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36 Reviews / 38 Ratings

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Ladies Night Aug 06 - Aug 31

  • Three Wise Men invites all you girls for complimentary house shots of the evening.

    Day: Every Wednesday

    Time: 8pm onwards

Beer Pong and Board Games Night Jul 08 - Aug 31

  • The child in you that makes you play all the time now has a place to be on Tuesday night. Three Wise Men invite you to play it – till you drop it for Beer Pong and Board Games Night. Be the player, you sink it, they drink it!

    Day: Every Tuesday

    Time: 7.30pm onwards

Rock & Retro Night Jul 04 - Aug 31

  • After a long hectic day, spending some time with friends is definitely a need. Join in at Three Wise Men with your gang of friends and tap your feet to the best of retro and rock numbers. So, dress up in your best and dance till you fall. Also, enjoy some refreshing and restorative drinks. Isn't it amazing? Be there and enjoy the night! Nothing can be a better start to the weekend.

    Day: Every Fridays

    Time: 7.30pm onwards

Karaoke Night Jul 03 - Aug 31

  • Have you ever dreamt of flashing lights, the mike set up centre stage and a large crowd waiting just for you to croon out your favourite melodies? If you know you have it, if you know your voice can make the crowd sway to it – your wait is over! Now you have a platform to showcase your talent! Three Wise Men invites you for Karaoke Nights every Thursday. Ah! A life of a Rockstar!

    Day: Every Thursdays

    Time: 7.30pm onwards

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