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Latest Buzz in pune - Food / drink / Events / Nightlife


In Conversation With Chef Saransh Goila

AUGUST 4, 2015

Deeksha Sarin
"Goila Butter Chicken took me the longest to perfect" reveals, Saransh Goila. One of India’s youngest celebrity chefs, Saransh Goila, who recently launched his book 'India on My Platter', stands out ...Read more


10 Restaurants Featured in Bollywood Films

AUGUST 3, 2015

Rutu Shah
See if you can remember them all. Have you tried that spotting game where you spot familiar locations in Bollywood films? So we take a trip down memory lane and show you the restaurants which have bee...Read more


Trend Talk: Hopping Culture

AUGUST 2, 2015

Rutu Shah
People are visiting one bar and then another. Why’s everyone hopping around?  Remember Watson’s bachelor party in season three of Sherlock (in the Benedict Cumberbatch version)? Holmes planned a de...Read more


Things To Do In Pune – 30th July

JULY 30, 2015

Nascimento Pinto
Punjabi Food Festival, Manoj Pandya Live and Art Workshops… This week has a lot in store. Food Punjabi Food Festival @ Salsa, The Corinthians Resort and Club, Undri Skip the usual Maharashtrian fare...Read more

Featured reviews of Restaurants in pune

I cannot begin this review without mentioning the hospitality standards of this place. The staff was extremely courteous without... Read more

vgu1978 - Burrp User

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123 Reviews

I was in Pune after many years and happened to pass through F C road and I saw Chaitanya's. It used to be our Savior many years... Read more

Won a voucher and went to try out this restaurant!!

Ambiance :
The lounge upstairs is nice and cosy. The restaurant is on... Read more