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> > > > The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 02228503030, 02228503031, 02228503032
  • Ground Floor,Sagar Pallazio Mall,Sakinaka Junction,Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Seafood, North Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 800

18 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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The Laughing Buddha Reviews






Tandoori Surmai - Do not forget to order that!

Trying to figure where to go this past Saturday and we were deciding between Urban Tadka and Backstreet Cafe. Out of nowhere, we decided on going to The Laughing Buddha and were definitely not disappointed

Long-ish restaurant with tables on either side and in the middle row, felt a little congested. Decor was nice and functional.

Overall average, but we did notice one of the waiters almost carelessly pushing plates on the table. Otherwise, quite prompt

We called for quite a few starters - Chicken Cheese Kebab (not on the menu) which I would not recommend. Chicken Keema with almost non-existent Cheese filling, felt a little dry

The Tandoori Chicken felt as if it was on a diet before they decided to cull it. The first of the 2 portions we ordered was definitely anorexic and was duly pointed out to the captain.

The Gulafi Seekh Kebab was pretty good - Again, Chicken Mince cooked in a white sauce and went quite well with their green chutney

Tandoori Surmai - Definitely the highlight of the evening. Very fresh, well spiced and brilliantly cooked fish (Rs 550) was definitely worth the money. Go for it!

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce was quite good and the quantity of serving was definitely good for 4
Chicken in Ginger and Garlic Fried Rice was average
Veg Fried Rice was average

Murgh Mirchi was very good and highly recommended for Indian Mains

Food came in at approx 3000 for 7 and it was very VFM. We were stuffed!

1. Get the Tandoori Surmai
2. Get the Murgh Mirchi if you plan on having Indian food.
3. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce if you plan on having Chinese food.



Visited this place 4months ago and found the name,setup and music played pretty confusing.

From the outside it looked like a chinese restaurant, but as per the tagline it is supposed to be a multicuisine lounge-bar so expected it to be something on the lines of Pop Tates. Anyways, the ambience is pretty average.

Had 1 chicken kaliya starter, chicken lazeez main course and 3 butter naans.

Damage for 2 - 900 approx.

Food wasn't that great just right to fill the tummy. Not a place I'd visit again though.They accept Sodexhos as well.


sreeyen - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 08,2012


Laughing Buddha - Excellent food and hospitaity

Have been visiting this place and have made friends with the staff too -right from the mgmt to the chef.. the gusy are gr8, enterprising, hard working - hats off u guys Govind, Tony, Sunil, Dharam - we have enjoyed good hospitality, good food nice recommendations on Goan, Punjabi, Continental food... cheers guys sridhar


super buddha

We went 2 laughing buddha yesterday as it was my birthday & wanted 2 have good food. we thought of laughing buddha & Pramod (gm), since we know him 4m Copper Chimney days.. as per his recommendation we had good kebabs as usual CC style &few of his own specialities. Murg Mussallam was delicious. We like his personalised service with love & warmth. Service staff was attendive & obedient . We r definitely going again.



Chilled out

Chilled out place to drink and hang out, nothing exceptional just that provides a better ambience to drink. sadness was that they had just one TV. match ke time big problem!!!



Good Food as always; Terrible Service

I have always liked the food here (refer to my earlier review). Last time I visited the place, food was yum but the attitude of the waitstaff was bad, nearing to the point of being rude. Had the food and got out and have not returned to visit the place since.


the buddha rocks !!!!

Have been hearing a lot about this place from friends and colleagues and went last Friday with my team from office. It was jam packed but we still got a table somehow. The décor is different from other joints, with lots of colorful Buddha carvings on the wall and dim lights to create a perfect ambience to chill out.

We ordered our drinks and for starters ordered their Tandoor cuisine; with the captain’s suggestion and help we ordered tandoori chicken, mutton galoti kebab, panneer malai tikka and paper wrapped chicken (chef’s specialty). I being a foodie and a regular to resto’s was very surprised with the quality of their panneer, simply put it was mouth watering, just melting in the mouth. Very different from the normal panneer that I had in other places. The mutton galoti kebab was good, but the tandoori chicken was simply amazing, this is a very common dish in hotels but the masala was perfect and so was the tenderness. Very good to go along with the drinks. The paper wrapped chicken was something out of the world; I would really suggest trying it once, very different and very nicely cooked. It’s a Chinese dish but I have honestly never tasted this amazing dish ever. Had dum biryani for the main course, chicken and chicken tikka. Honestly it was perfect to the tee, like biryani’s are supposed to be, with egg and a piece of chilly to go along with the rice and gravy. Tried both and found the difference between a tikka biryani and a normal chicken biryani.

They was good music to go along with and requested the staff to belt out some kk (for the unknown its kishore kumar, lol) songs, which they obliged gladly. Came to know that they have dj nites on Saturday, but due to the next day being a dry day, we have kept it for next week. The staff is very courteous and the food is amazing.

