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> > > > Wich Latte

Wich Latte

ColabaSouth Mumbai  

  • 65254827, 65265047
  • Shop No. 4, Ground Floor, Western Breeze Building, Colaba, Mumbai
  • American, Cakes, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 300

43 Reviews / 43 Ratings

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Wich Latte Reviews

mia12 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

September 06,2012


Colaba shop shut down???

This place is cosy, convenient and have seemed to have filled up their sandwiches a lot more than they used to. However, it was a rather unpleasant surprise to see the place at Colaba SHUT WITH THE HOARDING OFF!! Pray, can someone tell me as to whether this is just temporary for a renovation and paint job, or is it for good??? I would be heartbroken if it has shut down for good :(


Wich Latte

This is a hard to find cafe at Colaba, near Cusrow Baug. A thin entrance, leading to a kitchen area & counter top and a thin seating area spread over about 250 sq. ft. There aren't many seats here but it doesn't matter much as the place is usually not crowded.

We ordered for the Casadilla Sandwich and asked for them to mix in some Paneer Tikka and Feta Cheese (they let you make your own sandwiches, ofcourse). The reason we chose the Casadilla was that the ingredients mentioned made us feel we could expect it to be a little spicy, a little punchy and a tad refreshing. When the sandwich arrived, we loved it, well, almost instantly. The Paneer Tikka and Feta Cheese had melted in perfectly with the Casadilla, the wheat bread made us proud we're eating healthy and the onion-capsicum-jalapeno packed the perfect crunch for the early afternoon snack. A sandwich must often be judged in the manner in which it is made as well, and this one was made well. The bread was sliced evenly, the arrangement of the mix was good, it was easy to bite into & nothing spilled over - all in all, a really good sandwich.

Next, we tried the Curly Fries - well, these are something you must try out. Long, curly potato fries. Not over fried. Not too oily. Perfectly crisp. The quantity is just enough to satisfy you - makes you think they've taken a lesson or two on marginal utility of commodities.

We tried the strawberry milkshake and the lemon ice tea as well. The lemon ice tea was great. It had the right amount of citrus notes in a mild brew. The strawberry milkshake was something we weren't happy with - the strawberry essence was very artificial and overtly sweet.

Finally, we asked for an apple pie with ice-cream - the pie was good. The crust was crisp, yet not flaky. The apples done perfectly, a hint of cinnamon and totally fresh. It was good. However, the vanilla ice-cream was disappointing - totally artificial, the essence oozing out of the milk cream.

Our verdict : It's great place - the staff is friendly and the food is good. Give it a try, you might just love it. Oh, and one very important thing - the place is full of cockroaches. Three of them graced our table and seats while we were there.


Lovley little place.

After spending all morning shopping on Colaba my friend and I noticed this little door, actually we saw they accept Sodexho coupons so we decided to try the place since I have half a dozen booklets to finish we went in.

We ordered an Ice Tea and a chocolate truffle.
Ice Tea came quick and tasted good. The Dessert took quite a while to come and it was good but could have been better.
This is all acceptable considering the prices, its a nice place to take a brake.
Staff in nice and courteous.
Ambience is good and relaxed.
Nice music.

Overall a nice place.
Try it.



Yummy food at good rate...!!

The food here is delicious and priced at a very good rate. I had a humungous sandwich for 100 bucks and savory chocolate chip cookie for just 10 bucks! Yes! 10 Indian rupees! The sandwich was so filling and most importantly for me, the finicky person that I am, I quality of the meat was good. I know instantly when the quality of meat is cheap. So yea, this place is on the top of my list for the next few months!


Amazing PLace :)

Such an amazing place this! I just wait for my classes to get over and hang out with my boyfriend and friends here. We come here so regularly that even the waiters know us. The food is just too good and doesn’t hurt the pocket. But the apple crumble is to die for that cost just 70 bucks! Where else in Mumbai will you get an exotic dessert like an apple crumble for 70 bucks! So if you haven’t come here, give it a shot! This place won’t disappoint you!



Gives the SoBo feel..!

Nice ambience, good quality food, innovative offerings and quick service - is all what this place offers to match the SoBo feel! Pls do try Bagels and desserts - they are just amazing. Overall, a perfect dining place to complement SoBo fun!


Best sandwich ever tasted.!

A lovely evening after shopping in colaba street. Me and my friend stepped into this place. The moment we stepped in. I fell in love with it!! The aroma of bread and soup is mind blowing. And mouth watering too..

We ordered Chicken panini, lindsey, ice tea, tang and curly fries.. It was worth it!!

Food- 8/10,
Ambiance- 8/10,
Value for money- 9/10,
Service- 10/10

Would love to visit it again..!!


