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> > > > Vie Lounge And Deck

Vie Lounge And Deck

Santacruz WestWestern Suburbs  


60 Reviews / 60 Ratings

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Vie Lounge And Deck Reviews

Best Lounges along the beach

Had been here long time back and totally loved it. Always wanted to check this place and when we went there, totally loved it. Bit expensive but the food and drinks were really good.



awesome new years eve

had been here for the new years party

couple entry for new year was 5000

food 5/5
ambience 5/5
crowd 5/5
booze 5/5

since it is a beach side lounge its the most romantic place for a date

the dj knows how to set you in a party mood also how to keep the mood going on...

drinks wer unlimited for new years eve so worth spending 5000

starters had a gr8 variety and wer tasty as well.

over all the best experience for new year




if u want to enjoy the sundown with a chilled beer do visit this place it seem lyk a beach side shack ntng less then a goan experience n they have best ambience in town open to sky plz visit here




A nice cosy place far away from the honking horns of the city for spending time with your special person VIE is my favourite. Have visited twice first time for a friend's friends farewell going off abroad, and then being imporessed with the ambience n service bought along my special person for a date. Was a romantic date. We enjoyd a nice Italian Dish and drinks. By the way an indoor sitting too is provided at VIE Signed off with a choco dessert! A must visit place!


Monil Shah - Burrp User

Monil Shah

20 Reviews

December 31,2012


best lounge

If u have never experinced sundown party go n check dis place with the beach on one side u will get the goa experince by just seating in mumbai



The Only Thing Nice is the View

Went here for dinner on the 13th of December and the only thing nice here is the view and the beach side ambiance. However for the price they charge, the food / portions is far below average. At a fine dine place like Vie you would not expect large portions, but the quality of the food is horrendous. The service staff are also so slow, the place was not crowded when we went but there were no stewards to re fill our drinks or take our order we had to look out for them, waive our hands to get their attention. Again for a place that charges on 500 bucks a dish + taxes the least you expect is better service and yes much better quality food. The service and food quality really negates the good ambiance they have...and its a sad thing. If I go back, it will only be to have a couple of drinks and then push off to some better place for dinner. I would not advise any one to go and even have a starter...its all bad.


nadica1 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 26,2012


Only nice thing is the view

Been to Vie for a Sunday Brunch with friends and family. The place is nice, outdoor, view of the sea. The menu was quite poor and the quality of the food bad. Thai green curry cooked with cooking cream is unheard of! Or fish covered with strawberry jam and served with french fries and ketchup??
I mean come on! Better stick to indian food if that is what your cook knows...
We had all inclusive alcohol menu, must be noted that alcohol is ONLy local. However we were additionally charged for the bottled water. That is so very low!
If you want to go because you like to stay outdoors better bring food from home.
Absolutely not recommendable.



Terrible Experience!

I visited the restaurant on 9th November, and was appalled with the experience! We had asked for a table by the sea. Since the weather was a little hot, we requested that the cooler be switched on. After repeated requests, 1 out of 2 was switched on for us. The place had no provision for mosquito repellents and we had to endure them for a good 15 minutes before we were provided a mosquito coil under the table. Halfway through the starter, we spotted a rat close to our table. The manager came out and pacified us saying the rat couldn’t have been inside the restaurant and we must have seen one on the other side of the glass dividers. When I insisted that I saw it, he shrugged and left! Giving the place the benefit of the doubt since it was open air we decided to stay back to finish the dinner. When the main course was served after a few minutes, a cockroach went crawling across the table and then flew over the food. That was the last straw!! We got up to leave and were amazed when we were handed over the bill for this disastrous experience! I paid it at that time wanting to just get out of the place, worried about personal hygiene more than anything else at that point. I was disgusted when I was asked to pay the entire bill including for the cockroach-infested pasta! The waiter went on to apologise making excuses about how this was because it was an open air restaurant. The manager however just took the bill payment without a word!

