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> > > > The Elbo Room

The Elbo Room

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 25701800, 40051800, 9821038387
  • Shop No. 135-138A, 1st Floor, Galleria Shopping Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai
  • Continental, Italian, Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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The Elbo Room Reviews

brainnerves - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 02,2012


Bad and never again!

Had visited this place last Saturday with a friend of mine. We took the bar stools by the window and ordered a veg pasta in white sauce! The person attending looked drunk and had the audacity of standing behind us with his palms holding on to our chairs in one of the conversations (you have with waiter to know more about the dish)!!! We ignored. The food came in and we were served 1 plate and 1 fork! We still ignored and asked for another pair. No tissue papers were given and we had to request for that as well!

The first bite of the garlic bread and we lost our cool. The bread was stale to an extent that the taste was horribly different in our mouths. We called our waiter who simply took the 2 loafs. I had my doubts that he didn't understand the issue. He came and my doubts cleared. He simply got 2 slices of same bread!!! I checked on him as to why the bread was brought back without any butter or garlic topping. Reply - this is the way it is served here! So our point that the bread was stale and we will not eat it any how totally got lost on him.

We continued with our pasta since we did not want to spoil our evening. The past was unique one in itself. It had onion chunks in it and when I mean "chunks"; the sizes you usually put in an Indian gravy. We called back our "lost in dreams" waiter again and tried explaining. He looked confused and when I asked for his manager, the reply was - "he is not in yet".

Luckily the very moment the manager walked in and immediately attended to our issues. He apologized that waiter did not understand what we said (but trust me, we spoke normal Hinglish) and then went on to argue that the bread was fine and we should try it ourselves. Why should we punish with stale bread again? He persisted that it wasn't their fault and in a way hinted on our wrong! I then directed his attention to the onion chunks which I had neatly digged out and kept on the side of the plate. He looked shocked and we could hear him telling his staff " pasta mein kanda dala hai???".

Luckily it was then he realized that it was indeed not his day and he finally laid down his weapons and apologized to us for the entire thing. He went into the kitchen and came back after sometime apologizing and making the dish complimentary. It was hardly a bill of 210 bucks and we were all ready to pay but he refused. Good he realized that his restaurant was actually at fault.

But our evening was spoiled except for the drinks/shots, been offered by a company for tasting purposes.

Never again to this place!


chandy - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 26,2012



They got happy hours started recently from 12pm TO 10PM!! thats great news


October 10, 2013response from management at The Elbo Room:

Good to see that you are a regular!


Still love the place

Iv been visiting the place often now days. its so comfy and i love the whole feeling of a authentic Pub . i love the choices that you get and specially happy hours till 8 PM :D on weekdays ... i saw a couple of Ipl matches there and it was complete entertainment with friends. the food is perfect with the drinks.. specially the tikkas.. and nachos :D i love it.. Great place to be in ,, 3 cheers :D


October 10, 2013response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Chandy,
Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the late response. We have introduced a new food menu with burgers as well. We also have happy hours till 9pm. Hope to see you again soon.

We were good, not this "room"...

I visited this place with a friend today. It was eerily empty. It was around 8:30 pm when we reached there. We ordered one veg Panini, one Smirnoff (60 ml) with soda, and one more drink. They served the drinks before the main course. This was done very quickly. We kept the conversation on, just waiting for the Panini. It arrived with french fries (good!), but after around half an hour.

The Panini was okay, no issues. But my vodka was terrible. Yuck. It was like drinking slightly bitter water. Her drink wasn't all that great either, but we managed.

Then we ordered 3 Budweisers, one by one, and they were fine.

However, then we ordered nachos and they basically tasted like glorified papad. The sauce was also not great.

But the major issue is the attitude of the staff. Though we were the only ones there till 10:30 pm, the staff was approaching us every 10 minutes for an order, as if there were 20 customers waiting outside. And when we really wanted them for a refill or another order, they'd disappear. It was only our convo which kept us going. We were actually thinking of paying the bill midway, and leaving for Rude Lounge or some other place.

After all this, the bill comes to Rs 1948, including taxes. If the food and the service were good, this might have been worth it, but certainly it wasn't.

2/5. 2 stars only for the decent ambiance and the fact that we made it a good time for ourselves! Huh! This place replaced Mocha. Mocha was loads better!

