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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: jalebis,biryanis,paneer de tikkey,butter pannee
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Sunday dinner

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Bad experience
Bad and slow service is irritating. Sometimes orde
Bad experience as bill was charged double
Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Instant Mood lifter

Delicious, finger-licking, mouth watering Indian food - an instant mood lifter. This place has warm, generous hospitality for the kind of establishment that it is. Fabulous interiors look like a local dhaba, and they play drums to celebrate birthdays and stuff Reasonably priced according to the quantity and consistent quality. Lachha Parathan and Aloo Chola Biryani are a must try.
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  • Urban Tadkaimage
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Amisagar - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Awesome Paneer dishes!

One place to count blindly for punjabi food. Their Alu chole di biryani is a trademark and must try. i keep going back to place with all my friends and relatives and everybody has always loved this place and it's food. unusual ambiance for a change. serving style and offerings are unique. they never fail to to uplift your spirits whilst birthdays and celebrations Dhol bajaake!
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 05,2015

Desi food joint !

It's an epitome of great quality Indian food.
The best ever Punjabi food experience.
Great starters ,tandoori bhutta. Dal makhani, lasooni aloo, khasta naan and aloo chole biryani is something to live for!
A modern Dhaba style ambiance. Decorative and vivid interiors. Colorful walls and ceilings. A very vibrant atmosphere.
Giving it the dhaba look, seating is not cushioned and hence a little uncomfortable. The plates on the table are steel ones to suit the dhaba theme.
Paneer de Tikey, Dal Makhani, Lachha Paratha , Dil Khush Murgh Biryani and Paneer Tikka Biryani, Murgh Chatpata Kebab are some of the brilliant ones. Dishes with Traditional taste and authentic stuff.
Probably the only place in Mumbai that serves authentic North Indian food.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Best home delivery option!

This place offers such amazing punjabi food. I always order from here when i go visit my friends in andheri. The koliwada jheenga fry is so good and the fish has a lot of variety to choose from..I love the different chicken options that are available.. The naans are prepared so well and don't turn out to be to rubbery! The delivery service is also very prompt!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

very nice punjabi food

the ambiance,the food,the seating-all screams loud 'punjabi' in your face! very rustic setting,makes you feel rooted to our country! fun place to be with family and friends. food is very good,just like you would want punjabi food to be. forget dieting and counting calories. must have dal makhani, naan,biryani, sarson and makke ki roti and hot jalebi in the end. very nice overall.
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food4taste - Burrp User


April 28,2014

great north indian food

The ambience doesnt get many brownie points.. but it has a circular table which not many hotels that i've been to, have. The circular table makes it easier to have conversations.. The food is amazing. You have got to try murg ambarsariya and murg achari. these dishes were absolutely mouth watering. one plate of paneer angaare is a lot of quantity, and it is delicious. The food isnt very heavy on your pocket too. For a group of 8 people, it cost us 2500 only. and we had a lot of food.
so, in all.. its a good place to have north indian delicious food!
cheers! : )
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Foodoholic  - Burrp User


February 10,2014

Pathetic place

If you are a calorie conscious, personal health caring person, then you probably aren't even on this page. The food here is out of the world, and will leave you with cramps and a bad stomach for a couple of days. If you are looking for a memorable experience, this sure will be one. You will remember the pathetic food for a long time.
I ordered for a lasooni chicken kabab, it came after 45 minutes and was ice cold in the middle. The taste was overpowered by excess green chilly, and rather than seeing oil in my chicken, i found pieces of chicken in the oil. The analogy, is to emphasise on the amount of grease they pour on the food. Moreover, the pepsi i ordered had no fizz, the staff was illiterate and rude, the washrooms had leaches in it, and the exhaust from the washroom opens up in the kitchen, so next time you order something, it might just have a tinge of sewage. ( probably it adds to the flavour they are trying to build up) . :D .
I liked the jalebi, the rabri was thick and creamy, but hairy. I found a strand of hair in it, and that left an even more disgusting impression of the restaurant. The bill was an eye sore, 750 rupees burnt through my wallet left me depressed and compelled me to write.
You might actually like the food if you are eating in the dark, cant smell, and have a tastebud disorder and are willing to take your chance with a range of parasites.
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Sanjay Bagadia - Burrp User

Sanjay Bagadia

December 24,2013

The best punjabi food ever

The best ever punjabi food experience. Great starters including tandoori bhutta. dal makhani, lasooni aloo ,khasta naan and alu chole biryani is something to live for!!!!! for desert.... badami kher and hot jalebi's
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jainjats - Burrp User


December 01,2013

Unbeatabe Sarson kaa Saag

This is my favourite place for having some typical authentic punjabi food. For me I don't even have to look at the menu, as my main course order is always same. Every time I go to this place, i just go for my favourite Sarson kaa saag and makki ki roti.
Anyone who haven't yet tried this dish at Urban Tadka, must definitely give it a try once. On my last visit came to know that they run a special combo deal for sarson kaa saag and makki roti on Tuesday or wed (cant recollect exact day)
My only complaint against this place is a long waiting time. If you land up at this place post 8 PM on friday or saturday, don't be surprised if the waiting time is around 45 min to hour.
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m1hirk - Burrp User


