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> > > > Yellow Tree Cafe

Yellow Tree Cafe

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 26487800, 65287800
  • 33, Ambedkar Road Junction, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Continental, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

41 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Yellow Tree Cafe Reviews


It's comfort food all the way. A perfect place to unwind with friends. Not too noisy, sit outside and watch the world drive by, and tuck into the fabulous salads in the afternoon, or a drink with some lasagne or risotto at night! Loved it. The ambience is great, waiters are friendly, and the menu's strongest point is their classic dishes as well as salads.



Bad service

This eatery in Pali Hill is not particularly known for great food but once in a while its just good for a change and just that.
I find the seating a little claustrophobic ... five tables cramped in a little place with really high walls and windows on top which have a height of may be 1ft.
The menu is not too elaborate and it seems like they dont really have a focus on what kind of cuisine they want to serve ... from Hungarian goulash to one or two risottos to some salads and nothing to talk about in desserts.
But eating here could still have been a nice experience if the service had been better. The seafood bisque we ordered took a long time to come and then the portion of lamb in the roast lamb looked like it was supposed to be a side. The six huge roast potatoes seemed to be the main of the dish.
Last but not the least as we left .... (we paid by credit card) ..... we got an alert from the bank saying that the card had been charged twice !!! And as if that was not enough to spoil the experience ... one of the valets just refused to move a car which he had got out for a customer, even though it was inconveniencing us. He insisted WE reverse the car since he was not going to move , though the person he was waiting for was nowhere on the scene. (I wish i could have the name of the valet !!)

Loads of attitude in this place but nothing good to remember....


Kunal Daga - Burrp User

Kunal Daga

1 Reviews

February 10,2013


Great one time visit!

Though I have given it a very confusing title, my point is that it is a good restaurant but the excessive yellow lighting might be a deterrent for return visit.

on the good side, our drinks were true (very few places are using alcohol in tire sense these days) while the food was refreshingly yummy. portion sizes could be made a little more generous though...

Staff was courteous yet not sugar coated while the gentry was classic Bandra.

Try any sangria, lemon fish and grilled Pepper Chicken.

And surely visit many times more if you are fine with Yellow... yellow ... yellow... yellow... yellow.... dirty fellow! :P

Perfect for a Sunday evening date ...

- DK


Pandit - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 08,2013


Rate this crap?

So i happily went to Yellow tree on my birthday as friends and i wanted to eat at someplace new! New for them, i had been there before and the same thing that happened this day had happened earlier. So i called for the safest option, where not too much cooking was required, fearing the worst that happened last year. Wheat fettuccine in olive oil, with olives and capers. Friends ordered the chicken stroganoff and the three cheese risotto. So my food came last, shockingly!!! But none the less, enjoyed the dry dish until i found something in my dish that belonged to someone's head!! A small hair strand which came along with the dish. So freaking at the sight of it and remembering how the same had happened last year with the pasta, i shrieked. The waiter came calmly like its very normal thing and went off with the dish with no shame on his face. Not that its his fault! So the chef came after 10 mins and said he will replace the dish, i asked him will you add more hair this time? He said sorry maam this has never happened before, mind it nor he or the other people i saw around the kitchen had a hair net on their respective heads. Praying that the hair strand was from the head only.... So i said i dont want another dish, kindly call your manager. He came after 15 mins of deciding what to do. He offered to change my dish. I kept thinking in my head, how kind of this man to do so...coz thats what i wanted hairless food! I told him i didnt want any! He insisted to get me another plate and 'Complimentary' desert!! I kept thinking in my head ill pay him 10 times the amount of the dish and cover all food expenses for everyone all day there if he and the chef ate food with my hair in it!! But i guess such things dont happen! What i expected him to say like any other restaurant would do, is the bill is waived off, coz that what happened in Taj in pune, and in the earlier lemon grass at Bandra. But to my Delight he GAVE ME 15% OFF!!! OMG that was such a great compensation for finding hair in my food on my birthday!!!
SO if you enjoy the added ingredient to your food, head to Yellow Tree right now!


Yellow Tree Cafe, Bandra West

Three cheese rissoto n penne arrabiata . good service every dish ordered u will b greeted for fresh black pepper sprinkle Small simple Ambience Food over prised.



Good,not great

I had the cottage cheese steak-it was good and well presented...the creme brulee was nice as well...service and ambience are average....



Not what i expected

Sometimes there is so much hype surrounding a place and its a let down when one actually goes there.
My experience here was similar ,i had read so many good things about its ambience and food and i was waiting to try this place out for months.
We went there on a weekday in the afternoon and there was only one more table occupied besides us.
The place is small and theres absolutely nothing great about the ambience infact its a bit boring ,the yellow aint that yellow anymore it just seems to have faded away.
The food is overpriced and average .
The service is ok ,nothing to write about.
There is actually nothing much to describe it apart from the fact its overexpensive and not what i expected



Can be much better....

yellow tree cafe is a little difficult to find as it is just on the corner of the end of the road you take if you turn left from KFC on linking road.The interiors are very "greek" looking and would remind you of greek coastlines and their white villas alongside .

The menu is very continental and is pretty comprehensive.As a group we ordered vietnamese basa,herb crusted rawas
,three cheese rissoto and penne arrabiata for main course and cheese jalapeno poppers & curly fries with cheese sauce for starters.

The jalapeno poppers seemed to be the frozen variety which were deep fried and served and were well cooked but cos i have had them zillions of them already the same taste made me feel a little disappointed. The curly fries are nice especially with the crust around the edges. My non veggie friends found both the vietnamese and indian fishes to be good but not exceptional. I heard that they should have been marinated for a longer time as the flavours were not deep enough in the fish.

My struggle with finding a good pasta in mumbai continued as yet again i was served a creamy pasta which lost all its flavor in cheese and occasionaly reminded me of the herbs. The risotto was a big disappointment.Now i understand that when i order a three cheese risotto i will get a cheesy one but then i wouldnt expect the rato to be so skewed in favor of the cheese. Th risotto almost "froze" after 10 minutes and the consistancy became much like a batter. It was tasty but too much of one variety of cheese was sprinkled on top which made the other two flavors a little subdued. We could neither finish the pasta nor the rissoto.

The surprise however was the dessert , we ordered their brownie and surprise surprise it was a jalapeno chocolate brownie. Now i know you will pull your head away and silently murmer "yeh kya hai" but trust me when we tasted it was yum.The chocolate and jalapeno combination works as well as the choclate chilly combination only this combo is more flavorful. This brownie was one of the most innovative food dishes i have eaten this year.

One more let down in this restaurent is the yellow tree you feel the same way as you would if you walk into Mcdonalds and at the counter you find a well suited guy standing who is extremely formal. The staff demeanor is unlike the casual feel of the place. Also they dont know many of the dishes which is a heresy in food retail. Product knowledge is must if your spread is exotic . Yellow tree needs to pull up in this regard big time.

Overall it was a mixed visit, doubt if would visit again...may be i will for the brownie.....


pinktree - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 26,2012


Good food but overpiced

We had curly fries and a risotto. Good stuff. But definitely overpriced.



Arrogance delivered

Me n my friends went to this place. It's quite a small place. We were surprised with the person in charge's attitude. He was quite arrogant & impolite while telling us that there wasn't a table available. No worries if there isn't a table available late on a Sat night but it would do him good to be polite to customers. His place isn't the greatest .. a couple of celeb sightings and news articles don't make a good place. The warmth, hospitality & service, make a place good. I hv yet to try the food here. But I probably won't go back. I go out on Sat night to chill not to deal with other people's personal issues.


Yellow needs to turn Green

A nice place that can do better if they brush up their service and attitude.