A Nice place..!!

After a nice evening of shopping with my girlfriends we headed to the new eatery Wich latte, the minute we stepped we were filled with the aroma of fresh bread and bright, young looking interiors with green, purple and white being the café’s colours. It’s a fun place and I love the fact that we can completely customize our sandwiches. A nice place to hang out in the evenings with close friends.


Amishi2490 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 13,2012


Soup in bread

I think this is one of the only restauarnts in town that serves soup is a bowl made of bread! So essentially you can have your bowl and eat it too! A great concept and a great place for a light soup and sandwich meal. I can never choose from the great variety of sandwiches that they have and always end up making my own.
A must try are the curly fries that they have to offer, they go so well with anything you eat there!


ritzz05 - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 02,2012


Bagels are to die for!

Small and petite.... chicken salad bagel is delicious.Other entrees are also innovative and delectable.
Good stuff!!


lizzie4 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 03,2012


Finally...a proper bagel joint in Mumbai

I've only just discovered Wich Latte, I’m completely addicted. The coffee is excellent -and at a really decent price. The menu is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch with a really imaginative selection of sandwiches, salads and fresh soups plus the option to completely customise your sandwich and plenty of veg options. The salads are delicous – the Greek has just the right balance of really tasty feta, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and olives and you can add chicken if you like. My friends raved about the spicy fries and chipotle hot dog. But the star of the show has to be the bread, and in particular the bagels, all made in the cafe’s own bakery. They have all sorts of healthy breakfast bagel options but the best is spread with delicious Nutella chocolate sauce. The Colaba branch is tiny but cosy and staff are friendly and efficient...I just wish there were more dotted around the city.



Sandwiches :D

Love their sandwiches. Love the fact that they'll change breads, fillings etc - complete customisation to the sandwiches is possible. Also, great soup (surprise surprise) and they serve it in a bread bowl! :D


October 23, 2011response from management at Wich Latte:

Thank you very much. We do hope to keep serving you again!!!

Wichy indeed!

Staying in Colaba I still hadn’t checked out this place! Hawww! Good thing I finally did; and here’s what I thought of it.

Food- Sandwiches and coffees. That’s what this place is all about and hence the name ‘Wich latte’. They also serve soups, salads, desserts, etc. My brother and I decided to go and check it out today and this is what we had: Paneer Tikka sandwich (Paneer tikka with onions, capsicum, lettuce and mint chilli coriander mayo in grilled multigrain bread). We also had the Michigan Spread sandwich (Mozzarella cheese, capsicum, tomatoes and veg parsley garlic dressing in grilled multi-grain bread). Both of us thought that the Paneer Tikka sandwich was way better but the Michigan Spread wasn’t bad either. I had wanted to try their Mexican bagel but unfortunately they had run out of bagel breads. Anyway, since both he and I had eaten a bit before coming, we decided to have a Blueberry Cheesecake as dessert. It was so-so. Could have been better (it was more like Blueberry mousse). But the sandwiches were very good nonetheless and would be great with a cup of coffee.

Ambience- Tucked away in Colaba Causeway, opposite Cusrow Baug, it’s a small eatery which is barely noticeable among the tons of shopping stalls lined up in a row. Once you step in, you’ll be filled with the aroma of fresh bread and bright, young looking interiors with green, purple and white being the café’s colours. I think it’s a fun place to be at for a nice evening snack with a close friend or even for a meeting.

Service- The service is decent but I just thought they should keep tissues at the table and get drinking water without you having to remind them to get it.

Prices- The prices are pretty reasonable. The paneer tikka sandwich was for Rs. 100, the Michigan Spread was for Rs. 140 and the Blueberry Cheesecake was for Rs. 55. The non-veg sandwiches are priced at Rs. 95 and upwards. The coffees are for Rs. 35 and up. Not bad at all. They accept Sodexo Meal Passes and that was a good thing cause that is what I used there to pay.

Verdict- I’m glad I went to Wich Latte. In case you’re thinking where to stop by for a quick bite, this is a great place to go to. I recommend!



October 28, 2011response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Roochster,

Thanks so much for your feedback and we hope you keep coming back for more!! :)

We are now starting breakfast bagels so do let us know what you think!

Great place to grab a bite!