I am thoroughly disappointed with both my experience and the terrible attitude of the staff. All I can take away from the night are memories of various types of pests – mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches! The fact that I got a banal apology and was asked to pay the whole bill makes me think that this is a regular practice at this place. I have half a mind to write to the FDA to ensure that a restaurant that is unable to maintain basic hygiene and is a potential hazard to its customers’ health, is not allowed to continue!


mixed feelings

Be it our stupidity or our ill fate that we went to Vie lounge after receiving some good reviews in here to celebrate my birthday which happens to be in july, so the rains were in full fury when we reached. the deck area happens to be open which was covered with plastic sheets to keep the rains off, not a good sight. we seated ourselves far from the edge of the deck of this empty pub. while we were deciding upon our order, water started leaking from the top, so we were escorted to a new place. luckily d place was dry. we had couple of drinks from thr overpriced bar menu, ordered a starter followed by veg lasagna...that was it.. all the disappointment melted with the fresh cheese touching our of the best lasagna i had, then we walked to the almost empty bar next to the dance floor which had couple of sloshed guys tapping to the outdated punjabi numbers the DJ played, we settled for some fruit shooters which was very good, then ordered a cake at midnight, which was pathetic as well as over priced, more or less didnt have ball, but somehow the food made up to it. our bill for 2 pax came up to 6.5K.
I guess the place would have some life on weekends when the weather is dry.


shikha - Burrp User


4 Reviews

March 20,2012


Very poor & disappointing

Had visited on 8th march for a friends birthday party.Hardly any occupancy as it was a weekday+Holi, but still the staff did not bother to give us proper attention.We had to keep calling them again & again.Had to get up & get ourselves cutlery from next empty table. Food was OK. but service very disappointing.Really wonder what would the situation over weekends.



Impressive Party Place

Vie lounge is the place where I take all my out of town guests to impress them. Good food, perfect ambience and a great crowd. Visited them a lot since moved to Mumbai and will continue to do so.


Saurav  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

March 04,2012



Had a super party there on New Years' eve. Great view, great atmosphere, great food.


kj1234 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 01,2012


lovely experience

We had a lovely evening there. The staff was quite attentive and informative. Being veg. we went by attendant's choice - pita bread, mushroom pasta, sandwich/panini and molten choclate dessert. We were offered complimentary breads which were fresh n delicious. Seaview location, not noisy.
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Go for the ambience and drinks..Food's average

1. They need to be consistent with their communication to customers. I was told, while making a dinner reservation that there would be a cover charge of 1500. But we weren't charged (which we didn't mind :P) 2. The staff obliged when we asked for better seating 3. Service is very slow and the attendants are mostly just killing time staring into space 4. Food is average-The spring rolls and chicken stroganoff were passable, chicken Berber was nice 5. Drinks are expensive but worth it. I won't forget their French Martinis for a long time ;) Dinner for two-expect a damage of approx INR 3500. May go back just for a drink and enjoy the breeze


So Jar - Burrp User

So Jar

1 Reviews

November 27,2011


Most Awful Sunday Brunch

Dont Go there for food!!
I never wrote any review before this, but after having our sunday brunch, I could not resist but to let my frustration out.
Food is very bad, There is no variety and they are charging 1000 bucks for Brunch... for what.??? I was surprised to see that there are just 4-5 items in the buffet menu, with a huge rush of some party, placement of the buffet was such that anyone who is getting a drink should drop it on the food. Half of the items served are cold. And when I asked waiter that 'Aap daal serve nahin karte in Buffet' he replied that we are a continental restaurant. And So the list of continental delicacies are ' Veg Korma' , Veg Hydrabadi, Veg Palao, Goan Curry. This what they were serving in the buffet. and now I am having awful feeling in my stomach.. Dont know what kind of oil they have used in cooking.
Food apart. Service is such that, I have to put dirty plates on an empty table as no one was coming to clear the table, there was no one to serve water,
Nothing as far as food brunch or service, menu etc goes convinced me that I was paying 1000 + Taxes for this kind of food and service.
I dont want to give it even one star here, but there is no option of giving no star. So giving it One here.

Dont know how this place is at night, would never go to this place if i am hungry!! Never Never Never... So disgusting it was!!


vedika214 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 24,2011


Good Ambience, OK food.

Sea facing seatings are amazing. Felt like perfect candle light dinner. Romantic ambience. Food is very OK. Very expensive drinks. Limted choice of food. Overall review wud be - jus 1 time visit. Neither too gud nor too bad. Jus an experience of new place.


leenamots25 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 19,2011


Pathetic service

i visited Vie yesterday for a Sunday brunch and this is not my first visit here. i think when they have private parties going on they shouldn't have the normal buffets as their staff as well as the chef is not capable of handling this. i must tell you that all the clients who had come for the brunch were upset and bringing it to the managers notice who wud very casually shrug his shoulders off and not even apologize. the irony starts that when i reserve the table on Friday i wasnt told that the outside section was closed on sunday as there was a party, so once i reach i was given the last table inside where there were too many flies and small insect kind flies irritating throughout. thereafter everything at the buffet was COLD i mean it and for the second service there wasnt any food and i waited for 10 mins to be refilled. for the starters i was told i will get the barbeque that was getting done outside in open air but when i go there i was told loudly that your buffet is only inside not here tht was so embarrassing then other waiter tells me relax i will serve you at your table. i waited for 25 minutes watching their chaos that my starters were going to all other tables but mine. Please guys just completely avoidable if you dont want your sunday to be ruined like mine.


Disastrous Encounter

1. I dont know if this is because I had Snapdeal vouchers for the Sunday brunch buffet. I called up at 11:30 AM and booked a table. On arriving, there were no seats left outside facing the sea, we were fine with that except for the fact that it took them 35 minutes to give us a poor seat after a million requests. Vie was absolutely fine with making the guests wait for more in the sofa area of brunch buffet.

2. Food was almost over and cold at 1:30 PM whereas the buffet is supposed to be till 3:30 PM. There was no refilling done, no heating up.

3. Water dripping from the AC- landing on your brunch plate- wow! Thats the place you get after waiting for 35 minutes.

4. 2nd shift to the last table inside after an hour- houseflies on the table and the mango tart.

5. Toilets are in a pathetic condition.

6. No spoons available for the dessert section- had it with a knife after running behind a few waiters and the manager without any luck.

7. Food is so average- the only thing I liked was what was not cooked- may be the lettuce leaves on the salad.

It was not just us- but a lot of guests were completely pissed off with the entire set up. Date of visit : 18th September, 2011 Never coming back again.




Amazing food, romantic location and ambience. Was there on a sat nite and had a very very good time. Good crowd. And especially Awesome music and a very good DJ playing nice tracks. Danced almost for 4 hrs and enjoyed it a lot. Thank you and please follow the same.


very poor staff and customer service

these guys have everything to make it a spectacular experience - one of Mumbai's best locations, the beach, the breeze, good drinks and some decent food. But they've got to hire a better staff to provide anywhere close to a good experience as things stand today.

We went there Sat night around 11pm in a group of 6 people. It was not a really crowded night, but the staff kept shuttling us from seat to seat - first we have a table; then we don't; then we are asked to sit inside (on a stupid dining table setup where we didn't want to sit); then we are asked to go back outside; then we are asked to guarantee spend of 15k for the table; then we are asked 25k...of course all of these by different people - the freaking right hand not knowing what the left hand is up to. And all this when there are tables empty, both inside as well as outside, and also after we had been told when we called in that we will get a table without any problem.

We had already paid the cover, so sat by the bar got a couple of quick drinks and some finger snacks and got out of there when our cover was done.

To top off the bad experience, there was a photographer there taking pictures and we got some group pictures taken and ordered the soft copy. Were promised the email being sent on Sat night itself, and today Monday afternoon and there is still no email. Have to call sometime today and follow up!!

Wake up Vie - you have a good thing going, but it will go down the gutter if you are not careful with the customer experiences you provide.


July 17, 2011response from management at Vie Lounge And Deck:

Dear Sotom,
thank you for sharing your experience, your feedback is invaluable as it enables us to address the issues that matter most - customer satisfaction.
We will be looking into the matter and correcting systematic inefficiencies as necessary.
Have you received the pictures in soft copy in the meantime?
please feel free to contact me on 9004687636 if there is anything else I can do for you.
Sincerely Yours

Ben Fischer

October 18, 2011response from management at Vie Lounge And Deck:

Thanks for the response. I'm late in replying, but yes I did receive the pictures. We've not been to the Vie after this, but will make our way there again and look forward to a good experience. Thanks.


Amazing food and ambience

It was my first year engagement anniversary and planned the visit to VDL. The place is nice cool facing the beach. The waiters are on their toes. The food is excellent. Tried the veg platter and could actually taste the tandoor flavors - awesome i must admit.
An addition to the visit was India/ Australia quarter final match. These guys had put a large screen and any four or six was applauded by nashik dhol.
All and all a very good experience. Thank you to the management and the team. Good work keep it up.


