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Prithvish Ashar - Burrp User

Prithvish Ashar

March 12,2017

Amazing Place and great Food - Must Try It

The Flute - This place really took me by surprise. Ambiance is Okay but the food is YUM. It's basically a 24 Hour Restaurant at The Krishna Palace Hotel @ Grant Road where they have opened THE BAROKE. Guess the place has more than 100+ covers and it was nice to see being packed on a weekday. I was told that weekends have a waiting - at the end of the Day it's the Food and the service which counts. It's basically Family crowd + the Hotel Guests and the Regulars.

Started with Cocktails - Whiskey Sour and some Beers (served with Peanuts) and Khichiya Papad. When it comes to Khichiya papad it has to be made perfect. The chef did a good job though I personally found some portion to be Oily. Overall it was good. Red Chilli sprinkled enhanced the taste.

Some Starters which we tasted:


Murgh Maratha Kebab - Signature Dish at The flute. Stood out. Amazing. Nice preparation. Rich/Creamy. It's all about Chicken Chunks marinated with Indian spices and herbs. Got that Creamy Texture from the Hung Curd cashew paste and the Beaten Egg White. Lovely dish. At the same time had the subtle spicy/peppery/Garlic taste. Go for it. Loved it.

Of The menu - BASA in black bean sauce. A typical style of making. Pepper/garlic/Bell Pepper/Ginger/Spring onions. Soft. Again a winner.

Mutton Seekh Kebab - Undoubtedly the DISH of the Day. Nailed it. Amazing. Nice presentation. Lovely texture. Rich in flavour minced well - aromatic. Use of Spice and saffron balanced well along with chilli. Garnished with Mint leaves. Juicy Tender. MUST ORDER. Skewered and cooked in clay oven. Nailed it chef. Would go for this over and over again.

Teekha Paneer Mirch - The name says it all. Yes did give the hit of the spice. Complement the chefs to have given one of the softest Paneer I have had in recent time's .I know its malai Paneer even then the softness was amazing. Had the Curry pata Tadka. A Mix of Schezwan and Curry pata tadka. Lovely.

Chicken Phuljadi - This is an interesting name. When asked why this name? Reply it's the chef's creation. Anyways, this was a Killer. Chicken was Juicy at the same time tender. Marinated well. Hung curd/Indian spices and a surprise element Shredded Carrots. Balanced the dish so well cut the spice level with the sweet carrot. A bit peppery at the end but the last taste was that slight sweetness from the Carrot. Shine was amazing. Ghee brushed once out the oven. Lovely. Must order.

Over to the Mains - was a bit disappointed by Angara Chicken, was expecting a lot. Did not live up to MY expectation, though the dish was good. Chunks of chicken in red spicy (tomato/Onion) gravy with carom seeds. Chicken may have been a bit under. Overall OK to good. This was highly recommended by the restaurant. Maybe an off day for this dish OR I had a mind set to Order Butter Chicken.

Butter Chicken - now this is by comfort food. Loved it. Just YUM. Creamy tangy spicy shredded pieces of chicken cooked in tomato gravy. Chicken was juicy/Tender a perfect Butter chicken. Loved it.

Dal Khichdi (Subz Khichdi) - an all time favorite. Garlicky Long grain basmati rice (a bit low on salt on that understandable) this was flavoured with Garam masala layered with assorted vegetables garnished with Onions and Cashew nuts. Lovely dish to end the meal not before we were served the dessert.

Kulfi Falooda with Rabdi - Yum must try.
nicely presented.

This place also serves some good Chinese (I tasted the Basa) and can way it was prepared can vouch that they have some good Chinese. Pizzas and continental dishes are a part of the menu as well. Since I did not try I am not able to comment.

Overall - The USP is the pricing. Being a restaurant in a 4 star property the prices are just perfect. The quantity they serve and the quality of food - I would love to visit this place over and over again. Hence not surprised with the Family crowd who seems to be Regulars and the regular crowd who knew exactly what to order.

They also have a place which is called SUDAMA a pure Vegetarian place.

I would recommend this place to all.

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Ishita Manek - Burrp User

Ishita Manek

June 28,2013

Some good,some not so good...

Was here a while back cause I couldn't think of a fairly decent mid range Indian restaurant to go to around Grant road.I'll get straight down to the food for this one as the ambiance is decent,you can come here with family for dinner or with friends to watch the match over drinks. Fuljadi kebab (recommended by the waiter)-Extremely tough. Mint rubbed tandoori Rawas-Mildly flavoured,sweet flesh,very nice (Rs 355) Tandoori stuffed mushrooms- Mushrooms stuffed with minced veggies,cheese and dry spices.HIGHLY OK. (Rs 225) Tom Yum chicken soup-Indianised masalafied chicken soup (Rs 125) Murg Shikarpuri-chicken cooked in a tomato onion gravy with boiled egg and bell peppers (Rs 275).I liked this one. Prawns Balchao-A fairly good adaptation.Pickled prawns cooked in vinegar and Goan masala. (Rs 435) Veg chop masala-Their specialty,made of saffron flavored gravy with cutlets in it (Rs 245) All breads/rotis were normal. Like I said,I couldn't think of a decent Indian place around Grant Road and hence I ventured here.It's good for regular Punjabi/Moghulai fare.
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