Wich Latte has a very neighborhood-cozy cafe vibe which I absolutely adore.. The curly fries and the spicy fries are a must have.. They have a new revamped menu with a wide range of sandwiches, bagels etc.. I opted for a Salsa wich sandwich.. It was very lightly mayo-ed and the sauce was delicious.. Also I liked the spicy flavor of the jalapeno mixed in..For dessert, we opted for a chocolate mousse which was also quite yum..
They have good offers on in terms of their combos.. Along with a sandwich & a dessert, you get an iced tea free and with a salad & sandwich order, you get a dessert free :)
I spent 200 on a sandwich & dessert, with an iced tea free..Kudos to the good pricing..
Have also tried the outlet at Phoenix which is just as good :)


May 3, 2011response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Sal2meet, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and we hope to keep delighting you always!

Dont go here if you expect something good

Wich latte has a nice menu i shud say however the food when finally served is not very satisfying
The quantity is not enough, bread is often dry and the Bagels are not up to the mark
The people working there are however nice and courteous and the dessert is nice
It has a potential to better itself ...


February 7, 2011response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Trisha,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.
In order for us to serve you better would it be possible to provide us with the following:
1) Store location
2) Day of visit to cafe ( if possible)
3) What food item ordered
It would be greatly appreciated if you could email us back at & we will definitely get back to you & hope to bring you back to the cafe & give us another chance.


Wich latte Management

Expected More

So it was last sunday when i decided to pay a visit to wich latte after all the favorable reviews. Wanted to have some burgers but finally settled in for a pizza as they had no burgers. So we went for the four season pizza. We customized the pizza to add chicken & some toppings (only on one half of the pizza). Full marks to adhering to customers needs & being flexible. Well, the pizza which arrived was tasteless to say the least. I cant pinpoint what the exact flaw was. Yes, it was crispy. yes the toppings were done to my liking. But the pizza just wasnt upto the mark. If at all, it tasted bland despite me going overboard with chili flakes & oregano. Tasted somewhat like the pizzas we eat at home. All in all i must say i would still like to pay a visit coz there is something inviting about this cafe. Had a look at the bagels, they looked gr8. Probably have a go at them next time. Plz do something about your pizzas. They just not upto the mark. Perhaps a visit to trattoria would help


Jayashri  - Burrp User


158 Reviews

September 05,2010


Great Food! Definitely going back.....

I visited Wich Latte yesterday evening with a friend and I must say that all the negative stuff which I had heard about the service there doesn't exist anymore!! No delays, no slow service, no uninterested staff! Infact, we were given lot of suggestions on what we could order as it was our very first time.

About the food: It was wonderful…exactly as I had heard about it. I’m not the sort who is fond of having sandwiches at restaurants but the ones here simply blew me away! Glad I tried one of them - Cascadilla Crisp (which had a lingering mild taste) which had me take a decision then and there …of going back and trying the rest of them! The Curly fries were crispy and interesting to look at, nonetheless quite less in quantity. The Four Seasons pizza was nice as well.

By this time, I was quite stuffed with little place left in my tummy for the famed desserts. The Tiramisu displayed at the counters looked so very inviting! I’m definitely going back to try them as well as the bagels and sandwiches. Kudos guys!! Keep it up!


Cool Food Uncool service

I love Wich Latte, the food here really puts all the leading Cafes to shame. Deserts are drool generating (excuse my dinning manners). The ambiance is mostly cosy and relaxing. I used 'mostly' in last sentence because in my recent visit to the place, I guess the exhaust wasn't working. So, it felt the same way inside as it feels in your bedroom when your maid do a mirchi-tadka in kitchen with exhaust off. It wouldn't have been an issue, if I wasn't wearing contact lenses. Any burrper wearing one can understand my plight.

Anyway, I sat on my favorite corner seat and ordered my favorite drink Chocolate Surprise. Then I turned back to my friend to chat. We had a movie to catch an hour later at 8:30 at Metro. So we ordered a quick Mexican Bagel, Pasta and Garlic Bread. It tasted delicious when the waiter served to us in his own sweet time at 8:23 (without chocolate surprise! He forgot that!), no prize for guessing that I missed the movie. But, for a foodie like me, it was worth it! It was yummmm. And, so was the chocolate surprise when I finally got it from an unapologetic waiter.



Amazingly good ....out of this world coffee...never had a such a creamy and yummy coffee before...much better than what Taj serves in their coffee shop.It was raining outside and the coffee felt amazing,dont remember the name but their non veg sandwiches were superb.I think something called Tuscan.Though crokery used was a little worn out but that didnt matter the coffee and the sandwiches ruled out everything else.

And Yes like the other reviews say that the service is very slow...i would like to say that our order barely took anytime to come...5mins and our order was there...sandwiches came pipping hot and so did our coffee...


Good food, terrible service

I will rate Wich Latte in Colaba on two parameters : Food and Service.

