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> > > Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Bund Garden Road  

  • 02026125238, 02065000871
  • Shop No 4, Opposite Poona Club, Near Pune Railway Station, Bund Garden Road,Pune
  • Indian, Mughlai, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 600

41 Reviews / 45 Ratings

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Blue Nile Reviews






Best biryanis

Unarguably the pioneers of authentic and tasty biryani in Pune. Biryanis will remind you about the famous Paradise biryani of Hyderabad .Biryani and kebabs were mouth watering and made perfectly. Spices were just right and the meat just melts in your mouth. Leaves a great feeling of satisfaction even after paying the bill. The captain was very obliging and offered excellent service.



Yes, The Biryani is Fantastic!

The chicken biryani is seriously good!! The service was fast. Nice cozy, old-school ambiance. Reasonably priced.
I'm a first-time visitor, but would definitely go back there the next time I'm in Pune.


ILikeFood - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 30,2013


Too Good!!!

Have been seeing this restaurant from outside for quite a long time but never got impressed by its outside look and went inside to try it finally.
But my friend recommended this place and we decided to try.
We loved the service and food here.
Chicken biryani is a must try!!!!
Masala lemon soda was refreshing :)



Treat For Biryani Lovers!

The Blue Nile Restaurant opposite Poona Club is almost an iconic gastronomical must eat place in Pune. As a child, I was told that it wasn't a good place for kids to hang out as they served alcohol so i never went inside. Our food was always picked up by the driver.

Twenty years down the line, I pass it often and see queues waiting outside possibly for take aways or then maybe to eat in. No clue. Since I'm no longer a kid, I dared to go in the other day. I was surprised. It's very spartan, almost canteen-like but the place is bustling. The clientele is a good mix of families, businessmen as well as children!

I have been eating the chicken biryani from Blue Nile since I was probably 5 years old. That's a long association! And I have to say, despite intending to try other things on their extensive menu, I have never gotten past their chicken biryani! It's just so good!!

Others, like family and friends have tried and enjoyed the other biryanis like mutton biryani, vegetarian biryani etc. but not me. The biryanis are spicy but not overwhelmingly so and what's amazing is how they've got the ratio of masala, chicken and rice so well balanced :)

I highly recommend this place. If you decide to dine in then be prepared for people chattering and loads of hustle bustle. But if like me, you want to enjoy every bite, ask for a take away, get home and enjoy a thoroughly well made biryani!


Puneet Yadav - Burrp User

Puneet Yadav

5 Reviews

September 06,2013



It is one of the oldest and very famous restaurants in the city. Here we get different varieties of non vegetarian food.


Chicken Biryani!!

Been having Biryanis at this place since almost 10 years now! Love the chicken Biryani! I have tried a couple of other dishes over the years and I haven't particularly liked them much, but chicken biryani is hands down one of the best in the city!! Their takeaway services are pretty fast too!


Fair Experience!

After getting a lot of recommendations of the food they serve I decided to try Blue-Nile tonight.
Well to be frank, I was not overly impressed at first by the place from the looks of it.
But when we sat down for dinner (in not so comfortable sitting) and ordered the starters, they were all served really really quick. The starters were more than good (especially the 'Chicken Tandoori') but were a bit cold till the time they came to our plates. Their Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani surely a must try.

In all,
3/5 for the ambiance.
3/5 for the service.
4/5 for taste


Must Visit

This is a restaurant where every Non-Vegetarian worth his salt would have paid an obeisance. It’s the “Be-All-End-All” for North Indian / Mughlai cuisine in Pune.

It is housed in colonial style building, in an area which was the erstwhile Pune Cantonment during the days of the Raj. The ambience is very Arab / Middle Eastern. Before renovation is just like any normal restaurant but the new look is nice.

If you want to experience “Lightening Fast” service, it’s here. We were just chit-chatting, some of us had gone to freshen up and by the time they returned, lo and behold, our order had arrived.

