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> > > > The Calcutta Club

The Calcutta Club

Andheri WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02265013733, 09870424395, 09821501836
  • Shop No. 22, Link Plaza, Opposite Gujarati Hall, Near Oshiwara Police Station, Oshiwara, Andheri West,Mumbai
  • Bengali
  • Meal for 2 - 600

32 Reviews / 33 Ratings

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The Calcutta Club Reviews

Nash - Burrp User


48 Reviews

January 08,2015







VFM Bengali Food

Went here this last Sunday. Had a Bengali among us so didn't have to scurry around looking for the English translations of dishes. The Betki fish marinated in mustard was delicious and was easy to eat as it was boneless. So was the brinjal dish which came in huge circles fried. The other dishes were just as good which I have a tough time now remembering their names. But for me the crowning glory was the simple tasty kheer dessert. Ended up having two of them and is not to be missed. Walls of the restaurant have all famous Bengalis on them and Bengali songs sung by Shaan running on loop.






Restaurant Review: Calcutta Club in Andheri

At Calcutta Club, they have retained not only the colloquial name ‘Calcutta’, but have also retained all of Bengal’s flavours and spices. Order heartily from the usual Bengali menu -- Fish Fry, Chicken Cutlet, Chitol Macher Muitha, Bhanpa Illish, Dhokar Dalna,Pilao, Mishti, Aam Porar Shorbat et all.

We were just the two of us, Jayant and I, and hence settled for Fish Fry, Kosha Mangsho & Luchi, and half plate of Mutton
Biryani (I was craving for the Bengali Biryani, remember?). And anyway, the above fare is the best litmus test for a Bengali joint. Much to our happiness, Calcutta Club passed the test on Fish Fry with flying colours. Just the type that you would die for when eaten with the ever-so-good Kashundi. However, the Kosha Mangsho was more like a Mongshor Jhol. Too much gravy. Kosha Mangsho is supposed to be Kosha. Dry. The taste was fantastic, though. But the Mutton Biryani disappointed us. Too plain, bereft of flavour, our search for the Kolkata Biryani after the closure of Arselan seemed to be still on. ?

We concluded the meal with a plate of Patishaptas! Boy, what the Biryani took away, the Patishaptas gave back in equal measure and more!! They were yummy yumm yumm!!!






Bengali authentic as it gets!!!

The quest for authentic Bengali food outside the meandering alleyways of Calcutta & outside the kitchens of Bengali households continues...and it is safe to say Calcutta Club does not disappoint! Located in Oshiwara its very easy to spot.

The ambiance is simple, the walls are filled with pictures from Calcutta, of scenes from the city & from various well known faces who have contributed to Bengali culture. The air is filled with the aroma's wafting from the kitchen & with some soothing Bengali music. This simplicity of the place puts one at ease & prepares one's self to enjoy the feast to come.

The menu is authentically Bengali, no other North Indian dishes added on to it to make it more Indian, it is concise & easy to understand with the Bengali name of the dish in bold & an explanation of it below. Any further doubts can be clarified by their knowledgeable & ever so helpful wait staff.

For starters we had Fish Cutlets, Prawn Cutlets & Chicken Tikki's all of these were crumb fried, the quality of the fish & prawns which is day by day becoming suspect in a lot of restaurants; was excellent. The starters were served with the original Kashundi (mustard), I have had the one out of a plastic bottle before however that was no were close to what we had yesterday. A word of advice for all those who think they know their mustard; please take only a little bit as it is very strong & a definite sinus clearer!!! The starters were excellent! I wish I could have had more; however I needed to save some room for the main courses & desserts (you go a Bengali restaurant you must try the desserts!!!).

For mains we had Shorshe Narkol Diye Jhingey (Prawns in a light mustard Gravy), Khosha Monsho (Mutton in a thick Gravy), Rui Macher Jhal (Rui Fish Curry) accompanied by some Luchi's (Puffed Indian breads or Puri's), Porotha (A type of Indian bread) & Steamed Rice. We were might I add surprised to find out that they did not have any Chapati's; very strange for a Bengali restaurant. The food was excellent!!! The Prawns had a wonderful sharpness of mustard to prop he dish to life, the Mutton was juicy & tender with the thick curry coating it perfectly & the Rui fish curry was superb as well it was a bit spicy for my taste buds however it was enjoyed by everyone else at the table. The portion sizes are a bit small; as mentioned by other Zomatoians so if you are a large group or are incredibly hungry order accordingly.