We had Mediterranean grilled chicken - nice; Cajun chicken - very good, must try; curly fries with cheese - excellent; fish and chips - well made and the tartar sauce was a must have and Spaghetti & olive oil followed up with Jack Daniels mud pie.



Full marks from me!

Nice relaxed ambiance! Awesome cocktails & food!



Inconsistent food quality

The first time I went to Yellow Tree Cafe, I had the Prawn and Beacon Risotto. It was absolutely divine and the best I have ever had in this country.

The second time, I ordered the Fire Grilled Steak. It was by far the worst thing I have ever eaten. The meat still tasted of kerosene and was completely inedible. Really not worth the Rs.575.


Good Food, OK Service and Decent Ambience

Food: 5/5.
Ambience: 3/5.
Service: 3/5.
Cozy Experience: 3.5/5.
Value for price: 3.5/5.
Overall: 7/10 or 3.5/5 .
Saturday night ought to keep you waiting but a little earlier than 9, ensured many free tables. The food was excellent but however the service was a bit lacking with the waiter trying to look over and see whether we are going to order anything more. The whole hovering is a little annoying. The place is well decorated though and they have an excellent menu. In the end even after ordering desert, the bill was brought to us without asking and we were sort of kicked out (with a waiting of only 3 people outside). Not too pleasant when you go out on a romantic date and order worth 1200. Only food comes up to more than 500 and with drinks you can expect the bill to be around 800 per person. The food is definitely worth the money but the service is not up to standard.
Go there for the food though, it is definitely worth a try.


Great Food, S...L...O...W service

After hearing from atleast three people how great the steak at Yellow Tree Cafe is, a friend and I decided to go for lunch. The place was moderately crowded and we seated ourselves.
The interiors are clean and decorations are minimal. It was quite warm and only 1 out of 3 AC's were on. I requested them to switch another one on.

We were sitting for atleast 10 minutes and then one waiter came and took our order. We ordered a Mushroom & Peppers salad and the very famous Horse something steak. (It wasn't made of horse meat, incase I freaked you out).

It took FOREVER for the salad to come. By forever I mean I attended 2 phone calls and flipped through 2 magazines. The salad was alright, had a bit too much olive oil for my liking.

The Steak.. Well done, with potato mash, mushroom sauce, spinach and 2 sunny side up eggs was fabulous. We wiped the plate clean, literally. It redeemed the bad service.

Great place to sit and have a leisurely lunch, definitely not for a quick bite.

And please EAT their STEAK.


Pleasant experience

The white walls and hints of sky blue bring out a kiddish side of you and ensure it steals a smile. The yellow lighting of course emphasizes the Yellow Tree aspect. Each floor is themed differently and kind of disconnects you from the previous one. Reason: Unknown.

Food took forever to come. The drinks were really nice. Maybe that's the trick... delay the food and get people drunk! ;)

We ordered the Rawas which was delicious and intelligently had mashed potatoes with it to ensure a heavy fulfilling meal. The presentation could have been a tad better. The Bbq Chicken was scary to look at but not so bad whilst eating.

The staff is rather sweet and friendly. A smile always helps get you through other obstacles.

Would I go there again? for Sure!
Would I recommend it to others? Definitely!


hycoguy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 31,2010


Big Let Down

Starters & Mocktails we served quick & were good too.....but we had to wait forever for the main course....the staff was clueless of what was happening in their kitchen....we overhead every other table complain about food & service.....finally we got our meal...Half Cooked ?? Cancelled the order & walked off !


boss21 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

November 26,2010


a rip off

too expensive , limited food items , land up with acne and acidity when ever i had food from this place , the owner / managers just give big talks . It's like a once in a life time place , not a foodies paradise . .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Yellow yello!! lurve it!

