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> > > > The Earth Plate, Hotel Sahara Star

The Earth Plate, Hotel Sahara Star

Vile Parle EastWestern Suburbs  


16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Witness the making of extravaganza. The Sunday brunch at The Earth Plate. Relish on mouth-watering cuisines for the brunch.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12.30pm - 4pm
    Alcoholic brunch: Rs. 2200 + taxes per person
    Non-alcoholic brunch: Rs. 2000 + taxes per person

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The Earth Plate, Hotel Sahara Star Reviews






Top Notch

I have been to Sahara Star - Earth Plate recently again. Top notch hygiene. Excellent buffet food..The range and variety available here is probably one of the best. Pizzas are awesome and very thin. The dessert spread is largest in city with maximum eggless ioptions and 9 icecreams A must try for all especially for Airport Travellers! Superb Service. Staff are very courteous.






Perfect Sunday

Well Sahara star has been one of the best hotels for a lavish buffet spread. However their Sunday brunch is class apart. They keep on reinventing the spread to make the next visit for exciting. Apart from Pizza, pastas, Indian and Chinese they have incorporated the Lebanese counter as a permanent fix for the brunch.They keep coming up with Mumbai counter, South indian counter, Chat counter to break the monotony. There is no complain on the vast Desert spread, they give due importance to Indian deserts. However i would really appreciate if they would have incorporated Sushi/Dimsum as well



Great Buffet

Buffet lovers must try this place. They have a vast spread to ensure there are good options for everyone.

Being a 5 star hotel, its a value for money.






Had a blast!!!

I have visited this place quiet sometimes but the quality of food has always been up to the mark.They offer a wide variety of cuisines which include Mexican, Indian, Thai,Italian etc.Well as per my experience,the Italian and the Indian cuisines have always been great.It has a great ambiance accompanied with a great view of the Sahara star interiors.It would approximately cost u around 2000 with alcohol and around 1200 without alcohol.


Great Experience

My husband and I tried this place on our first anniversary. We came here for lunch. The buffet spread had tons of varieties to choose from. There was a live counter that served Spanish Chicken - yummy to the core!! All the food options were great, even the desserts. The price was a little high though. Since we went in December, they had decorated the place in a Christmas theme....Was very beautiful. Would love to visit again!


Wonderful experience

Ambiance, food, service is what it brings you back. The food tasted good, ambiance again very pleasant and topped it yup with polite and always ready to help you staff. Worth going on special occasions as it mite burn your pockets


What is so 5 Star about this place?

I'd gone here for a friends birthday treat.

The Earth Plate is located on the lower lobby of Sahara Star. The layout is really weird and that makes us all confused! With such a beautiful hotel - this restaurant surely doesn't give the guests a nice ambiance to relax in.

The food is good - not great. For the price they are charging, it wasn't to extraordinary. The buffet spread though had quite some variety ranging from all kind of dishes. The desserts were extremely good in taste. But the main course was just ok. Even the pasta and pizza (which are generally awesome in 5 stars) was average.

No complains on service as it was good. The staff was polite and responded to all needs with extreme promptness.


Can You See the Hole in My Pocket?

I don’t mind having a chicken sandwich which is only okay for a hundred odd bucks at a café around the corner but if you are going to charge me over six hundred bucks for a chicken sandwich at a fancy restaurant, then that sandwich better be terrific. ‘Only okay’ Sandwich is not good enough. I know you are thinking that the location of Sahara Star is just perfect, a decent place so close to the airport. The ambience compensates for the ordinary taste of the sandwich and the gorgonzola cheese pasta that I ordered, but food matters, after all that is what I am really paying for. My wallet won’t let me forget about it which means my tongue should remember it too. I will go again to this place because it is decent place to meet someone visiting from out of town for a couple of hours and the ambience is alright. Find more with foodietryingstein.


2 Star Experience

I’ve never been a great fan of food at 5 Stars, generally it’s the service and ambience that make the experience worthy of so called stars, if any.