Pleasant place for a chilled out evening!!!

I went here for my Birhday drinks with my friend, was really overwhlmed by the ambiance which is easy going copuled with the sea view which adds on the romantic factor. I was seated on the table by the beach{found it a bitt uncomfortable though}was nice and spaceious, but Later moved to the bar stools by the bar , which offers a lovely view of the main Bar also beach and the world going by there. The Drinks and the food quality is poor AND I REALLY MEAN POOR, we had 4 drinks which included Mojito,long island Ice tea{ Tasted like coke and only coke, Margatita{worst I have ever had tasted only water} Peroni{ was the best as was bottled.Also Had vietnamese rice spring roll{ not at all good} , Garlic bread{ Again a big dissappointment}. ended up paying rs 2900 for four drinks and two nibbling snacks. All I can suggest is a bottled beer {AVOID HARD DRINKS THEY ALL ARE DILUTED},and couple of nibbling snacks for a good romantic evening. Will come back on a weekend.!!!


review_guy - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 26,2011


Nice sea facing place. Ok food.

We often have our office parties at Vie Lounge. It is quite a nice place with good ambiance - sea deck is particularly good.

The place has a good bar with some decent bartenders. The food though is just ok. The starters are quite ordinary (both veg and non-veg). Main course is better. In all, go there for the ambiance and the booze.



by the sea

good view.. serves Mediterranean & italian food.. they host a
good sunday brunch too.. serves alcohol.. there's music & and a dance floor also.. nice place for a good evening if u can afford it.


niravmk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 06,2010



I made a reservation on Sat for Sun brunch, called on Sun to inform them that i will be late and when i reach there, they tell me they have a private party!!!! they do not have the commonsense to inform me about a private party. and at the entrance itself the person was talking as if it was our mistake.
have not seen any place so unorganised and having such crude staff. like they say advance planning can be a waste with such places!!



Fantastic Sunday Evening!!

A gr8 evening at Vie Lounge!!!!!

I called them up in the afternoon and booked a sea side table for two!!! The lady confirmed the booking at 6 pm.

Reached by 6.15 and a staff escorted us to our table!!! Fantastic sea view. Got to witness beautiful sunset with gr8 music in the background. Going by the location of the place, interiors and good service, i found the place to be decently priced.

A pint of Foster or KingFisher is 200 bucks.

Ordered a pint of foster's and a Vie Punch juice (Mix of few fruits and vanilla ice-cream). Followed by a Vie Recommended slightly spicy chicken pasta. Pasta was good. Good quantity accompanied by 3-4 varieties of bread and butter.

Total cost for pint of beer + Vie Punch Juice + Vie recommended Chicken Pasta with taxes = 1083.

At night they have beautiful lights. The floor is lit and open air seating outside ensures enough breeze from the vast Arabian sea!! Perfect date location. Staff friendly and polite.


mystique  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 13,2010


just abt average

i am a regular at vie, just cuz there are not enough decent places with a good view and food... the service is impeccable, food is good too what kills the experience is the music.. the so called dj has absolutely no music sense he was playing roxette's it must have been love for a wedding reception! when confronted on the same he lashed out and cursed... i hope vie mgmt does something abt it




I had been to vie lounge on sunday afternoon for it was i thought its perfect to njoy the sea view n have good italian food..we were sitting in open area..
Ambience - It was really awesome...gr8 sea view..with the breeze coming..but no rain drops..n proper seats

Food - Since we were only 2 of us n both being VEG..we called for a red n white mix sauce pasta n a Risotto...
we got a complimentary bread basket with our order, which had ard 5-6 different kinda breads..quantity of pasta was little less..but it was really yum..we did expect dem to add broccoli n other vegetables on it..but tht wasnt der..still it tasted really good..Risotto was really nice..its called Vie Rissotto n quantity was really good..much more than other places i have been..

Price - pasta n risotto + taxes came to ard 970 Rs..

Over all Experience was really i `m a big italian fan..n i think their food was really good n sea view made it even bettter .. :-)



Perfect for dates

vie has just the perfect location ... food is okey and music is real electronica and trance... its perfect for a date!



amazing sea view

Though the food is okay..nad highly priced , i think its gota amazing sea view...good place to hang out with friends....



