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> > > Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins


  • 02025510070
  • Shop No. 9, Kamla Arcade Building, Opposite Sambhaji Park, JM Road,Pune
  • Cakes, Ice-cream
  • Meal for 2 - 200

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Baskin Robbins Reviews

Bavarian Sin

Arguably the most famous ice-cream brand in the world, they produce and sell my favourite flavour to date: Bavarian Chocolate.

Complete with pieces of nougat and crunchy sugar-coated nuts the size of my fingernail, this flavour rules the order charts. Apart from this, it also has the most potential to send eaters into anaphylactic shock.

This sexy concoction could only have been sent by the Devil himself to Earth, to rope the weak-willed into immeasurable sin. I don't see why we should fight his ways.

They also serve (or claim to) 30 other flavours, one for each day. Good ones include Malted Chocolate Fudge, Coffee, Cookie Dough (seasonal or monthly, I forget which). They also possess the best Vanilla I've had, with a very strong and natural taste. An incredible addition to home made Cold Coffee, enhancing the taste in direct proportion to the strength of the drink.

Shakes, sundaes are a recent addition to the menu, with my favourite being the brownie à la mode, with 2 scoops of Bavarian, or one Bavarian and one Malted. The Baner Road outlet buys their brownies from Copper Chocs, which makes for a divine combination with their ice cream.

However, they also put Sunfeast Dark Fantasy on your sundae instead of Oreo cookies, which is stupid considering it's called the Oreo Sundae. But that's highly ignorable, and probably was a one-off occurrence.

They also offer you 31% off on any flavour on the 31st day of the month, and no other. Provided your purchase is over 350 Rupees. This would be the appropriate time to stock up.

You can buy cones from them in bulk, to go with your tubs of ice cream, but it would be wise to tell them a day in advance. Generally, 4 cones per 500 gm tub is a good ratio. If you smile and thank him, the guy throws in a couple extra. It pays to be polite (this comment is aimed at Amit Chordia).

As a footnote, they also serve a variety of toppings or add-ons, at a price. These include nuts, chocolate fudge/sauce, butterscotch sauce, and gems in some outlets.

They also deliver (well, the Baner Road outlet does) if your purchase is above some minimum limit. They promise unmelted ice cream at your doorstep.

If you have a problem with your ice cream, like the time I found a piece of cardboard in my tub, they take it seriously and replace your ice cream. I hope you're taking note, Mr. Chordia.

That's it, I don't think I've forgotten anything. I have no complaints, except perhaps the price tag. But the ice cream is the best in Pune, and worth the price. Especially if you buy it on 31st.