For desserts we tried out their Aaam Diye Mishti Doi (Mango flavored Mishti Doi) which tasted just like an Aam Papad it triggered fond memories for me of enjoying Aam Papads a long many years ago. We also had their Rosshogolla Payesh; which is by far the best I have had !!! The Rosshogolla was tender & the payesh had just the right amount of sweetness to it. Overall it was a perfect cap to a beautiful meal!!!

The damage per person for all the food & including soft drinks was approximately Rs. 600 per person, making it a delicious & affordable meal.






Great Bengali Food

Calcutta Club is a great place to have Bengali food. I went there by chance—I actually went to have food in a very famous and over-hyped restaurant nearby, and when that restaurant was crowded like shit I went to Calcutta Club. And man—I was in for a surprise!!

I had been there few times- the food is very good. Their fish Madhuri (mutton keema wrapped in fish fillet and batter fried) is excellent. Veg dishes are much better than the famous restaurants close-by. Non-veg dishes are also pretty good. The only disappointment is: dessert section is very limited and just (I say, “just”) OK- nothing that great.

Price wise they are in cheaper side.

Here are my ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 3.0/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 3.5/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 3.9/5


Amazing Place

Small little cozy place run by a hospitable couple offering great bengali food at very reasonable prices - the best place to have Shiraz ( Kolkatta ) type chicken biryani in Mumbai !!







Authentic Bengali Food

Very authentic Bengali Food. I had Begun bhaja, Khichdi,mach Baja....everything seemed to be perfectly ghar ka khana. Good. However, quantity of khichdi was not enough. I had to take it twice to complete my lunch....Anyway good Bengali food.



Authentic Bengali food!!

This is the place to be if you love fish with mustard gravy. I also had aloo posto and daal which were indeed well prepared. Price was also pretty decent.



Authentic Affordable bong food at its best!

I had been a regular visitor of this famous authentic bengali cuisine restaurant in Oshiwara next block to Oshiwara Police station.

One of my all time favourite starters is Fish Madhuri which is a delicious delicacy comprises of bhetki fillet and chicken keema served with kasundi rocks your senses.Portions are enough for single person.

In main course, the famous and most celebrated delicacy is Bhapa Ilish which is mouth watering option for any bong who loves Hilsa fish marinated & steamed in mustard paste. The boneless Bhapa Ilish is equally good and higly recommended.

For meat lovers, Mutton Kausha and Luchi combination is something any one would hate to miss out.

Although my star attraction is Shutki Maach and Steam Rice. Shukti Mach is spicy, dry and has enough authentic east bengal ingredients that stirs your soul.

In Chicken you may try out for Jhaal Murgi or Dhakai Chicken (portions are very less). Both are equally good.

Chicken & Mutton biryani have an elegant calcutta touch with yellow rice, with a boiled egg and good portions with nice aroma served hot.

For desserts go for misthi doi.

The waiters are courteous and co-ordial. You would be able to appreciate Rabindra Sangeet and few popular bengali hit songs. The wall is decorated with famous bengali personalities photographs.

I had been visiting this joint for more than 3 years. Taste of the all bengali cuisines are same and intact where the prices have risen exorbitantly though portions size have gone down.

Ambiance is good but the seating is not comfortable thanks to folding chairs, to accommodate more table, the joint looks more cramped inside. Dont forget unique red cutlery.No designated valet car parking.

Once visited Calcutta Club, you wont go elsewhere for having authentic yet affordable bengali food in Mumbai.

You actually celebrate food here.


The Calcutta Club - Not worth of money

I visited newly opened The Calcutta Club - Malad west (Near Chinchowli Bunder) on 23rd evening for a dinner with my family alongwith my sister & her husband. I heard a lot about this restaurent so my expectation was very high. But the teste was not better than a very normal restaurent. Menu card (Durga Puja special) was very limited. Though the cost of each item was exorbitant but surprisingly the quantity of a plate was just less than half plate. I have already had the food of other reputed Bengali Restaurent also. They do have a Brand Name. Their cost of Food is also high but you can justify the quantity. This Restaurent is medium quality branding with normal test bengali food. The quantity of Food is 40% of a normal plate quantity as compared to reputed bengali restaurent. I would not like to test 2nd time or advise anyone to go there.



Great Bengal food

Visited this place on a sunday afternoon. Since it is a very small place chances of waiting is very high. As for the food it was yummy and with a lot of mustard. Dish to have is the fish chops and bhapa ilish. The Parotha's are nice and fluffy but a bit on the heavier site. Don't forget to try the Aum Porawhich actually is a Jal jeera. Price is also decent but the portions are small.