All in all had a great time and looking ahead to spend more time at this place. Kudos for the management in coming up with such a great place….will be visiting more often (actually already planned to go on their dj nites)…


The Angry Buddha (That's me)

Went to this place as Chakra had a lot of waiting.Mind you, this place from outside gives you a feel that it is a happening joint.But please dont get carried away as u will be tricked.The place is small with an ok decor with lots of buddha carvings on the wall, a couple of buddha statues.The lighting is dim giving you a pub ambience.

Despite being a Saturday night, there was no waiting and i should have guessed why? We went in to catch the T20 action and u know what...the television is perched up in such a position that most tables have no access to the live action and as if it is meant for the staff for their leisure.The theme was Karaoke Nights (I guessed sponsored by Tuborg) which was a new but an amazing concept.However the crowd was f**king it up.This place is frequented by teens who are here for cheap entertainment and usually get sloshed in a couple of beer glasses to then make lots of noise and totally screwed up the karaoke experience as music turned into NOISE.

The menu boasts of being multi cuisine, but nothing exceptional about the food

Warning: Never order Garlic Bread as they will literally get it.We ordered for regular garlic bread and what we got was a shocker.shredded pieces of Garlic on the most smallest of bread pieces i have ever seen.All this for 75 bucks.Bullshit.I'd rather have it from a pizza joint who know what and how to serve Garlic Bread

Indian Cuisine:Nothing great about it.The Pahadi Kebabs were tasting like an overdose of mint chutney

The Garlic Naan...i guess was already prepared and re heated for me...Hard as rubber.

Kadai Chicken- Was garnished with cheese.Dont know why??Wasnt that bad though.Then realised that almost every second indian curry was garnished with cheese that was being ordered...How sick!!!!

Watch out for: Laughing hours 6-9 pm (1+1 free on Indian Spirits) or 20% discount on food ;)

Karaoke Nights is an amazing concept(Mind you they have bollywood numbers too), but as per the manager, it is housed once a month.Another turn off for budding singers like me :(

FYI...If you are a food lover and have some respect for me there are beter places in Mumbai.This place is good to hang out with your pals for booze and nothing else (Only during Happy hours)

I am never coming back...grrrrr


October 3, 2011response from management at The Laughing Buddha:

The Management clarifies!!!

We wish to post our sincere apologies for the problems that you found in our restaurant on your visit. We honestly believe that customer is the king and the feedback of our customers is taken seriously.

However we wish to clarify certain issues mentioned in the review which was misunderstood, sorry about that. There are 2 television sets in our restaurant which is for the customer’s leisure n convenience, but on this particular day the T20 match was being shown only in one television and the other


Amazing Place In My Opinion

I don't know what stuff this due was smoking at the time he wrote this review and gave a single star rating for this amazing hotel. After dining at Laughing Buddha, I fell that this hotel surely deserves much better rating than one star! Come on Guys! You can see a Mumbai Times Article about this restaurant placed on the entrance; if a newspaper reviews this restaurant and actually publish an article, it can't be that bad. Can it?

What I like about The Laughing Buddha is the diversity of food and the different statues of Laughing Buddha in various poses that are placed on the walls. IMO, this is the kind of place you can spend a weekend and enjoy amazing food.

If food and drinks are not your preference, you probably have to look for a different place.




FOOD - HORRIBLE...................

we had to wait around 15-20 minz jst 2 get the bill aftr our mal was ovr
a total waste of tym n money.....



Not good

From outside we thought the place looks new n never seen before so we tried to give it a try.. but the place is really bad.. the food is not good at all and the captains are not attentive.. Opp chakra is much better or Urban Tadka in the same bldg is good. Laughing buddha sounds chineese food but have continental, mexican , Indian a total mess



amazing food and great servce

i had visited quite a few places in the vicinity and decided to try this place out. the ambience is very soothing. we were really surprised to see their menu which includes seperate menus for their indian & oriental cusines. we had ordered a couple of starters, the kakori kababs were simply mouth watering, literally so soft that it really melts in your mouth. next we had the steamed fish cakes which the captain explained is a korean delicacy. we also had paneer ajwaini tikka, the quality of the paneer was very good. next for a main course we had nasi goreng rice which we were told is an indonesian delicacy , again it was amazing. overall the service was good , with live sports to watch and all in all, its a must visit place. also was informed by the captain that they are going start lunch buffet n dj nights very soon. i must say that with the quality of their food added to their new plans i am sure that this place will rock !!!


foodliker - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 26,2010


take the stair

laughing buddhas.....take the stairs...visit urban tadka...observe & learn about service.........had to keep waving, calling out even for water to be filled up...



Great food!

This one is very close to my house and I have been tempted to order from here more than once a week. Amazing array of chinese as well as Indian dishes plus some more. their chicken pot rice, mexican pot rice, etc are really good. For Indian dishes I can still recall their simple chicken masala leaving a memorable taste on my palette. They give a discount on cash payment as well for a bill of above Rs300. Decently priced. Ambience from a family point of view as well as 'group of friends hanging out' is ok.



More like a Pub!

