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> > > > The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

FortSouth Mumbai  

  • 65109308, 9833586845
  • Queens Mansion Building, Bmb Gallery, Ground Floor, GT Marg, Fort, Mumbai
  • Continental, Cakes

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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The Banyan Tree Reviews


restaurant closed

Attempted to visit the last Sunday in Feb 2012 for breakfast, We were told it closed 6 months ago. Needless to say we had no pancakes that morning.



Nice Cafe

On one evening, I happened to be in the Fort area. Felt the need for some coffee and light snacks. Thought over a little and decided to head to ‘The Banyan Tree’. I had to search for about 10 minutes till I found the cafe right opposite a wonderful brownie outlet, Sleight of Hand. At first glance, I felt the café is closed for business, as I saw a few empty tables devoid of any illumination. After I opened the glass door and walked in, my eyes fell upon a few occupied tables. This café is rather quaint, with customers who observed a pin drop silence and those who spoke did so only in hushed tones; I felt I was entering a school or college examination hall with pupils who were glued to their desks. The décor is very artsy and calm, with no teenyboppers to unsettle the other customers with their noisy antics. I opted for the table furthest from the café main door. As I settled into my chair, I was given the menu card. I saw a lot of options from salads to sandwiches to mains to teas and coffees. Since I was not in the mood for anything heavy, decided to order for myself a Waffle Tower and a Café Latte.

Now to the main aspect of a café or restaurant, the food. ‘Waffle Tower’; was overdone, the crust of the waffles was too dark and they should have been in the griddle for a shorter while; the batter was not full-bodied enough for my palate and should have been heavier; I would have liked some whipped cream along with my portion of waffles; maple syrup was served in a shot glass, a wonderful touch but they were way too small for a portion of waffles and do not hold enough syrup, I had to ask for multiple refilling of my shot glass; I liked my waffles nonetheless – fairly well made and comforting but Indigo Delicatessen waffles are much more sinful and satisfying for a foodie like me. ‘Café Latte’; a regular Lavazza coffee concoction; nice strong espresso shot used in its making; correct amount of milk added; minimal foam topping the coffee cup as well, which means more coffee for the customer and less cheating on part of the restaurant; a very nice cup of coffee.

The service at ‘The Banyan Tree’ is unobtrusive yet attentive plus very prompt. Ambience is very different to the other café’s in Mumbai, simple yet elegant. A must visit to spend a quiet evening away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Food is good too, I know I have criticised the waffles but I liked whatever I ordered. Pricing is also decent, ‘Waffle Tower’ – Rs. 120 and ‘Café Latte’ – Rs. 80. I would definitely visit this place again, this time maybe for a meal.

Four Stars from me, for ‘The Banyan Tree’.


Good ambience and food

Have tried their waffles, omlettes and pancakes. They are awesome and one of the best I have tried in Mumbai so far. Very reasonably priced. I am hooked to going there on Sundays for brunches when the place is really quiet. Must try!!



good place

Came here for dinner on a Sunday night to find the place absolutely deserted. Keeping in mind the burrp reviews, we decided to give it a shot - turned out to be a good decision.

Ambience: Tucked away in an art gallery; clean, comfortable, good music, but limited seating
Service: Courteous and prompt (could be because we were the only ones there)
Food: The starters (some mushroom fritters and babycorn in teriyaki sauce) were very good. Portions were decent too. Ordered the Pasta in paprika sauce for main course - quite average. Eatable, but nothing great

The menu was limited - decent choice of starters and pizza, few pastas, sandwiches and a couple of rice dishes (rissoto, thai curry etc.). Desserts were not in stock. No beverages available either, other than the canned ones (coke n iced tea). The staff mentioned that weekends are very slow (mainly caters to the office crowd on working days).

Menu prices are inclusive of taxes which is good. They add a 7% service charge to the bill. A big blown-up version of the menu is displayed on the outside-wall.

Overall we enjoyed the cozy ambience, good service and food. Would recommend it.


shalabhkuma - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 06,2011



Went to this place after reading the reviews. This is place is must if you want to sit back and talk. Very good food.

Finding this place is little pain however, once you reach the place you will just enjoy.


Give room to your conversations

This one's close to office so I often hop in to catch up with friends and chat up. The place is not so crowded most of the times and that is what makes it my favourite - you can actually sit here and talk without being disturbed by noisy families. You know the types with kids and aunties (who love to talk with their counterparts on the other end of the table).