November 18,2013

Desi style Restaurant. Good food. Great Service

So we were a family of 5 searching for options near Andheri and we ended up landing here(partly because it offered a 10% discount for Burrp Card holders).
Once we valet parked the car, we were given a table almost instantly though the restaurant tends to get crowded at late hours. The seating was village like and we liked the kind of rural chairs they had. The ambience is different from other places and has a rural touch to it. Even the jar which served water had mint leaves in it. We ordered two starters: Paneer Kalimiri Tikka which was okayish and Hungama Masala which contained a mix of Masala Peanuts, green peas etc and was delicious. We were satisfied with the starters and impressed by the attention to fine details on the decor. Masala Papad was also ordered and it tasted good.
For Main Course we stuck to Sarson da Saag and Makke di Roti. We also ordered Paneer Takatak, Garlic Naan, Kulcha and Bajre ki Roti. The food was above average and tasted well.
The service was exceptional. Staff was courteous and friendly and agreed for our small demands like extra chutney and jaggery.
Overall, it was a very good experience and I would visit this place again. Special thanks to burrp for the Burrp Club Card 10% discount
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

October 14,2013


Okay UT is a household name of its own. Their R-City outlet is impeccable. This one, however, doesn't make it to the mark. We first enter to an empty dhaba kinda place. It was too bright, however, to be a dhaba. The green/yellow walls are extremely gaudy for the look (compare to the black and red with dim lighting of the R-City outlet). The music was extremely weird. I dunno whether it was folk or whatever. This was followed by some sad songs of some not-so-old SRK film, played on loop for our entire 2.5 hour dinner period. We were a large group so we had quite a lotta starters. They were decent enough, matching the R-City outlet. The lemon chicken thing was weird. The main course was so-so. Probably the saving grace was the chicken biryani, which is in itself a known hit among all outlets. Service was kinda slow at first (when the restro was empty) and picked up pace later (when it began filling up). Another bummer was when they had no clue about the burrp offer running at the place (second time following the Hangover fiasco), but this time I was armed with the desktop version of the site to prove to them that such an offer exists. They did give us the 10% in the end. All in all, it doesn't match to the expectations one keeps with the brand franchise that UT keeps.
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Ravi  - Burrp User


August 17,2013

Most Amazing Food Ever

Hi Guys

I visited this place with some friends and we were so hungry, so by the time we reached we didnt know what to order and what to skip. So we ordered almost everything from the menu. To begin with, the service is so fast, then the food. The food here is so amazing that even if you are not hungry - trust me you would wanna eat more n more n more. The food here is so delicious that I cannot stop bragging about it. The Kadhi-pakoda is my fav. The kala-khatta drink is to die for, kaali daal is like having it in punjab and i can give my right hand for the jalebis out there. Dont trust me on this, just go n there see what you are missing till now, if you havent been there yet. Cheers
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shobhashenoy51 - Burrp User


August 12,2013


I have been to Urban Tadka on two occasions. The first time we really enjoyed the food , ambience, service. The starters were excellent. The second time was somewhat a disappointment. We went there on January 26th which was perhaps a mistake as the the management went overboard with enthusiasm to portray patriotism.They played old patriotic songs so loudly we could harly hear ourselves. We had to repeatedly request them to lower the volume. The food is good- liked the sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti. The chicken items are also good. Also recommend the masala chaas.
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Avril Pinto - Burrp User

Avril Pinto

August 01,2013

affordable and great food

this is one place i head to when i dont have enuf cash and need some yum food to fill me up. they bring u a welcome drink free of cost as u place ur order.butter chicken..palak paneer..lemon chicken u name it nothing falls short of it bein great indian food. they also accept sodexo. how cool...

I've tried the following in a group of 7:
a. Paneer Angarey Rs 188...Tender and sweet paneer with a nice charcoal taste
b. Murgh Mirchi De Kebab Rs 204..soft melt in the mouth pieces
c. Butter chicken Rs 222...i simply loved it
d. Paneer Lababdar Rs 188 .... just like the starter
e. Mix of rotis ,nans,,,cant go wrong here...

Approx damage for 7 : Rs 150 per head for this super delish meal.
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shripal17  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

bestest north india food....

start with sweet potatao, makai , to go on to main course, soup u can skip, try jalzeera, cant mention 1 dish all of them are excellent.... ask for tapan as ur stewart, u will be treated royally.
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Prerna Maynil - Burrp User

Prerna Maynil

July 27,2013

Tussi Pakka Jao Ithe....

You don’t need to go to Punjab to taste the best Lassi or Parantha. All you have to do is go to Urban Tadka. They make you feel like a true blue Punjabi Munda or Kudi while you relish their rich delicacies of Punjab. Service is brilliant & the atmosphere is such that you feel that you have really come to Punjab. If you like Punjabi food & have a fetish for it then Urban Tadka is your place,
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Rishabh Shah - Burrp User

Rishabh Shah

July 25,2013

Amazing dishes!!!

Been visiting this place several times over the past couple of years and the food as usual is great. The service has been steady.Since the quality of food is excellent and is priced moderately I would recommend you to try this place. But if you get the food delivered you can bypass the long waits (on some weekends they don't take reservations) and enjoy the great food in the comfort of your home.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Good Food

It is a decent place with rustic wooden interiors, old world plastic wired chairs [at the back rest & the seat] and a considerable crowd waiting to get in.

Parag’s Order:
1. Paneer Tikka – Soft n Nice Paneer
2. Tandoori Pomfret / Tandoori Prawns
3. Paneer Butter Masala / Dal Fry – Very Good Dal
4. Rarra Murgh
5. Mutton Biryani
6. Jalebi with Rabdi

If you are lucky, you might see some Television stars in the restaurant. We happened to see the Czarina of Indian TV, Ekta Kapoor, who was seated on the table next to us.

