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> > > > The French Connection

The French Connection

Malad WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02232232373, 02228787915, 09022188209
  • Shop No. 19, Bhoomi Classic, Near Inorbit Mall, Malad West, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 300

7 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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The French Connection Reviews


The french connection is a really small bakery tucked away in a corner waiting for people to discover it's delightful treats.
The shop serves, like every other bakery in town a few savory items and a array of cakes/cheese cakes and an assortment of breads, cookies and other dough related items. T
he cakes are crafted beautifully and the have better than average taste.
My encounter with the butterscotch and chocolate cake was amazing.
My opinion visit this place if you are pre-ordering else it is not worth the visit.



Good stuffs

The cakes are great and the other savouries are great experience. Birdy's cake and chocolate are still way ahead and the great experience of service, response and follow up by the hostess 'Ash' of their charkop, kandivili west leaves a big impression and customer loyalty.



Cool place

First visited this place when we ordered a cake for our son's first birthday party. It was a fruit cake , very well made and delicious !! The second year round , we ordered a caramel cake , and unfortunately the same could not be said about the cake...Was soggy to say the least

Have tried their pastries and puffs too. Good , just as it would be in most of the standard pastry joints




we ordered a 2 kg special design cake for a Bachelors party from french connection. this cake was a star attraction of the party, but when it was delivered we did not open the box and took it as we trusted them. they gave us some different design which we never ordered.
when we called them up next day and explained the goof up, the lady was arrogant and did not except the mistake and kept blaming us that we did not check.
This is the way they work without any ethics!


vihit - Burrp User


7 Reviews

March 07,2011


The Place is a Hidden Surprise!!

Hi All,

It was 9.35 pm n i was super tired of the day-long work and was super hungry. Stopped at this place, looked around n seen Birdy's as well as Ribbons n Balloons, but, thought of giving this store a try. Checked in n analysed the place for a while, then ordered the chicken burger with cheese. They charged me 48 INR. For a second i thought 'oh dear, even these people are like the ones who usually charge blindly and provide peanut value meals'. I watched the guys make the burger inside a glass enclosed room (liked the transparency, good for people who are seriously hygienic); he then heated it in the microwave n served. On the first bite, i literally closed my eyes n concentrated on the taste. Then... i started to hog on it as if it was the last tastiest n delicious thing on the planet. Trust me people, if they serve the same quality n at the same price, the store will be super famous in no time. I've literally put Birdy's on number two after visiting this store. I Love Food n Foodelicious places, like this one. Will soon try the one at Kandivli. 9/10 for the place, 1 pt. less for the space inside the store (In Mumbai, it has to be like that).



Great bakery and very VFM

Terrific value for money - and a great bakery
Have tried their foccacias, apple pie etc - very good
But best is their baked savories - chicken twisties/rolls/puffs - all fabulous
Have yet to order a full cake from them - will post update when I do


Love the breads out here!

Was passing by when I came across this new bakery. Since I am a huge bread-lover I decided to try out their breads.

So far I have tried their Whole-Wheat Bread and Wheat Buns, both are delicious. Probably the best available in this area and I have tried almost all the different bakery shops in the proximity.

In the last 10 days or so I have already visited the place around 4 times just for their breads.

Next time I intend to try out their pastries, white breads and other stuff too!

I just hope they maintain the quality and the price !

At 22 rs for a pound of whole wheat bread and 12 rs for 2 wheat buns its quite decent value for money!

Check it out!