Avoid..totally not worth it.

This place is really crappy!
lovely ambiance.but the disco music from the lounge area totally kills it..
the crowd is again very trashy!
food is decent, still cant get over the blaring music..
the crowd is very hooliganish. atleast in the weekend.
waiters are belted out some crap numbers which were played liek 5-7 yrs back. they were so outdated.
go there only if u want to enjoy the sea view otherwise seriously AVOID!.



Very expensive for a casual visit.
They wont let u occupy any couch if you did not make an appointment. They would rather keep it empty but wont let you sit there.


copper - Burrp User


3 Reviews

April 26,2010


Confused place...

Vie arguably has one the best ambience in its class. But then which place would want to have candle-lit dinner tables with blaring music from the disc...
Maybe thats also cool with me, but then at the entrance they make you feel like a sinner and for goodness' sake stop having"private parties" there... that's what sidey places do...

My rating: Deck 4/5
Disc: 3/5


meh. (brunch)

I was really excited about going to Sunday Brunch at Vie Lounge, which was recommended to me by so many people!

Unfortunately, it was lame. I'll keep it short:

Totally inappropriate music: I love me some gangsta rap as much as the next girl, but not at brunch with my mother in law. Also it wasn't so much Gangsta Rap as, crunk music or something. Song lyrics ranged from "Girls rub your titties" to "Lick it lick it lick it lick it".

Way too loud: Music was way to loud for a hangover on a Sunday morning. They need to figure out that people at a Sunday brunch left the club on Saturday night.

No one in charge: It was like they dropped off three waiters and then drove away. Those poor fools had no idea what was going on.

Retarded Buffet: Chinese for Rs 800? Really?

Nice bathrooms - but they dilute the handsoap, which is always a sign to me of a place that doesn't actually care about their customers.

They've got such a great place, location, decor, and hype - Vie Lounge is really missing an opportunity to be a great Sunday Brunch destination.

Fire the DJ, get a floor manager and review that Brunch Menu, and I'll be back!


ssam72 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 04,2010


rude, obnoxious!!!!!

worst customer etiquette ever...even at the entrance!!!! it put us off totally!!! 3 of us girls visited on a sat night and were asked for a huge 'stag cover' and subject to extreme rudeness! of course, the place wasn't even buzzing...only the bad attitude was!!!
we refused to enter and probably won't ever either!!!


Pretty but so evidently not SoBo!

One step inside this place and you know you are in tinsel-town area, far away from Sobo. But a very very pretty place on Juhu beach. Decent drinks...average appetizers. Go if you can handle the crowd :)



Nice place with few quirks

Been to this place on a sunday nite, the crowd was lite and easy. Go for the experience of nice place to hang out other than that not much is impressive. The food was alright, wines a bit pricey as usual, the music a bit old which is fine but why do they have to play it soooooo freaking loud, can't they keep it smooth just messes up the romantic mood. And ofcourse once in a while the thundering noise of the flights passing by. If you are lucky you might bump into a celebrity..

4 for location/place and 3 for the rest



Nice place to party!

Been to this place sometime back and was lucky to be part of a special guests group so this review may be a bit biased. The place is set at a great location - growing up in Juhu - any place near the beach has a special place in my heart!
The crowd was good and I liked the lounge atmosphere here. DJ was spinning good music and drinks were great too!


Pretty Cool Place!

I love the interiors, well, I've been there a long time back (don't know if it's changed now) but the music was quite cool, fun and up-beat. Made me wanna shake a leg here and there! The crowd's pretty nice and well-behaved too. Decent.


mokshenator - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 29,2009


A lovely blend of a lounge and a disc

Vie is an awesome place to be at in the suburbs. The magnet of this place is the lovely sea side lounge. The drinks are bit expensive but the food is worth the price. Its Lip Smacking!!! The cover charges are a touch too high for stags (1500) but for couples its great (1000)!! Thumbs UP to the place...I am definitely going back!! One star less for the DJ..keeps playing the same song frequently..


Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

39 Reviews

November 05,2009


A tad disappointing

The problem with high hopes and praise, hehe. Vie was not a bad experience but nothing to remember either - strictly ok.
We had gone there for dinner and we really couldn't enjoy the view - we could see it only when a airplane was making an approach landing and the noise took it all away. As the airport is very nearby, this happens a lot!
The crowd, which one normally expects to be a fairly young, hip, Wednesday-night-lounge-kind was absent. Instead the seats were filled with office-dinner and office-team-meeting/boozing kind of crowd. The latters' loud half-sozzled boisterousness was a damper for us.
I found the drinks, though good, overpriced. Even the beer and non-alcoholic drinks are very expensive. The starters that we ordered - mushrooms stuffed with cheese and crostini - were strictly average. Decided to cut our losses then and head out for main course.
The service - well we had to point out that the glass in which the beer was served was dirty with what looked like dried curd stuck to the outside of the glass. The server proceeded to wipe it off in front of us and when it started flaking off, he offered to change the glass. The service for the rest of the evening was very good - discreet and non-hovering though always watchful.
I think the main draw of the place is the ambiance and the view more than anything else. Maybe a lunch or brunch would be a better time to enjoy the view - will do that next time.


Where else can one enjoy the juhu beach??

Vie Lounge has been a preferred place whenever I have wanted to go out and have drinks and dinner with friends at a quite place..

It has a beautiful location right on juhu beach and is an excellent place to throw a party for about 100 people (ofcourse budget has to be high)...

Very romantic too for couples.. one should not expect to have a very lavish dinner (limited menu for vegetarians)... but really nice place for drinks and starters (although it is a little pricey)..

Best time to go - at sunset...beautiful view.... mumbai couldnt be better....


Good Food, Location & Drinks

Hi All,

Excellent place for partying... Superb Italian starters.. If u r a real Beer snob thn chk out this place u ll av varieties of beer along with different varieties of Tequila... u can really av fun siiting outside & feel the currents of the Ocean.. Moreover at Mid-Night the Disc really rocks...
Things are well priced !!! total damage = 2.5 to 3k per head inclusive of food n drinks..


Sea, drinks, food, Music ! Voila !

Hey Burrpers !

It takes just more than business sense to convert a sea facing bungalow into a fab lounge ! Its probably the best located lounge in the suburbs, with good music, fab drinks and yummy food....

The place has an excellent wine list and elaborate food menu ! The cocktails are very well made with the right mix of spirits and juices, the salads are fresh and the Italian food delicious to the core ! I forget the name of the fab cocktail with pomegranate juice we tried...

We were seated right at a candle lit table on the sea facing deck and simply said it was one of the most romantic evenings I spent with my fiance` :) We later shifted inside to the lounge and had a great time enjoyin the music they played there....

With good service the place is quite expensive where with a couple of drinks, salad and food, the tab was around Rs 2300 - Rs 2500 but worth every bit !

Dress smart, dab a sexy perfume and enjoy the experience at Vie !

Bon Appetite`

P.S: Call up and make reservations before you go ! Wouldn't be nice if you are quoted an unaffordable steep price as cover / for the table in case you are with your partner ;)



i went there with high expectations after reading all the reviews, but it was quite disappointing.

I'll start right at the beginning. When i was making a reservation i was told that if i wanted the couch then the minimum bill should be 30,000, so i reserved another table. But when i went there, a group of 3 foreigners came there and they were directed to the couch even though there were lots of empty tables. And just out of curiosity i saw what they ordered, and they didnt order more than 3 beers and 2 starters and i bet their bill must not have been more than 1500 ... and that too after stretching it ... That disgusted me and i decided to never go to that place again. Its like being subject to racism in my own country ...

Moving on .... The food was good and so were the mocktails, but they definitely didnt justify the bill amount, which was 1680 for 2 people for 1 starter, 2 mocktails and 2 main course, but that wasnt a big deal.

The only thing good about this place is the ambience, and one of the waiters. I wanted to order a cake to celebrate an occasion ... a vegetarian one ... and this one waiter there - i dont remember his name - took great pains to see that i get a vegetarian cake ...coz they usually bake cakes with egg in them, and they had to bake a separate one for me ... so that was good, coz normally at other places waiters dont care enough. The reason i said "one of the waiters" is because we were feeding a cat who looked starved and was hiding under our table, and this other waiter came and scared her away, and that was completely stupid and unnecessary, and then he was laughing like a jackass. If they have a problem with cats why dont they make sure that there aren't any inside the restaurant in the first place.