Please try the following:
1. Mutton Seekh Kebab, my friends liked it
2. Reshmi Kebab
3. Tangdi Kebab
4. Butter Chicken
5. Chicken Biryani – Irani Style, it’s a little different but Nice
6. To end the dinner, Caramel Custard [Plain or with Jelly or Ice-Cream]

A Statutory Warning to Vegetarians, if you are coming with your Non-Vegetarian friends, please have your meal beforehand or try the Coffee House on Moledina Road next to Dorabjee’s. This place is not for you.

A very good dining experience with super-fast service, lip-smacking food at affordable prices; a value for money restaurant.

Ambience – 3.5/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 4.5/5
Price – 4/5
Overall – 4.25/5



Just plain urgghh

Blue Nile food quality prior to lets say about 2004 was awesome, after that its just downhill. Now the only people visiting this joint are the mumbai public (who really would eat anything), they are the only people who go ga-ga over the Blue Nile food.

The taste was mind blowing prior to that period, my school was close the Blue Nile and we used to save money for the weekend gala(thats what we treated it as). The Biryani was truly amazing.

The only thing now whats remaining good is the mutton seekh kabab but that too for about 220 bucks and the quantity is like micro peanuts. All and all its not sticking to its true Irani heritage rather its just trying to mint money from people who have unnecessarily created a halo around it.


Anuraag  - Burrp User


70 Reviews

February 23,2013


Good Irani Grub

The place is quaint; well known and hence it being a little overpriced was expected. This is Pune's answer to the numerous Irani Cafes that pepper the Causeway or Apollo Bunder.

We stuck to what was famous- The biryani. Ordered for a Chicken Biryani Irani Style. Was pretty spot-on, quantities were decent and service super-quick. Service in fact must be mentioned in a separate point and the food literally reaches your table before the order getting placed !!

Had the caramel custard for dessert; have had better, much better. Must mention the tandoori chicken that looked pretty inviting as it made its way to another table.

Done and dusted with the whole process in less than 20 minutes so this place is a big no-no if one wants to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon over lunch. Am going back for sure and the Tandoori is definitely something I'd want to sample.



Over priced

Less quantity and over priced. The waiters do a good job.


The good old charm!!!!

I dnt agree wth the reviews given below. My xperience wth Blue nile was good. It was friend's treat which made us to visit this wonderful place. We ver welcomed wth some fruits and refreshment drink(coz its was month of ramzan).
the things we ate..tandori pomphret ( xcellent), tandori chicken- which had an amazing taste n soft chicken, chicken dishes ver good.....which has an mughlai taste(as its an cafe type restaurant).
As a mumbaikar in pune its very difficult to find a taste like irani- muslim cafe (whtever).Ambiance is also good. Atleast visit ths joint once then decide




Disappointment. Disappointment. Disappointment.
Earlier, i used to enjoy their biryanis be it, chicken or mutton. but now... the taste, its gone!!! Its all gone!!!!!! Never ever try their chinese.. pretty bad! All in all, stay clear.. you can find better places to indulge in biryanis in camp area. Blue Nile should pull up their socks and focus on their USP.. Biryani! make it delicious as before guys!!!



Not worth the effort of visiting

Looked good from the outside as it has a big neon sign. Disappointed when i had a peak at the dining place. However, decided to try the kebabs. They were dry as a bone and hard to chew. I understand from the waiter that they are cooked in advance and then heated when ordered!! The brain masala was best avoided. Observed several tables ordering the biryani, but i did not venture to try it. I would avoid this place.



old world charm

The place reminds u of the days of yore.Red chequered tablecloths,ceiling fans (though they have installed ACs),tiled floors.
Coming to the food,Tandoori CHicken was good.The CHi Tikka Masala had chunky chicken pieces..The Biryani was a little bland.The caramel custard was yum.
What caught my eye were the several boards/quotes they have as wall-hangings.Have uploaded some here.
They have prompt service & they are Burrp certified for that :)


simi1910 - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 10,2011


below average

The biryani is not as people describe it to be good.....but is a total opposite...the rice is so not cooked,its half used to be good at first but now has lost its reputation because of the food....not worth a try and dont waste time and money on it....not recommended at all


Worst Biryani ever

If someone even sponsors me to this place, I will never visit this pathetically bad restaurant who serve the most pathetic rice and chicken combination and call it Biryani. I mean man seriously!!!! I am out of superlatives on how worse the food here is and amazed hw confident they are on how they challenge to be Pune's best...Feel pity on the owners who are living on this illusion.....


anand66 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 27,2011


Total Disillusioned - Not recomended at all.

Had been to Blue Nile after 3 years. Was a regular out there but the experience today was awful. The food was just tasteless and did not have any kind of punch at all. A Normal dal-rice would have tasted better. The butter chicken was just too bad. It was not only tasteless but had some flavor that did not go along at all. The salad that came in a small dish was stinky and stale. I was scared to even continue my meal further. When I told the steward about it he said this is what you get here. He seemed to be in great hurry to take orders as if he had to catch a train. The worst was the biryani. It was like chicken cooked in a pressure cooker and then thrown some already cooked rice on it. Worst experience. I have deleted it from my list of favorites. Not recommended at all.



Not anymore

Used to like this place before but now I will think twice for sure before going here. The taste of the biryani is crappy and the owner doesn't seem to care one bit. He is not even interested in hearing a feedback from his customers because he has a ton of customers waiting outside. For me this was the last visit to Blue Nile.


atj91 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 10,2011



this place is really this place known for its biryani we tried it- one chicken biryani and the other mutton..not much difference in it just the meat is different and the both were just so dry as good as plain rice,sorry even plain rice tastes better and quantity served was just so less.It was not even worth the money we spend.



Completely Over Hyped

Dear Friends,
I have been living in Pune for 32 years and have seen the taste and service detoriate of Blue Nile
This was a place known famous for its lovely aromatic tasty biryani however the tast no longer lingers. What you get is boiled mutton/ chicken with plain rice.
Try asking for some masala in the biryani and you would get a rude reply saying "tihs is what we serve".
Having said that the place also is not worth its money as the dishes are overpriced.
I hope the management can look into this and change their outlook towards serving tasty food to its customers like earlier times.




Blue Nile - A "heritage" Biryani



Mouthwatering Memories - I wrote this three years ago, I think.

My darling “foodie” sister suddenly lands up in the evening from Mumbai and commands, “Let’s go to Blue Nile!”

“You sure?” I ask, a bit incredulous.

“Yes,” she says peremptorily, “I’m in a mood for a nostalgic Biryani!”

And soon we are sitting in Blue Nile – a quaint, old-world, down-to-earth, high turnover, no-frills, old-world "heritage" eatery of Pune located near the GPO opposite the Nucleus Mall. This is no fancy restaurant for stylish gourmet dining in air-conditioned comfort, soothing tranquility and refined classy ambiance. Blue Nile is certainly not the ideal place for a discreet tête-à-tête meal or a romantic candle-light dinner. The moment you enter your nostrils may experience wafts of “aromatic pleasures” of the overpowering “mughlai fragrance” emanating from the open kitchen in front of you – so be prepared for a quick, hot, sweaty, hustle and bustle meal amidst din and hullabaloo.

There is no bar – that’s good – for they focus on the food, and the tipsy types come in only late at night. And you’ll always find an assorted crowd, students, office-goers, travelers, a sprinkling of families, foodies, young and old – and you will notice almost all of them gorging into a plate of Blue Nile Biryani. There are two halls and they have put the molded chairs and tables in the corridor too, maybe for the late night crowd, where we found onions being peeled. It’s quite a large place with a canteen-like atmosphere – a place for quick businesslike eating – not a place to hang out.

We order – a Mutton Biryani for me and, surprisingly, my sister orders a Chicken Biryani. I look at her in disbelief – “I’m off red meat,” she says.

Sad. Real sad! A pity. Chicken is ubiquitously boring – it’s put on the menu for those masquerading as non-vegetarians and those who don’t know what to eat.

And tell me, Dear Reader, tell me, doesn’t the word “Biryani” imply Goat Mutton?

Can there be such a thing as Chicken Biryani, Fish Biryani or, just imagine, Veg Biryani?

Think about it. Just think about it. And while you think I’ll eat!

The food arrives in a jiffy – dumped matter-of-factly on the table with a few onion rings.

