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> > > Trident Patisserie & Delicatessen, Trident

Trident Patisserie & Delicatessen, Trident

Bandra Kurla Complex  


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Trident Patisserie & Delicatessen, Trident Reviews





New Delhi (sic)

I say, what a find this new deli is... Now, first things first, don't go in the main entrance of the hotel expecting to find the deli off the lobby like I did. Instead, head left at the main entrance at the front of the hotel. Go down the short, winding path and voilà...

The décor is the same as in the hotel: all neutral marble throughout, which gives a clean, light and airy feel to the place. Just two cabinets fill the deli, but they are crammed with delicacies that look new and fresh for a Mumbai deli/patisserie.

Shelves of imported goodies, racks of breads behind the cabinets, and a seating area in the window complete the setting.

I'd barely started surveying the savoury cabinet before the deli server offered suggestions of things to try. This was thoughtful, and he clearly listened to me, before we settled on a mutually agreeable choice.

Apparently, there was a new cake launched today, and I could have been the first to try it! It was great to see staff taking so much pride and interest in their job (the waiter referred to a self-drawn picture of the cake in question with his notes of what each layer consisted of - very complicated it was too. And just a bit cute when he tried really hard to correctly pronounce the French-inspired elements!).

I sat outside in some funky patio furniture (smoking is allowed here) surrounded by greenery. Now, BKC is not known for its noisy roads and so here you can safely stop, recharge, and hear yourself think for a bit before immersing yourself back onto Linking Road for another dose of shopping :o)

The sandwich and quiche were great (I didn't need both, but as I felt a review coming on, I needed to sample as much as possible in the name of research!). The ingredients were both plentiful and tasty. The pastry on the quiche was particularly good - nice crisp, biscuity texture.

I could have easily stayed and munched my way through the cabinet from the non-veg side to the veg side, but time was marching on, and there is only so much one can eat, even for Burrp!

Instead, I had the helpful, happy server pack a fresh fruit salad, some fresh bread and a couple of the devilish-looking brownies for me to take home and devour later ;o) Which reminds me...