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Andheri WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 32661146, 32661147, 32431145, 32431147
  • 3/A Crystal Plaza, Opp. Infiniti Mall & Cinemax, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Indian coastal, Malvani, Tandoori

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Trishna Reviews


This branch is closed.

This branch is closed. Please indicate on your site. Thanks.


evaris - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 16,2011


is this place still open?

can anyone tell me if this place is still open? because i heard from a few friends that its closed down. its very sad if its closed down because i will be here in January and am looking forward to visiting this place next week when i make my annual trip to mumbai.

please let me know if anyone knows if they have shifted and to where or entirely closed.


evaris - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 18,2011


Excellent sea food

I read a few reviews below and i fail to understand that some people just dont get it when it
comes to food (not that am an expert) but all good restaurants have bad days and if unfortunetly
you were present on that day it does not mean on a overall basis the food or restaurant is bad.

I love seafood and am very fortunate to live in Singapore where you will find Asia's best sea food
joints but whenever i am in Mumbai i always make it point to visit Trishna and not once has it let
me down.

Mahesh is good but Trishna is better.

Cheers !!!


review_guy - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 26,2011


Nice food.Good service.

To those who love sea food, this place along with Mahesh Lunch Home should be a regular hangout. The waiters are nice and polite - though they try to get you to order the costliest items from the menu (which are good no doubt).

The ambiance isn't very fancy - but they have got what matters - good sea food ! The Pomphret / Rawas preparations are very good ... and should be had with appam or neer dosa.



It's good days are over.

i used to be a habitual eater and big fan of the place, but having visited the place a month ago, can confidently say it's good days are over.

i started with the prawns butter garlic, and ended there too. because it took 40 min(no kidding) to arrive at my table. And when it did it was stale and badly cooked. Cutting the prawns felt like cutting through paneer. the prawns were dry and old.

so i told the waiter, who didn't even let me finish mt sentence before reassuring me it was fresh. again i tried telling him "lissen i just want to tell you that i have eaten this same dish, in this same restaurant, many times and the problem is that.."(waiter anxiously waiting to repeat himself interrupts me) "no sir it is absolutely fresh"

10 min later after eating 2 of the 8 stale prawns i decided to cut my losses and leave. but not before calling for the floor manager. i forced him to taste it, before talking to him. and i asked him. "is this how the prawns are supposed to be?" he hesitated, but sadly still replied "yes sir, this dish is usually like this"

It's the attitude as much as the actual food that makes a great restaurant, and this is why i say 'The days of fresh seafood at Trishna are over.'



Good seafood

A good place for seafood. Nice elegant ambience and decent service.
Quite overpriced for the portions they serve.


Crabs, anyone?

It was mother's day and I was arm twisted into giving my mom something. Food was the most convenient option so I decided to take my parents to Trishna since mom was in the mood for coastal food.

I was very impressed by the items suggested to us. Apparantly, Fish Hyderabadi is one of their signature dishes. I thought the name meant that the dish would be spicy and green in color, but the steward pointed out that it was fish marinated in some salt and a little turmeric, cooked and then sprinkled with freshly ground pepper. Freshly ground pepper is the keyword that switches on the saliva glands in my body so I was quick to say yes! We also had the garlic prawns which cleverly balanced both the tastes of garlic as well as the prawn. Both dishes were outstanding.
For the main course, we had the crab chettinad (the only boneless crab dish they have), crab in green sauce and the pomfret gassi. I didn't like the crab chettinad so much. Almost felt like some crab bhurji preparation. The green sauce and gassi though were great and went extremely well with the appams and neer dosas that we ordered.

Menu variety
I thought that Trishna served only coastal food, but looking at their menu, it seems like anything to do with sea food really. This does mean that their menu has a lot of non-coastal preparations of fish (butter garlic seasonings, tikkas, etc.).

Excellent service. They know what to suggest. They're always there when you need them. Always keeping an eye on you to see if you're looking for some help.

Okay ambiance. They haven't done anything great with the place. Looks like a restaurant you would have in your local residential complex. With the rates, I wish they'd do better.

Value for money
For 4 glasses of wine, one small vodka, 2 starters, 3 main course items, 3 appams and 1 neer dosa, the bill was about Rs. 5500. Bad VFM!

I love this can just walk around and choose a restaurant to go to, based on what you feel like eating at the moment. Bang opposite Infinity Mall.

And in conclusion...
It's a once try place. Too expensive...would rather go to a Highway Gomantak for same food at cheaper prices. Or even a Gajalee for that matter.



I visited this place in last saturday, when i was in andheri and i asked to my friend about some good non-veg and he suggest this place like its haven of non-veg lover :) and I realized he was right.

The food is really really gr8. I ordered tandoori chicken as a starter and that was really mind blowing, I still remember the taste….then I order one prawns curry with rice which was amazing.

Service is also good and ambiance is nice. But its little bit costly but the food and service I get here its worth. Next time when i will be in andheri I will try to make sure i can visit this place again....


