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Home/mumbai/The Blue Frog

The Blue Frog

Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  


108 Reviews / 109 Ratings

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The Best In Stand-Up Comedy Jul 26

  • Dhruv Deshpande:
    New to the scene, Dhruv Deshpande introduces himself as just another guy who thinks he's funny.

    Daniel Fernandes:
    Daniel Fernandes bid adieu to a career in advertising and took to stand up comedy last year. His material is based on his experiences with travel, 69 failed relationships and his favourite Indian community amongst other things. He feels pretty much anything he has to face in life has comic potential so why not just laugh it off and pretend it never happened?    

    Angad Singh Ranyal:
    The thinnest sardar alive, born and brought up in Libya, and hence culturally confused. He also holds the world record for being the millionth Indian to opt for MBA after completing his engineering. A marketing major who keeps his sanity intact by making fun of everything and anything, including himself. Sarcasm runs in his blood, that's Angad Singh Ranyal for you.
    Time: 8.30pm - 10.30pm
    Entry: Rs. 600 post 6:30pm

Retro Night: The Other People & DJ Russel Jul 26

  • The Other People:
    With eight years of professional performances under their belt, 'The Other People' is India's pop/rock sensation. Playing a varied range of popular covers, this six-member band has been making waves at clubs, concerts and private events across the country. Currently, they are also taking steps to write and compose original music. The band is known for its energetic and exciting performances!

    The Other People were formed in July 2004. Familiar in and around the club circuit, they have played at celebrated venues such as The blueFROG and Hard Rock Café, Opus, Amadeus, Shiro, V Spot Cafe, etc.

    DJ Russel:
    With nearly two decades in the field of music, DJ Russel can leverage his experience to read a crowd. Every night with DJ Russel is one of surprises, innovativeness, and pure music.

    Having kept up with the changing circuit, his skills extend from Retro to Rock, Hip-Hop to House, Bollywood and beyond. His style of playing is matchless. Be it rock or retro, if it’s the rare stuff you want to hear, you’ll hear it from his console. His hip-hop tunes cause dancers to play a game of 'move and sway with me. His house music spins stories right before your eyes. No matter the genre, his tunes keep you coming back for more.
    Time: 10.30pm - 1.30am
    Entry: Rs. 600

Soulful Sundays: Qawwal Qadar Niazi and The Nizami Brothers Jul 27

  • A child prodigy Ustad Qadar Niazi Qawwal is one of the foremost Qawwali singers in the country who has mastered the style of sufi Astana Gayaki as well as the sufi tradition and who is also associated with the darbar of Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya Mehboob-E-Ilahi And Hazrat Khwaja Ameer Khusrow (R.A).

    He was trained by his late father the maestro Ustad Inam Ahmed Khan Saheb, also known as Mehboob Ragi and Qawwali Samrat. The honour was given to him by the 7th president of India Gyani Zail Singh.

    He continues the musical legacy of his ancestors of the great Hapur Gharana such as Ustad Kubre Mohammed Khan Saheb, Ustad Shaadi Khan Saheb, Ustad Muraad Khan Saheb who were patronised by Mughal Empror Bahadur Shah Zafar. This musical tradition goes back 750 years.

    Qadar Niazi Qawwal has also groomed his sons Haider Nizami, Hasan Nizami & Imran Nizami in the traditional 'gayaki' of his gharana.


    Time: 9pm - 10.30pm
    Entry: Rs. 350 or Rs.1000 (Full Cover)

The Blue Frog Bar Night Jul 29

  • The Blue Frog Bar Night is an evening devoted to the Blue Frog community. Regulars as well as newcomers can come over every Tuesday for a night of mingling, bonding and chilling out. Make it your weekly hangout zone where people become familiar, prices are great and the music is always upbeat and recognisable.

    They start the night with a hilarious Stand-Up comedy routine and then move into some groovy tunes.

    There are great deals on F&B including quarters all night (starting at Rs. 500 plus taxes), beer buckets (starting at Rs. 650 plus taxes) and cocktail pitchers (Rs. 1500 plus taxes) plus wine at retail prices (i.e. same as wine shop prices, starting at Rs. 650 plus taxes). Also check out our range of Craft Beers from Gateway Breweries.

    In music they're going old school and commercial with popular cover band Jukebox. So come on down to the Blue Frog Bar Night. Make it YOUR night!

    Time: 9pm - 12.30am

Sunday Brunch Jul 06 - Jul 31

  • The Sunday brunch at The Blue Frog is the only brunch in town with live music and dancing. It is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones, over a variety of board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga. The Blue Frog Sunday brunch - a game the whole family can play!
    Brunch with Alcohol: Rs. 2500 (AI)
    Brunch without Alcohol: Rs. 2000 (AI)
    Kids brunch (age group 2 to 10): Rs. 1000 (AI)

The Blue Frog Reviews

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