All in all a disappointing experience ... it would have been ok and i would have definitely thought of going back had it not been for the racism bit.

Final ratings.
Food - 2.5 / 5
Ambience - 5 / 5
Music - 2.5 / 5
Service - 3 / 5 (I would have given them 1 instead of 3 had it not been for the helpful waiter there)


sunday brunch!!!!!

if i had a some more sundays i would head down to this place!!!the brunch is just totally awsome.....their spread is preety the pastas as usual.hats off to you guys you are my best place t rock!!!!!!



finally a romantic plc to be

ohh....whr shall i start with.....Juhu beach, nice cool winds, glass deck, good music and my date...

well first things first..if you thinking of goin there, plz call and make reservations and ask them to block the best table for does make a diffrence....

as for the clothes for girls...wear some nice dresses, sumthing in white or bright shades,,,,it really puts you into the moond...

the place is a little high..but i think dey r worth the ambience...

nice clean wash rooms...and confortable couches ....veggies would have a reason to smile..lot of things to choose from....

i recomend it strongly


Sea, sun and some food

Sunday brunch a friend and me decide to blow some money. 1500 bucks damages and well the ambience certainly made it worth it. We sat outside (warning: you need to book beforehand) but it was brilliant. We had a 4 hour meal here and they didn't throw us out. :)

Food was average to decent. Wine flowed like no tomorrow. Sea breeze and people gawking was quite fun. Would recommend for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Excellent food and drinks!

Vie surprisingly has some amazing collection of food. The service is a little slow but courteous. The music too could be better. Overall a thumbs up for this place, great ambiance, food and drinks.


Overlooking view rocks but.....

If I can describe the value proposition for the place that no other place offers, it's the endless view into the Juhu Beach sea and on a windly day, the weather get's quite like a cruise.

2 things I'll advise people going there is firstly to check out if anyone has booked for a private party because then you get sidelined by the enormous guests who are making merry on free-bies, not a bad thing, but can avoid

Secondly do not sit inside, coz then it's like a normal boring resturant, in fact we changed places thrice and finally sat outside. The italian food esc the pastas is quite nice but the drinks are a little expensive. I would say a per head expense with a couple of drinks would be about 1.5-2k.Have also heard it's an awesome place for morning breakfast buffets on Sundays, but I am not the kinds to go at that hour!!


It rather just be one thing

I have been to Vie now twice in three weeks and each time as a stag, thank god for the guestlists!!
Anyways, both times I entered, I headed straight to the dance floor cause that is exactly what I was there for. I really liked the place for one thing: its right there overlooking Juhu Beach. The feeling that surrounds you while you stare at the pitch black ocean from the comfort of your seat cannot be compared. It is by far one of the best places to take a date or just hangout with your friends, I must say.
Just had a couple of drinks while I was there, Jack Daniels being my preferred poison. A small dance floor but that is acceptable if you look at the larger scheme of things. People wouldn't come here to just shake their booties but to sit, eat, relax, chill, de-stress and maybe then shake a leg or two.
Overall, not a bad place to chillout but then i rather go to a disc or a lounge not a place that wants to be both.


the place rocks

well.......recently visited vie lounge and deck for their sunday brunches....i must sy i was one of those people to walk into their place when they first started their brunches and what you see today is a big change.......i mean the spread is vast...they got alot to choose from(esp. for the veggie lovers)
i think it is resonabel and a very clear concept .
the ambience as usual looks even better for their sunday brunch with their cute umberellas and live counters overlooking the beach front.The sunday brunch i must say is like one occasion where you can come to the beach and have a treat while you over look the sea.........its like goa but in our very own mumbai!!!!!!!

vie stay the same ......ur all good


awesome pastas

The pasta here is worth trying......this place typically reminds me of Britos in Goa.....gr8 ambience...gr8 food....!!!


Un-fruitfully vie-ing for?

There are dogs, and then there are underdogs. Contrary to popular belief, some underdogs may never take off; irony of the fact being that the underdog by reference herein has nothing that should work to its disadvantage, yet it attracts this descriptive term for some inadequacy that cannot be pinpointed or traced to perfection.

Kudos to vie, firstly for the spectacular ambience overlooking the Juhu beach (cannot get better than this in the suburbs). A protruding platform out of the deck with glass walls with a small high-rise table and stools is clearly a winner sitting area. The praise buck abruptly stops here though.