Awesome fish preparations

I eat place only in 2 places in the world .1st is at my home and second is at that Calcutta Club .I would like to see more variety of fish preparation there though . LIke Ilish maach , Bhangan maach , Kawai maach .

Note to vegeterians - There are no paneer dishes .But aloo posto _pulao taste good.Bengali style though :)


Khub Bhalo !!

My hunt for good and economical Bong food in Mumbai got me here. I am a fan of Oh Calcutta , but somehow not been very appreciative of the prices, they are exorbitant.

Happened to go to Calcutta Club twice. Once with wife and next time it was a group of four. The first thing which strikes you is the small cozy, quaint feel to the place, though would have appreciated if the tables would be a little bigger. Especially when its a big hungry group, you would struggle to accommodate all the plates and bowls.

Overall food is very very good. Ordered Luchi both the times and they were marvelous, super soft and crisp. For starters go for anything on the menu. My personal favorite is veg chop and fish roll. The best part is they give you a mustard dip along with it. The sauce has a very nice zing , goes well with the starters. For those who like to experiment with their food, ask them to slice a "Gondhoraj Lebu " and serve with the starters. It has a a very different citrus flavor , not that the regular lime can get you.

For main course went for rice and fish gravy. Rui Macher Jhol is awesome. If you are a mustard fan then you should definitely try the Rui Maach with mustard sauce.

For vegetarians, Shukto and Bati Chorchori is a strong recommend.

However deserts are a tad disappointing, Misti Doi has a custardy taste. I think somebody decided to use some flour in it. Malpua's were served dipped in an excessively sweet sugar syrup, that killed the fun of it.

Pricing is good, but quantity is a little disappointing. Especially the betki pieces they serve in the fish patori. Would have appreciated if they improve on that.

In all , a strong recommend, you wont be disappointed.



Interesting Food

Coming from no Bong connection at all, i was wuite clueless what to what and what to order. Asked the waiter for suggestions. After a lot of hankering about fish with bones and fish without bones, ordered fried fish with mustard sauce. Delicious!! for the main course, ended up ordering fish in mustard sauce due to which overall evening turned to be too mustardy, but still a treat to the taste buds! do try.. ambience is nothing to talk about, but when u get such delicious food, who cares!! service is extremely efficient..


Amazing - the best deal in town hands down

Food is fantastic here. Bengali dishes of all kinds made with care and top notch ingredients. A joy to eat and a cozy setting to eat in too. The best part was the bill- we were sure that they had made some mistake b/c it was so inexpensive. We left shaking our heads as to how something so good could be so affordable here in Mumbai, where we seems to get ripped off at every opportunity.

Bravo Calcutta Club- you tower above the rest.


tasty food but too oily

went to the restaurant to dine at the week end with a friend. the food was good but too oily. if they reduce in the oil they would save on money and would get in more pople as these days people are very health conscious.


excellent food

Excellent food. especially the biryani. only the raita was disappointing. this was the first time i had ordered food from here. i would definitely like to try out more dishes from this place. all the best and keep cooking good food


dshsd - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 28,2010


Good Bengali Food

Don't order chicken or mutton, ur wasting space in this restaurant if u planning on eating anything other than fish or prawns...ok the biryanis arnt bad but again dont waste space, take it to food ie fish, bekti, hence the bekti with kasundi mustard really does hit the spot....the not a fan of rui...but the other dinners loved it..the fish chaps were also good and hence would definitely return if just to eat these two dishes.


Prabsi - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 27,2010


Nice bengali food for our taste buds :)

i was looking for a bengali restraunt in mumbai from last few days, finally and accidentally i fond this place. the food is bengali but slightly overrated what i believe. the ambiance is also very nice. this was my experience of bengali food in mumbai which was pretty good , will go there again if gt a chance


Dhakai chicken subjugates Chhole Bhature

Though I am not Bengali, yet bengali cuisine satiates my tastes buds since I have spent some initial five years of my life with a loving bengali family. So Calcutta club , with its authentic and non - spurious bengali flavour, making me one of its regular customer, is but obvious , but the way its food sought my boy friend's ( who by the way , doesn't like anything better than Chhole bhature ) attention is commendable and I think, this is what makes this place such a sought after.
The best thing about this place is the very original bengali flavour amalgamated with a very serene ambience.
So a 5 star from our side for this.