Good Place to be.
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foodhog - Burrp User


April 19,2013

Crap customer service

We ordered from here a few times last year for a delivery and were upset that they did 'nt even bother sending their famous red chutney and green chutney in spite of our telling them to make sure they didn't forget it. So we stopped ordering from them. We ordered again today and told them specifically to make sure they send the chutney. Well no surprises for guessing what happened next. They didn't send the chutney. The delivery guy told us he was sending someone with the chutney. From the time of ordering it took one hour for the food to arrive and another hour for the chutney to arrive - total 2 hours. So we returned the food. Urban Tadka called and asked what the issue was - we told them the food was cold - so they told us to microwave it - yuck! We said no - it just ruins the taste. He then handed the phone over to the manager - and this guy was so rude. He kept interrupting us and insisting that the chutney was sent the first time and that we had asked for extra chutney. Well if this were the case then why would the delivery guy have apologised for there being no chutney the first time. This manager has such a bad attitude -he insinuated that since this was not a big order why were we creating such a fuss. Urban Tadka has lost us as customers. Says a lot about Uran Tadka's attitude. And is this chutney so valuable that they just don't bother sending it? A very bad experience.
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Ashutosh Upadhyay - Burrp User

Ashutosh Upadhyay

March 29,2013


Waiter placed bowl of pickle jar after removing strand of hair from our table to other. Disgusting !
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Shikha Chawla - Burrp User

Shikha Chawla

March 24,2013

For a true blue Punjabi fare!

Swear by Punjabi food? You'll love this place. Being a hardcore Punjabi myself, I can't get over the chicken they serve here. Very dhaba-ish flavor to it! The meal can be heavy so make sure you have an appetite huge enogh to relish it all. The service is capable of being way better. But the butter naans and butter chicken make up for it. Two thumbs up for Urban Tadka!
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March 20,2013


WORST MEAL EVER...ORDERED PANEER BUTTER MASALA...TASTED AND KEPT IT ASIDE...this not as per the standard of even a road side joint.their famous jalebis were just horrible...rabdi was pretty ordinary...410 bucks..robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

March 06,2013

Best Punjabi food in Versova !!

If you love Chicken then go for Lemon Chicken, its their speciality !! If you are a vegetarian guy go for Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makhani and Laccha Paratha you will love it !! The only problem I found was with the architecture of the restaurant as there is always lot of noise which can spoil your outing !! Also it is open till 12 so I live next to it and prefer to go after 10 PM to avoid waiting !!
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Sohit Shetty - Burrp User

Sohit Shetty

March 03,2013

Urban tadka good food but the worst service ever

I now have been ordering from urban tadka over years and their service standard just drops day by day...for the food they prepare I'd be willing to wait for 45 min but the time they take now is at least an hour and 15 mins but that's just sometimes. The only reason I order from there is because I'm in love with the chicken biryani they serve since years but then again I've had to wait for 2 hours once and then when I called them back they seem to have misplaced the order, I've waited for an hour and 15 mins once and they've sent me a chicken tandoori instead of my regular chicken biryani. I could keep on going but that wouldn't serve any purpose. So if you're debating whether to order some food from here be prepared to wait for atleast 1hour 30 mins or so and be prepared incase they f**k up your order
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bhojaniarishabh - Burrp User


January 13,2013

urban tadka rocks !!

been to this place many times.its my favourite.consistent and tasty food .price is reasonable.
dishes to order paneer tikka, panner makhani, dal makhani ,butter chicken.
even aloo chole biryani is a good try.
ambience is like a dhaba set up.
food i very tasty and the place is v crowded on weekends.
must try lace !!
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kato99 - Burrp User


December 31,2012

Good food - but standards slipping ...........

Visited with wife and son on Sunday Dec30 for dinner and ordered sarson da saag and makai roti.

The saag was actually served at almost room temperature and had to be sent back for reheating. By the time it came back, the rotis had gone cold. While the quality was very good - this spoilt the overall experience.

We asked for the extra biryani to be packed - this was done in a plastic bag ! Very very unhygienic - almost like a raaste kaa restaurant type behaviour.

Will not go again .....sorry.
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December 05,2012

not bad a visit

Go for their jalebis,biryanis,paneer de tikkey,butter panneer all yum---decent service...very long delivery time,good food!
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Riddhima Saxena - Burrp User

Riddhima Saxena

November 15,2012

evergreen experience

this is one great place for Indian food. Even though i am not a great fan of eating Indian food out. Must try the peshawari mutton, chicken amritsari, kandahar chicken and the phirni!!
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Santosh Iyer - Burrp User

Santosh Iyer

November 14,2012

Cool & Hot Urban Stuff!

Most hotels and restaurents try to stay true to its name, but few manage to achieve that! here is an example of one that does!

Urban tadka serves most of the hot urban flavours and they are sure to give a highly satisfying and delightful experience!
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kuljaz - Burrp User


November 10,2012

good food

we went there for dinner a few days back...
ambiance: a typical punjabi dhaba kinda set up
service: good
food: v ordered the hara bhara kebabs wich wer delicious and a paneer starter d name i dont recollect...both wer too good
for d main course v had their paneer butter masala and dal makhni..very good again
v washed down the food wid their chaas wich was divine...a complete north indian food place
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mickeysachar - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Fantastic Dhaba food.