They are by their own self admission muddled between ‘a lounge’ and ‘promoting the place as a swanky night club’. Their effort to achieve this transformation is by way of charging cover on Saturdays (haha....with no predefined terms or rates i.e. initially we were told Rs. 1500 per couple...which somehow escalated to Rs. 30000/- for a table on the deck....hiccupps galore).

Anyways, with prior reservations (not to mention the goof-up here), we were seated close to the railing overlooking the beach at high-tide on a Friday night. Drinks were ordered and promptly served (Whiskey sours with Angostura Bitters, lime juice and syrup – personal favourite, although was not potent – Rs. 350, juices and mocktails – Rs. 95-/- to Rs. 200/-).

Decently portioned starters included chicken satay (Rs. 250/- and a little blandish,), tequila tiger prawns (Rs. 800/-, 4 pieces, had a good cheesy and tangy sauce showered on it), mushrooms stuffed with cheese (Rs. 175/- for 6 numbers), and el mezzeh (hummus with mouttabal and khubus for Rs. 190/-). Served well before the stomachs started to rumble.

White garlic chicken (breasts of chicken with mashed potatoes), veg cannelloni, chicken stroganoff (in a red sauce!), escalopes of chicken breast served in a saffrony tangy sauce, crusted pieces of pomfret – each priced at Rs. 350/- went down well with all of us.

A sneak preview of the enclosed lounge showcased a bunch of stags swinging hips, bellies et al to bollywood numbers - lest we dared to enter!

In essence,
- just a casual place to catch up and drink - yes, most definitely yes;
- to 'especially' reserve in want of an 'exclusive' night out - not the way it should conjure up to be.


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January 15,2008


Cool place, good food

Went down there on Saturday night. Cool place, it looked good and had a great atmosphere. Surprisingly uncrowded for a Saturday night but maybe January is still off-season for socialising? Perhaps not a place for a romantic tete-à-tete since the take off flight path from the airport is directly overhead...but the food was great, and more than made up for the somewhat erratic drinks service we got initially. And did I mention the rather drinkable mohitos...



I have been to Vie Lounge about half a dozen times. At the most visible level, the outdoor deck overlooking the beachfront is clearly the calling card of Vie. The scotch is over priced and there is not much choice if u like to choose from more than 1 scotch on the bar menu. I typically stay away from wine at restaurants unless I can order by the bottle, since most places serve from the same open bottle for days and that makes the wine go flat. Restaurants do that in the hope that most people will not notice and it seems that they are probably right judging by how prevalant this practice is.

Food is good but then again you would expect that quality for the price you are paying.

All in all an enjoyable place if u dont mind buring a hole in your pocket for the luxury of sipping your drinks overlooking the garbage and eunuchs on Juhu beach.


One of the coolest looking bars in the world

I have been for the last 2 years and this place is all about scenery; it overlooks the sea and has a masive open area to catch the sea breezes. The drinks are ok and so is the food. But the cool decor and the fact that you're on the see make it a worthwhile visit and also the cool-looking clientele. Like people say its a place to chill out. one of my favourite bars in mumbai.



Perfect Spot for Girl's Night Out

My girls and I frequent this place at least once a month. Why? It has a chill crowd, decent mixed drinks, and good music. I do wish the dance floor was a bit bigger, but the sea-facing locality and view more than make up for this indoor/outdoor hybrid lounge.

Dress code is usually more on the upscale side, and while you may or may not bump into the occasional celebrity here, everyone does their best to look good. Never had dinner here, so this review is only for the nightclub/lounge portion of the evening. The place doesn't rock too late (2AM max), but just go to Enigma in the JW afterwards for some after-hours partying.


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August 17,2006


Just chill

Have been there during the week, it is a wonderful place, the breeze of the sea, very very nice but quite empty. A couple would hv a great atmosphere for dinner or a huge group to hv drinks as music inside is quite good.



Cool, breezy, time

Vie is a very cool place - literally. Right on the water, this hybrid outdoor/indoor restaurant turns into a scene at night on the weekends. The bar, located in the outdoor portion, could do a better job of service and serving higher quality alcohol. The dance floor inside is always packed, but there is always a corner for you to shake what your momma' gave you. Music is typically hip hop, top 40 and bollywood.