Earth Plate is Sahara Star’s lower lobby level multi cuisine restaurant. For a restaurant of a 5 start hotel it definitely lacks class in terms of ambience, it looks like the food court of a mall albeit with better seating. The staff tries their best to be polite and polished in front of guests, but it’s easy to notice their ribbing and fooling around.

Food is extremely bland, portions & pricing pre-emptively preposterous. Earth Plate has taken the “5 Star” tag to new lows for me.


Heaven on Earth, indeed!

The place is nice but the food is amazing! We went there for the buffet special and for 1500 a head, it was so worth it. Apart from the food on regular display that includes salads, biryanis, chicken starters, salmon fillet quiches, mutton curry and much much more, they also do personalized orders (like a pepperoni pizza perhaps or freshly squeezed OJ)! The dessert platter too had multiple options from four types of cheesecake, Indian sweets, gulab jamun and Crème brûlée! I loved the Crème brûlée, it was totally divine, it tastes a little like custard but the burnt effect lends it a yummy flavour. The ambience of the place is great, you feel pampered and special. Moreover, you have your own space too even with everything else! Great place to take a family out on a special dinner or for a big date.



sorry but its going against the previous reviews, had been for dinner last night(sunday ) was very dissapointing, the drinks were served after almost 25 min , ordered for some indian stuff and was very average ,service was very slow , the stewards were too busy among themselves and hardly concerned abt their guests, no doubt the ambiance is good but that dosent compensate for food.


Beautiful Place

amazing place to come with family OR even on a date. very romantic, blissful, serene :) is alright , nothing great!


Do they have 'phones on Mars?

Although trying to book a table for brunch here did rival an Apollo moon-landing for difficulty, the result was truly stellar.

We all know that from the outside the Sahara Star looks like a project for the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010, or should that be rescheduled to 2020? However, once inside, you are transported to a wonderfully, heavenly place.

The Earth Plate is located on the ground floor of the hotel in dimly-lit surroundings. This showcases the open kitchen and food displays very well. It sometimes rivaled a nightclub when the ice thawed from the appetizer station as the cool ice mist slinked out into the open restaurant. Visions of the horror movie, The Fog, sprang to mind too...

The service has to be the most traditionally well-polished for a 5* hotel in Mumbai. The management clearly make it all happen. And smoothly too. Service is slick, and pre-emptive. You are therefore left free to plan your next mission to one of the many live kitchen stations dotted around the perimeter of the restaurant.

The food is well thought out and caters to every possible taste. It's also entertaining to have so many chefs on view whilst they work. The major plus point (for me at least) was the pudding display - it is by far the biggest/longest at the brunch :o)

Although no drinks menu is available, a well-versed waiter can whet your appetite with a good suggestion or two - all the staple cocktails, beers, spirits and wines are there to be enjoyed. And the pricing makes it a drinker's paradise as there's only Rs 100 difference between the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic brunch. A bill for 2 comes to a little under Rs 4,000.

Overall, it's a quiet contender for an excellent space-age Sunday brunch.


Best Sunday Brunch

Had been here for brunch & was blown away by the wide variety of cuisines on offer.
The menu included Lebanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, etc.
The price for the brunch is : -
1750/- plus taxes with alcohol
1450/- plus taxes for non alcoholic.
The alcohol list had beer (Carlsberg), red wine, white wine, sparkling wine.
The food quality was good.
A must visit for a brunch.


Rashmei - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 03,2008


An awesome ambience

The open a-la-carte' restaurant nestled on the ground floor which fuses with the other surroundings very easily. I couldnt have asked for a better place for a Sunday Lunch. The service was good, staff very friendly. A varied variety of foods decently priced. A wide variety of drinks too, though the berry blast was too sweet. We ordered for chicken in oyster sauce and a beef steak. The oyster sauce was very nice but the side salad couldve been better. The beef steak was well done and the sauce and mashed potatoes complimented it very well. The overall presentation of the food items was nice but could be better and more interesting. A nice quiet ambience perfect for a lazy afternoon.