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> > > > Zenzi Mills

Zenzi Mills

Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  

  • 43455455
  • Todi Estate, Senapati Bapat Road, Opposite The Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • South East Asian

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Zenzi Mills Reviews


This place seriously rocks!
Its a superb place to chill and have an amazing time...
Great service and amazing chicken satay and the noodle box is amazing with shitake mushrooms....:)
Go and check it out


ItsRayna  - Burrp User


28 Reviews

October 27,2009



yes I agree to it, why not 5 stars? hey man this is a rocking place! I went on a thurs nite and it was a theme nite. the music was simply rocking and they were giving away free cowboy hats to the party animals inside!!! heehawww



Fkking amazing!

When I go to a club I wanna have good music & good crowd & dance till 2 am and thats exactly wat i got outta zenzi mills.

On a friday nite, i landed there with four friends, There was no cover charge/entry charge, we jus walked in.

The club is divided into 2 sections- the lower section has a long giant bar and a smallish dance floor but thats the best part coz you feel like you're dancing with the world!! The crowd was a mix of young boppers and mature couples - hot men and leggy females...overall, very good crowd. the music on the ground level was R&B at its best.
I also checked out the upper section - it was like landing on a new planet; it had fewer people and crazy trance music and a large screen playing vintage cinema. So i got back to my R&B and danced the night me the crowd, the DJ the whole atmosphere was rocking!

Like a true burrper i tried the "chinese box" with noodles in blackbean sauce, tofu and mushrooms. It was yummy and totally worth 350 bucks. My friend had the chicken chinese box - equally yum! I dont see why this place doesnt deserve 5 on 5


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

September 13,2009


Yawn !!

Zenzi Mills is split in two parts - a restaurant upstairs and a bar downstairs. The restaurant upstairs serves drinks and starters but not off the bar menu. If you want anything off the bar menu you have to go down. Bit wierd. The place is smaller than I expected probably smaller than the Bandra outlet even.

Went on a Sat night at 9 when the place was empty but started filling up as we left. The music was a bit too loud for conversation and not good enough to just sit back and enjoy it.

What I don't get is why would such a place have tables with paint peeling off fromm all corners ? Is that supposed to be part of the decor ? It just looks like they ran out of money or didn't really care either ways to get better tables.

Service: Good, efficient

Food: The veg menu comprises only of starters essentially so you cant go there on a hungry stomach.Its interesting the way theyve experimented with the ingridients. Had the paneer satay. Loved the combination of the sweet sauce and the peanut sauce. The paneer could have been better.

Oh and they do serve regular water now.

Damages: Paid Rs800 for 1 Old monk large and a starter. Not worth it.

All in all a very boring place and theres nothing to pull me back.


luvmukhi - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 25,2009


stale food!!

il rather go to jai hind lunch hme nearby n have "chindian" fud........ raw prawns ....quantity like giving a " prassad"....

fud- negatives..........0000000000
amb- kie
music- u guys lost it or wat...jackasses


Bopping it when young

Call me suspicious but there was enough dubiousness in this place in fancy brands to send anyone reeling. Loud music, and full of kids up to some hanky panky, doesn't leave you comfortable.
We left after our third food order arrived, seemed microwaved goop all of it. But obviously perfect for those who survive on cup o noodles and pop tarts.


We donot serve you safe WATER!

I have just returned from an extremely disappointing experience at Zenzi Mills. I am a regular at both, Zenzi Bandra and Zenzi Mills (at lower parel). I spend approximately Rs. 10-15 thousand a week at both these places. Today, after running a tab of approximately Rs. 6000.00, I asked for a glass of water. I was told that there was no "safe" drinking water available. I asked whether the water was purified using a system similar to Aquaguard. I was informed by the bartenders that they have no such filtration system. I asked if there was any other safe drinking water available. I was told that the only safe water available was bottled and was chargeable. I tried to ask the head bartender to speak to management and was shunned away until a few friends spoke to GAVIN, the apparent management. I explained my problem to him; that his bar team had refused to serve me safe water even though they knew that I was a regular and that I had spent a considerable amount in my regular visits to this bar.

Being in the hospitality industry myself, I found it hard to believe that an organization such as Zenzi Mills refused to serve SAFE drinking water to its regular patrons. I am unsure whether this is against the law, but I shall ensure that the logical conclusion to this atrocity is found.



The stars are for the music and sound

The only thing that made me go here was Function One and i was impressed and that's till where i was, had it not been my persistence to see this place i would have never gone there since it took us some good time to reach this place and we were just circling around and around and no directions no landmarks and being new people didn't even know about this place.
The music and sound was good, drinks were average and the prices are steep, the reason I say prices are steep is considering the place they are located which would have not cost them the earth so i think when you save on your major expense "rent/ real estate" that should be passed on to your guest.
Rest of the place was average



Good food

Went to Zenzi yesterday with my wife and a couple of friends. We went to the first floor eating place and did not spend any time at the resto-bar on the ground floor. Food was good / tasty, though paneer and chicken could have been fresher. Expensive though. The plastic chairs were a bit on the tacky side for such a high quality restaurant. Patrons were few, though this could possibly be attributed to it being a weekday and Blue Frog next door having a big night.



yeah i heard they have the FunktionOne sound system there. That´s the best sound system in the world!!

I was there two nights in a row, and both nights were rockin! Nice music, cool vibe. I don´t just something i didn´t find in Bombay yet.

I agree, highly recommended!!



Great ambience, cool crowd

New Zenzi is beatiful and nice! It got 2 dancefloors so clients can choose what music is better for them! Since entrance is free, you never lose anything :))

Also, soundsystem is great (much better than one in Zenzi Bandra) and the most up-to-date, modern EDM staff is being played here. Prices are the same as in Zenzi Bandra and all places of this level.

Highly recommended!