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> > > > Yoko Sizzlers

Yoko Sizzlers

Kandivali EastWestern Suburbs    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02265250155, 02265250130
  • Vishnu Shivam Mall, Thakur Village, Near Dominos Pizza, Kandivali East, Mumbai
  • Continental, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

19 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Yoko Sizzlers Reviews







Yoko continues to sizzle

Yoko Sizzlers is very famous for its Sizzlers and Burgers and they have always maintained their standards. Paneer shashlik is the my all time fav sizzler but veg.satellite sizzler steals the thunder.It was really yummy. Lemon ice tea have some magical touch. 500 RS per sizzler is little heavy on pocket, but the taste and portions do a fair justice to the price.


Great Sizzlers

I had heard of Yoko Sizzlers first in 2009, when I was in Lucknow. It greatly discussed among my friends, but could not visit it- or I can say could not have the courage to go anything other than Dastarkhaan or Tunday Kababs.

At last, in 2013, I was able to try it. I wanted to give a farewell treat to someone in my department who is leaving the organization. She is an American lady, so thought of taking her to this place as a safe bet and also as it is closer to office. And then, after few days, I went back as I was mighty impressed with them.

Their sizzlers are definitely priced bit high, but it is worth every rupee you pay. Also, one sizzler is good for two. We two ordered two soups and one sizzler- and that was more than enough for us.

Try their Honey Chilli Chicken Sizzler—it is awesome.

Here are my ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.0/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 3.0/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 3.0/5
Overall: 3.4/5






good sizzelers, but can be made better...

Yoko in Kandivali is has nothing new to offer. Yoko fans would keep coming here but only because of the repuatation generated by its other outlets..

1. portion size is substantial. unlike smaller combo-like ones offered at many other places.
2. The sizzlers are tasty and wholesome. The chicken shaslik especially! I've been eating that one since a while now.
3. pizzas are just not worth trying..but burgers are tasty, fries are crisp and fresh. soup was watery and too salty, i regret ordering it.
4. service is laidback and feels like u are eating in a govt canteen.
5. ventilation is a problem at this place, specially with huge vapour and smoke from sizzeler plates.
6. tucked in a corner behind the mall, this place isnt easy to find. but parking isnt a problem, plenty of closed roads and alleys nearby..


ituenjoy - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 04,2013



For many sizzler fans,Yoko’s is where it begins and ends. Sizzler places may come and go, but many Yoko loyalists will insist on visiting one of six branches for their fix of everything For Veg (Rs. 420) Shashlik. with consistently good taste keep them coming back. Andheri offers a spacious, relaxed vibe; Fort an airy and open one and Bandra’s confidently spacious one, popular in its own right, draws crowds that rival those in the Santacruz and Malad branches. They do have burgers, pizzas (skip please) and sandwiches too, but why would you order those when you can have Lovely Sizzlers? A Sizzzzzzling Brownie (if you have the room) provides a fitting end.


Simply Awesome

I am just in love with this place,awesome ambiance , great food and fast service. I personally love the chicken shashlik and veg exortica. the chicken very good and i love it. I am a regular visitor and i am following yoko's since it started in my neighbourhood just love it!!



We had ordered for 7 sizzler's, out of which they screwed 5 of it.
1. had half cooked meat.
2. Asked for mash potato didn't get it.
3. The meat was diced, when it shouldn't have.
4. Didn't want cheese but still got it.
5. Didn't want any veggies still got it.
and to top all of that, at the end of the meal, comes out a "COCKROACH" from one of the sizzler's.
and they will still ask u to pay the bill.
Plz never go there. the waiters will never get your order right. and sometimes may add a pest in your food.


Found nothing bad.

Just visited the place. Didn't find service bad. taste also good. Didn't take much time in preparing. Everything was good. Nice varieties of sizzlers. Love the ambiance and overall interiors. staff seem good enough.

Nice overall Experience!




in short and sweet i found fried cockroach in my sizzler so best of luck guys


Good Sizzlers

I will keep it short.. Liked Chicken Dragon, Fish Fingers, Honey Chilli Chicken.

Only grudge was the service. If they can improve it, the place can be great.

Thanks & Goodluck


Poor service

Recently, the service levels have dropped miserably.



Great Sizzlers!

This is one place where I usually frequent for a good happy meal with my friends or family. The must-to-order dish is the "Veg Sizzler with baked beans, noodles & garlic sauce"... Awesome!!! Shashlik & Exotica are other good options.

Would not recommend the recently added newer varieties of sizzlers - not a good experiment. Just go with the tried & 'tasted' dish & you wont repent :)

Service is pretty ok - making a sizzler does take some time! ;) You go to have some luxury of time if you go there....


ramnerurkar - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 10,2010


Great Food & place to spend time.

In short, we had been to so many Yoko restaurants(Khar, Oshiwara, malad, fort etc) in the past...but after finding this place, we hardly think of going to any other Yoko. Great food & place to spend time with your family/friends although this seems to be one of their smallest outlets. Cheers.


any time the best ;-)

Have been here so many times and always love to be there in future also. food is awesome..good service..good ambiance so over all perfect date with your partner…so anytime you can enjoy this place.