The food's very good..the Tuscan Verde and Chicken Panini sandwiches in particular are favourites of mine. The curly fries with mustard are to die for and I believe I could make a meal out of just that....well, maybe 3 bowls full of it!

However; if I had to rate it by service, I'd give it 0 stars and heartily un-recommend it to anyone.
In restaurant service is slow and you almost have to get up and request the wait staff to deal with you. They seem more interested in hanging out at the cashier counter than in walking through the restaurant to see what people want. Figure in an hour long visit if you come here - most of which goes in waiting for wait staff to take your order, bring it to you and take the bill.

Home delivery is terrible too. Took over 2 hours to get one sandwich and fries from Colaba to Ballard Estate. I could have walked there, eaten and walked back in that time. Took over 5 calls to try and trace the sandwich each time I was told he was downstairs and about to come up. After 2 hours of this, I called and canceled my sandwich. They still had no idea where the delivery boy was!!!!

Terrible service all in all. Mars what could have been a great place to eat and hang out. Then again, if you really want a very tasty sandwich and are willing to spend some time, I'd totally recommend it on the strength of food alone.



I visit Wich Latte very often & its mainly for desserts. Its a small, very well done place. Tried the Hot Dog here & it tastes average! The desserts blow me away!
Tiramisu - tops the list! Simply superb. Its creamy & yummy & oh so fresh! Blueberry Cheesecake would be next. Chocolate Decadence (that's how its spelt?) & Chocolate Mousse is simply divine! Black Forest is a safe bet as well.
Their desserts are polished off very early. On one occasion I was going to dine some other place so I thought I'd take a 'take away' dessert. The guy in charge said he'd keep aside the last Tiramisu for me! He was kind enough to do so & on my return I had my fav. Tiramisu for dessert! The immediate response from the management is commendable! As another Burrper mentioned, for a tiny place they have a very well maintained wash-room! Post 9 pm you get a 25% discount on your desserts which is the cherry on the cake!
Speaking of cherry on the cake, there is something at Wich Latte that shatters the entire cake into bits & pieces - painfully "SLOW" service! (I hope you notice the emphasis on slow!)
From a run down Udipi restaurant to the plushest of restaurants, the practice of serving water to the customers on their arrival is default. Wich Latte seems to ignore such things. The server comes at his ease to take the order! I get it when it takes time to cook, garnish & then serve the food; but I simply fail to understand why does it take ages to serve dessert (on display in the refrigerator) which just needs to be put on a plate with a spoon?
The Cheque. Oh God! Its almost as if I'm begging the server to pay me money! More often than not I've walked directly to the counter & paid! They seem so oblivious to the customers; I wouldn't be surprised if a person eats & walks out of the restaurant unnoticed without paying the bill!! Either they're under-staffed of lazy-staffed! :D
In a country like ours, where unemployment is a major issue, hiring more servers would be - as the Hindi saying goes - 'Ek teer se do shikar'!
Inspite of all this why do I keep going back? There's just one word for that - DESSERTS!


July 1, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Nics.Fds,

Thank you so much for taking the time for your feedback, glad to know that you enjoy the desserts so much.
I do apologize for the lackadisical service, as you will have noticed, our service seems to be our achilles heel at the moment.
We have implemented a new training program that started this week, we should have the issues rectified regarding service.
Regarding your past experiences, would you be able to email us at with time and date details of your visit, so that such instances can b

July 1, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

I obviously don't remember the exact date & time of my visit! Although, the frequency of my visits is reasonably high. Let bygones be bygones & please try that future experiences of customers isn't spoiled by SLOW service! I shall visit soon & would then know how effective your new training program has been for customers. Good luck.

Ambitious Cafe

My fiancee got me here first. Been here a couple of times after that before I actually sat down to write about it. And as I sit to write I realise that there is actually a system of responding to the reviews. A thumbs up for some of the prompt responses by the Management.

Now the review. The place proudly displays the "Burper's Choice Award Certificate" on the wall. Need I say more? Yup, the place is good.

Wichlatte (Colaba) is a small cafe housing about 8 tables mostly accommodating only 2 people per table. The ambience will definitely make you draw parallels with Barista given the Orange Colour and the Uniform of the staff but that apart, everything else is original

The place opens shop at 8 and is open right until midnight. So you can make your way in at pretty much any time of the day. Most of the cafe is covered by the cooking area much like subway (You have counter displaying breads, toppings, Sauces). You can see chefs don their caps and work on those bagels and sausages in an attempt to dish out a variety of specialities. There is music playing in the background all through.

Also at the entrance, you'll be greeted by an all glass cabinet displaying the desserts available. From Tiramisu to Blue Berry Cheese Cake, it's d perfect way of enticing scores of people who walk down Colaba Causeway. You'll see people stop, stare at the desserts, twitch a minute or two and then make their way into the cafe.

