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> > > > The Mumbai Deli

The Mumbai Deli

Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  

  • 02265293154, 02265293156
  • 6, Madhav Bhavan, Opposite Kamala Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg , Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Continental, Lebanese, Asian
  • Meal for 2 - 250

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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The Mumbai Deli Reviews


Excellent Food

Good options and excellent food..not at all expensive considering its quality..


K A - Burrp User


13 Reviews

February 02,2012


Regular customer - very disappointed

As my office is in Worli, I tend to order the salads from Mumbai Deli for lunch quite often, though admittedly of late, my ordering frequency has reduced. Today's lunch experience however, has left me extremely disappointed and it's highly unlikely that I'm going to place another order at this place. A brief, sequential description:

1. I called at 11:40 am and placed an order for a large barley & zucchini salad and requested delivery by 1:00pm since I was in a meeting till then. I had specifically asked them to ensure that the delivery person has change for Rs. 500.

2. Called them at 1:05 to ask where the order was; response - it should be reaching you any minute.

3. Called again at 1:15 (since I had another meeting at 1:30); response - as the delivery person doesn't know the address it's taking time (btw, my office is quite a prominent landmark in the area).

4. Finally get the order at ~ 1:20 and surprise, surprise, no change for a Rs 500, despite specifically asking them to ensure this.

5. The salad itself - very disappointing! The quantity was way below the usual mark and with the amount of tomatoes and onions thrown in, it was more like the 'kachumber' that one expects with a Biryani.

6. What however upset me the most was that the vegetables hadn't been cut properly! I found a sickly looking tomato top (the area that's attached to the plant) and few pieces of the outermost layer of an onion. While eating the salad, I was trying to recollect if I'd ever spent ~ Rs 100 on a more worthless cause...!

You could say this was an off day, etc however, my point is that when you're in the hospitality business, specializing in salads & s'wiches, and charging the same amount everyday, it is absolutely unacceptable to not ensure basic food related hygiene training in the kitchen. The delay and lack of change stand testimony to the lack of customer orientation at the front desk.

While I have liked your food (despite a less noteworthy incident a few months ago), I wouldn't want to take a chance again, given this exceedingly unsavoury incident.



Only if around the place....

Pastas, sandwiches, soups, wraps.. with a random thai curry-rice thrown in....Tried a few of them (the veg options) which ranged from average to strictly ok... Here's how it goes..

Paneer tikka wrap - average
Penne Arabbiata - No comments..(looked more like a tangy mughlai dish...was cooked in a brown gravy)
Grilled Paneer Jalapeno -Cilantro Mayo - Good (infact the best of all.. We called for of these)
Red Bell Pepper spread Paneer spicy - Strictly ok

Good to go if you are around the area...wouldnt specially make a trip to go there as I did last time!


foodsie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 16,2010


great pasta

ordered a paprika pasta.. great stuff... had good pasta after a while.. much better than da vinci express!



Phone Numbers constantly busy

After many experiences of orders taking 1.5 hours to deliver, i decided to try this place once more.(yes, i'm a slow learner) But they saved me the trouble this time. I don;t know what it is about this place, but their phones are always busy. Don;t know if they are always taking orders or if their staff is busy gossiping on the phone. I have faced this problem many times before - but today was just insane. I have been trying both the listed numbers for the last 45 mins and while one number comes engaged while the other gives me a msg that "toh vyakti dusrya call var aahe"...
Never again!


food4fun - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 14,2010


prices increasing randomly, quality decreasing con

when mumbai deli started in lower parel close to my office, i loved the food, was an instant fan and promoted the guys like crazy in my office and my friends, because i thought the food was good and reasonably priced. i have their breakfast almost 3 times a week.. and since the past 2 weeks, everything has been random - the person at the counter charges whatever they want to the food, irrespective of whats on the printed menu and the quantity served varies too !!! i have paid, 40, 46 and today was asked to pay rs 56 for the same portion of baked beans - all in 10 days time - which i refused to pay today.

i cant figure why they charge me differently at all times for the same order...and why even after increasing prices, quantity has decreased !

not a fan anymore !!


