + 5 deserts at a drop down price of Rs 325 inclusive of taxes. This is available of Fri/Sat/Sunday.The staff is really attentive even at this late hour and its a real good place to catch some comfort food if you are ravenous !!



Good spread

I have been here twice, once with friends for dinner and once with coleagues for lunch. The lunch buffet was a far better experience mainly because they had bombay duck and crab. Enjoyed them both, amazing food, desserts were also enjoyable.



Strictly O.K.

went there on Friday night for dinner. The buffet is strictly O.K. Limited variety for 550/- with taxes.


The Best Affordable Lunch Buffet in Andheri E

The restaurant has an average ambience, okay service but the lunch buffet is the most affordable, tasty food in Andheri E. The veg and non veg Indian food is simply sumptuos. At 350 per head this is outstanding. Book a table if you are going with a large group.


Good place!!

Visited Tangarine a week earlier and planned on writing a comment that it deserved..So with all the expectation that i visited it tad didn't dissapoint.I have rated it on three aspects from the ambience,service,food and the overall appeal. The ambience was very much a 3 star with all the usual seating and arrangement.Was ralaxing and contemporary,4/5. Service was Ok,falling slightly short on promptness but otherwise not an issue at all, 3/5..Food was good ,would give it a 4 of 5.We went for indian and was suprisingly really nice. The food had the adequate level of taste in flavour and spice which was the plus point..Will visit again .


neat place

good buffet, great spread at an affordable price........... neat ambiance with lovely live [not loud] music


Nice place for buffet!

Had been dyeing this place for quite some time and finally got a chance to visit it last November.

Nice interiors. Live music was playing the day we went; although the guy played great songs, it was a bit loud for the small area.

Besides 5 stars, I've hardly ever seen so much variety at an affordable buffet. There were about 3 veg & 3 non-veg starters with several salads. Main course had similar choices accompanied with fresh Indian bread. Dessert had assorted pastries, ice-cream & great pudding!

They serve both, buffets & a-la-carte. Prompt service, except that they hurried with the bill which was quite annoying.

Buffets start from 350 on weekdays and go upto 450 on a weekend evening - check the price before you go!


good food

A decent restaurant , has a good spread of dishes for the buffet( indian, conti, oriental )nice ambiance, live music,
a good place to spend some time with ur loved ones (date ) or friends and family...


Great Live Counter in Buffet

Have been here 2 times during the past 1 month and both for buffets - one for the Sunday lunch and the Friday late night buffet. Both had a fantastic Mughlai tawa food live counter with chicken, lamb kheema, brains, gurda and liver on the tawa and one could choose the meat and the chef would stir fry it with butter and masala and serve it hot on your plate. Sprinkle some coriander and nimbu on it and enjoy with the soft butter nans served to you hot off the oven at your table.. and enjoy. Rest of the buffet had the usual smattering of soups, salads, starters, main courses and desserts which was equally good, with the meats and fish - soft and fresh.

Its a small buffet but excellent in Indian food choice. Avoid the odd chinese dishes and stick to the indian - vegans have good choice also. Enjoy the complimentary beer/soft - only on the lunch buffets and dont get knocked out when the bill arrives. It so affordable that one can entertain friends over there. They will also love it and it wont pinch your wallet !!


mirador is not a mirage

They have something called 24hour buffet. Tried it a couple of times. Not too happening. However the Bar though small is pretty good. With the Happy Hour & the only decent place around does excellent business. The a la carte menu if pretty good particularly the veg & non veg starters to go with the drinks. A regular haunt on the way home & you see a long line from the flyover, nip in have a couple & reach home at the same time. The live singer tries very hard but makes more noise than music.


Tangerine - A bright colorful (Orange) experience

Have been visiting this place often, the menu is a mix match of all cuisines ranging from the traditional Mughlai and Chinese to Fusion Cuisine (Indo Lebanese and Italian). Wish they would concentrate on a few cuisines rather than serve everything under the sun. Food is decently priced for a three star hotel restaurant.

Salads are priced between 80-120 Rs, Starters (Veg as well Non-Veg) are decently priced between 100-170 Rs and main course dishes have an upper limit of 300 Rs (this for the prawns and squid preparations). Would say VFM – but to be honest, the fish preparations suck. The Fish Fingers were a tad soft (I expect all “fingers” to be crispy) and also lacked the zing which FF should usually have. Traditional Mughlai preparations of kebabs and tikkas and hundis and masalas are good enough. So is with the Chinese soups / noodles and rice. Nothing to write home about it.

The Executive buffets @ 225 Rs per person are quite a hit with the corporate offices that lace the Chakala area. The Salads are a hit with the yuppies, so are the Desserts  . Dinner buffets are priced @ 400 Rs per person and are a full VFM if you posses the appetite of a Dinosaur. A-la-carte is lesser expensive for people who like to sit and be served, but the staff makes it a pain for you. The staff though cheerful; but is quite inexperienced and service can be a little slow at times. By the card, expect a wallet damage of 600-700 Rs for a meal for two (without drinks), which IMO is a decent price to pay for having a meal in a three star hotel restaurant.

The ambience is good and soothing for a nice lunch or dinner, but the live music introduced to it is a real let-down. The singers are very not very comfortable in belting out popular numbers and the music is too loud – that it drowns the singer’s voice. In short, a thing which can very well be discontinued and we be left alone to enjoy our food in peace. Also though I am not a stickler for cutlery, would prefer not have chipped dishes or glasses at my table to eat through. The cutleries are of a bright orange color which makes it a nice cheerful experience to eat outta them – also is inline with the restaurant name – Tangerine, which represents an orange colored citrus fruit, a type of mandarin orange.

The crowd for lunch is a mix of corporate professional out to eat out the whole buffet. For dinner, it is a fair mixture of Indians and firings – the crowd mostly comprising families and the firing junta who have put up at their hotel.

To sum it all up,
Food – 3 / 5 ( VFM for most of the preparations. Would recommend “Hare Pyaaz ka Murg” (Mughlai) – a mildly spicy preparation of tender chicken along with spring onion. )

Ambience – 3 / 5 (We could give them a point more if they discontinue the Live Band feature and spruce up the decor)

Service – 2 / 5 (Too slow and inexperienced for a three star hotel restaurant, but genuine and friendly. Also a big let down is the "No Home Delivery" tag - which is justified when you see that is a hotel restaurant)

Music ??? – Minus 2 out of 5 ( Aaarrrghhh …!!!! )

Location – 2.5 / 5 (Near the traffic prone area of Chakala)

Overall Rating – 3 / 5 .
Good place to go with family, friends or for a date with your special one.