Went on a Sunday afternoon for a laid back lunch. They have a long wine list and almost all have options of drink by glass and bottle. We picked an Australian Cabernet Shiraz and a smoked salmon platter was suggested to us as a starter. Must say the salmon as one of the best ones i have ever had. The mains of Moroccan lamb with her rice is as good it was last time. My only complain is the rissotto.... not half as good as its neighbor in Pali Naka based Da Vinci. This time i gave curly fries a miss but i think they should do something about the chutney/ sauce that comes with it... everyone almost enjoys their fries without that one. The creme brulee was good but not outstanding. This is my third visit and have always had a good time with whatever i have ordered. I highly recommend this place for an afternoon date.. the light form those big windows on the first floor is very illuminating. Very different form the rest of the bandra places in terms of ambiance. Insist on a first floor table. Though my friends who have frequented the place in the evenings don't have much to say about the ambiance. But for its food and wine list i definitely give it a thumbs up.. much above the others around in Bandra


Lovely food for a change...:))

Me and my sis went to YTC in the afternoon and the ambience was cheery enough with the sunlight streaming in and all....:) we ordered for a chicken zouk burger and chicken pesto arugula sandwich both of which were really yummy...the curly fires were freshly made and delicious with some red sauce they gave..(pesto... me thinks) I had a kiwi margerita (non-alcoholic) which was yumm too and then 2 cold coffees which were strong..just the way we like it..overall a lovely experience..
Pricing is a tad expensive...we paid abt a grand....
At times, it has been disappointing to go here and get okayish food and service...but this time it was definitely better...hopefully they keep the quality of the food and service consistent!!!!


nice one

To keep it basic, just like the place - the atmosphere is informal and unpretentious.
The menu offers good salads, sandwiches and entrees, but desserts here are something you can do away with. Would suggest ordering 2 portions if you are in a group since they generally serve per person unlike "the indian way"
I liked some dishes better than others, but with so many items to choose from, it isn't hard to put together a good meal.
The restaurant's atmosphere is sophisticated but, at the same time, almost homey, making it a very pleasant dining experience. Prices, too, are reasonable for the quality, though certainly not cheap.



Avoid !


1. Nice location


1. Indifferent service; The waiters do not know anything about the menu items; "pooch-ke aayega" is the standard answer !

2. Very long time to deliver the ordered items

3. Quantity is very inadequate.. That is their way of compelling you to order more items .. and thereby generate more business / revenue.. Not a good strategy from the customer retention point-of-view !!

3. When you bring pasta to the table.. keeping the peeper tabasco sauce, crushed pepper, basil leaves etc. are elementary necessities.. the staff seems to be blissfully unaware and lacking i n these things..

Verdict - Just Not Value for Money.. Avoid !


Where's the spirit of YTC gone?

So I love this place and even though it tends to pinch the wallet, come here for the ambiance and the feel of the place. So visited after ages. Had read reviews that the service had gone down but was surprised to see that the service levels have actually gone down!!!

I don't know if it was a function of us coming in at 11.30 am or what but seriously we had to call the waitor twice before he deigned to take our order. So if the place opens at 11, I don't expect to see such a indifferent attitude towards the customers just because we were the only ones there!

We ordered a starter - something Grilled Chicken which was ok. Our sandwiches came. Mine was supposed to be Spanish Toast Ham and Salami. I know what ham tastes like and what salami tastes like unfortunately this was a multi -ham-layered sandwich only!! My only regret: I didn't complain particularly because I didn't want to ruin the mood of the morning. There was absolutely no salad accompanying it either. Curly fries- nice as always but their quantity was reduced by a mile!

My friends had ordered Chicken Sandwiches which were decent. So atleast that part turned out ok.

YTC is expensive but had always been value for money. I was one of the early converts. However this experience has soured my taste and I don't think I will be visiting again!



Inconsistent Food and poor service

Have been to Yellow Tree a couple of Sundays back and the experience left me exasperated with the sheer inconsistency - some of the items on the menu were very good (the bangers and mash, risottos) the steak was passable, others were terrible - the stuffed roast chicken was very dry, and even the salmon bruschettas lacked subtlety and tasted like they had been left out a little too long.

