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> > > > XTC Lounge

XTC Lounge

Thane WestThane  

  • 02221730434, 02226725050, 02267106400
  • 101, Block 2, Emerald Plaza, 1st Floor, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane West, Thane
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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XTC Lounge Reviews

Horrible place!

We went to XTC on a Sunday evening.. and it was e-m-p-t-y. The music is sad, the seating extremely cramped and the food.. well, we never got to taste any. If you don't order drinks, which we didn't want to that night, you gotta order starters costing at least Rs. 700, otherwise you can't get any food. Umm..WHAT!?!?
Btw, they don't have any food other than starters. We just left the place. Spend Rs. 700 on starters? You must be kiddin!
Avoid this place at all costs.



Empty place !!

I went xtc last sat with one of my friend to check out the its in hiranandani i was expecting decent crowd & chicks...sadly when i enter around 10.00 it was totaly empty...after some time we left the place....dont knw why no crowd on sat....also its location is very much interior ... also from aoutside doesnt look decent place lots of dirt outside the entrnce....


Worth a visit!

Well i feel its a good place especially if ur in a group consisting of 10-15 people. There isnt much crowd on weekdays but on weekends the crowd usually consists of youngsters but some are willing to take a chance at the girls so take care if you have female company. Getting into a fight is likely here. But all in all its a good place to chill.