So the ambience gets a full 10 on 10. The food somehow makes you pay for it though ;-)

I usually have the 'soup of the day' and follow it up with a starter. An average starter costs 130 with a 'not-so-big' portion. My personal favourite is the Potato Wedges which is served with a spicy dip (Rs 90). I have tried the pasta a couple of times and liked it, but not the portion does not justify the cost. I haven't tried the deserts yet (its very unlikely me though) But i will soon end up trying them.

Go to this place if you have some time to kill or you wanna have a cosy conversation with someone special ;-).

But hey dont promote it too much, else you wont find a table for yourself the next time you go there !!!


boomtangboy - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 19,2010


Lovely Getaway Hidden Away In Fort......

This is probably one of the hidden finds neatly tucked in the heart of the city. Nestled a short walk from Sterling Cinema lane this place is really quiet & has something about it that will make you just walk in. The menu by the way is pasted outside so you might want to check it out.

The ambiance is just like what the picture shows & it is really only that small, so don't expect to find seating for more than 5 people on a table. The place shares its premise with a gallery that at the time was closed.

Coming to the food, I only have had the option of trying the platter of Pan Cakes viz Chocolate & Blue Berry. You do have the option of choosing a coconut pancake as well. The pan cakes were delicious in terms of flavors but lacked in quantity & texture. Each pancake was around 3-4 Inches in diameter & wasn't really cooked to perfection.

Service is fast, helpful & it does give your conversation room to breathe in with the stewards never on your head but at the same time handling your every need diligently.


Tasty & Healthy..

Pre-ordederd on the phone & went there to pick myself as the delivery guy wasnt suppose to arrive before 3pm.Had a little difficulty finding it,but end result was worth it.As it was for lunch,i had ordered for a mushroom & spinach omlette & a Greek salad with feta cheese.As adviced,i reached after 15mins of placing the order.The take-away was ready and assistants helped me to show their desserts,if i wanted to pick any.I opted for the Mocha Cake.The omlette was neatly packed in a plastic box covered with foil,bread,hash potato & tomato in the other,salad in the third.Salad was fresh & healthy compared to the heavy ounces of sauces(read:calores)packed in them elsewhere,with a light lemony dressing.Mocha Cake was an amazing dessert to end the meal.All-in-all a very nice place with decent prices to try..will surely visit again..


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

April 29,2010


Out of the Way....But Lip Smacking Good...

Its a nice place though a bit hard to find. Has about 10 - 12 tables but is usually empty.

Food: We ordered the mezze platter and veggie lovers sandwich which they made in brown bread that we requested. The mezze platter was three dips including hummus with crisp pita, lavash etc. Not sure what the other dips were but they were yum. A melange of different tastes. The veggie lovers had oven roasted veggies with cheese and a side of fries. The fries were outstanding and despite not being too hungry we polished off everything.

The best thing is not only was the food good but also well presented. The dips were in a short glass while the pita was in a glass bowl with some triangle pieces and some long and thin pieces jutting out. Similar was the case with the sandwich. A very colorful display.

Service: Was good and they kept refiling the glasses without having to be told. Only negative thing in the whole experience was when we gave them a card they said its not working. We gave another which again was not working. If the machine is not working they should specify that instead of insinuating that the customer is giving an invalid card.

Damages: Since they include a 7% service charge it came to around Rs 350. Totally worth it.

Its a bit far but I would definitely go back there again. Its kept up to the reputation of Banyan Tree and maybe even exceeded it.


Good Ambiance, Good Food

I went there one sunday evening, no one there other than me and my friend. Service was prompt and the people were helpful. Their pizza is yummy. They need to increase the options in the menu. The day I went there their credit card machine was oout of order which was an inconvenience. Overall a good place to go.


Good ambience - excellent food

Located in one of the by-lanes of Fort, next to Cathedral School, was surprised to find it open even at 10.30 in the night (being in a commercial area).

This outlet is quite different compared to the original ''Únder the Banyan Tree'' at Peddar Road. Nice seating, air conditioned comfort and good music all help in giving the place a nice ambience.

The food is very tasty with the thin crust pizza's being really thin and crispy. The blackened chicken satay is a different take on satays and yummy - must try. Their cakes are divine and sinful as usual!!!

Service was very attentive and helpful. Definately recommend this place if you want to unwind after a long day at work.

Just wish they would open earlier for breakfast.... they have a breakfast menu and open only at 9.15am..... burrrp