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> > > > Woodland Retreat

Woodland Retreat

Thane WestThane  


8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Woodland Retreat Reviews







Two of the three members had lot of gas problem

We (Wife, Son - 3 years and mother-in-law) went to this pure veg restaurant in Thane (W).
We had fresh lime water, veg crispy and paneer tikka for starters. Both were nice. However, the paneer seemed a little hard, not as soft as it should have been.

Then we had Veg Kolhapuri, Missi Roti and Tandoori Rotis for dinner. Veg Kolhapuri was just as spicy as it should have been.

However, the next day, two of the three adults were suffering from lot of gas problem.







No improovment for even minor things

mukwas quality not improved for last so many years, beside requests made. How the managment is.


South Indian Delight

This restaurant offers you amazing food, whether South Indian or North Indian, Snacks or Main Course. The variety in South Indian fare is also large, a combination of the southern states except Kerala. And mistake not, their North Indian dishes are equally good.

So popular is this restaurant, that it is always fully occupied during the lunch time and also booked for small get-togethers.

In case you are in a snacking mood, try the Rasam Wada, Pesarattu Dosa, Rayal Seema Uttappa and Ullipai Dosa.

In the mood for a sumptuous proper lunch, try the Paneer Tikka and Veg Kolhapuri. If you want to indulge in South Indian Main course, try the Rice variants like Puliyogare [tangy & mild spicy rice], Lemon Rice [Sour / Tangy in taste, with a tempering of groundnuts and curry leaves], Bissi Belle Bhat [Spicy Rice & Dal with some veggies], Bhakla Bhat [Curd Rice with a topping of Pomegrantes, Fried Cashew Nuts & Raisins], Curd Rice [Plain with tempering], Palak Khichdi.

All Rice dishes are served with Appalam [Fried Papad made out of Rice]. We liked it so much that we consumed 16 Appalam among 5 persons apart the ones served with the Rice dishes.

Please try the Gulab Jamun and Pineapple Sheera [both served hot] after the Main Course.

It is a little on the expensive side vis-à-vis the Price but justified for the Quality..


Only for food

Go only for the food. Don't look for great ambience or impeccable service. Their focus is the events, so diners can feel neglected at times. Not on our list of Thane restaurants to visit often.

Not sure if it is related to the Woodlands, Juhu... which is a legend in itself.



fact and figures

coming to the subject, starting with food quality is good as per expectations, neither the less has got less space as far seats r concerned. overall it has got few points which every can go for it i.e food is good, service is decent, small space which never comes into play when going for food quality. thank u.



i got married here

we had the food from their restaurant for our wedding but the guests loved it all....great place, great service


Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

207 Reviews

November 02,2009


Not bad...

Woodland packages itself as a multi-cuisine restaurant. I landed up there for dinner with family (only coz we were in Thane and didnt see any other restuarnt nearby).
Honestly, it looked like a glorified version of an udipi restaurant. It wasnt very plush - just neat, clean and well-lit.
So we didnt have the courage to call for any punjabi / mughlai dish, we thought south indian wud be the best bet. but my silly sister (experimental as she is) called for roti-subzi.

The mysore masala dosa was yummy n crisp, the masala made of potatoes and grated coconut was excellent. The bisi-bele bhaat was a big disappointment...the one in my office canteen is actually yummier. lol...
The punbaji subzi, veg kadai i guess, was not bad. Full marks to the rotis - they were soft and hot. I'd give such a place 3 on 5 if it wasnt for the service. It was nearly closing time when we got there for dinner; despite that the service excelled. So there u have it... 4 on 5 :P



Great Veg food

Best place to go to in Thane if you are looking for some quality Veg food.
Fantastic Tandoori Paneer. The Paneer is some of the most tender you get anywhere. We were disappointed only once that we have ordered it.
The Dal Makhani is also very good.
Very decently priced, but not great ambience.