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> > > > The Yoga House

The Yoga House

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02265545001
  • 53, Chimbai Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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The Yoga House Reviews









Awesome Healthy vegetarian Food

Loved the food here. If you're looking for something different and healthy this is the place for you. Very Indian setup!






Pristine and serene white peace with healthy food

If one wants to 'indulge' in healthy eating without sinful food, The Yoga House is the place to go. It is simply amazing how one finds peace in the midst of Mumbai. I had ordered a juice, tofu rice and apple pie which were firstly, extremely healthy and unbelievingly tasty. I was very satisfied with the food. It, ofcourse, is priced on the higher side but the taste of organic food is truly bliss


Mini Goa

It may be a veg cafe but their food is a great break away from all the terrible junk we stuff ourselves with.

You should try out every dish at every visit. That's what I've done. I love going there in the mornings, due to the sea breeze and also because its so peaceful. It feels like a mini goa due to the smell of the sea and also its all white and small and very much like a goan house. It is a house I believe converted into a restaurant cum yoga venue.

A lot of firangs visit this place so dont be surprised... at the number of them that eat here and also the number of them sitting inside for a yoga place.

A must visit for a difference experience altogether.



It's a good place but the traffic outside doesn't let one enjoy the serenity completely. The food is nice and healthy. What I liked was their selection of tea. It's a place where I can sit with a cup of tea and a book for hours.


Say Om

I've heard a lot about The Yoga House from friends and I finally had a chance to visit the quaint little place last month. Before I had had a really different idea of how the place would look like so when I first stepped in, I was a little surprised. It wasn't what I pictured it to be.

Looking very home-y, draped in gauze-like muslin curtains and accompanied by calming blue interiors (a wall or two) + bamboo tea-mats and copper vessels on the rustic tables, the place reminded me of Greece. Absurd (sensing as I've never been to Greece before), but true!

Quiet place. Regular service. Good to just sit at, read a book or do some yoga. I went there with my sister and we had the Happy Juice (orange, pineapple and something other fruit), and some warm apple slices served with milk and vanilla ice-cream. Visit The Yoga House, if it's inner peace and quiet solitude you seek. :-)


Lovely Place

I love the ambiance of this place. It's almost like you are sitting in some remote area of Goa. The white decor is really pleasing to the eye.

Their menu is an interesting mix of 'healthy' food and it's a bit confusing because everything sounds so good.

We called for a salad, the bento and the quinoa burger. The salad and bento could use a bit of seasoning.

Everything is hearty and wholesome and it leaves you fulfilled.


elusion - Burrp User


19 Reviews

November 07,2011


Bliss, can't be missed!

This review is for the community yoga class on Sunday taught by Neha on 6-Nov-2011.

- Lovely little space, very positive vibes
- Neha was wonderful. My past Ashtanga yoga teachers have included an international champion boxer so I'm used to very strong adjustments but her feather touch adjustments were perfect to relax the stressed out Bombay body.
- They provide high quality yoga mats to use (very essential for a good practice and rare to find in Bombay)

- The class was quite full and the yoga space quite small leading to a cramped space. Couldn't see the movements a few times and just followed the crowd/kept bumping into the yogis around me.
- The classes are quite steeply priced. But the vibe of the place will draw me back for the occasional visit.

Conclusion: Try it out once atleast, you will be impressed!


Life of a Yogi

Visited the place for lunch. It was quite empty and quiet. A very simple place with white and blue decor; gives a very 'satvik' kind of feel coz you sit on the floor and eat in copper vessels!!! Loved the brown rice with tofu, the capri tartines and the pink juice. The owner, a French girl is extremely friendly. The only irritant was the repair wok going on in the building adjacent to the Yoga House. Will definitely go back to this place... maybe for breakfast next time!!!


EMT34 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 06,2011


Love The Yoga House!!

I absolutely love The Yoga House. As a westerner, walking into The Yoga House feels like a genuine and much-needed retreat from the daily grind of the city.

The decor and products are all in extremely high taste and the ambiance is soothing and peaceful. The simplicity and openness of the space is very welcoming. Plus, the products are hard to resist.

Though some items on the menu are lacking in flavor (Brown Rice with Tofu) and the salads are missing hearty-enough toppings, there are a few delicious dishes. I really enjoyed the Quinoa and Hummus Burger; the Pink Juice is so refreshing and delicious! Finding healthy food in Mumbai can be a real challenge, and it's nice to go somewhere where you know you'll be eating well.

This is one of my favorite places to come in Mumbai and everyone I've brought here loves it, too--keep up the good work!