Their tandoori chicken and butter chicken are to die for. The prices are reasonable and the ambience is that of an upscale Dhaba.
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vijay_n80 - Burrp User


October 10,2012

Barefaced Liars

One of the most disgusting experiences I have had at any restaurant in Mumbai. We had ordered 2 drinks during happy hours. We were supposed to get two free drinks as per the offer. At the end of our meal when we got the bill we noticed that we had been double billed for the drinks. On pointing this out to the server and the manager we got incoherent responses. The staff got together in a huddle and came back with the same bill suggesting that we had ordered an extra round of drinks(which we clearly had not). Despite several attempts at explaining our position the staff was adamant. The manager Palash in particular was rude and incompetent. I have had several meals at Urban Tadka and enjoyed the food there. Unfortunately this humiliating experience would make me think twice before visiting again or recommending it to fellow burrpers.
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Chetna Chakravarthy - Burrp User

Chetna Chakravarthy

August 27,2012

One the best for Indian cuisine

I normally hate eating Indian cuisine at restaurants because most places overdo the oil and masalas. Not the case at Urban Tadka. They serve yummy north Indian food. Totally love their rajma and lemon chicken. We also tried a prawn gravy.... tawa jhing which was outstanding. Have had their mutton dishes too during one of my previous visits and the meat was tender and the gravy was awesome.
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Purnima Menon - Burrp User

Purnima Menon

April 11,2012

very slow

the manager ANDREW does not know how to talk very slow service.... i had placed an order at arround 12 it came to my place by 2 i had send him back...and i told the manager iam sending d person back to which he says UR WISH....i dont find the food great...verY OILY oil floats on d top ...i will make sure no1 goes to this CHEAP 3RD RATE RESTO i shall never order from here ever again.....
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rohan  lalwani - Burrp User

rohan lalwani

March 10,2012

best food...

very good place,good crowd,good service...food is out of the world...eat anything..!!!
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sirmanish - Burrp User


December 11,2011

Truely Urban !!!

It was my 2nd visit to the Seven Bungalow. I had to wait for a table for 6 for more than an hour where as others (6 people groups) who came after me got entry before me. After observing carefully, I realised that all these people were known to the reception guys.
The waiter served as if he was doing a favour. I had to wait for 45 minutes for my repeat order and had to repeatedly remind the waiter about my waiter. When the bill arrived, the waiter suddenly and surprisingly became humble.
The food is awsome and consistent as I had been ordering home delivery for many years. the Chicken Tikkas was soft and juicy and I like their Ambrasia Chicken and Jalebi with Rabdi. But the service is pathetic.
Urban Tadka should put up a board saying "ONLY REGULARS ALLOWED" Or
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Siddhant Kashyap - Burrp User

Siddhant Kashyap

November 29,2011

Going Under

I used to hail this place as the best north Indian food ever, but I guess it was short-lived.The whole rural feel with their ambiance and decor (even cutlery, crockery and glassware!) does appeal to its guest but the food quality has gone down. Only saving grace that has ever been their wall against critics, is their Lime Chicken(nimbu chicken). Must try for all who love a tangy tinge! But overall would rate it as going under as they have dipped in quality along with an uncalled for price hikes.
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food4soul - Burrp User


October 15,2011

Unheigenic Place

I think my last evenings trip was the last to this place and I strongly recommend that guys stop ordering and eating at this place. First the food tastes bad and secondly THE EXHAUST IN THE WASHROOM HAS AN OPENING IN THE RESTAURANT KITCHEN. YUCK YUCK YUCK....I FEEL LIKE VOMITING....IMAGINE HOW MANY GERMS ARE SERVED COMPLIMENTARY WITH FOOD HERE.....
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Chirag.Vora84 - Burrp User


October 13,2011

pathetic place

the place is pathetic highly overpriced and very poor value for money
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mohaizmay - Burrp User


August 28,2011

oyee punjabi

The best makahni gravy in mumbai , its a blend of the right grounded masalas with a blend of both rural and urban touch , and lassi is to die for ... amazing place .
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A J - Burrp User


May 04,2011


These people... spoilt my Mom's birthday. It started with the Fresh Lime we ordered. Costing like Rs. 60. it tasted as if all the world's lime has been squeezed into the glass and the salt, conveniently forgotten! We had to add another glass of water and heaps of salt to bring it down to taste. Their Methi Paneer is an overdose of paneer, the Biriyani is too sticky for taste and the service, awful! Ah, not to forget... the bill OVERSIZED! Don't waste your time. Don't head here.
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Dev  Desai - Burrp User

Dev Desai

April 30,2011

best dal makhni in town

loved the dal makhni that they serve here. i have been going there for 2 years now and the food seems to get better every time.
the staff are polite and quite friendly the lassi is okay but the overall experience apart from the slight crampy space is great the chicken is great and tender. well spiced and brings out the aroma of authentic punjabi food
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maverick17 - Burrp User


April 23,2011


urban tadka is a cheating restaurant...they are highly overpriced and serve less than specified portion size which leaves you frustrated and unsatisfied...they simply suck
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Kaushal Patel - Burrp User

Kaushal Patel

March 24,2011

Good Food but.......

Its my second experience at urban tadka at 7 bungalows & I experienced that the food is great but have very limited choice for veg people also the service is like they are doing some great "Meherbani" on serving us food. Also its very congested place with no ventilation of air. Even though a/c is there but you will feel suffocated as crowd will be jam pack on weekends. So my feeling was to eat my food fast & get out quickly.....
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Tushar Raut - Burrp User

Tushar Raut

March 21,2011

Great food, poor experience

Urban Tadka continues to rock on the food front. The ambience is pathetic, in trying to be a slice of rural Punjab. The service, though attentive is very crude and functional. Wish one could enjoy this great food in a better setting, even at a higher price point. Think about it guys... there are customers who hate standing in a queue for a very ordinary experience in ambience. Your food deserves a better setting.
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Gunpreet Sabharwall - Burrp User

Gunpreet Sabharwall

March 17,2011

Okay Okay Place

This place is fine when it comes to food, ambience and interiors are also okay.. nothin very special.. just another restaurant around the corner... but something worth trying is Lemon Chicken.. a very tasty starter to go with Oye (A vodka based cocktail with Jaljeera) .. Puree Punjaabi
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Kaushal Patel - Burrp User

Kaushal Patel

March 06,2011

Perfect Punjabi Resto

Its really an amazing place to have punjabi food. The ambiance is good but its bit congested that is the only issue I found negative in this restaurant.
I can give 5/5 for food, 3/5 for ambiance & 4/5 for service.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 02,2011

Love the food here!!!

