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> > > > Tibbs Frankie

Tibbs Frankie

Andheri WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 15 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02264466477, 02226371346, 02226371347
  • Shop No. 13, Greenville, Lokhandwala, Near Pizza Hut, Andheri West,Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 175

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Tibbs Frankie Reviews






The chicken franky and and schezwan cheese franky is amazing! it is an apt place for street food lovers! The specialty of tibbs is the unique and finger licking good franky masala they use which makes their franky one of the best in Bombay!



Good Frankie Place.

I have had Tibbs frankies all around Mumbai.. But since this was the closest to home , i went here more often. Been here 3 times. Always got good frankies. I always made sure to make the people taking my order chilled out with my order , i tell them "Bhaiya time ka koi tension nahi hai.. khana mast hona chahiye". And there you go , in 5-10mins an awesome frankie.. good place to go pick up you frankie and walk off (after you pay your bill) ;)
But if you really like frankies a lot i'd recommend trying Breadcraft in the main lokhandwala street.



The Classic Frankie

Been eating Tibbs frankies since the past 30 years and the 3 basic frankies Veg, Chicken and Mutton are still the same. However they have also started various new options. Still the most reasonably priced of all the Frankie/rolls shops.

Glad they opened up a branch in Lokhandwala. It does get pretty crowded at times as there are only about 6-8 tables but then you could always get it parceled or delivered home.







frankie you would enjoy!

Ive eaten tibb's frankie quite a few times and the bbq chicken frankie and the bhuna chicken frankie is quite delicious and the pricing is not all that pocket pinching...service is quite efficient.


Just Frankie..nothing more

When ever its Frankie , it has to be Tibbs...So be is a egg frankie, chicken or a simple veg frankie.. Every thing tastes so original and tasty. however the other things on the menu needs a lot of improvement...the service is quick and the staff is really nice and friendly.

So if you want a quick and tasty bite thats value for money..just visit TIBB's


lipsmack - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 16,2012


Food not as good as the packaging

I had ordered a chicken club sandwich, and the packaging was very nice. Unfortunately, they took a long time to deliver it (though it's just a short distance), so by the time it arrived, the toasted bread had become soggy.

Also, I was disappointed to find cartilage in the chicken :(



Frankie frankie all the way

Had the barbeque, paneer, and the chicken tikka frankie... but luv the chicken tikka frankie..period!!! Its absolutely perfect.. the packaging being neat..its non messy to handle and light!!!

Ive had frankies from the other joints as well with oil dripping all the way and being a complete mess. But the frankies here are just perfect.


September 27, 2011response from management at Tibbs Frankie:

Hi Sraddha, i can not begin to explain how happy it makes me to read your review. There are a lot of other very very interesting food that we are serving at this outlet now a days. If you have tried any of the other items or if you have any other suggestions or recommendations please feel free to write to me. We are now doing a lot of interesting stuff like a full Six pack menu here with all Frankies, Meals, Sandwiches, Kababs, etc. made only in whole wheat, minimum use of oil, strictly Olive oil, egg whites only etc. and much much more. I woul

The People Here Are just Awesome

i have been eating here for quite a while And I'm still too try the frankies, i have mostly been gorging on chicken tikka masla n dal makhni n chole.......and ofcourse the butter rotis and naans,,,,,,,never had any complains until they delivered the awesome dal and cholle with rotis which were as hard as my first erection back in my early the time i opened the parcel it was 2:45 AM and without hope but much anger i called there landline anyways.....and someone answered and after listening to my problem told me to wait a while and wait i exactly 3:30 AM the manager and a delivery boy rang my bell with two servings of zeera rice and a full refund of my money.......i had no words but i still murmured that i dont want your money and i love the food and this gesture....they tried there best to refund my money but i had to shut the door saying no........TIBBS is good......sometimes its not just about food, its also about going that extra mile to retain and re-serve


September 27, 2011response from management at Tibbs Frankie:

Dear Harjinder, thank you so much for actually taking out time to write some good words about us. I take full pride in saying that no matter what food we serve has to come out of the kitchen awesome. I remember the incident very clearly. Some things you may not be knowing about what happened betn the 45 mins I feel obliged to tell you now so you know how committed we all are to what we do. When you ordered we were out of Maida so Wheat rotis were made for you (which is not a usual practice). Wheat Tandoori roti gets hard if not consumed while h

Nemesis - Burrp User


47 Reviews

November 08,2010


Good frankies!

Have been here a few times, haven't tried anything else apart from frankies (which are delicious) though. Tried the 'six-pack' frankie and was happy to know that it uses only 3 drops of olive oil. One thing I cant figure out is why they charge about 20-30 more for it as compared to the regular frankies. Its just wheat based and uses less oil. Don't see how that can be more expensive.
The service was quick and the person managing the place yesterday evening was extremely courteous and friendly.


September 27, 2011response from management at Tibbs Frankie:

Hi, I feel really happy that you enjoyed our food. If you haven't been to the outlet lately you'll find there have been tremendous changes when it comes to new and interesting items and concepts. We're working on the looks now. Any ways about the pricing of the six pack, here let me give you a rough idea
As you must be aware we have 89 outlets in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane operational currently. When we make thousands of maida rotis, there are tremendous economies of scales when it comes to purchase, salaries, automation, equipment, etc.