Awesome Bangla flavour

I had good biryani yesterday from Calcutta Club. There snakes like Bengali egg roll with smashed chicken is also very yummy.


Like Ma's Ranna Ghor !!! :) (lyk mum's kitchen)

Need I say more??? :) I loved what I ate here. The pricing is also reasonable.

Tried the fish chop, goram bhat, Jhaler Murg, Narkoler Chana Dal and Luchi..Tasted just like home.. Though my husband is Punjabi, he liked what he ate and definitely wants to come back for more.

The "gandadhari Lebu" was cherry on the cake.. Authentic Bengali cuisine. Gna be back again soon :)

GOD Bless !!!



Very good food

I am not a bong hence fellow bongs may differ with my opinions; however, i liked the food very much. I felt a different freshness in the food as compared to other places (perhaps that may explain the delay experienced in arrival of orders). The ambiance is pretty good and calm (Of course, sitting here is a pain as the chairs are very small and you will cramp for room). I recommend a visit.


Good food !!!

Nw I'm a regular visitor of dis place..g8 food bt a small place bt still u'll get good food here..especially da fish fry, murgir jhal, mocha, aloo bhaja , sona muger daal, kasha mangsho,n kheer patishapta pithe,,,tat's a very authentic dish of bengal n tastes really gud only problem wid dis place is very conjested n small bt tat's okay and da staff's r a lilttle arrogant..they dont smile or u've to call dem 2-3 times bt if u r a foodie jus ignore dem order ur food n enjoy..


prabask - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 13,2009


Service is pathetic..

I think after a limit the taste of food becomes bitter if it's not served with hospitality and that is the case with Calcutta Club. I used to be a regular visitor there..foods was good --- is good.. But lately the staff has become such an @#%^#&^ they don't care about the their customer.

I would suggest the owner to give these waiters some ESOP so that they care about the customer and serve them well.

As far as food lovers are is good but the service might irritate you.


tereeves - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 12,2009


@Almost there

I have been going to this place pretty often with my partner in crime and I have found this place to be the best amongst all the so-called bengali cuisine serving restaurants in town. Oh Calcutta is a joke!!
a) anyone who's able to locate it deserves a reward (monetary or whatever he/she desires)
b) the prices do not justify the food.
(Am not a fish person so wouldnt be able to comment on the fish dishes save for fish fry ;)

Coming to our eatery, TCC (The Calcutta Club)
My staple food on the days
when im a non-vegeterian
a) Fish fry (good)
b) Kausha mangsho (Good though i wish there was more mangsho and less haddi)
dhakai chicken (pretty nice)
biryani (good)

vegeterian days
a) alu chaap (very nice and spicy)
b) dhokar dalna (tried it the other day and it was very very nice especially after being traumatised all my hostel life in Kolkata having rock like dhokas in my sabji
c) khichdi (this is yummmm)
d) begun bhaja ( a must everytime)
e) paneer bada (it is rich and so pls order plain rice not pulao.. very nice)
f) Alu posto- (pretty decent)

Sweet dish: the payesh is good, the rosogullar payesh is the best though i wish the pancake in the patishapta was a little thinner. Also the parathas are a tad oily so maybe they could stop using so much oil.

Yes, TCC could definitely do with the head waiter (the moustached guy) being more cordial and helpful in suggesting dishes.
As far as the red plates go i think red has a lot of significance in the bengali culture, alta on the feet of the womenfolk, sindoor khela, the prominent saree border.. the colour is ok but they could probably use china.

The price is decent and a wholesome meal where 2 people can literally say "im drunk with food " doesnt burn a hole in your pocket. It costs around 400 bucks.
PS: Im assuming no-one would be eating like a lost-soul-just-rescued-after-being-stranded-in-Sahara-for-40-days



They serve good food!

I think my fellow reviewers must have faced problem and thus they feel that the waiters are badly behaved. But I must tell you guys that next time you visit the place (now shifted from Roti Punjab to Sreeji Restarant, Oshiwara). The owner of this place is really cordial and they (bong couple) are very sweet to both me and my wife. We had never faced any trouble in Calcutta Club, so it was really difficult to believe what people have written.
As far as the place is concerned, it's really small and the sitting is not comfortable at all. I also feel that they should remove those red plastic plates and serve in nice classy glass plates because they charge good enough price.
The Mutton Briyani is good, and very close to what we get to eat in Kolkata. I like the fish fry most. As far as alu posto, cholar daal, illish maach, rui maach, bhetki paturi is concerned, they are strictly okay. The mutton chaap is really good and so is chicken chaap, I dnt knw why one of the reviewers felt that it was not good? I guess one needs to understand that actual taste of the bengali cuisine and then criticize.
The decor is nice but very predictable. But this new place is much biggger than the earlier one. The lady (we call her bhabhi) is very sweet and polite. She would take your order and would make sure that its delivered right.
The sweet dishes are really yummy. One must try at this joint, if you like good bengali food. Highly recommened.