OMG!! by far the best Indian food one can have in Mumbai. i love the food at Urban Tadka and find myself headed there more than often.. The murgh Achari tikka, Ambarsariya Murgh, nimbu chicken,dal tadka...
God!! i can write the entire menu here :p
V v good food... have been here 100s of times n its never been a bad experience.
im not sure how the previous reviewer had such a bad experience, its sad!!
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robot - Burrp User


December 31,2010

cockroch zero points to service

service is absolutely bad found cockroach in my biryani called one of the staff he was not really bothered will never go back
wish could have given zero star
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

November 27,2010

Panju Food feast..

Its Saturday night and had dinner at Urban Tadka. Urban Tadak run by the same management who runs "Masala Mantar", "Happy Singh", "Pop Tates".

In starters we orderd - 2 Shakahari Shami kebab, 1 Tandoori Mushroom tey babycorn and 1 Tandoori Shakharkandh. In main course we ordered 2 sarsoon da saag which came with 4 makkai di rotis and ordered 3 makkia di roti extra and one laccha parantha and 1 pakode wali kadi and 1 rice.

Food was damn tasty. In desserts we ordered Jalebi's which was thin and cirspy. Overall had a good experience at Urban Tadka. They do have happy hours just from Monday to Thursday from 7.00pm to 8.00pm only.

Will definitely go back to Urban Tadka to enjoy more panju food feast.
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extcengg - Burrp User


November 06,2010

Pleasent experience

i was there with my family for a lunch on diwali day and guess what there was no waiting which was a pleasant surprise.. Valet was quick.. the staff was really to their best behaviour and very courteous and gave helpful suggestions.. we had a methi saag and seeti wali subzi.. both were ok,, nothing extraordinary but good.. the naans and rotis were good too.. then we had rice and dal makhani which was the clear winner of the day! all in all nothing extraordinary but still had a good time with family.. deserves a visit!
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Ashish Mathur - Burrp User

Ashish Mathur

October 20,2010

Love the Sarson Ka Saag

Urban Tadka is one of the few restaurants in Mumbai which serves authentic north indian cuisine. The Sarson ka Sag here is just fantastic and to compliment it they also have Masala chaas, white butter and Gur.

The Dal Makhani here is also true Punjabi and the best i have ever had in Mumbai till date.

However, the service can be improved further as the staff is a bit rude at times.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


October 10,2010

Average food....

Went to this place for dinner...
Place: - This place is pretty crowded most of the times...luckily got a table...This place is a tacky place...The place is decorated like a dhaba from inside(little innovativehere)...The place from inside sounds like a fish market...For the place 2/10

Food: - The food is pretty good here...quality punjabi food...must try their dal makhani... dnt try their lemon pudina beverage...its pathetic....for food 7/10

Price:- It is fairly priced...Not that expensive....7/10

Overall rating would be 5.5/10
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Vick 90 - Burrp User

Vick 90

September 06,2010

Splendid Punjabi Fare!!

I have been here twice with my friends and I have had an amazing experience both times. If you want to go for real punjabi food ..especially chicken n rotis ..try this restaurant for a lazy sunday brunch!
The punjabi cocktails just add the required zing to the food. The "Oye" drink (Jaljeera + Vodka) , Thandai + vodka , Kokam + Rum and other such concoctions spread a blessed feeling over your meal.
The Chicken (Butter ..murgh malai..) is quite good n spicily tanged. And the tidbits on the table occupy you in your nibbling till your food is served.
Onions soaked in vinegar..papad..Spicy curd ..Pickles...whet ur appetite before the gorgeous meal .

The service is quite prompt and the servers friendly.
Quite a small noisy place .But the decor is good with Punjabi atmosphere.
Also give the Nans a miss and try the Missi roti which tastes amazing with a chicken item.
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vaibhavkapoor - Burrp User


July 14,2010

Not very good

I decided to give this place a try after some of the positive reviews mentioned on burrp!. So I picked this place to celebrate my wedding anniversary. So we reach about 9 PM and all tables are full, this helped me in building confidence that if on a weekday there are so many people it means the place must be really good.

We find place within 5-10 minutes, the waiter quickly brings us the menu card, etc. We ordered some starters which were served within 5 minutes, same happened with the main course as well.

While enjoying our meal we were haunted by mosquitoes, but we tried to ignore it, but then the unthinkable happened we had a cockroach moving on our dinner table. We alerted the waiter around and he stood still taking time to think what should be next course of action. We put the animal away from the table ourselves as it was creeping towards our food. And then the waiter simply walked away as if nothing had happened.

Disturbed, we left whatever we were eating and asked for our bill which was served to us within 2 minutes, but no one from the management came up to us until we asked for the manager ourselves.

While the bill was being prepared the waiter tried making it up by presenting us with a plate of 4 jalebis which we politely refused. Finally when the manager arrived after about 10 minutes and then we told him what happened. Even after listening to the whole incident he did not apologize.

We left informing him that we were surely not coming back and not recommending this place to anyone else.

Food: 3/5
Ambience: 2/5 (it was too loud)
Service: 4/5 (very quick)
Hygiene: -5/5 (badly need to improve on it)
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Passhy  - Burrp User


June 12,2010

Awesome place, awesome food

If you are a North Indian, you will love this place ...
Authentic Punjabi cuisine made to perfection ...

For veggies: Do try Sarson da saag with Makai ki Roti, Veg Biriyani, Raita, Palak Soup
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lagna.das - Burrp User


June 07,2010

they have improved!

They have definitely improved in the last few months. they have become prompt in their service, quantities and quality of their food.
Loved the ambiance this time- no clattering of pans and old hindi songs were playing in the background. the tables were more spaced out. less eavesdropping.
Food- the bhun aloo and paneer achari was yummy. so was paneer kadai and the dals. absolutely loved the biryani.
Quantity- the quantities were good enough to serve 3 big eaters.
set back by rs 900 for starters and main course its a damn good place.
Sometimes the waiting can go up to half an hour which can be slightly annoying. i guess the food makes up for it!
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 21,2010

over hyped....

I went for dinner here with a friend...I just didn't like this place at all....
its a very tacky place,closely packed tables,not good ambience,loud place....
the food was just average and service was ok....the food is not at all exceptional...and its heavily priced....not at all value for money....
a thumbs down 2 dis place.go at your own risk..........
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shh27 - Burrp User


May 13,2010


3 CHEERS ...for the wonderful and mouthwatering delicacies ,,,,,,where should I start ,,,well for one its easier to satiate the appetite of a Non Vegetarian guest but A veggie is hard to please and that what urban does ...
try the Tandoori baby corn and Mushroom ...its great....and delectable
the Nimbu chicken and Delhi ka tandoori murgh is nice too if you like your meats ....and the best part is no FOOD COLOUR ..... :)

Baigan ka bharta is to die for .... lipsmacking .....
Firni was good ...however the rabdi is ok.... overall good value for money though a li'l steep but worth your while..
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Salonee Gadgil - Burrp User

Salonee Gadgil

April 22,2010

Dhinchak Desi

So I'm not a fan of the loud decor, noisy ambiance, closely packed tables, and ridiculous colorful bhangra jackets the waiters wear. But after one GannaSingh ( white rum + sugar cane juice ), i would wear the damn shiny jackets myself and dance to 'Oye lucky, lucky oye'.

Whenever I come here, I am lured into eating like a well fed Punjab dame who has worked whole day in the field milking cows and beating truant children, and must now relax and indulge in some hearty hogging and gluttonous glugging

I begin with some sort of Kababs, I have eaten almost all, none have disspointed. My favourite starter being Lemon Chicken -(GannaSingh No.1)- then I almost invariably move on to Makke ki roti and Sarso ka Saag, with indulgent quantities of hand churned makkhan -(GannaSingh No.2)- Then some Maa ki Daal / Murg Kali Miri etc etc -(*burp*GannaSingh No.3)- Then i invariably top this all off with Jalebi-Rabdi, which I shameless do not share with anyone, and eat till I cant move, and I seem to be the only one eating.
*burp again*

Following this absolute ludicrous abuse of my humble digestive system, I move on to pleasant slumber, and wake up weighed down by the guilt of indulgence and the always condemned bulge in my belly .

And yet I go again ..... and again..... and again...... *burp*...... and a.g.a.i.n.
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sraddha - Burrp User


April 08,2010

Insufficient Quantitites

Been to this place a couple of times and on all the times I found the quantities too little. The quality of the food has been good though. loved it. I got to order the dal makhani, roomali roti, garlic naan, mixed vegetables and the aloo gobi (cant recollect the exact name though).

The quantity of the food suffers badly. I ordered the chicken biryani thinking that it would be a filling meal for two. But on looking at the quantity,I was left wondering it it could fill even one, and I was absolutely right. The music can be loud at times, to the point that I feel relieved to have stepped out of the restaurant than being in!!!
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anselagonzi - Burrp User


January 18,2010


from good to bad- food
bad to worse- service
bad to worse- ambiance
surely after waiting for 45 mins one expects a good hearty meal but with inattentive waiters and really loud music and clatter- clatter of pans and other utensils its not pleasant at all.
also the quantities are too little for a meal for two.(mind you we are not really big eaters)
day by day the quality and quantity is getting awful.
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singhal_122 - Burrp User


January 14,2010

Found a bone in my veg food!

Dear Burrp! team -

I had always been a huge fan of Urban Tadka. Last night on Lohri I and my wife decided to once again visit this place. we ordered for veg as we are strict vegetarians. As I was having my food, to my horror and surprise I found a piece of bone in my mouth while having my lobiah dal! I immediately called the manager (Augustine DSouza) and explained to him the situation. We asked for a complaint book which they refused to provide and eventually gave me a simple notepad to write on. I used a carbon paper and wrote a letter addressing to the Restaurant proprietor. Expectedly, Mr. DSouza disagreed to acknowledge the letter. Even more surprisingly, they refused to give us a bill for the food. After a lot of arguments and with few other customers raising eyebrows they finally relented and gave us our bill. I also took the left overs and the piece of bone (packed by the waiters of the restaurant). I intend to take this matter forward.
Burrp! team - if there is a further way of taking this matter forward in a more institutional way, I'd be happy to explore. kindly drop me a line at singhal_122@yahoo.com

- gaurav
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billa - Burrp User


December 11,2009

needs to bugup

was a huge fan of this place until the last 2 times that have been here ,the service definitely needs to be looked into and the quality of food deteriorating too, but ill still keep going to this place .
1 of the places i love to visit
mr TONY SINGH do something about this concern or it will bother you very soon 4 sure
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reachabin - Burrp User


November 11,2009

Place to waste money

the ambiance is good over here..the non veg sucks over here especially..heard that it's very famous..but the service is low too..and the pricing is too much also..according to the quality served....
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rd2010 - Burrp User


October 26,2009

Poor Quality! Expensive Food

The food quality here has come down on a consistent basis. Last 2 times I have been here, it keeps going downhill. The chicken tandoori was almost burnt the last time. I was almost embarrassed to have brought a friend here. The Dal Makhani was almost waterish and the Panner tikka was about average. Not recommended at all! And its expensive!
Here is a short run down...
Food 3/10
ambiance 7/10
service 7/10
value for money 3 /10
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

September 14,2009

Terrific Non Veg

On a day when i was craving for some Indian chicken curry, nothing could have satisfied my tastebuds as was done by Urban Tadka. I have been here before for veg food & was never disappointed. This time around the order consisted of Chicken Tandoori & a gravy boneless chicken in red gravy as was suggested by the server.
The food came in no time and i just loved the flavour and the freshness in the meat. It was almost coooked to perfection. The gravy dish too was outstanding. HAd the perfect balance of spice & tomato and would visit this place again just for this dish. Roomali rotis were outstanding too and so was the black dal.
The quantity too is fairly good and hence this is a def vfm. Ambiance is obviously one of the dhaba type restaurants but its getting a little jaded and need some refurbishment.
This is def a 5 star rated place - the one star deduction is due to the attitude & arrogance of the valet fellow.
Make sure you dont loose out on your valet tab or when you hand over your valet tab, make sure you identify the person. We waited for 10 mins to get our car after passing it to the valet guy, but none acknowledged the reciept of it. When i opted to take my car keys and get the car myself, i was restricted & was asked to wait for the manager as without the valet tab they cannot say for sure that its my car! Crazy manager walked with me to the car & i ascertained him that it was mine and i wasnt stealing one!
But besides that, must visit for the food.
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ab_16 - Burrp User


July 23,2009

Great food, Ambience and Price

The NIMBU CHICKEN is highly recommended . These are chunks of chicken with bones and a runny gravy flavored lemony. yum!
food 9/10
ambiance 8/10
service 8.5/10
value for money 8 /10
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Harsh Moorjani - Burrp User

Harsh Moorjani

July 22,2009

Sada Hua Tadka

This was a bad experience - over-hyped food is not so traditional and great. The quantity was a big disappointment, no value for money. Won't be going back.
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

June 22,2009

Must visit...

This is the only place i think of for good north indian food whenever i am near juhu or versova....
This place is done up very well....
you can even see the detailing in all the deco they have put up.....very well thought and conceptualized....
The food is also great....dal makhani is very good..
waiters can be a bit smiley while taking order...that can help them...
The chutnies are must have...especially the dahi one....green chutney was a bit spicy i thought...

The food is also not prices very high...easy on pocket...every dish around 100-150 i think...

though the place a bit small....but you will still like it...
a must try....
u might have to wait for around half hour anytime you go...as its that crowded even on weekdays...i was lucky to get table in 10 mins...

but you dont have to wait too long to get the food...they serve the food fast....

food 4.5/5
ambience 5/5
service 4/5
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rohitbhotica - Burrp User


March 28,2009

Great food, Ambience and Price

Went there after really long. Had a 30 minute wait to get a table but that was about the only complaint with the place. The starters were brilliant. Specially the paneer tikka and tandoori aloo. The paneer was the softest I have had in really long. Even the chutneys were really good but a bit spicy.
Was quite stuffed by the time the main course came and could not enjoy the same. Although the methi mutter malai and dal makhani were really good.
Altogether it was a great place to go to. Cheap on the wallet also, although the service was not great. Definitely worth a visit though
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rocky_2009 - Burrp User


January 07,2009

very good

nice place...punjabi food...friends insisted on coming here from marine drive so it took 3 hours...but it was definitely worth it...food was excellent n moderate prices....for punjabi lovers like myself this place is a must.
we were 7 people ordered 2 dals 3 paneer 1 chicken,5 starters,tons of naan n soft drinks price-1700 worth it
p.s - dont 4get to order dal makhani
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zagcollins - Burrp User


December 17,2008

Burrp Slurrp!

been here umpteen times....so it was a safe bet as I sauntered in this Tuesday with my mum and bro giving me company..kept my GF aside this time :)
Plate of Masala Papad (Yum)
Masala Chaas (Awesome)
Tandoori Aloo (Lip-smacking)
Machhi Punjabi Masala (Not bad)
Paneer Butter Masala (Not at its supreme best)
Rumali Roti (Fine)
Sabzi Biryani (Drool)
Kulcha (Ok Dokie)

All this for 879 wonly...Amazing fare! Keep up the good work, UT!
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

November 29,2008

Good food

Finally I end up at Urban Tadka and realize that I have been missing out on something for quite sometime now. Before we could get inside we waited for nearly 30 mins outside to finally get a seat on a busy weekend. After that was taken care of, there were virtually no complains.
Anyways, I was quite surprised that the place is so small for I always thought it would be a huge diner!!! I liked the ambiance though, very dhaba-ish! Really nice!
So after a bit of looking around and chit chatting we got down to ordering some drinks and starters. I found the menu to be priced on a bit higher side but its suffice to say that we did not mind at all!
Starters included Nimbu Chicken and Tand Mush Tey Babycorn. I don't know how the veg tasted like, but the chicken was quite delicious!
Next up were some drinks including Beer, vodka, lassi and fruit juices!. The Lassi here is quite ok but not as great as many other places!
For the main course, we had an assortment including Paneer Butter Masala, Sarson ka Saag, Bhindi Masala, Dhuaandhar Murgh Tikka and lots and lots of rotis and naans.
The food was good quality and quantity wise. Offcourse a litter pricer too but that isn't stopping patrons from thronging the place now is it?
overall I would like to give 4.5 stars but will settle for 4 stars only because there wasn't any dish (Atleast none of which I tried were really standouts though they were all good nonetheless).
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ashishg - Burrp User


May 22,2008

Great food as usual

This is the first time I am reviewing a place, but not the first time I have eaten here. Been visiting this place several times over the past couple of years and the food as usual is great. The service has been steady. This time we had the experience of a few people smoking at a nearby table. In this small restaurant it soon became difficult to breathe and we had to rush through our dinner. Since the quality of food is excellent and is priced inexpensively I would recommend you try the place. But if you get the food delivered you can bypass the long waits (on some days and they don't take reservations) and enjoy the great food in the comfort of your home.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 25,2008

Good can become Better

Good Food, but too congested & sloppy service. One would never think these are the same guys that run Pop Tates also.
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maverick030581 - Burrp User


April 18,2008

Awesome in all aspects!!

Been here for the second time today & I have to say,this is simply the best restaurant in this range in Mumbai by far !! Several reasons for that..The only negative point is,they don't take reservations over the phone so everyone has to wait..I personally had to wait an hour but it is more than worth the wait,trust me..Ambience is fairly good,rustic with dim lighting..The food is simply mindblowing ! The masalewala Nimbu Pani,Rajma Masala,Paneer Makhanwala,soft & tender butter kulchas,the list goes on & on..But the part that puts this place way,way above the rest for me is the unbelievable service..Everywhere I go,the service has been either horrible or average at best..This place seems like alien territory though..The waiters are friendly,prompt & ever-smiling in their service..They go out of their way to make you feel special..We got complimentary masala papads & even a complimentary dessert...So unexpected was this kind of service that we were blown away..The bill came to 700 for two ppl,mostly due to me coz I was a complete hog :) Pretty reasonable..I'll end by saying that I have never felt the urge to tip more than 5% at most places,sometimes not even that coz the service at 99% of the places in Mumbai sucks..First time I've tipped more than 10% in Mumbai..

Overall :
Ambience : 7 / 10
Food : 9 / 10
Service : 11 / 10
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

November 23,2007

Q up for a north indian delight

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind when I bring up "Urban Tadka" as a place to go out for dinner is, hey man, what about the queue. Then I tell them, I usually get lucky and get a table in 15-20 minutes waiting. UT is known around by the regulars to not give in a table on phone reservation, you gotta walk up, get ur name on the waiting list and then hang around till you get your table. And there are scores of people waiting most days, infact, I have waited just about 1.5 hours somedays too to get my food. But all that speaks volumes about the place's patronage, and the good food we all love to have. Dont we?

Sanjeev Kapoor, the Master Chef once said that we need more "Good" indian restaurants than "fancy" indian restaurants. this is one of his dreams come true then. A restaurant which enjoys a very rustic look still , has a chef from delhi and achaar from punjab!

done up in white, the place is dimly lit. Inspired from the Ruby-tuesday's and the TGIF's of the world, they have tried doing the indian version (read, the punjabi version) by hanging a lot of village stuff like cart wheels and hindi movie posters around the place.

now, to the food.... you'll be amused to see the menu card. it actually comes on a slate. yeah, the kinds the village kids carry to school. though its a limited dish selection, everything on the menu is a MUST HAVE!

ask around anyone who has been there and you'll get to know the standard starter. trust me, in my 10 or so trips there this past year, every single time i have felt the need to start my meal with their so very well done and yummy NIMBU CHICKEN. these are chunks of chicken with bones and a runny gravy flavored lemony.

for your drinks, you have the regular jal jeera, iced teas, fresh lime and all that jazz. For the ones who love their alcohol, there is also the sugarcane-vodka drink called ganna singh, and another coconut water-vodka drink (the name i forget!).

on the main course, you gotta have their ambarsariya murgh. its yum! the lahori raan and the wah wah choley are also great. when i am still hungry after piling on those butter naans and the gravies, i usually call for the chole tey aloo di biryani. amazingly done this is the clincher in terms of satiation for me.

but wait, hw can u stop before a dessert. pat comes jalebi served with rabri. i specially remind them every time to have the jalebies hot and crisp, and they end up serving a small extra helping of rabri too... but, all in all.... its worth the time, effort and the money.

you must come here sometime! the food is very well done, and it aint too heavy on the pocket too. meal for 2 costs about 800 and meal for 3 about 1000 bucks.
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TintinHerge - Burrp User


February 10,2007

Great Butter Chicken this side of Delhi

Gets very crowded on the weekends and so we have stopped going to the place but that hasnt stopped us from becoming their Number 1 Delivery Customers.

They deliver real quick, no fuss on asking a few extras , the price is right and their chicken dishes are amazing.

Definitely worth a try if you are a chicken fan, the asli punjabi style.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

January 05,2007

Disappointed with the service

This used to be one of my favorite places with their village like ambiance and true authentic punjabi food. But that was in the past. During my recent visit it seems that either their management has changed, or they got a new staff. The service efficiency has hit its nadir. The staff was just pulling each other by the arm and adding to the confusion. When you tried to grab their attention they looked the other way. Overstaffed and under-efficient.

Even the food that day tasted bad. Maybe it was the service that spoilt everyone's mood. Although, I am in no mood to give them another chance, but someday I might be tempted to go back there again.

Go at your own risk, but do come back and write a review ;)
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Nagaraj GN - Burrp User

Nagaraj GN

September 12,2006

Fancy rustic india cocktails

Alchohol mixed with jal jeera, cocnut water, pani puri ka paani, sugarcane juice ,.. very innovative rustic Indian cocktails served with hot punjabi food. FANTASTIC hot jalebis to end up the meal. Nimbu Chicken is amazing. The ambience is very rustic punjabi ambience. I wish they light up the place a bit - slightly dark inside. Great value for money.
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Sharmistha Sahoo - Burrp User

Sharmistha Sahoo

November 13,2012

Good one

Go there for the punjabi dishes...just tastes great!!
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