But what really pissed me off was the service which was a disaster (I was on the first floor). We didn’t have any dessert because of that.

I doubt if I would go there again.



date place....

mixed feelings really...

had lunch on a weekday, relatively quiet liked the ambience and the overall look, i agree with bombom in that its overpriced, we ordered the caesar salad very good with lots of chicken very well done but the garlic bread was microscopic and we had to order a whole portion of garlic bread eight slices , we also ordered the pepper grilled chicken breasts with potato wedges.... the dish was intself chicken a tad bland , the potato wedges were the highlight of the meal... post meal espresso big let down... paid about 900 bucks in all for the two of us but i felt like we paid for the ambience more than for the food and thats never a good feeling... i will go back but not if i want to binge or something... interesting stuff on the menu like the chorizo platter but dint try it... great place for first date dinners...



After a multitude of recommendations had come pouring in, a friend , a lover and myself proceeded to see what the fuss was about. Crowds outside a restaurant are a good sign, in as much as they build anticipation and make you a lil' bit hungrier that you were when you arrived. In the twenty minutes we were waiting we poured over the menu, soaked in the pleasant ambience and were chatted up by a very courteous consierge.
We were looking forward to the food itself.

Based on reviews by fellow burrpers we ordered curly fries.
The kiwi virgin margarita and a spicy guave mocktail.
We ordered a steak , pasta and gnochhi in sage cream.
Let me break it down :

The drinks were perfect.
The curly fries arrived after the meal was over, and without any dipping sauce.
The steak was near perfection.
The pasta was awful : our only request regaring the pasta was that it have mushrooms, it did not. Even after it was the consierge who recommended we have mushrooms in it. in excusable.
The gnocchi were silken smooth and the cream sauce was just finger lickin' good. well. fork lickin' good. But the portion was so small that even my 80 year old aunt with an apetite of a bird would've been left hungry.
The portions at this place are awfully small and over priced for the quantity they served. i could have eaten 2 main course dishes. And the poor boys who were at the table were left with just a tickled belly.

It worked out to 1800 for 3 people ; and we only ordered
2 drinks,
1 starter,
a maincourse each.
and remember we left hungry.

After all the fuss the place turned out to be all fluff.
What's the use of a few good dishes if the over all experience was a complete let down.


Excellent Food!!

The only reason my friends and me ended up going to Yellow Tree Cafe last night was because we couldn't get a table at Pali Village Cafe! Surprising...since it was a Monday night and they were full up on reservations!! But I'm really glad that we ended up eating at Yellow Tree Cafe as the food there is exquisite!! Its a nice little restaurant...bright decor...well spaced out tables..given the lack of space.. But at no point of time do you feel cramped. The menu isn't vast but they have an interesting variety of dishes to choose from. We settled on the Mediterranean Chicken Salad, Curly fries with gravy and the Olive Stuffed Chicken. Everything was absolutely lip smacking! The presentation was excellent as well. For the main course we ordered Chicken Stroganoff. The dessert turned out to be the best part - Creme Brulee! It was divine to say the least.
So all in all I would thouroughly recommend having a meal at this place. Its value for money and offers you some great food! Go check it out.