Apart from the fixed menu, there is displayed in neon lights, the specialties of the day. There is a separate breakfast section which is mostly bagels and eggs (in various forms) but the same is available only till 11:30 a.m. Then there are the Bagel Wiches (Sandwich Bagels) which are available from 12:30 p.m. onwards.

This is what we ordered :

Cascadilla Crisp (A low fat veggie treat)

Curly fries (Recommended)

Hot Dog (This is a plain and simple Hot Dog: Bread, Sausage, some mayo and mustard sprayed on top) Rs.75

Cheese and Onion Hot Dog: This is a rip off. Except for adding 2 grams worth of fried onions on top its virtually d same as the regular hot dog and costs 15 bucks extra

Sergeant Bagel : A Bagel cut into 4 quarters topped with generous portions of mushroom, chicken sausage and cheddar. Costs 120 bucks and is pretty much worth the price

Although I did taste the undissolved sugar in the Iced Tea, it's nothing to complain about and is priced a modest Rs.50

There was also the Soup of the day. I don't remember which one it was but the way of serving is a novelty. There is a large cavity created in a giant bagel and the soup is served in a cup. You have to transfer the soup into the bowl made out of the bagel. Fancy! That reminds me, most of the food is served in SMALL cane baskets.

Ok now one very important thing. Despite the size of the cafe, the place has an extremely clean and well kept loo. You don't usually find a loo in a small place coz d management would rather put in 2 more tables than setup a wash room but yes there is loo and is well maintained. Full points for this one.

Then there is a small pinup board displaying the riddle of the week, feedback of the patrons, and some other random stuff. You see the thing with this place is despite the constraints of space, they've gone head on into making the place fun without as much as stuffing it.

The place accepts all cards, tickets and sodexho meal passes. The guys deliver in the nearby areas as I've also ordered from my office.

I will close this review wid saying that this ambitious little cafe is worth the money. And yes the baskets could get a little bigger to accommodate larger portions.


June 26, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Sushant,

Thank you for taking the time to write in your feedback; and thank you for the positive review!!

I'd like to start with the Cheese n Onion hot dog. The item is priced such because of the cost to us from the manufacturer, who makes the sausage especially for us, and is supposed to have melted cheese with the sausage. The fried onions are an automatic add on, and also available with the regular hot dog. If you were unable to get the taste of the cheese through the hot dog, then I will put in a word with our supplie

June 26, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Also Mr. Sushant, the next time you come by, I recommend you try the chicken panini and the mexican bagel and let me know what you think

Salad sandwich and desert

Been visiting this place since the time i saw it open ... n even though 'm pure non-veg i'd still swear by the veg caesar salad, sandwiches n pizza's not forgetting my all time fav bluberry cheesecake ... !!!
BUT mr. management, i would have to agree wid some of the other reviewers bout the service and quantity. And yes that would be specific to the colaba outlet, which could definately do with another hand or so.
Appart from that i think the options on bagels too could use some refinement ... maybe a do it yourself (with moderately priced toppings) option
all in all ... kudos to the great food


June 26, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Whackeyper,

Thank you for the great review!

We are implementing a new training method from next week, so hopefully all your service related queries will be handled and the service efficiency will also improve.

We are working on a do it yourself option in both the bagels and the sandwiches, will let you know once that comes around, and yes, we will try to keep it as moderate as possible.

Thank you again for your feedback,


Wich Latte Management

Exceptional food, exceptionally poor service..!!

I first visited Wich Latte with a friend and was bowled over by the food and prompt service.. however, Wich Latte proved that one can so easily botch up a very favourable first impression..!
Subsequent 3-4 visits were very forgettable with the quality of food not dipping but it was accentuated by painfully slow service.. twice it so happened that we had to wait for more than 20 minutes for the bill to arrive.. finally better sense prevailed and we went to the counter to pay the bill and had to wait only ten more minutes while the head waiter tried to soothe other harried customers..!! And once, we just kept on waiting with a glass of water for more than 15-20 minutes for the waiter to shower us with his divine presence..!!
Either you're grossly understaffed or I must be an extremely ill starred cretin who just tottered into Wich Latte on all the wrong days..!!


