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> > > > Xtreme Sports Bar

Xtreme Sports Bar

FortSouth Mumbai  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Xtreme Sports Bar Reviews


Don't waste your time.

In all honesty, Xtreme sports bar is such a waste if you came to spend a (good) Saturday night in Mumbai. We came in at 11 pm, and like most late night events, anticipated the crowd to show up a little later. No one showed up for a good 45 minutes, and when people eventually did, there were no more than 25 people the entire night (which may or may not be inclusive of the security staff). Do yourself the favor and avoid this bar at the late wee hours. Mumbai is full of great fun at other places, but we were sorely disappointed at this place. Plus the drinks were awfully overcharged.


Wanna try spoiling your weekend?

Xtreme Sports Bar- Try calling it an Xtreme Lie Bar. Everything they promise you is BIG FAT lie. Starting from Bowling. The web page mentions bowling facility but doesn't mention that its in their Hyderabad's branch and not in Mumbai. They have pool table and fose ball table here, but sorry bro can't avail that facility after 7:30 pm. For one 1k cover charge you can have unlimited snacks and booze but they won't serve anything before11:45p.m. And, when you do get to eat there, there are just two veg and two non-veg snacks to pick from. Ditto for booze...serves everything except scotch!!! Its a sports bar but doesn't cater to Red Bull and if your girl wants to mix her vodka with juice, again you gotta go for a hike here. But hey, wait for the best part, even if you have booked your table three days in advance to watch the FIFA Cup finals, when the crowd start showing up at 11:30 they'll not-so-politely ask you to 'adjust' other people on your table!


A nice experience

Finally a Sports Bar in an area where you don't have to deal with middle aged sweaty men playing pool (yes Phoenix Mills, am talking to you). This location has been rather unlucky for previous tenants but they seem to have hit the jackpot here. The crowd is mostly sports fans and people working in the nearby financial district so its a good mix.

They have great happy hours where drinks are NOT watered down and they don't close happy hours half an hour before the scheduled time like a lot of other places. The HH is only on domestic liquor and beer though. The food's good - we had some chinese and Indian stuff. Seating comfortable and you're always facing a TV. It's the best of the Sports Bars (Phoenix, Colaba and Andheri - I haven't been to the Man U Cafe) Parking may be a bit of an issue, but the later you come the easier it is to find parking. The drinks are pretty strong so take the train instead - ESB is walking distance from both Churchgate (10 minutes) and CST (5 minutes).