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> > > > The High Lounge, Hotel Sahara Star

The High Lounge, Hotel Sahara Star

Vile Parle EastWestern Suburbs  


15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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The High Lounge, Hotel Sahara Star Reviews


Expensive but worth the experience!

Hi Lounge is a pretty adamant place with regards to the age limit to enter their lounge. This lounge is mesmerizing and the ambience is nothing but perfect and just enhances the party mood. Love the set up and the music its pretty updated. A little too expensive for a few hours that you spend here and the staff needs to work upon their mannerism, weekends get a little over crowded due to the small space.


nice place best on satrdays

Nice place overall to be at.. Killer ambiance of the hotel.. valet parkings.. drinks overpriced.. beer 300.. peroni amstel at 600 per pint lol.. try their mocktails tho.. place is small.. but ok.. nice crowd but cant generalise.. the negative is the time d crowd comes in groove its alrdy 1 n dey turn on d lights n place shuts arnd 1 30 so bottom line bombay nitelife sucks.




Saturday night horror thats what it turned out at the High lounge which was at its extreme low thanks to its extremely rude staff.Went there to have a good time but was extremely surprised to see the place filled with teeny boppers and the drinks such overpriced.Majority were under the legal age for drinking and some guest DJ from Canada belting out some real sad numbers.Go at your own risk extremely rude staff and very expensive



Pathetic Experience

I happened to be at High Lounge on Saturday night. Had heard a lot about this place however all the reviews I heard were inappropriate. Firstly the crowd there was below the age of 17/18 years. Secondly the managers there were treating the guests like kids you should not sit here, you cannot stand here, you cannot use this entrance etc etc. They did not know the meaning of Customer Service. The way they spoke to us was very RUDE. I'm sure they earn a good profit and do not care for all their guests. And lastly the best of all when I was on my way out of the lounge I asked for a glass of water at the coffe shop below and they refused saying that they do not serve regular water.


Expensive and Horrible Place To Be

I visited the “High Lounge” on a peak Saturday Night, just to find myself in the most horrible and disgusting pub in Mumbai. “High Lounge” by Sahara Star, it might sound like “the” place to be, but I was highly mistaken. The people there might have set up a wonderful ambience, and made it really fancy, but, in the bargain they have forgotten, to provide adequate Customer Service to its customer. With a hotel like Sahara Star, people assume that Customer Service would be that the prim importance for them, but I was highly mistaken.
The place where “High Lounge” is located is very funny. Just as you exit the lounge, on to the right is their smoking zone, with very limited seating area. And besides it, is the “Lagoon Restaurant” where you will hardly find any soul, except for the people waiting the tables, for eternity. If ever you happen to visit the floor level lavatories, and happen to sit on one of the “Lagoon Restaurant’s” empty table’s chair to fix your shoes or just to relax for a few seconds, don’t be surprised, if your see a herd of the restaurant waiter’s, security personnel’s and if your luck enough the Restaurant Manager walking up to you, to ask you to vacant the seat. For the reason being that people from “High Lounge” are not suppose to sit on the chair, even if the whole restaurant is empty. Now to the misery, we went to the other side of the smoking zone, to the right of the “High Lounge” there were a few Cane Work sofa’s keep outside, to our dismay, now we are not suppose to even sit there, even if the place has a big freaking display of “High Lounge” mentioned behind it. On seeing us moving from one place to the other, to sit down and relax after dancing, the security and the restaurant staff chasing us away, some Mr. Philip S. came over to discuss the matter, who was one of the stupidest people whom we met there. He started reciting a few of the Customer Service Phrases, monotonously, without making sense.
Additionally, I suggest all the ladies, if you ever do plan on visiting the so called “High Lounge” please make it a point you don’t wear high heels, coz if you ever happen to wear them and dance, and if your heels hurt, while dancing on their “Vintage Repeated Music” inside the lounge, and happen to remove your stilettos to relax your muscles, don’t be surprised if the bounce, the lounge manager, the security guard, come up to you and tell you to put your stilettos back again, because , “you are not allowed to remove your shoes” for what so ever reason, which is so very stupid.
By the end of the night we were all wondering if we were even suppose to be there, as whatever we did, turned out to be “Prohibited.”