October 12, 2011response from management at Tibbs Frankie:

Hi Dilpreet,
Thanks for clearing that out. Will check out the new stuff :)

billa - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 11,2009


bad food

havent tried their frankies yet but ya did try their chicken tikka pulao and WOW what a disaster, the packaging was good but that dosent help if the food is not good ...



Blown away by the frankie

Ordered Veggie frankies and a Tava pulao for dinner tonight. The packaging in which it came was very thoughtfully done. Someone did apply their minds on how to make it easy and non-messy for their customers to open the frankie box.

One bite of the frankie convinced me that it was an out of the world experience. The oil was light and the taste flavourful. Just the right amount of tanginess. Perfect.

The Tava pulao however was suspect. I had already eaten my portion, but then when wifey tried it out she told me that it had gotten bad. Not sure how it will play out in the morning ;-)

btw, I just found out that they've been in this business (not at the Lokhandwala location) for the past 40 years. I am wondering why I never got a chance to try them out before.



tibbs-the real frankie ppl!!

its a new place
lets give them some time to settle!!
takes a lil extra time to get the frankies!!
nice place but not too huge but who cares???
the chicen frankie was the best like always!
i had 3 of them..burrp burrp

p.s. while my friend raj(a veggie)had 4 aloo cheese frankies!!haa haa!!!


sid93 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 08,2009


Pathetic service.

I visited Tibbs at Samarth Vaibhav in Andheri (W) Lokhandwala 8th Nov evening. I placed an order for four Frankies and after waiting for 35 minutes they failed to deliver my order. Inside the shop there is total confusion and customers who crowd the delivery counter get their order first!

When I complained and offered to cancel my order they came up with two Frankies and said that the balance of my order was being made! At this point I decided to cut my loss and leave for home after ordering a Dominoes Pizza. Dominoes will invariably deliver in 20 minutes.

Take my advice. If you like a Frankie go over to Breadkraft in the Lokhandwala market. Your order will get delivered in maximum of 5 minutes and the servings are bigger.

You have been warned.


Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

162 Reviews

November 05,2009


Tibbs Rocks the Boat

After a grueling workout at the gym, the family and I thought we could treat ourselves to a night of Tibbs, newly opened where the old Revedore Cafe used to be in Oshiwara/Lokhandwala. Upon approaching the place, it's clear to determine that its meant to be more of a fast food/take away type of joint, although they do have about 4-5 tables in their small outdoor patio area.

The 4 of us ordered 3 of the world famous frankies and 1 chicken tikka sandwich. The frankies came in these cool, twist-off branded cardboard frankie holders. Clearly, Mr. Tibb was going for more than just banking on the legendary family name. Also, as Mr. Tibb paced the restaurant back and forth, he kept his ears and eyes open, and was quick to resolve or aid any of his service staff in helping customers out. Each employee, from the managers to the cleanup kids, are all fairly well spoken and very service oriented, which was great.

On to the food. It was exactly what we expected. For the fast food/quick bite audience, it's absolutely perfect. Nobody has been able to replicate the proprietary flavours of Tibbs Frankies, and even the sandwich was crispy and delicious. It could have used a bit more chicken (I sensed there was more cheese than chicken in it), but I'll give them some time to work out all the kinks.

All in all, we had a very delightful experience. My mom-in-law, sis-in-law and wife are all big frankie fans, so I can sense that Tibbs will probably become very popular around the household. And deservedly so!

Other things on the menu include kebabs (veg and non-veg), pulaos, and a host of interesting french fry amalgamations.

Highly recommended for those in the mood for a delicious quick bite.


Let's eat here!

A fast food started by Mr. Jasmeet Tibbs son of the original owner, yet to officially open on Monday 3, 2009.

Passing by on our way to check out if we could get some Chaat at our old Bhaiyya, my wife suddenly saw this board & reading Sandwiches her eyes lighted up (a glutton who has to try even the worst sandwiches once at least).

Parking the car, we made our way to the bright eatery which just had 3 people sitting outside on the table, but lots of people inside.

Whilst my wife was speaking to a young lady outside, I made my way inside to take a couple of photographs. Immediately Mr. Tibbs came inside to find out, what I would be interested in tasting.

We ordered a veg grilled sandwich, a egg & veg frankie & one of their signature fries with the mustard sauce.

Waiting for it, Mr. Tibbs again personally came up & said, we are still testing it out, hence the sandwich will not be recommended, however he insisted that I share his chicken brown bread sandwich and a piece of the barbeque chicken which I happily agreed to.

Chicken Brown Bread Sandwich - Good, the bread could have been better, but the stuffing was amazing, spread completely, with just the tinge of spice which exploded with every mouthful. No sauces required = very good:)

Hot & Spicy Fries - Amazing packed in a takeaway with mayo+mustard tangy dip. Fries & dip were excellent, though the Salt could have been a bit less, which I am sure would come with practice in a day or so.

Barbeque Chicken (Tandoori chicken) - Amazingly, tingling good. The right amount of spices, just the tinge of black, hot & superbly grilled.

Veg Frankie - Nothing really to be said after their millions of frankies have been sold.

Over all a super experience, definitely a visit & must of home order.

The packing, ingredients & price are complete Value for Money.

By the Way, do not rush because they open for business only from Monday 3rd November 2009.

We were the lucky tasters:)