Lost it's charm

Have been here a couple of times before, but i must say that each time its been slightly disappointing. Went here with my family on last Friday. Went with an intention of having a fish fiesta. ordered for a Surmai tawa fry - the masala was too bland, fish not at all fresh n a lil smelly. Lady fish - i completely agree wit d previous review, there were only bones n fish in it. Prawns butter garlic - This was d only thing that was an absolute delight. Called for a pomfret (with banana leaves n red masala) but what came on the table was a banana leaf wrapped fish baked with loadsa sliced mushrooms n bamboo shoots n french beans.. Something i never really asked for!! it was such a disappointment. So i had to replace d order wit a Pomfret kalamiri tandoor- which was manageable. Then we ordered for a rawas hyderabadi - it wasnt any diff than the pomfret kalamiri. & we ended the order with Neer Dosa n plain fish gassi. Dint enjoy both. Neer dosa;s were too thick & fish gassi was not tasty at all. Ive had their gassi before, it used ti lovely... dunno whats wrong... Chef's changed.... if yes then u better get him back before u loose more business...

Apoorva in town or mahesh in JUhu are any day a better option.

Drinks were also ordered. which were great

Service was very prompt. (thats d reason for the one star they got) the total damages were 5,236/-
I just wish we wud have been satisfied even after paying that amount. The content is still missing..

Trishna.. get ur magic back.. Sure not go here soon.. till i see some better review here..


Quick Service but food not so great

Well was bored of the usual pomfret, so thought of ordering lady fish..but was quite a let down as it was tandoori with out any flesh.. So if people like bones then go for it.. but the garlic butter prawns are really good.. go for it..


Mahesh wins, anyday

Well went here with a lot of expectations after reading the reviews but left disappointed.

Ordered Tandoori Prawns to start with. They were over spiced and not very succulent.

For main course we ordered Pomfret gassi and appams on the recommendation of the server. The appams were thick and leathery. Appams at Mahesh and Gajalee are certainly better. The gassi was also so so. It was overspiced and could hv done with some more tomato.

The service was decent though the starters took time. The decor, well is non existent like most other coastal restaurants. It was quite noisy on the night we went with some bollywood starlet shouting to overcome her attention deficiency disorder.

Not planning to head here again. Better sea food options in Juhu. Closer home too.


Yeh bhi trishna, woh bhi trishna

Had an opportunity to try out both within a week of each other. The only difference was the space at Andheri.

Had relatives over from the US who had wanted specifically to visit Trishna at fort....ordered 5 different variety of fish after a couple of beers each & were swinging away thereafter.

The couple of veggies along with us also had a good time with the options available.

It is truly consistent & amazing back from my CNK days in 1997-99


Excellent overall experience

Chicken manchow soup (Rs 65 or so) - Rating 4/5
Fish Shashlik (Rs 170 or so) - Rating 5/5 (Served 8 huge chunks - unbelievable quantity)
Chicken Gassi (Rs 140 or so) and Appam (Rs 35 each) - Rating 5/5 (Simply delicious!)
Soft-drink (Rs 30 or so)

Total around 525 with taxes for two.

Very courteous and proactive staff - offered to shift us to the air-conditioned section from the outside seating area as soon as a table for two became available.

The management cared about the customers, and it showed!

Highly recommended, and this is coming from a rather fussy foodie. Go for it! :)




One of the best sea food restaurant...even the combination of fish curry wid uppam-finger lickin..The combination of Best service,delicious food n good ambience.njoi wid friends o family..this is the best place.



Crab with Garlic Sauce

God this place is heaven for the sea food lovers. The Crabs are excellent and with Garlic Sauce it is just out of the world . Try that with Butter Naan and u will be forced to lick ur fingers. Just too good.


The best sea-food in Andheri!

Have been to the older Trishna at Kala Ghoda a couple of times earlier - but ventured here for the first time yesterday..
The food is mind-blowing - We had the Hyderabadi Rawas Tikka (Fish Tikkas) which had 6 generous pieces of tikka flavoured just right with black pepper! Great idea to wash this down with chilled Kingfisher!
Next followed the prawns butter garlic pepper (medium sized prawns) - which were good too - only negative - overloaded with butter - could have done with less of the butter!
For the main course we had the Cochin curry (Surmai curry) with Appams & Neer Dosas - which was too good with the appropriate flavors - not overdone nor under flavored.
Service was fabulous! Someone always magically appears whenever you required anything.. Superlative service.
Pricing - A little on the expensive side when you compare Trishna with other Malvani food joints like Harish in Irla..
For 2 of us the entire meal listed above cost us Rs. 1500/-
Of course, the first page of their menu is a bit scary - what with no rates mentioned against any of the items - the king prawns, lobsters, crabs etc.. But if you order off the regular items page 2 onwards, each item is in the range of Rs. 200/- - 350/-
Trishna was a great experience and lived up to it's name!
Ajai Bathija



tandoori crab will blow your mind

Ventured here for dinner after many months of giving up seafood and was not disappointed one bit. Started out with the ever-famous garlic butter pepper king prawns. Head and all, while these were just a tad bit on the butter side, the mounds of minced garlic made up for it. We then inquired about king crab, after which the waiter brought out two of the live fellas for us to choose from. Not being able to play God, we told the waiter to go ahead with whatever he thought would yield the best results. 20 minutes later, a delicious tandoori crab was brought out to us, bibs, shell crackers and all! While quite the messy affair, you can't have much more fun eating food than with going at cracked crab with your hands. The tandoori masala on the shell made it all that much more enjoyable. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat to die-hard seafood fans, although I have had both the daal hyderbadi and egg biryani here as well, both of which are fantastic!