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Sanah Suvarna - Burrp User

Sanah Suvarna

May 16,2014


A few years back, Zodiac used to be this family oriented place with amazing food and great service. Wonder what has happened now. Their quality of food has been decreasing with every passing day and the management doesn't give shit about their customers.
Their service sucks. They took about 35 minutes to get us our order and we almost lost our appetite because of their poor management. On weekends, the place becomes very loud and annoying with drunk men screaming and trying to prove their points. Otherwise, its still manageable.
The three chicken gravies we ordered, all tasted the SAME! No kidding. They were just different in color, nothing more. The chicken tasted stale, chewy and raw. The tandoori was probably the only good dish.
I wonder how they're always so crowded. This place definitely needs to improve and behave better with their customers.
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Srey  - Burrp User


March 27,2012

Pathetic raised to infinity

Dont even bother. We should figure out ways to shut down this restaurant. The food sucks to the core. But we still decided to order smthng safe. The owner is foul mouthed. Takes his own sweet time to prepare the order. And then conveniently forgets to deliver it. Awesome isnt it?
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Srey  - Burrp User


August 25,2009


Dont keep your expectations very high when you visit this place. For starters, its a little shady for a family restaurant. Thankfully they have a seperate family section to which we were escorted once we entered the restaurant.
The service isnt too good but provided I get my food and I'm satisfied with the meal, I dont really have a problem. But here I did have a problem. The chicken was raw in one of the dishes. We pointed it out to the waiter but I dont think he could care less! The ambience is awful. Its dark and shady.
I would definitely not recommend this place to people. Though the paan shop right outside is really nice. :)
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Saurabh Jaiswal - Burrp User

Saurabh Jaiswal

March 20,2009

zodiac signs facing reccession

It makes me about to think my stars are having some problem so they take me there .

Food: Bad tasteless not having words to explain that experience.

Ambiance: stars are not shining poor ambiance, also the AC section was not working and there were just too many shouting people.Very poor gentry.

Service: The waiters don't really have a clue.

Damages: Expensive
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gÖÖpi ÖÖpi - Burrp User

gÖÖpi ÖÖpi

November 13,2007

poor ambiance

I give this place 3 stars for their food, but they have got poor ambiance and poor service!!
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