Avoid the Delivery

My earlier review was real praise after trying it out a couple of times. However my colleague has had bad experiences in terms for deliveries.

Today I called up at around 12.45 pm to order, a lady Shobhai, I think said please give me your name & address since I am not at the system. After everything the torture started since no delivery till 1.20 so called, the answer 'He's on the way' at 1.35 pm was told that he had carried a couple of orders to peninsula towers and to sunmill compound - both different directions - 1.45 pm a male attended who gave a different story, but the gist was the same - on the way.

Finally I called at 2.00 pm and told the lady to cancel the order, Surprisingly the answer was OK and mind you no order turned up till 2.30 pm not that one wanted it to, however the fact remained that if the delivery boy had left as per their story, he should have reached.

Guess they have a lot of business, so do not need our business.


Delightfully Different!

Have been ordering salsds and soup from here for two days in a row and give it full marks on taste, delivery presentation, customized order preparation, cost and time of delivery.

Glad that the options for salad are not limited to the standard Greek and Caesar salads. Looking forward for more varieties to be introduced in this recipe group.


The Mumbai Deli

A couple of days back my Man @b50 sent a despair that the soup I had tweeted was not available and I had promised him that, if not the same, similar soup would be available in Lower Parel.

The Mumbai Deli is one such place. Whilst we have only ordered from here twice, it is good food at reasonable prices. It's a small place with 3/4 tables, bright cheerful with Khsitij one of the partners available to help you out.

Besides trying out the soups (which were pretty okay) we tried out No 27 Lebanese Pita Sandwich which was an good healthy option (compared to the so called Lebanese food I've tasted in Bombay) No 32 Jalapeno Cilantro Mayo Chicken Sandwich - again pretty good with mayo not creamy or sweet but just right & No 36 Spicy Italian Panini which everyone enjoyed.



After my earlier reviews, the owners of this place called to apologise, one of the partners came over to meet me and brought some free dessert. (I must admit, for a second i had visions of "When Chefs Attack".)
Ii ordered the pasta-tuna salad which he brought along with the dessert. It was pretty good. Filling, not laden with creamy dressing like most salads at most places and tasted pretty good.
The desserts: i had the cinnamon roll, which was good. My colleague is going to eat the caramel custard and will let me know how it was.
A very different, much better experience. And i'm not just saying this coz i got free dessert. The food was good and their attitude was very refreshing. Will def order from there often.



nice food

Ordered once and the food was damm good... both the wraps and the sandwiches were pretty good (and not too heavy on the pockets)


More Ridiculous!!

The food is here now at 6:49 p.m. The fries that cost 40 bucks are kinda soggy and barely a handful. The all american club has a fried egg, some bacon and chicken. The chicken is barely there, although i cant complain about the bacon. Tastes nice, but i wouldve liked more chicken in it and wouldve definitely liked the sandwich to hv gotten here an hour earlier!!



I ordered a club sandwich and fries from this place at 5:20 p.m. and it is now 6:40 p.m. and the sandwich and fries have not yet arrived. I even called them half an hour back to check where it was and they were like "oh did u place an order?" and when we repeated the order twice, he said "oh yeah.. he is on his way, its 1-2 minutes away." Yea Right!! 1 hour 20 minutes and counting!!


kp123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 17,2010


Good meal at a decent price

New joint in Lower Parel for office goers with a unique combination of soups-salads-sandwiches. Not the usual veg cheese and chicken sandwiches... something unique.. light on the stomach.. lighter on the pocket..must eat place for all you office crowd...something different



Fab place for a quick bite...

Thanks guys for starting the deli at lower parel..amazing soups, salads and sandwiches..(especially the cilantro mayo )since we all value time..its a treat for all the offices in the vicinity.. not to forget complete value for money..