June 9, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear ayyappan_orion,
Thank you for your review.
I'm very sorry to hear about your experience regarding the service. I'm assuming that you have visited the colaba outlet; I was wondering if you would be agreeable to have a brief chat on your experience to add it into a new training program we are starting.
We are understaffed at the moment, as we have also just opened up a new branch at Fort, but that should in no way hamper operations at the other outlet.
If it would be ok with you, would we be able to exchange telephone numbers

Best Service at Best Place ' Wich Latte'

We had a wonderful experience at Wich Latte, one located in Colaba. The Manager of the restaurant, Mr. Mario Rodrigues was very pleasant and prompt. His suggestions on the selection of food was helpful. As suggested by Mr. Rodrigues, we ordered Tuscan Verda Sandwich along with Strawberry Banana Punch which was just amazing. Also, ordered for one portion of Curly Fries. The choices at the Restaurant are wonderful and it is JUST enough food and we even got to have a small dessert - Flourless Cake. Just relished the food that was served. The meal was also well prepared and the servings plentiful. We were just very impressed with our visit to your restaurant.

We have been going to other restaurants for years now and I must say this was one of the best times we have had in your restaurant.

We would like to send you a HUGE compliment to Mr. Mario Rodrigues, the manager of the restaurant. You have a valuable employee and we all hope you hang on to him!!! Thank you for having an employee who appreciates customers. I hope he climbs high within this organization. Give him a raise. We hope to have him again at future visits and will recommend you to everyone. Just wanted to say Thank You to Mr. Rodrigues. You dont find service like that very often and it was GREAT.

Noella Fernandes


June 9, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Hey Noella,
Thank you for your review. I have passed word on to Mario, he sends his regards to you as well.
Sorry for the late reply, I've been out of town for a bit.

For Wich Latte
Abedin Sham

Wich Latte has become stingy

After having a least 150 Greek salads on this place the last year and recommended it to tons of friends the place totally turned me down at my last visit in Bombay in March. When I pointed out to the staff that the Greek salad I just ordered hardly contained any feta at all (some three tiny pieces) the answered I got back was that I had to pay extra for the feta cheese. They seemed very surprised as I pointed out that they must have forgotten that the whole idea behind Greek salad is feta. The coffee was also not so good as it used to be. This place has become stingy.


March 29, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear olgaelsa,

Let me first start by saying thank you for being such a loyal customer to Wich Latte these past few months. I did get a chance to look into your order, and I do realize that we have had some issues with the FETA cheese in the greek salad. I have also noticed that the quantity given was not enough. However, due to rising dairy prices in Europe, cheese has become dearer and we have been trying to keep a tight watch on the Feta. I have asked the quantity to be increased.
I would like to invite you back for your usual G

bday party

We, a group of 8 recently visited this place for a birthday, cus of the recommendations of burrp. At the instant you enter, you are hit by the tiny size of the place. But seriously, dont let it get wrong to you! The place is absolutely fantastic. We had to sit with 3 tables combined, and hence we kind of occupied half of the place. This turned out to be a very personal experience!
We started with Greek and Caeser salads which were both good. Spicy fries and Curly fires. good, but quantity a bit less. Then we had 8 drinks...which were all cool. We loved the plastic glasses(if you are a lil wild, trust me, its good being not fragile). We also had the four seasons pizza and Vegie dewitt and Michigan sandwiches. All get thumbs up!. The afagato was great.!!! The chocolate pastry and blueberry cheesecake(MUST have) satisfied our sweet tooth. We got cookies, pulpy and a Tiramisu(which was brilliant), Complimentary!!! Those guys surely know how to assure customer satisfaction!
Another great thing that made our afternoon simply beautiful was the Music that was played. All our favorite English tracks....! The ambiance of the place was simply the best! We celebrated our friends birthday. and did completely atrocious things, which the manager didnt seem to mind!They were really cool people!the experience was Personal,sweet and memorable!
If you are in the place, its a must!!!
and suggestion-if you are going in a big group, get a reservation beforehand!!!


March 10, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Dear Suman,

Thank you for your wonderful review. It is all thanks to you that we are managing to run and creating a niche for ourselves.
The curly fries and spicy are cooked by a specific weight, the fries are pre measured before put into the fryer. The reason for this is to maintain standards across the boards.

I would also like to know if you would be interested in coming by for more of your and your friends birthdays, I would be glad to give you a discount, or if you'd prefer, give you a free half KILO cake of your choi

March 10, 2010response from management at Wich Latte:

Hey....Id also like to suggest, open a store in the suburbs. One fo the malls ..maybe the RCITY or OBEROI...or best, Hianandani!!! Im sure MANY will be delighted, as we all live in the suburbs!

Jo.Envoyage - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 11,2010


My idea of a Cafe

Great Iced tea and cookies. Best Greek salad available and the bagel ofcourse. All of this, that too well priced.