July 16, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

Thank you! we value your feedback!! YOKO SIZZLERS TEAM

Extremely Uncomfy Seating

Much as I'd like to love the fact that a Yoko's has opened closer home, the super-compact ambiance and uncomfortable seating stop me from doing so. In spite of a very average experience in terms of food and service on an earlier occasion, my sizzler craving on January 1 drove me to this place for an early lunch with my folks. First of all, we were given a table with the fourth chair missing since we were three people. After the odd experience for a few minutes, we moved to another table. However, things continued being not so comfortable. The sofa backs are at too stiff and the tables too close. And with the compact area, the tables are too close to each other. With kids running all around, a peaceful sizzler experience seems way out of reach.


July 16, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

Sorry for the inconvience caused to you, we will ensure that your problem is solved!! Keep Coming!! Cheers!! Help us serve you better.. YOKO SIZZLERS TEAM

July 16, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

Im extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! It is our franchisee outlet but we will ensure that such mistakes do not repeat!!! But thanks for writing in and keep coming! Help us serve you better!!! YOKO SIZZLERS TEAM

jumpfrog - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2009


let down

The trouble with this place is the standard. I have gone there so many times each time hoping for a good experience. Sometimes it's decent sometimes, mediocre, sometimes disastrous.
onion soup with cheese is good. i like.
Mashed potatoes is good.
Pomfret stinks sometimes(fish satellite). Rawas can be good in fish rainbow.(they add color)
Lousy waiters.


I used to love Yoko's when in college. We'd all save money to eat at the Yoko's at fort, opposite ideal. So when someone opened a Yoko's franchisee near my house in Thakur Village, I was happy.But I have had the worst restaurant experiences in that place. 1.My debit card got exchanged with someone else. When I returned, they had no clue. In fact, that man had left his number so I could contact him when I'd have realised, but they had not so much as preserved the number. She said, it is human error ma'am.

2. Fish satellite - stinky pomfret.

3. I went back again (because i love yokos even if i hate that joint, in the hope that this time i will have a pleasant experience).
Ask for the chicken spring roll sizzler, the menu says they serve with "honey chilly potatoes".

it comes with French Fries. so i call the waiter to ask about the potatoes. he says, Ma'am these are honey chilly potatoes. I call the guy in the suit, he convinces me that these are honey chilly potatoes and that "Yeh hi hum dete hain sab cheez ke saath". Perhaps you do, but atleast make pretence, throw some honey and one chilly on top so i cant argue about the materials at least.

They are annoyed so, they bring me Refried french fries with some sweet red looking thing, with garlic. So these were burnt bitter oily sticks that will make you run to the bathroom to throw up, i'm sorry. I realise the owners were in, they said, kaun hai waiter. of course not. waiter says, of course i served her honey-chilly. well, he did, much after the temper tantrum, which i hate to throw. It's sad. Really sad. i can;t explain to you how sad.

The owners said, only you have these problems. do i? or perhaps, this place runs because often the lights are really really low and you cant see what youre eating in any case.

Or, maybe theyre saving on electricity. I dont know.


July 16, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

Im extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! It is our franchisee outlet but we will ensure that such mistakes do not repeat!!! But thanks for writing in and keep coming! Help us serve you better!!! YOKO SIZZLERS TEAM

Nauzer  - Burrp User


54 Reviews

October 15,2009


Once again at Yokos

I visited this place after almost 3 months. Great as usual. Had Chicken Cream soup and Yoko Special Chicken Sizzler. For desserts, we had Sizzling Brownie.

Was very comfortable since I went on a weekday early evening with my wife and my kid.

Will keep visiting often. And posting great reviews often :)


July 16, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

thanks for writing in!!! Keep coming and help us serve you better!!! Cheers Yoko Sizzlers Team

August 26, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

I was there last Friday noon. We had the place to ourselves. Comfy that way with my two year old. Thanks again :)

August 26, 2010response from management at Yoko Sizzlers:

Thnaks for your invaluable feedback!! Keep eating!! Cheers!


Twice again this July..

I visited this place twice this month. Both times great. Once had Prawns Shaslik and another time Pomfret Shaslik.

We also took accompaniments this time. Soups are great too as well as the Fish Mayonnaise Salad...

Love this place...



Fourth time great !!!

This is my fourth visit. Sizzlers are great as usual. This time we had One Chicken Shaslik and One Pomfret Shaslik. Have been visiting this place every 4-5 months or so since it opened. I have never been to any of the other yokos.

Pros :
Great Food and Service

Cons: These are minor ones
1) Congested seating space
2) Air conditioning needs a push especially when the sizzlers arrive

Will keep visiting this place often.



Good sizzlers and ambiance

I have been here many times and this place serves consistently good sizzlers. It has the same quality as all the other Yokos. In fact, the ambiance and space here is better than other Yokos.

Remember that they do not serve alcohol.
They have a nice play area outside for kids.