Arka Roy - Burrp User

Arka Roy

6 Reviews

January 16,2009


avoid at all costs.

this is the saddest excuse for bengali cuisine, that i have had in my entire life.
trust me im a bong and im really passionate bout my food , and this plc makes me feel ashamed of ever professing that we make GOOD food.
even if ur a non-bong the diff between good and bad bong food is quite evident.. what we have at this plc is pathetic bong food.. not good, not bad... but pathetic with a capital P.
the maacher paturi is a joke, the ilish maach bhaape had a tail piece of ilish and wonder of wonders it was the only piece available, im sure my brother bongs will understand the plight of having a tail piece(lejaar maach) of ilish.
oh lord i cud go on an on... but newayz,,,, to cut the crap and make the long story short...
a lot of ppl write stuff like, " try at ur own risk"
i wud say " do not bother cause its not even worth that much"

PS: for cheap thrills u can try the chicken chaap... if u want to poke fun at the waiter or manager......its hillarious.


Pradosh  - Burrp User


41 Reviews

December 31,2008


Bengali food for the soul

I confess I am a bengali, so this review is a little biased as far as the food is concerned.
The place is not very big and the chairs are the small, foldable type - not comfortable at all. They were playing bengali sangeet when we walked in, but halfway through our meal, they were playing jagjit singh. So cant be sure what their playlist is ... the decor is nothing much. Some bengali touches and some photographs of famous bengalis ..
And not to forget their cutlery - red melanine plates and matching red melanine glasses - not cool !!
But lets come to the main portion - food. Its probably NOT a good idea to walk in here without atleast one bengali in the group. The waiters do speak hindi, but overall this place is not as outsider friendly as Oh Calcutta.
We ordered quite a few dishes as we had 2 bengalis in the group and between the two of us, we ordered for everyone else. Whatever came was quite tasty, but in a homely kind of way. Since I have been starved of bengali food since I left home - I relished each and every dish. From a non-bengalis point of view, I cant be too sure but my companions seemed to like the food a lot, esp the luchis
Prices were lower than Oh Calcutta - but servings were kinda small too. They have more fish options - but I am not a fish person, so cant comment. The only not-so-good part of the meal was the starters - the crusty coating on fish fingers and vegetable cutlets was too thick !
Damages for 4 people with a total of 15 dishes (including appetizers and desserts) was 1090 - quite reasonable I would say.
I am a little iffy about giving it a 4 star - if it were a little more non-bengali friendly or a little less-cramped, I would have been more certain. But if good food is what you are looking for, definitely give this a try ...

PS - I didnt face any of the bad service that the other people have complained about


Decent food bad service

I love bengali food even though I am not a bengali. The bengali khichdi, or the combo of sorso bata maach (fish cooked in mustard gravy, usually Rohu or illiish fish) and alu posto mixed by hand in rice has served to be my comfort food many a times.
So out of the three bengali places in the viccinity this remains my favourite. Though I cannot disagree with the above two reviews that the owners and the waiters ARE badly behaved, don't like the job that they are doing, don't care for non bengalis as a rule and are also slow.

But lets get back to food. The khichdi is really nice, its the usual khichdi made of yellow daals (I think moong and masoor) and panch phoran masala (methi daana, kalonji, rai,saunf and jeera) is flavoured very well and has decent portions of friend gobhi (cauliflower) in it which it makes it even more fun to eat. It tastes lovely on its own but the tomato-date (tamatar and khajoor) chutney makes it even better.
The sorso bata maach is excellent and enough for two women eaters :).
If you mix that in your rice with their alu posto, nirvana is not too far away. Though I don't really have to mention it , but mix it with hands and eat with hands!!!
But what REALLY is a part of my food fantasies is their Prawn Malai Curry, called Chingri malai curry. Yes it is MUCH better than the other two places but even in absolute terms it is awesome.
That and rice and you sleep a very very happy person, at least that is MY experience.
The misti doi is not bad. Not brilliant either but not bad. The mal pua that i had once was heated in a hurry and was no fun!
Their fried fish or maach bhaaja is not bad either but can be so much better.
A friend of mine tried their chicken ala kiev which was very very well made too. So if you are in a snacky mood you may try it.
The decor is fine. The music selection is nice coz they usually play Mehdi Hassan ghazals and the food and the music both induce relaxation and a great sleep :D