The only thing that holds this place behind that its kinda small but still a v. cozy place. One of v. few places that fits into my idea of a cafe.


burpaholic - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 08,2010



Been here thrice, but never had a bad experience as such. The coffee is a problem here, its mild. i prefer strong coffees. That said, the sandwiches here are really good, and the greek salad here is definately worth a try.This place is ANYDAY better than all the CCDs and Baristas put together.



Worst coffee ever....

The coffee they served me was the worst I ever had - totally devoid of any flavor. Sandwich was good, black forest pastry just okay but the coffee was horrible. Was a big let down considering the favorable reviews and "puts ccd to shame - burrp" hanging.


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December 27,2009


Coffee with Bagels...ummmmm!

Went to this place today with my wife. The ambiance is just right...the irish coffee is better than those wannabe CCDs and Baristas...I loved it. The apple crumble pie and the Turkey sandwich has to be tried! Service was prompt and friendly, all in all...a good place to hang out in Colaba...


Yummy Pizzas!

I loved the Chicken Chickonara Pizza here because it was flavourful, cheesy and completely lip-smacking! Also, it's the first place here in Mumbai where I had the privilege of having the Curly Fries! There was this really good chocolate pudding too (whose name evades me now), which was different because somehow it had a jelly-texture to it, yet cake-like in taste and it was served with choco sauce and vanilla ice cream! Not bad at all! I really liked the lanterns too. :) Another mention is that the smell just draws you in. However, I wish they'd make it a little bigger, as you'd have to wait for a table on a busy day and being on Colaba Causeway, you'd wanna be served right away after a long walk!


Greek salad

This is the only place in town with a Greek salad worth the name. Ask for some extra feta and it's perfect. Coffee is also fine. I keep coming back to this place..


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November 10,2009


best bagels in town

the bagels here are excellent, they have a decent variety , the menu is pretty big including pizza's , sandwiches etc, very good coffee, my fav here is the mexican and the jalapeno and cream cheese bagel, the food here is just slightly over priced but over all anything you order here is good


Best coffee so far

This place just happened to us while we were tired walking on Colaba Causeway saving ourselves under the I-will-snap-anytime-now-umbrella from pouring Gods.

The settings were just so right for a good hot Coffee and I must say that this is the place to be if you aren't exactly those wannabes and hangout at CCD or Barista and don't care to flash those confused Hook-em-horns sign from University of Texas, Austin. This place is good for two reasons: The very existence of this place is based on the fact that it makes really good coffee. 2nd, its on Colaba causeway.

Soupe of the day was roasted tomato soup and served in a bowl of bread (la Panera Bread style of the US fame) and I am not so fond of the hot soup in bread style.

I will go there again for coffee and I don't know how good they are with other stuff but I cannot care less. This place would still get a very biased 5 star.



gr8 addition to colaba

Loved the place from the moment I noticed the signage- name, atmosphere (cozy), menu, service.

Staff was very friendly and helpful. The sandwiches could do with a little more variety.

Nice place for a quick bite or an elongated meal. Very conviniently located.


Good food VFM

This place is a small cafe, their food is good value for money and yummy too.

Must Try : Soup of the Day, served in a glass along with a big Crusty Bread with a scooped out centre. Its fun to pour the soup into the bread and have it.



What Barista & CCD Can Only Dream Of...

Wich Latte puts Barista and CCD to shame. The coffee is better and made with much more care than you get at either of these two coffee shops. What really sets Wich Latte apart is the fact that they have really fantastic food and desserts to go along with their coffee.

My favorite menu items are the pizzas and veg sandwiches. I'm veg so I haven't tried the hot dogs or turkey sandwiches but I'm told they are the house specialties

Overall, a great neighborhood place for a good meal and coffee.


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January 28,2009


Wich Latte--teeny bakery with affordable food!

Wich Latte is a small place! Barely 6-7 tables occupy the entire space and its on the Colaba Causaeway opp. the Cusrow Baug building.
We went there expecting that the place would be more like a bakery and will have sandwiches on the menu. But thats not all. They serve sandwiches, pasta,desserts, pizzas and more.
We decided to try out the Penne Arabiatta with chicken and the Chickonaro pizza. The pasta is the same rate as the reataurants outside--130. But the pizza is amazing for two people ( four slices) for 120. Its larger than the Pizza Hut version of the small pizza and is very filling. The pizza is however thin crust and they dont have a thicker crust variant on their menu.
The desserts are way too good, but are more on the expensive side. The Chocolate mousse is delectable and is worth trying again and again (79)and the Dutch Truffle is okayish(89).
The total bill for two people with soft drinks was 678 inclusive of taxes. We felt that it was too expensive for a lunch.
However we were satisfied with the food. The service is excellent. and the ambience is bakeryish with very small tables and chairs.
Overall a must try atleast once.
Oh and yes..if your company gives you Sodexho meal passes, they accept those here!