Visited this joint for dinner after readings some of the reviews and ratings posted on this site in the saki naka,andheri(e) area..Initially was planning on to visit a place that had a decent dining ambience like a 3star family restaurant as was visiting along with my parents..I knew the ambience wasn't all that gr8 after reading all the other reviews posted here however was taken by surprise as the place was more of a pub theme and less of a proper dining restaurant and to be placed in such a category firstly..Anyways it was a welcoming change for all of us and went ahead with it..For starters the paneer tikka was Ok.Well prepeared but wasnt warm..The chicken stater was nothing of the sort that we expected as was descirbed in the menu,it tasted like a chinese preperation other than to what we initially thought was an authentic charcol grilled starter..Contrary to reviews of excellent service and knowledgable staff I felt the damn opposite.The Staff was plain dumb.Didn't know a clue about any dish leave alone making them understand..I had to point out every dish on the menu for them to comprehend.Ohh and the price,resonable at first glance but the portions were less for that price..Lastly to conclude i suggest this joint only for people looking for an action packed night along with friends and drinks with loud commercial music to go with it.



Good Food, Great Service

I was in the vicinity the other day with a friend when the two of us decided to try the place. By name, colors and decor, the place gives an impression of being a south-east-asian eatery. There is ample use of red hues and the walls are adorned with large statues of the Laughing Buddha savoring delicacies with the aid of chopsticks. The place, however, serves a medley of Mughlai and Sino-Ludhianavi. That they were also showing sports on a big screen was a big plus.

But what lacks in the ambiance is more than made up for by the food. Cubes of buttery, soft paneer, marinated with just the right amount of spices and cooked to perfection in tandoor with onions and capsicum, served with a side of salad - one of the better paneer tikkas available here. Authentic Avadhi style dum biryani served in a clay pot - the server removed the sealant in front of us. Beer served in classy pilsner glasses and not mugs. Soft baby potatoes were served floating in a bucket of spicy home style gravy.The food at the Laughing Buddha is many notches above other places with similar pricing.

Yet another thing that makes one want to go back to this place is the servers - knowledgeable about the menu, adept at making suggestions, attentive and always smiling - hard to find such levels of service even in some so-called high-end places.

Must haves: Dum biryani
Skip: Spring rolls



Excellent Food & Hospitality

Many places to twist your taste buds in sakinaka, andheri.. but this place is different ... excellent food, excellent hospitality, and an excellent team out there.. you just need to tell them the way you need your food to be and they will satisfy your food buds!!! great place to eat



Customer in the King, yes they listen!!

I was just wondering there are so many restaurants coming up this Sakinaka area. Since we moved in few days back in Sakinaka, I thought let me do a thorough scan of this area.
There is the King....The Mainland China, ruling the business.......then there is The Chakra towards Kurla, there is 5Spices and Kobes towards Marol and one little shop(Deep Punjab Dhaba) selling piping hot Koliwada items just across the junction (from Aslfa side).
But the most number of restaurants in one single place is in Sagar Palazio, there are Pop Tates, Curry Twist, Happy Singh and this new one The Laughing Buddha.
We thought of trying Laughing Buddha this time. The decor I would rate 2 in a scale of 5. From the name we expected the menu would be Pan Asian, but it has a mixed menu of North Indian, Chinese and Continental to offer, along with a small but decent menu from the Bar.
We thought of trying Chinese hoping that they would be putting a decent competition with the Giants.
We were two, and the order was lung fung soup(Chicken) one/two, Drums of heaven, Prawns in Oyster Sauce and Hakka Noodle.
The soup was quite reasonable, eggs were poured in nicely to make those delicate shreds without frothing.
Then comes the Drums of Heaven, it was spicy and the chicken was soft inside but crispy at the same time. The only discomfort was the dripping oil and excess of schezuan sauce gravy.
Then the main course was served, the Prawns in Oyster Sauce and the noodle. The disappointment was the prawns were made with dark soya sauce only and there were no traces of Oyster Sauce, the distinct flavour and taste was missing. The Noodle was good though.
Finally it was time for paying the bill, along with the bill there was the feedback form. Generally I don't fill this up, but this time looking at the bottom of the form, I was surprised to notice it was part of their ISO initiative.
So I took time to fill this up, made my comments including the disappointment about the Oyster Sauce, and paid the bill.
Soon there was a little turmoil in the billing area and soon that spread into the kitchen. In minutes the owner of the restaurant came along with the feedback form in one hand along with the chef of the Chinese section.
She asked me to explain my concern, The chef never expected to be on the dock in front of the customers, he was mumbling that may be he did put little more soy. The owner and the entire team took my opinion constructively and thanked for the genuine feedback.
I have reviewed about 90 odd restaurants in the pages of Burrp only, but never had this kind of experience anywhere. You express your concern about the food, the service, and the manager tries to reason it out.
I really appreciate the effort of Laughing Buddha Management to pass on the customer feedback directly to the employee and sharing an open communication. With this rare experience, I am sure this restaurant is there to make a mark. Because they understood the rule number one, Customer is the King!
Overall Rating: Excellent VFM food. Soup, starter, main course and side dish all non-veg, came for only 500 bucks!! Portions were pretty good, we were so full there was no room for deserts and we had to have our doggy pack as well.