The potato bhaja is a disappointment as they have alu ka laccha or salli with fried peanuts and that doesn't seem to go with any of their food.
The mutton curry, kasa mangsho is strictly okay but responding to the debate between how much gravy it needs to have, though I am no expert on cookinh, bengali or non bengali food, the gravy here is indeed too less to have it with parathas leave alone rice so authentic or not, its no fun to eat.
Its better to have it at another Bengali place not too far away. Its not fair to mention it here. But I'd post a review of that soon so you may read that there.

The pricing is good, given that most of the food I have tried there was good.


Eat my Bengali attitude

The address mentioned here is the old one. This place has now shifted to Oshiwara next to Roti Punjab.

Today I went to try some Bengali food and entered a rather empty place. I have tried this place once before and ordered Mutton Kosha a bengali style of preparation. It says Thick Gravy below the dish name on the menu.

There were two men on the next table trying desperately to finish 6 parathas they had ordered. The dish had come to them with absolutely no garvy. The owner an old eccentric man was trying to justify that this dish called Mutton kosha comes with no gravy. I made a comment that if here is a customer who does not know about bengali food well, should be either informed well, or simply the owner should get some gravy from inside and finish the topic. But the argument on bengali style of cooking and non-bengalis not knowing what bengali food is.

There were two obnoxiously obese benagli women sitting on the next table and the owner was asking them if Kosha mutton comes with gravy or not, to which they answered to him in Bengali - no not much gravy. And then looked at us and very rudely said "If you dont know about bengali food, why do you come to a bengali food joint"

I kept my cool and just looked at the whole scene - the bengali owner couple was smiling as if mocking non-benaglis coming to their restaurant. I found it absolutely insulting and rude on there part when they continued to argue with the customers.

I just got up and walked out wihtout eating anything.

But yes, I forgot to mention, I ate a lot of the bengali ATTITUDE.

A Big NO to the place from me.



Weirdest Waiter

I've been there twice.. once I returned without eating since the waiter took forever to take the time I went there ('cause I'm such a sucker for authentic regional food..i had to try it) I saw the person next to our table leave after giving the waiter a piece of his mind..for the same reason..

having said that, i had some potato dish (not alu poshto).. which was quite home like but nothing great.. my brother had a nonveg dish but it seems it was all gravy not much of the meat..and it was also ok.
But u need to go there just to check out the Waiter.. am not sure if he does it on purpose, but he'll come to you like dirty harry from the wild wild west.. and just check out how he responds to your queries..what style (which gets irritating if u're really hungry)..


A taste of Bengal in Andheri West!

Mmmmm! Discovered this place quite recently and have frequented it thrice already!
It's located in Oshiwara Andheri west, opp Yoko Sizzlers and Oshiwara Police Station (a little ahead). Small place, with basic seating arrangement - plastic chairs etc.. in all around 7-8 tables.
The food is amazingly fresh and tasty with cooks and the ingredients being from Bengal...
The seafood has all the flavours which good Bengali food deserves to have and the serving portions are quite average to generous too!
Do try out their Biryani's - yes biryani's as recommended by Mrs.Roy Choudhary.. Quite different from the regular biryani and amazingly tasty.
On the pricing, the good news is that it is quite economical and does not hit the wallet hard like Oh! Calcutta. The food is priced in the range of Rs. 30/- 50- for starters and Rs. 60/- 100/- for each of the main course items...
And yes, they have a good variety in terms of fish - with assorted gravies..
The place is very cosy and belongs to the Roy Choudhary family who run it very effectively.
Cons - the staff is new and it takes them ages to get you your food..both the times we nearly starved to death waiting for the food to arrive from the kitchen!
Second, you cannot sit down at length and have a leisurely meal as there is limited seating...Third, no alcohol - but that shouldn't be a problem with hard-core food lovers...
The desserts - mishti doi and a rice based cold sweet kheer (kinda forgot the name!) were delicious too!
Try out the place, you won't regret it! Only be warned, try and go after calling as the wait for the tables (at times) is too long...

Ajai Bathija