Lastly, my take on the whole night out was that, “High Lounge” is just a highly stupid lounge, with restrictions on every little thing. I would have said that their Customer Service needs to improve, but they don’t have any traces of customer service in their hotel. Its super expensive and just a hipped up place, don’t know for what.

Sahara Star your service is super duper horrible.


shaolin21 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 11,2012


awesome place

fadu place to go for .
special Saturday night "vip nights "
one should go & experience the change
u can feel better from the next day becoz u have just got off all your frustration on the floor with the tremendous music of dj-aman .,.,
nice place to go but its expensive so u r able to go once in a month


Shivu - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 23,2011


Worst staff

If you want to be treated like crap by the staff, please go to High Lounge. Staff at High lounge is specially trained to treat their customers rudely. They top my list of the rudest people in the hospitality services in the world.


its jus awesome

xperience d weekend xtravanganza wit our best
VIP NYTES on saturdays at high lounge, wid dj Aman spinnin his best commercial tune til 3 am
round of free vodka shots for gals..

for free entry call
swaniya 9920832204
bbpin 236B9369



Spacious place !

Most of the night clubs i have visited are cramped up with people on the dance floor but not this one, you are sure to have enough space to tap your feet and have a good time..the DJ music was good on the Saturday night i had been to...


Ritz  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 28,2011


aweful place - nice music

Good thing first - The music was nice the english tracks were nicely layered. sucked at bollywood though. DJ really knew his trade.

End of good things.

List of bad things -
The place is quite small, they have converted 2 rooms to a night club.

The ambience, too bad.

The bar - totally cold - only had 'kingfisher blue' as it was the 'beer 4 d night'. A huge turn off. The guy shelling out coupons was way outside the disc. Such a big walk for a coupon to drink. Totally waste.

The cost - Rs. 300 - pint beer. Rs. 500 - Smirnoff small. Way too much for such a place.

The crowd is aweful, people dressed as if it is a prom night, a group directly in from "boogie woogie", a bunch of 45 yr old uncles waiting for a bar girl. Anyone can enter here. Totally yucks. Even saw a fight between two groups.

The security - there was this well built not so tall guy in suit who was walking as if he owned the place and giving cold shoulders to everybody passing by.

All in all never visit again place. Local pub at 5* prices.


pacmangs1 - Burrp User


28 Reviews

February 07,2011


decent place

been there last weekend and they had a decent crowd.they played decent music and it closed at 3:30 am which is not bad for sat night.



high lounge

hey guys... its an amazin place to party... classy crowd... for free entry on saturdays call me on 9920832204..
fission ent.



Must Visit Disc

This is a must visit disc of Mumbai.. On a Saturday Night, the place becomes happening after 11-11.15...I Liked the lighting and floor is spacious!!! Crowd is good...and music is mind blowing....You have to experience this place if you are a nightlife lover!!!
Gals and Couples for free entries buzz me on 9769 832 432!!!!


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

September 16,2008


Amazing Music (4/5)...Atrocious Crowd (1/5)

Music:Music was amongst the best compared to most of the places recently. There wasn't a single moment when you'd want to rest since the music just kept you going.They played a mix of all genres.

Crowd:The crowd at this place is awful. Probably the worst than anywhere else.It seems that they allow groups of stags also. There were these group of cheap men just standing and blatantly ogling at all the women. Maybe if they were to disallow stages it would make a huge difference.

Timing: Reached here by about 12 when it was pretty much empty. The place started filling up after 130 2 and is usually on beyond 3.

Ambience: The ambience is good. They have these small private areas. There are also sofas and stuff outside for those who want to rest a bit or get away from the music. The size of the dance floor is also good.

Price: Rs 2000 per couple which would be good for about 2 drinks...Is it just me or have the prices for a drink suddenly just doubled

Verdict: On the whole the place a huge potential if only they were to do something about the crowd.


khush - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2008


super HOUSE music

this place is located in the most well done hotel. it plays splendid music... but unfortunately as the entry is restricted to the in house guests and people on the invite list, the place is forever empty. i think they should make the entry open 'select others' as well. because however good the place and the music is... its best judged by the crowd that comes...