5 Star Restaurants Really Have Some Competition...

This restaurant is neatly tucked away in Pali Hill opp Brownie Point, most people would just pass it by but honestly that would be a big mistake. The restaurant has a lovely Mexican feel which just adds to the coziness & warmth of the place. The walls are littered with nice paintings & have a dash of yellow & white. The bar sits neatly in a corner, but does not serve alcoholic drinks.
Coming to the food, we ordered a Flame Grilled Tenderloin & a Chicken Dish that the steward recommended. The drinks were Peach Margarita & another Orange Peach Drink. The food did take time to come but it was well spent on the drinks.....
The food was served steaming hot with a bread basket which you have to ask for though. The pieces of meat were served over potato wedges & a side of veggies. Let me start with the Grilled Tenderloin, these 3 pieces of meat could make most chefs embarrassed & run for cover. The tenderloins were superbly marinated & grilled to perfection. It cut easily & dissolved in your mouth. The chicken was nothing a shade less that perfection.
The drinks were fab. I have no complains even the peach margarita was just yum.
The cost for a average meal for 2 can easily set you back 1000 bucks quite easily with drinks.
Coming to the bottom line...... This small friendly & cozy restaurant has my thumbs up.
Three Cheers to the Chef !!! Excellent stuff



lazy afternoon...

very bright...and hospitable, excellent food... good quantity and an ideal place for sunday late lunch...


Bright and Cheery, like Sunshine!

I really liked Yellow Tree Cafe (after hearing a lot about it and never having been there, it was a pleasant experience) as soon as I was seated! To begin with, the place is pretty chilled out and is a nice place to catch up with friends and may be also just for a short meal. The interiors are bright and cheery as indicated by its name and full marks to the ambiance it creates. I don't remember the name of the meal I had, it was grilled chicken breast with a cilantro sauce and red and black peppers accompanied by curly fries! It was quite succulent and delicious...With my meal, I had the Chenin Blanc which went very well with my order. I had trouble finishing my wine though, cuz with every sip, I could swear it remained at the same level! Jokes apart, I really enjoyed my time there and I intend to go there more and try out more of their yummy menu. :)


Olive without a tax twist

Is it just me, or has anyone else spotted any similarity between this place and Olive Bar & Kitchen in Pali Hill? Was it the blue gate? Was it the white-washed walls? The spartan interior? The focal point bar and import alcohol?

They say flattery is the greatest compliment, and by no means is this a bad thing for Yellow Tree. In fact, they go above and beyond Olive in certain areas. For one, the A/C does not refrigerate your blood after 10 minutes, and two, the service is really with a genuine smile, and three, the food is innovative, and four, the prices much easier on the pocket (and they don't include a 10% service charge as standard - naughty Olive).

The tenderloin burger was actually slices of tenderloin as opposed to a minced "beef" patty. A very nice surprise to find. The salads were crisp and fresh, and the curly fries are good too :o)

The drinks were the best part of the experience, and the only area for improvement for me would be the desserts. Just not enough choice or thought had gone into them. Otherwise this is a fab place for a lazy afternoon catch-up with friends.

There's a dining area on the first floor if downstairs and outside is full, which they usually are.


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

January 11,2010


Cheers You Up !!

If you're not familiar with Bandra its hard to find this place but well worth it. Its usually pretty packed on weekends so better to make reservations.

Food: Had 2 sandwiches one with caramelized onions and goat cheese (must esp if you like goat cheese) and another one with roasted veggies or something which was average. You can choose the bread you'd like.

The best thing is the sandwiches are served with curly fries and 2 dips which are really good.

Service: Was good and we had no problems with reservations.

Damages: A bit on the higher side with one sandwich about Rs 200.


A chilled out neighborhood cafe

I went here on a saturday nite. The cafe was buzzing with people. We were 4 of us and we decided to grab a few drinks at the bar before we got a table. The owners are very friendly and so is the staff. You must try the sangria and this really cool cocktail called chocolate kisses. Its fab :)
On the food side - their mushroom crepes, ravioli and feta cheese with melba absolutely rock! For desserts we had the Jack Daniels Mud Pie and it was awesome. The place though small is cozy and quite comfortable. A must try!


deepak9000 - Burrp User


21 Reviews

December 26,2009


below average

went after reading reviews in burrp, but was a tad disappointed , liked the decor but food was below average only the Ice tea & the dessert chocolate cake was awesome , my nephew really enjoyed it.


