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> > > > Aromas Cafe

Aromas Cafe

GhorpadiRest of Pune  


1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Aromas Cafe Reviews


Big attitude problem - Mr Bhatia

I am a very regular guest to this cafe, and regular in the sense of once a day regular!
Suddenly today, I have the cafe manager walk up to me and mentioned that I cannot sit here if I dont order anything, to which i told him give me some time as I was on a important call and on my laptop. New rule I guess!! This is just pathetic, to treat your regular guests with such harsh words! Kindly ensure that your management is trained with the basic hospitality communications. I have been working with hotels for 8 years and this is just not acceptable. The restaurant has only two tables occupied including mine, so please impart some hospitality skills in your manager! Kudos to the guard who acknowledges me on a daily basis ! probably something you can work on! having a regular customer base is way to survive in this industry! Kindly look into the complaint. Didnt have your official cite to register this feedback. But JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE.