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> > > > Velvet Lounge, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Velvet Lounge, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 02266927567, 02266927577, 02266928888, 02266927576
  • 2 & 3B,Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel,2/3 B,Powai, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine

9 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Velvet Lounge, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Reviews






Should be torn down

It is an insult to the brand. Do not waste your money coming here.
The walls and dance floors are peeling. Empty and lost. Pathetic.



To Begin with the DJ sucks... Been to Velvet lounge last week with a couple of friends... As we enetered the gate keeper behaved rudely... As we had our names in guestlist (which is very easy to get) we got in easily... but we had some wannabies who wanted to tag along... as we enetered we were SHOCKED to see the dance floor was empty to top it up the Music sucked.. even my choreographer and my DJ friend didnt feel like dancing... we went up to the DJ Console asked him to play good songs.. he said we are just getting started! The DJ ruined by speaking shitty things again and again... there were some complimentary shots for girls which made our mood... we enjoyed coz we had a good group.. to Summarize... the place is made fantastic The crowd The DJ and The Music Sucked... would never go even if i was paid!!!!!!



Small Place and Bad Music

The DJ sucks,pathetic mucic played and absolutely horrible tracks from the DJ.Would not suggest this place to anybody !!!


horrible place

Excuse my french, but the bartenders here are all inexperienced and totally ch*tiya. It's a small place, so the crowd usually spills outside and puffs their lungs out. If they're not doing that, then the youngsters are usually all over each other. Otherwise, the DJ actually pumps out some good tunes here.



Deserted joint

A few days back I went to was EMPTY. When the door escort let us in without a charge I was pretty shocked myself. Will post a photo of the empty dance floor too if you guys want. Never been here since then. My previous experiences here were strictly OK though. Wouldn't say this place is worth the money it charges.


Bad crowd & worse staff

had been to velvet lounge powai week or so but was def. the worse experience of my life when i saw the staff, managers & bouncers hitting a couple who i think was harassed by some stag crowd in the disc without being their mistake or authority just punched the couple & pushed them out of hotel premises was certainly a mood crashers .... dude the staff of velvet lounge sucks ... u know dude u should take it lightly as their r millions of party places in mumbai may be thats why their disc is fully empty or crowed by stag bad guy crowd ... no wonder one of worst disc in mumbai


babss - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 03,2009


Kool Place

Hey guys who like music and want ample space to dance on the floor here u go: I had my birthday blast at Velvet and it just rocked! Great music, great dance floor, awesome DJ. I love coming here with my friends!


Yashwin S - Burrp User

Yashwin S

10 Reviews

November 18,2006



I took my friends out to this place for my birthday. Renaissance is obviously a beautifully constructed five star hotel. The drive to Powai is a tedious process with the bad roads and traffic. Of course you can't blame Renaissance for that ..

anyway, coming to Velvel itself, the music is mostly Indian pop which I personally am not a big fan of. But if you're into it I guess you'll be fine. The drinks are good. I don't like the idea of having to buy coupons outside in the lobby each time you want more booze. You can't just pay cash and the coupon counter is out of the way.

The crowd is what you expect at clubs within hotels - middle aged folk and many a tourist.

People don't get on the dance floor until late so don't get there too early.

The area around the club is nice if you and your partner just want some alone time without the loud music.

It isn't the best club in Mumbai by any stretch of the imagination but worth a visit or two nonetheless.


* * - Burrp User

* *, *

9 Reviews

August 17,2006


A good option in Powai

during the week music varies what can bring good suprises but during the wkend besides 'freak' crowd music is as commercial as anywhere else...The fountain is a nice place to have a chat...