Pradosh  - Burrp User


41 Reviews

December 09,2009


Excellent place

Maybe the initial bad reviews for this place are a good thing - because it helps keep the place not-too-crowded. So you can walk in on a weekend and get a place without too much waiting

Because its an excellent addition to the Bandra circuit and we were getting more than a little bored with the continental options available. Decor here is bright, cheery and very chic - something that puts you at ease when you sit down. The tables are placed not too close to each other - so you can enjoy only your own conversation and not of 5 tables around you.

Food was extremely nice - though portions seemed teeny-weeny bit small given the prices. The cocktail menu seemed interesting but we decided to open a bottle of red wine - and it was served at the right temperature. Not like other places where we have to request the waiter to cool the bottle for 5 min before serving.

Highly recommended place for a nice dinner and conversations


Name suits the place

Everything about Yellow Tree Cafe is bright and cheery. They have 2 floors...but sis n me sat on the ground floor. Food is yummy and drinks are fabulous...slightly expensive though.

We ordered two veg sandwiches - one with tomato pesto and the other with roasted peppers. Pesto and cheese was delightful and went very well with the multi grained bread.

Drinks - Sis ordered a Sangria Rosso and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too sweet. I had a Black Grape Mojito which packed quite an alcoholic punch I can tell you.

Ended with Bitter Chocolate and Almond Mousse which wasn't bitter at all. We did tell the manager about that..damages worked upto 1300.

Would recommend for an indulgent lunch or dinner. Super service by the way...


Hello, Yellow! :)

The Ambience:
White-washed walls, a slanted, sunny yellow ceiling, aqua tables and white chairs make up the peaceful interiors of this restaurant. Cookbooks, novels, and little knick knacks are stacked on a shelf, and high windows let in the sunlight and shut out the sounds of the street outside. Hugging the corner of a busy Bandra street, the restaurant has ample parking available on the roads surrounding it.

The Service:
After hearing and reading stories of bungled up reservations, snooty staff and whatnot I played safe by calling up the previous day to reserve a table. We were seated immediately on arrival and, since the restaurant was empty when we got there, we even changed tables after a bit.
The staff is courteous and accommodating and if they just sped up their service a wee bit they would qualify for excellent.
I requested a dish which wasnâ??t on the menu, Grilled Chicken Breast with Steamed Veggies on the side, and they not only accommodated my request instantly, with a smile might I add, but rustled it up with a delicious dressing as well.

What we ate and drank:
Lemon Iced Tea (Rs 90) served in tall glass.
Basil Ravioli (Rs 255) creamy and delicious.
Grilled Chicken Breast with Steamed Vegetables (Rs 295)
Bangerâ??s and Mash (Rs 315)
Flourless Chocolate Fudge (Rs 125) very nice and different.
Crème Brulee (Rs 125) The Crème Brulee that arrived was actually a chocolate mousse with a layer of burnt sugar on top. Though it was delicious, we were in the mood for some authentic Crème Brulee and asked to replace it with the traditional version. The Chefâ??s aide informed us that this was their â??hazelnut flavored version of Crème Bruleeâ?? before he replaced it with another dessert of choice.

Full marks to the presentation, taste, quality and quantity of all the dishes and drinks we tried.

The Menu of Yellow Tree is refreshingly different and very interesting, tempting me to go back for more, very soon.



Very Bandra, but needs a little improvement

This place has a nice Bandra feel, and has the potential to be a real winner.

- Good location, ample parking, bright & cheery decor, courteous staff
- Selection of fruity cocktails, well-stocked bar
- Starters are very nice (I've had the sausage, gravy fries, hummus, prawns - all very nice)

- Reservation process: First visit, I made a reservation and the Owner (who apparently had no record of my reservation) asked me who took down my details (I read another reviewer had the same problem) - WTF? Second visit, they refused to make a reservation, but the place was pretty empty (on a Saturday night, yeah), so we had no trouble finding a nice spot to squat.
- Main course selection is ok - the usual grilled chicken with sauces, fish, pasta - none of which is extraordinary
- Desserts are just about ok too.

I'd give the Yellow Tree a better rating if they up-ped their game a bit. The Owner needs to know that he is not catering to the usual Sher-e-Punjab, Great Punjab clientele at this joint.


Bad management

We had made a booking for 10pm tonite and reached the venue at 945. They said that they didnt have our booking and the manager/owner actually told us that we should have asked the name of the restaurant employee's name who took our booking. He said he is in this business since 25 years and it's the customers responsibility to know the booking attendants name. We still waited for a table till 1030pm and then left.



oh so yellow!

Okay so if you're vegan or allergic to milk/cheese just dont bother going here. My 2 out of 5 is only for the alcohol - the black grape mojito...not very black grape, more like iced tea mojito. Supposed to have some blueberry liquer....zilch!

Decor is nice and bright, service is snooty. There were four tables free inside, and we (just the two of us) were made to sit out, it was only 7.00pm and not one person entered after us so there was no question of anyone having a reservation. We didn't complain then because the evenings have become tolerable in november, but if it wasn't as pleasant outside I dont think I would've even given a 2/5.



Finally a Nice Cosy ALL-Day for Bandra


I will keep this review short.

Nice little all day ..

- Nice bright ambiance. Clean, Crisp looks. No dark corners. (as compared to Out of the Blue)...where usually RATS hide.
- Nice well spoken manager (Mr. Mrinmoy) with voiceless staff (Servers).
- Nice mocktails (Cocktails yet to try)

- Not yet discovered any, since the place is pretty new, there were very few people, so nothing unusual could have happened.
- Maybe, Maybe quantity of the expensive items should be a little more generous. (like anything priced around 300Rs) So as to alteast fill the tummy of a person eating (on a sharing the bill cant order 2 or 3 things for yourself alone).

Recommendations/Scope for improvement:
- The "clay over roasted chicken with rosemary herbs" we ate, was nothing other than a simple "chicken muglai".. sorry but I did not feel I was eating continental or Italian or anything other than normal roasted malai kebab.
- The fish was good, as I mentioned above, I could have simply enjoyed more if the size of your fish fillet was just a tad bit bigger. (from square to rectangle)

I will visit this place again, hoping for an improvement and not degradation.


Bark Up the Yellow Tree!

Yellow is the colour of joy and Yellow Tree Cafe at Pali delivers just that! The cafe has five neat tables lined with cane chairs; the walls washed in white and lemon carry cute paintings. Cookbooks penned by Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver are only two of the coffee table delights here. Snug and cheerful, the ambiance gets two thumbs up, and then there's more. The cafe extends on to the first floor with a slightly formal setup for family dining. And then crawls up the second floor as a party hall - the decor inherited from Clove Bar & Restaurant. The open-air section has just two tables.

The all-day cafe serves Mediterranean cuisine. The menu is not too extensive and the prices are on the higher side - salads at Rs.185, bagels at Rs.275, mains at Rs.300. It must be the quality and taste you're paying for! The Ratatouille Risotto with melt-in-the-mouth smoked scarmoza cheese is quite authentic. Try the Flame Grilled Tenderloin with Roasted Chilli Potatoes or Bishop's Weed Crusted Chicken. The burger and baguette variations are impressive. The attached bar serves cocktails and beers - Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Corona at Rs.225; Kingfisher, Tuborg and Bud at Rs.120. The coffee menu is for you only if you appreciate mild, flavoured coffee. It serves the likes of Sumatra Mandheling and Bahia Flor Vanilla. The newly opened place has only two waiters on duty who manage pretty well with the customers trickling in.

Yellow Tree may not pass as a young, everyday cafe. But it is a good option for a Mediterranean meal.

(burrp! reviews anonymously and gives you the true picture)