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> > > West View - The Grill Room

West View - The Grill Room


  • 28303030
  • Sahar, ITC Maratha , Sahar Airport Road, Andheri East, Mumbai
  • International
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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West View - The Grill Room Reviews



Having heard rave reviews abt West View in Delhi, me and my husband decided to dine out one evening. Let me just say we bread toast at home would have been better,
First of all they dont have menus as they have a buffet. Thats cool. No Issue. They have something that describes "their concept". I would have preferred the one of the many lady to explain the concept. As thought appetizer and main course uncooked meat and veggies are on the buffet, the soups and desert you have to ask for.Throughout the night we saw other patrons equally confused. The appetizers were ok, some a bit salty others fine. Next for the soup course ,had to ask a server as none bothered checking if we wanted any. For the main course I picked a couple of veggies , lamb steak, lamb sausage and chicken. And i clearly mentioned make it medium. Well not only was everything cooked well with some parts burnt, the chef had piled everything together. So the juices and marinades were mixed up. It was not pleasant! Same thing happened to my husband, his seafood was coated in bitter orange marmalade from a stuffed chilli. For the desert , they brought out a plate with a menu printed on it. You can ask for any number. The deserts were so bleh.. The only passable item was vanilla icecream. Oh and we had asked for bottled water but since the servers kept changing we almost had someone come and pour regular water into our half filled glasses. Now come on guys , you are in ITC... Also due to the multiple servers we would be asked the same questions twice.
How can you be so bad ITC? For the price of 2500 per person I could have dined royally at Peshwari a few doors down.(thx god for the IITC card 50% off)..
Tsk Tsk .. food is bad... servers are not trained.. never will repeat such a costly mistake!



ITC you disappoint me

Will be very objective while writing this review..

Went there on friday , the idea was to have a romantic evening. Its a buffet at 1800 plus taxes per person... the ambience is good nothing outstanding but dimlit and cozy , all of two tables were occupied with a grand sum of 3 people when we got there at 9.

There is an all womens staff, but none of the warmth that good service merits... there were brisk and business like and no smiles...
cut to the food... you are guided to the salad bar which has about 6-8 non vegetarian and about 6 vegetarian items along with some dips and things... the italian salami salad and the chicken salad i liked, i skipped the veg and dint like any other salads too much, meanwhile we chose our meats for the grill

- the grill meat section had one chicken sausage, pork sausage, steak, lamb chops and minced chicken in banana leaf...

the fish section had tiger prawns, tuna and about 3-4 kinds of other fish

the veg section had random veggies, babycorn asparagus, some wrapped stuff, corn on the cob. i ignored this section

I tried the sausages, minced chicken and the prawns , this was served with mashed potatatoes and three types of sauces laid out on the table...

must say i was disappointed with the prawns which were grilled without salt or any spices , i had to dunk them in bbq sauce ... the chicken sausage and mashed potatoes were very good though.. chicken mince completely passable... my date tried the stone grill ( hot stone on the table , where you grill your meat) and some steak, asked for french fries which never came... he tried grilling my prawns on the stone ,dint help... i had about 3 prawns and the second time round asked them to make it a little spicy was informed that it was cooked in paprika sauce honestly it tasted the same...but atleast they were fresh and juicy....

coming to the dessert two words " let down"...... there is a choice of about 6 items , we shared the cocaonut pudding , mango sorbet and baked alaska, baked alaska was good , the cocoanut pudding was a small hard chocolate cake with sauce on top... was interrupted bang in the middle of our conversation by the restaurant manager who went on on and on about how much she loves dessert ... not taking a cue from our bored expressions... she insisted we tried the banoffee pie , banana and tofee ... one bite was enough to tell us we dint like it....

to summarize " for 1800 bucks , the choice is limited , no beverages are included, food is not cooked to choice , sad desserts and servers seemed pretty pissed. not recommended ......

mid way through our meal we were the only ones in the entire restaurant ... now we know why....
if you are a poor eater who doesnt like dessert and your planning to pop the question, you dont want to be crazy full or distracted by the food its the place for you....

two stars coz of the culinary card which got us a 50% discount...



Romantic & Satiating

A perfect place to take your partner. This is truly one of the few fine dining places that fits the bill.

Starting with the hostess - very helpful, attentive but not overbearing. The cold counter - wide variety even for the vegans. The grills - enough to keep your stomach happy. Dont miss the stone grill.

The tables are far apart, and great for privacy.

While it may be expensive, I feel it is worth it.

One problem - not open for kids below 11 years - maybe a good idea but sad for the epicurean kid


gauri.k - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 06,2009


Must Visit for Top Class Dining Experience!

Little did I know that my family and I were in for a surprise the minute we stepped into this dim lit cosy restaurant.

We were seating by an all women staff (gentlemen note ;)) to a comfortable seating. It was my mum's birthday and we took the liberty in ordering in a cake from ITC itself. Ill cover the cake review in the dessert section.

Soups: Has a choice of two -three soups.

Starters: Gorgeous spread! A buffet mind you. So come with an empty stomach (although a heavy wallet. :D )

Before you tuck in the starters, one of the lady waitresses asks you to choose your meat/vegetable for grill.
You can choose it to be well done or rarely done and also with a choice of a side dish from mashed potatoes or risotto.

So by the time you are done with your starters, the main course of your selection is delivered to your table.

Main Course: Grill mainly from Prawns to Paneer, From Corn on Cob to Chicken, and an assorted range of meats.
We experimented a lot. And the lady staff (including the chef) were ever so smiling :)

Dessert: After the sumptuous initial courses, the dessert is a-la-carte.
I don't remember the name of the dessert we chose but it had three courses in itself. (So salvage some space in your stomach)
One: Chocolate mousse. So creamy! Lip-smacking!
Two: A biscuit/ biscotti Filled with champagne! Yum!
Three: A sumptuous brownie. Done to perfection!

Finally the birthday cake: Black Forest
I confess, I have never eaten such a fresh, rich, creamy, smooth, chocolate-y, frosty cake EVER! I will eat my words, but NOBODY can beat their cake.

Price: Rs. 1800 per head. Eat all you want in starters and main course. Desserts included but Limited.
Alcohol as per menu, not included.

Worth It! :)


Amazing dining experience

Great ambience and WOW, even greater food !!! Huge array of meats, fish and surprise, surprise, vegetables. Plus prepared starters with salads and breads to go ... Havn't seen something like this anywhere else in Mumbai. All of it, all in one place. Extremely efficient lady staff who sort of took us under their charge and organised the evening in a marvellous manner. We picked our food raw and what came to the table was mouth wateringly delicious. I think, we (four of us - 2 couples) were excited about what we'd experienced well after the meal ended - which I promise you, doesnt happen anywhere.