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> > > > Vetro, The Oberoi

Vetro, The Oberoi

Nariman PointSouth Mumbai  

  • 02266326215, 02266325757
  • Lobby Level,The Oberoi, Mumbai,Nariman Point, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 5000

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Vetro, The Oberoi Reviews






Great Ambience

Places like' Vetro', 'Gordon Ramsey's restaurants in London, New York, etc. are more about 'food art' than going there for a good (if not hearty) meal.

If I am paying a bomb, I might as well feel satiated at the end of a decent email which is NOT the case here or even in 'Mezzo-Mezzo', JW MArriot, Mumbai.

I have eaten even in The Venetian, Las Vegas a few times. Nothing beats quantity of the U.S or even Europe.

Yes, for updating FB status, it's good.








The quality of the food is exceptional with a great variety of pastas, salads and mains and the chef is always willing to customize dishes to suit. The service is brilliant -- warm, friendly and responsive yet unobtrusive. An amazing plus is Vetro's wine room. Guests are welcomed to a complimentary sampling of at least 6 wines each evening by the sommelier who is engaging and knowledgeable.




I have been here twice and had a gala time at both times. I am in love with their Wine lounge where they serve and stack some awesome collection of Italian wines and they allow you to taste as well (I love the process of knowledge over the wine and delicious cheese and olives to taste along wih your wine) and you can choose your favourite wine for the day. The food is beyond good as I am a big fan of Italian and nothing beats Vetro as they are the best in the city for authentic Italian. :)

I am really looking forward for re-visit...its been a long time.


vrishma - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 22,2012


great evening

so i love Italian, had it a zillion times, made it a billion times
but when you have a bite of the black truffle and Parmesan cheese soup with potato Julienne .....u elevate.
the food was perfect and the staff was so nice, i told them that they will need to explain each item cause i may order one but i wanna i konw about them all and they did.
the ravioli and roasted chicken we ordered were a picture of perfection.
to top it all they presented me with a bouquet of a dozen roses as the reservation was made for an anniversary dinner...
10/10 for special touch
lovedddd it!


November 22, 2012response from management at Vetro, The Oberoi:

Dear Vrishma,
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, about your recent experience at Vetro. We are delighted that you enjoyed your evening and are so glad that the food and service met your expectations. Thank you for spending your special evening with us; we do look forward to welcoming you back again soon. From 23rd November to 2nd December, we will be holding a white truffle festival at Vetro, where Chef Francesco Apreda from the prestigious Hassler Roma hotel and our Italian expert, Vincenzo di Tuoro, will offer a


Brilliant !!

Went there last night to celebrate a birthday. The place is very well done. We were asked if we were interested in some wine tasting before we took our tables. We happily agreed and it was 20 minutes very well spent. The place has an authentic italian feel to it. The staff was extremely polite and courteous. They recommended the perfect dishes based on our tastes and preferences. The wine was great too. The birthday cake was the perfect finale' and we ended up having a great time. Highly recommended if you want to feel exclusive and pampered :-) Two thumbs up.


July 13, 2012response from management at Vetro, The Oberoi:

Dear anxxx,
Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback about Vetro! We are delighted that you chose to celebrate your special occasion with us, and that you had a good time. We do hope you will return soon to share other special moments with us.
Warm regards,
The Oberoi, Mumbai


An excellent Italian eatery, eat here many a times.
Service is always at its best with a smile
Menu changes ofent, Excellent wine collection too.
Overall a very good fine dinning restaurant.


March 10, 2012response from management at Vetro, The Oberoi:

Dear globalshopper,

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback about Vetro! We are so glad that you enjoy the restaurant and look forward to welcoming you back again, soon.

Warm regards,
The Oberoi, Mumbai


good excellent resturant

i like this restaurant they are many much good food good people good chef manager named rahul ongole something i like the service of the restaurant

just i have a small advise for ur restaurant i like to add some more wines fruity red wines

i m looking for very very very very muchs weet red wines from all over the world if u get any fruity red wines it might be very good with dinner i dont know what wines u have but i m looking for excellent fruity red wines

make the wines list double fruity red wines with any kind of dish banyuls etc or etc

plz make ur wine library some more and get wine chilled its nice when chilled

and get some more fish dishes like salmon trout bass all kinds of fish snappers

tasty grilled ones which melts in ur mouth and spicy etc and etc


sirabhinav - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 07,2011


Fine Italian Cuisine and Attentive Service

Attentive Waiters, New spin on traditional Italian food, Amazing Deserts. Highly Recommended.

Word to the Wise : Fine dinning means big plates and small quantities. But due to the richness of the ingredients - you won't be picking up pizza on the way home !!!