Best Sandwiches in Mumbai !!

This place is a tiny cafe opposite Cusrow Baug on Colaba Causeway. Its the best bet if out shopping and you want some great light food real fast.

I am a regular here and visit it atleast once a week. Its also great to drop in, grab a mid-day and chill by yourself.

Have tried most of the items on the menu and here are my favs:

Greek Salad (add chicken extra)
Danby Sandwich ( the best one but it is light on the stomach) - Rs. 140
Chicken Verde Sandwich (substitute with the Multigrain bread) Rs. 140
Cappucino ( way better than barista, ccd, costa etc etc.)

the sandwiches are super and deli style and very reasonable. also recommend their chicken penne pasta with pesto sauce and must try one of their pizzas too. the desserts are to die for but being calorie conscious i do avoid them.i hope they come up with some low fat/ sugar free versions so one can indulge w/o guilt.

Love this place !!!


Definitely not a regular bread butter place!

At one end of Colaba Causeway, Wich Latte is so small that we actually walked passed it once despite having had the good luck to find a parking spot just 10 ' away, this tiny little sandwich shop is about the best thing to happen to Colaba.

Of course it is small and cute so naturally even when it has four people inside it looks crowded but I must say, for a variety of unusual sandwiches, this is the place to go to. Wich Latte serves up stuff that one can only dream of. Exotic sounding Cascadilla Crisp, and Renwick Reuben , fare so different from the standard sandwiches at clubs and even more standard sandwiches in school lunches.

California Turkey ( which we wanted to have but were advised to go for the better alternative "Danby" by the helpful waiter) was the reason why we made this trek to Colaba. But being women, we easily got side tracked and went for the waiter's recommendation instead - Danby. the sandwich was disappointingly small for two ( but of course good enough for one) and though we tried we could not find any Guacomole. However, the multi grain sandwich was toasted just right, with a generous amount of Turkey ham. Unlike most ham sandwiches, this one was easy to bite into without the fillings falling all over your fingers so at Rs. 140, it is not exactly cheap but worth the money.

Since we had more gossip to exchange we ordered a Margarita which was actually just right. The crust was thin enough, the cheese melted just right and all in all, great.

This was washed down with Peach tea, ( which my daughter said was just right), Ice tea ( regular which my friend claimed was too sweet) and cold coffee which I thought was good.

Wich Latte has an informal college kid kind of ambience but meant for real sandwich and salad connoisseurs. So the next time I feel like a more "heavy" light meal, I shall pop in for the salad, soup and sandwich even though I know this will make a slight dent in my wallet. Especially after I've spent a good hour or so bargain hunting on Colaba.


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January 14,2008


kick ass pizzas

went to this new place after some caoxing. was a little hesitant after normally being let down by the cheap quality of food offered by most cafes. went mainly for some coffee...
I asked for a cappucino, the owner was on hand and recommended a latte macchiato. hadn't had one yet so decided to try it. the presentation was great, with all three layers being visible, wife got with caramel, so thus four layers were visbile. the coffee was OUTSTANDING... just to delve a little further, we asked for his recommendation on the pizzas, as he assured it would be thin and crisp enough... once it came, it was thin, crisp, and divine... and I'm not too sure how you can call this place expensive when a pizza's only Rs 115. How is that expensive?and it's got fresh mozzarella.. I'd like to issue a challenge to anyone to find a pizza that tastes better at this price with the same ingredients... let me know...
we also, had the blueberry cheesecake and thought it was excellent, with the texture sweetness everything just right...
while leaving i heard one of the tables complimenting the steak sandwich which i'm definately going back for.
so for me, this is the place as long as they stay true to their it's the perfect value for money, even if the prices go up a bit..


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January 04,2008


New kid on the block

Saw this new place on Colaba Causeway called Wich Latte - looked good so went in.
The place is 2 weeks old, so its getting its act together...they serve salads, pizza, sandwiches, pasta and dessert .

Ordered some Blueberrry Cheese cake - which was a little sweet but the texture was divine. The base was a little thin but thats ok coz overall it was a nice light cheese cake.

Luckily the owner was at hand so we could share the feedback with him. He insisted that we sample his Chocolate mousse and challenged us to find fault with his Tiramisu, which is the house specialty.
We tried the chocolate mousse, which as nice and promised to visit again for the Tiramisu.

Overall Good, has a warm homely feel, with lots of potential - though slightly expensive for a cafe and will face stiff competition from neighbours like Churchill, Theobroma, Basilico and Barista Creme