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The Coast

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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The Coast Reviews


Awesome Ambience. Awesome Grape-Mint Hookah. Nice BMs. Great chilly chicken. Love the fries! Lovely seating. Great for depressos. Not-Bad Service. Open-Air. Airy. Cut-off-from-the-ROW feeling. Beachy. Sand-ish. Decent crowd. Perfectly located. Reasonably priced. Interesting hookah flavours. Cheerful service. Accommodating.



I'm hooked!

As a seafood lover, I was uber excited about the coast - and for good reason, exquisite ambience, divine food, a vast collection of wines, all at reasonable prices! Located right next to the Mumbai Times Cafe (on the 5th floor of Crystal Shoppers Paradise mall) in Bandra, the Coast captures everything good about the beach and offers it to you right here in Mumbai - the sand, the serenaders, and most importantly - the fish! We ordered the Chemmen Prawn Masala as a starter, and it did not dissapoint! For the main course we decided to get the coast fish curry, and this curry was so good that it ensured I would keep coming back for more! I would also recommend the ambolis and appams, as this is the only place that serves good ambolis (as far as I know) in Mumbai. The only con I can think of is the mosquitoes, but after we complained the server aptly placed a few kacchva chaaps around us (but not too close!) which took care of the pests. Overall - go for it - you wont regret it!


Quite a "mela"

I think this was one of my worst buffets i ever been too. Though the food was quite tasty but when the crowd poured in we started getting raw to half cooked food.

It was so bad ...people were eating at the buffet counter and then some started waiting near the kitchen.

Kind of crowd was also quite disgusting ,...using fingers to pick food but for 299 + free beer what do you expect.

For a easter lunch buffet , it was really noise and crap.

Ambience - 3/5 ....very was very very loud
Food - 2.5/5 ...good and limited spread but the uncook food was the limit
Cleanliness - 2/5 ...tables not cleaned, Classes with lipstick marks. this i had noticed last time also when i had gone (a la carte)
Service - 4/5 - very obliging one say NO :)

Not sure i will ever visit again for the food but definitly for the beer


Tasty Costal food but...

quite disappointed with the portions and service. On the whole the food was good and the booze was really over priced.

Ambience - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Food - 4/5
Price - 2/5 (very expensive) as compared to other malwani food restaurants.

One thing i did notice - the glasses being washed were more being rinsed (no soap ) and wiped for the next use. This is something you usually see on a roadside cart - This was the turning point.


rajasagar - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 16,2009


Sea Food on top of the world

Thats what it felt like on a late Sunday night on the rooftop of the Mall that houses Magnet Super Store off Linking Road in Bandra.

A hooded canopy obliterates the stars to an otherwise prime location in Bandra West. Could have been more interesting if it was indeed open to the skies. But we know the Mumbai rains all too well.

Mine was a sojourn on the day after Valentine's so it was relatively quieter and more sober ( I'm sure it must've been quite a different picture on the 14th of Feb 2009)

The staff is hesitant, un-sure and sloppy. The spoons were greasy and un-clean.( I had to touch them to realise this because otherwise it's just too dark in the candle light to know any better)

Service is lacklustre and not professional though quite friendly and willing to please. They need a bit of pulling up. Our order was served after almost 45 minutes (and stomach was gurgling in protest all the while) and that too when there were not too many guests to pamper. It was like filled to just 25% of its capacity.

We took the table near the edge to enjoy the view of a lit up Bandra landscape and an empty 'Leena Mogre's Fitness Centre' in the opposite Mall's Rooftop (maybe it was well past 10 pm in the night)

Mosquitoes were having a ball of a time sucking our blood and the thoughtful tortoise mosquito coil smoke was totally ineffective.

But we were so busy trying to grab a few moments of solitude peaceful tete-a-tete in an otherwise crowded and hustling bustling Bandra restaurant culture where you can usually pick up the conversation from your adjacent table rather than keep up with your own.

Food was a delight and the Coast Fish Curry (Rs.315/-+Tax) had me hooked (made as per your choice of Fish-Choose from Rawas, Pomfret or Hilsa) The portion was generous with heavenly curry that was slurpingly delicious and tangy (with Kokum)

The Paneer Tikka Masala (Rs.185/-+Tax) was heavy chunky soft Paneer in a tomato gravy that too was well done and sumptuous.

The Crisp Tandoori Rotis were hot and really crisp.

Served with complimentary rolls of spicy papad and green mint and orange lasun chutney and sliced rings of onions and lemon.

Washed down with really chilled on the rocks ice tea (lemon and peach flavour-Rs.125/-+Tax)

If it wasn't for the food, I'd have rated this place much lower down the rungs - Open air kitchen - with whiffs of the hookahs - urrgh - and pin pricks of the mosquitoes -yikes !

They have another smaller open to the skies mini terrace atop their Mumbai Times Cafe - didn't venture there though.

The waiter kept insisting that I should try their Chicken Xacutti, but when one comes to place called 'COAST'-One plans on pigging out on Sea Food even though I stick to safer shores and opt for the not too fancy stuff.

Give it a try - and you just might be snared - hook, line and sinker !

P.S. : I saved the best for the last. They have an ongoing promotional offer of Rs.299/- + Tax for a well laid out Buffet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - But sadly only for Lunch. Go full steam ahead before the Pirates up the stakes !



Nice Trip [pun intended]

When we entered "the coast" the area was huge and classy. Nice beach feel, relaxed environment and the best part NO MUSIC!! I mean, i'm tired of music everywhere...its either rock or hip-hop or something unwanted most of the time, so it F***s yout trip. Anyways, the sand on the floor made me feel quite come-for-a-table. It was like chote chote bacche log Juhu beach pe mast mein reath mein castle banate hai and was fun. So finally we ordered some usual kuch to piyee... BEERS and LONG ISLAND's and all...blah blah...the food is served in a very different manner. They serve all the food on the banana leaf. We had:

Chicken Sukhe [coconut semi gravy with boneless chicken] B.E.A.U.T.I.ful it was.
Squid Pepper Masala [awesome it was i say...must try]
Dal Tadka [ekdum hatke...delicious tadka] and rice.

Overall ratings mein:

FOOD: 4/5
DAARU: Always 5
SERVICE: Lame...they take some extra time to serve you [EXTRA TIME]

So, sea food lovers please hit the place...mast mein khaao aur beach environment enjoy kariye] Wear chappals and go so you can enjoy the sand.



Good food and Great Ambience...

So there is this relatively new place in Bandra (that in itself should keep it going for a few months) - its just down the road from KFC when you turn left there..... on the 5th floor of a Mall (next to Mumbai Times Cafe).

Now, this place has the ambience completely going for it - for a start its open air (nice at this time of the year and being on the 5th floor helps). Also, sand on the floor (remember 'coast'), neatly laid out tables and an open kitchen area - see, all good this far, but some withering palm trees kind of take away from it .....

Service is good - we were there on a weeknight and so it was specially attentive without one feeling that the waiter wanted to join you for dinner / in your conversation (he did have a strange American accent though).

The food - starters (Bombay Duck and Squid), main course (Fish Curry, Prawn Curry, Appams, Rice) and dessert (Kulfi and Modak) were all uniformly nice. An added advantage was that none of the curries had oil floating around at all (or maybe it was too dark to see ;-)).

And the damage - quite reasonable actually - with drinks (well, a lot of drinks actually ..... and the secret seems to be to get the Indian wines which are nicely priced.....) it came to just over one of the big ones per head.

Overall, if you havent been there ..... do so......