Will I/we visit again: Probably not.


April 18, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Pranav,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. You mentioned you order one large vodka and another drink. Could you please mention what was the other drink which you ordered. We would certainly check on the quality of the nachos which is being served. We would also look into the matter regarding the staff's behaviour since we do undertake regular staff training. I am sure that you would not face the same problems if you were to visit again. Hope to see you again!

May 22, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

The other drink was Margherita. Apologies for the late reply.

October 10, 2013response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Pranav,
Just in to inform you that we have change the food menu completely. The food menu has also improved. Please do visit us again. The nachos are much better now

sunil_ach - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 18,2012


good food, service needs to improve

Had been there on valentines day with my wife, we had picked the vouchers from deals and you , and were familiar with the rules as they had sent a mail about the same.

There was no problem in accepting the vouchers and we were given a table immediately ( had done the prior reservation also) the drinks and food took time to be served, could make out that the staff was new and up to mark ( but apparently it leads to minimizing the time to enjoy your food and drinks, that's something they need to work on).

The starters were good and tasty i would give a A+ for the food but the service as i mentioned earlier needs to be improved. Similarly if the time for the voucher is over it would be polite if the manager could have understood the time taken to serve the order and asked if the customers would like to continue with A-la carte rather than telling us that the time is almost over, though the manager understood that we were enjoying our time and going at a very slow pace with drinks and food and apologized and ensured we could stay for the time we want.

Just a suggestion to ensure your clients speak well about you. Best of Luck!


February 18, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Sunil,
Wishing you a very happy valentines day and hope that you and your wife had a very good time! Since it was valentines day we had a number of couples waiting for a table. The voucher terms and conditions (as mentioned by you had been mailed across) so that there is no confusion at the outlet. Some of the staff have been recently recruited and are undergoing training as we speak. However we will work on the suggestions given by you and will ensure the speed of the service is improved. Thank you for your valuable feedback and hope

armandy75 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 09,2012


Terible cheats !! Pathetic and cheeky service

Elbow room Powai.
We ordered for Chicken wings, they got us lollypops !! Manager Jerome claims they call lollypops, wings !!
Then we ordered pomphret tandoor, he brought disgusting Ghol Machi. The Manager Jerome and the waiter were not happy with us, as they claim "Madam we mostly get male clients and they dont know the difference, esp after a few drinks!!" (which is probably true)
But I am just in shock at the audacity for them to cheat paying customers and still be cheeky about it !!
And i guess this stems from the fact that they charge frigging 8% service charge upfront on your bill and hence could not give a damn about the shitty service offerred to its customers.


People Out of the Blue is bang opposite this dump joint and its absolutey superb and great value for money.


February 10, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Guest,
Thanks for taking your time to write it on here. I believe you refused to give your contact number on the comment card or else we would have personally given you a call to discuss the matter. The dish which you ordered - chicken wings on fire - chicken wings marinated with cajun spice & spicy grilled sauce char grilled. We will doing further training with the kitchen staff to ensure that the dish is prepared as per our brand standards. We do not differentiate between female and male clients since all guests deserve the best poss


disappointed with remarks by staff

I have called THE ELBO ROOM over phone and got confirmation about happy hours and rate of draft beer by glass and pitcher.

after setteling down on table i was given the manu of happy hours, and I have ordered drfat beer of kingfisher by glass. I have repeated the second glass and on finishing I have asked to serve me happy hours glass.
I was shocked by reply from witer that there is no happy hours for the draft beer.
I have to ask about the paint beer. any how i placed the order of paint beer, but requested to speak to Manager, who came and understood the matter and told me that there is mistake of waiter. any how he will give discount on bill. when i have asked the ther was no discount on my bill, i have paid as per bill.

if i will not get proper explnation from your side, i speak out to my circle of Hiranandani Garden and will tale them to be very care full to visit THE EBO ROOM and before placing the order get full confirmation about the charges, because after consumption you can not fight with Resturant owners.

awaiting your reply.

Ashok Bhatia


February 2, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Ashok,

Thank you for taking your time out to write in on here and give us your feedback.

