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Kamini Ganguli - Burrp User

Kamini Ganguli

October 22,2014


Had Rs. 5000 and a phone stolen while we were playing pool and someone was supposedly keeping an eye on our stuff. Not the places fault. But once that happened and we complained the manager just ignored us (even though his staff verified our story) and acted in denial of the whole thing. A "regular" also continuously raised his voice and kept butting into the situation. All in all I'd say a terrible experience at a place with a terrible ambience. They have "regulars" and don't really welcome newcomers.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 04,2013

Neat ambience

Fun place to hang out and at relatively cheaper prices! great place to play pool as well. Beers and popcorn come out at a good deal.
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tv3992 - Burrp User


June 19,2013

Good place but rude staff

Ghetto is a great place,great music, great ambiance as long as you don't mind having rude and inattentive waiters.
The pool is a little expensive but is a lot of fun when you're playing with friends.
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Rizwan Iqbal - Burrp User

Rizwan Iqbal

January 16,2010

Chill the F**k out yo

My friend lives at Peddar Road and whenever we visit him, this is one place we cant miss. I love the ambiance and the energy the place has. The graffiti on the walls and the morrison/jackson paintings, all fall in place to create one helluva pub. It is cheaper than most other pubs around and the food isn't bad either.

They play some good classical rock and theres never a feeling of - OH! these are the same tracks they were playing the last time around. Overall, I love the place and would keep going there.
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John Dhar - Burrp User

John Dhar

September 21,2009

Couples entry only!

I was in for a rude shock when I revisited this place last month after years when the guard simply wouldn't let me and my male friend in. They have a sign put up stating couples only which I think is ridiculous given the nature of the place. This isn't some goddamn disco for them to make it couples' only. The concept of couples entry only is in itself ridiculous and only present in India.

Anyway, my friend was a little drunk and remarked to the guard "yaar abhi couple kaise banaye" and attempted to bribe him with Rs.500 to which he responded "yeh mujhe malum hota toh mein bhi andhar hota." This is funny but it pissed off my friend. So we dialed up a couple of escorts, waited for ~30 mins at the Noorani restaurant and then came back to the ghetto with the girls. It was a real kick to see the guards' face :D

Good times, but it became very expensive due to the escorts (russians) :(

So next time you go there be sure to take some female friends along, entry is only for couples now.

Good music as always
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Amit Gupta - Burrp User

Amit Gupta

December 26,2007

RIP OFF - Ghetto gets you and your pocket

Ghetto gets you and your pocket
20% more if you pay by credit card, would you pay? I won't... plus the owner Thomas Cherian is so inhospitable after asking for the manager on a low evening nearly 10 times he appears only to tell us that we should not come back. WE WERE FORCED TO PAY 20% more on the Credit card. This is not written anywhere on the MENU CARD also. Waiter has to be waived @ 100 times for him to come to you --- too much attitude JUST BECAUSE they get lot of OLD CUSTOMERS WELL THEY ARE GOING AWAY NOWWWWWWW......
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Rajeev Sathe - Burrp User

Rajeev Sathe

October 29,2007

Age-Old Rock Spot

I couldn't agree with Zeus more - the big daddy of pubs is still going strong. Maybe because it belts out classic rock and other timeless music with regular precision, or maybe because it has always been ahead of its times (the weekly movie club was a great event for us to look forward to), or maybe its the graffiti on the wall that has a strange comforting effect, but whatever the reason, you are sure to have nice time here.

The ghetto is home to a mixed crowd of young college students, professionals, and old hats giving it a nice vibe and exotic flavour.

Grab a beer and game of pool and you will not be unhappy. Get to know the guys behind the show - Prakash and co. - they are extremely welcoming and will do what they can to help make your visit more enjoyable...
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zeus Unwalla - Burrp User

zeus Unwalla

April 07,2007

relax with a beer..

a place that has been going on for the past 11 or so odd years now.. what can i say.. the old faithful ghetto..
people from all ages come here after work to relax over a couple of super chilled beers and some good old rock music.. which in todays day of partying you can honestly not find it anywhere..

i spent most of my time growning up in the ghetto playing pool and chugging on the beers till the wee hours of the morning.. unfortunately now i have some more responsibilities so dont go there THAT often..

its been the same all these years with some good upgrades over the years.. the sound system was upgraded.. the walls have years of graffiti on them with frequent repaints and some super artist coming and doing there stuff on the walls. if you look closely you will definately find something interesting to read.. they have expanded part of the place so they can now pack even more generations in there. they now have 2 pool tables so there are less fights over who plays next (although the list on the board even on an empty night is a mile long)

and lets not forget the good old door man Mr. Shukla who has been there from dayone welcoming everyone in his fully decked up tailcoat.. for those of you who do not know.. he cycles everyday back and forth to work at the ghetto from his house which is somewhere in the back of beyond of bombay.. Respect!!

well enough....
just go there and experience it for yourself.. relax witha chilled beer and hustle some bloke in a game of pool.. looser buys the beers..
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