November 7, 2011response from management at Vetro, The Oberoi:

Dear Sirabhinav,

Thank you for your review of Vetro; we are delighted that you enjoyed your dining experience with us. We look forward to welcoming you back to the restaurant, as well to the other dining establishments at The Oberoi, Mumbai.

Warm regards,


Two stars for service. No stars for food.

I'm a real food person and eat out pretty often. My family and I decided to head to Vetro tonight.. walking into Vetro was pleasant, that have a free wine and cheese tasting session, which was nice, adds a little touch to your dining experience and makes it memorable.

The service was excellent, absolutely fantastic.

The food was horrible. None of us enjoyed our main courses. I ordered a corn fed chicken which was disgusting. Mum got a butter-lemon rice with prawn and octopus and I usually love octopus but this stuff was inedible.

They had generous wine servings, which is really good. It was way more than the regular 125ml you get everywhere.

SO, I'm probably never going back for dinner, a glass of wine - maybe.


November 7, 2011response from management at Vetro, The Oberoi:

Dear Foodie,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on your last meal at Vetro. We are disappointed that your experience didn't meet your expectations. We have made several significant changes to our menu since your last visit, and we would be delighted to have you return to try the new dishes.

Warm regards,
The Oberoi, Mumbai


Good food but Service ......

Coming back to my fav Italian restaurant - after a loooong time. Was a bit of an emotional homecoming. The decor has been retained and gives a nice cosy feeling as compared to a more informal Botticino at BKC.

Wide spread on the menu, but not enough chicken dishes - they need to improve that range. Food was good, but I think I miss Chef Emmanuele.

Was recommended a very good Chilean white - reasonable cost.

What disappointed was the service - either they have less hands or they are too snooty unless you dress up in a suit. Had to be reminded to serve water, give the menu card, refill the breads and it took ages to get the chilly olive oil.



Welcome Back Vetro!

I am so pleased this restaurant is open again in South Mumbai and it is better than ever!

Fresh pastas made ala minute, the ingredients of Italy on your plates and one of the best selections of Italian wines and grappa in Mumbai!

I throughly enjoyed my meal and can't wait to return!


Special Italian

Slick, slick, slick: The setting, the decor, the wine tasting room, the deli-style area for appetizers, and the staff. It's all good. Excellent for a business dinner or a special meal with your special other half. It's expensive, but worth every paise. I want to try the Sunday brunch here at some point. It's double the usual cost (around Rs 4,500) but comes with unlimited champagne, as opposed to Sula Brut like at most other brunches.


bull bull s**t

so i take the wife out for the 1st anniversary. She isn't into French and since we had plans for Indigo later this month the only place i hadn't been to which was swanky enough was Vetro.

so we get there and the place comes out of the new york chic kit(plenty of marble, white walls version) however i think the coloured glass is retarded looking.

we were seated for a minute and asked to go in for a wine tasting but before we could onwards, to the table.

the service is fairly friendly but pretty slow. not impressed as to how long they take, especially considering it was Wed night and the place was full.

the menu has heavy use of black truffles which i personally find amazingly tasty. so we started with a bruschetta and a polenta and black truffle crostini. the bruschetta was below average and the polenta was downright bland (how the f*** do you make black truffles taste bland?)

next came the soup, minestrone fairly below par again, salvaged only by the liberal dose of pepper (and no, i dont equate Italian cuisine with tomato usage)
by the time i was wondering if the next two things would be a washout. Well, we got the recommended Ravioli with ricotta and Risotto with mushrooms and black truffle.

Well well, the ravioli was good, def up there but the risotto was top notch, out of this world. Complex yet subtle, the taste was many things in one. Wife thought it was the best Risotto ever.

The wine list was RETARDEDly priced. i cant tell you how man zeros were there next to the digits. I mean shit they probably just wanted to see how ridiculous they could be. (2400 a glass of Moet no mention of the vintage) i ended up having my usual Sula Shiraz and i bet i could get two bottles for what i paid for one glass.

The dessert was the Tiramisu with a blueberry sorbet. The tiramisu was not bad, acceptable (450 a piece, it better be) the sorbet was out of this world.

Overall, the ambiance is ok, the crowd mostly white, the service slow but friendly. The food, well the entrees were great, the soup and primi platter unacceptable (just like Corleone)

I am not a cheapskate by a long shot. But it is absolutely no value for money when it comes to the food they serve. A place like Indigo costs just as much and the food is not only good, its fairly inventive and has some effort put into it.

Damage for 2 with a glass of wine and an ice tea 3900.