We have happy hours from 12pm to 8pm at The Elbo Room in Powai. We have a separate happy hour menus which clearly states the drinks available. The draught beer is not included in the happy hour promotions, it is only valid on 330 ml Bottled Beers (Kingfisher and Tuborg). The staff who informed you may have been newly recruited and hence may not have been clear about the offer - for which we apologize since he gave you incorrect infor


Poor customer service, poor ambience, poor staff

The staff isn't very welcoming. Shocking to see a hospitality sector treating you this way. The manager clearly wasn't able to "manage" the crowd. For promotions they issue coupons and can't handle the crowd later. We were not even served water till we asked for it. Poor ambience, music wasn't good either.


January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Sasmita,

Thank you for taking your time out to send your feedback to us. Yes we had issue promotion coupons and the guidelines were clearly mentioned. However unfortunately there were a few nuisances caused but nothing which was not manageable. Generally, when guests come we give them the food and beverage menu and since we are a bar/pub the guest would order something to drink. Obviously if any guest requires water we would happily serve it to them. The Elbo Room is a Britsh styled pub and the ambience has been created keeping th

January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Thank you Ravi for replying. However, I would like to bring a few points to your notice. The moment we entered the place, the first thing we were told by your manager was the incidence of how a group of people came before and drank their limits and created chaos by vomit all over the place. Not denying that this may have happened but I found no reason of he telling us about this incident.
Again the website 'Deals and You' mentioned 120 minutes cap for liquor but not fro starters but when we reached there the manager said there was cap of 1

January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Sasmita,

I completely agree with everything that you have said. No doubt our staff represent our brand and it is in their hands to ensure that each guest is given a royal experience and would want to come again. Actually the incidences that the manager was referring to was caused by a previous group of guests who purchased the deal online. We had already spoken to Mr Singh during the day and he assured us that no nuisances would be caused. I understand that your friends and colleagues were made to wait but this was the instruction


Least respect for customers

This is da last place to look for if u r hoping to get some respect. and if u ve purchased ddiscount coupons frm online deals thn u ll be treared like a slave. The manager simply doesnt offer any help just because he is new and doesnt want things to fall on his head. n


January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Sandeep,

Thank you taking your time to write your comments here. Our staff are all trained to treat guests with respect whether they are new or old. As per my understanding you were a group of 15 people and your friend (Mr Singh) had purchased the online deal. However as per the website and our restaurant rules the voucher copy (i.e print out) is mandatory and our staff were simply following the rules and regulations. There was no intention of insulting you and your friends or mistreating you. I will still personally look into the

chandy - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 28,2011



The elbo room from bandraa!!! I really liked the place. doubt that many people know of it yet. but when i heard i went on a weekend. Wasnt that crowded also but its setup is nice and the bar is really very tempting. they have a variety of alcohol to choose from. lots of shots etc.. a good nice system that pumps up later on at night. enough place to move around. even better is that their menu has more starters now and even KEBABS to go with the drinks.. i spent good couple of hours there with my friends.. had a great time. staffs very friendly... food tastes awesome.. id say its a nice place to go chill over a few drinks in powai.... cant think of any other place with a pub/bar ambiance in and around powai.. and its all what the powaiiits needed.. cheers ! will def visit again!


January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Chandy,

Thanks for writing in here! It is good to hear that you had such a good time and that you appreciated the food menu! Have you tried out the pastas and paninis? We are opened from 11am so you can also drop by for late breakfast and lunch with teas/coffees/milkshakes as well as happy hours from 12pm to 8pm, karaoke every thursday and DJ night every sat! I am sure you can help us spread the word! Hope to see you again soon!

kkhansama - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 18,2011


good food & service! average ambiance.

decided to spend some time @ Elbo Room ,Powai ,considering the average ambiance we were not expecting such great food & service.
ordered one Paneer Tikka Achari , taste of Paneer was really awesome also ordered a veg pizza which was so-so .

liquor we ordered berry sweetheart, Smirnoff & a heart breaking cocktail the ultimate lit @ 475.

after a long time, we friends were meeting that's why we did not bother about the place but definitely in a normal circumstances i would not rate the ambiance very impressive while it was below average .

in a place like powai we expect something rich which was lacking there.


January 23, 2012response from management at The Elbo Room:

Dear Sama,

I am glad that you had such a great time at Elbo Room! We maintain high standards of food quality and service. The Elbo room is all about relaxed and chilled out dining experience. It is a British styled Pub and the ambience has been created accordingly to theme.

Hope to see you around again!