I feast my eyes hungrily at the tempting dish of Mutton Biryani in front of me, my mouth waters, I dig in, pick out a piece of mutton, pop it on my tongue, close my mouth and my eyes, focus my senses inwards, press the soft, tender, succulent well-cooked meat between my tongue and palate, gently roll it all over, imbibing the heavenly flavours as the mutton releases its delicious juices, then a delicate squeeze, a gentle bite, allowing the scrumptious meat to dissolve, savour the delicious taste and appetizing aroma, as the medley of flavours permeate deep within me.

On first impressions, how do you judge a Biryani? There are four tests.

First I try the “spread test”. I pick a little Biryani in my fingers and sprinkle it on the side dish. The grains of rice must not stick together but remain separate. The pieces of meat too must be succulent, clear and dry, not greasy.

The Blue Nile Biryani passes the “spread test” – not ten out of ten, maybe eight out of ten.

Then I lift the plate and smell the pieces of meat. The Biryani must be pleasantly aromatic [the sweetish fragrance and appetizing aroma of marinated spices] – not sharp or piquant. Again, it’s eight on ten. The Biryani has passed the “aroma test” with flying colours!

I taste the mutton – it’s excellent, succulent, superb – a perfect ten on ten! I roll some rice on my tongue – a wee bit too spicy, the slight hint of greasy aftertaste – maybe eight on ten. Overall nine on ten in the “taste test”!

A Perfect Biryani? Let me see! The fourth and final test! The “Potato Test”.

I search for the potato. The potatoes must taste as well as the meat – that is a hallmark of a good Biryani. I search for the potato. The potatoes must taste as well as the meat – that is a hallmark of a good Biryani. I dig deep, search – there is no potato. Just imagine – a Biryani without a potato! Can there be a perfect Biryani without a potato which tastes as delicious as the mutton?

My sister forces me to taste the Chicken Biryani. I wish I hadn’t – the chicken is quite tasteless with a sour tinge; certainly not well marinated, maybe they use a common stock of pre-boiled chicken for all the dishes.


Pizza10 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 18,2010



Had heard a lot about the biryani here........but avoid it at all costs.
Ambiance is not good..........n the main USP of the place BIRYANI is pathetic.

Please try some other biryani joint........this one might make u forget what biryani actually tastes like !!!


Quickest Service Ever

Fastest service ever. Place an order for Biriyani and you might get it even before you keep the menu card down...seems funny eh? Try it yourself. Food tastes good. Nothing as exceptional as people in Pune claim for its Biriyani. Tandoori Chicken was well done and juicy. Very Clean and Neat. Funny SignBoard messages on the wall if you happen to eat in the AC Room Upstairs, read them and enjoy!



Lost midas touch

I used to love this place for its tandoori chicken. The tandoori chicken here was supposedly the best I ever had anywhere. But during my last visit, I found the food had become really pathetic. I brought this to the notice of the owner, who looked unconcerned as he had a queue of waiting customers to be served. Probably over-worked chefs and malnourished chickens resulted in the bad experience.




Tried the biryani at Blue Nile. Moderately expensive. Classic looks. Food can be termed as good but not great. Mutton biryani and prawn biryani at Rs 175. Mutton biryani is still better than prawn one. No raita or curry is provided along with the Biryani.



The food is no longer important..

Obviously those who are saying that this is the best biriyani ever have just gone to the joint. I had been a regular of the restaurant for 4 years.

What used to be served before was what could be called the best chicken and mutton biriyani. Now it is just substandard. The portions are smaller and the taste has become plain. Can be eaten at but I am sure the food of other places is better. They are just churning cash now.

The mutton and chicken biriyani used to come heaped in big dish with a potato or egg as topping that added to the taste. One was ample to satisfy two hungry guys and taste you didnot forget the experiance for weeks.
Now the so called biriyani is not enough for one, and it nondescript in flavor.

The waiters just want to get you out of there as soon as possible during meal hours, even if that means making other people stand near your table while you are eating.. A horrible experience. Dont go with family or friends you want to please, to this place..Best avoid it. The food was the only thing that brought people back, now there is simply no reason.

Food- 2/5
Service- 1/5
Ambiance- .5/5


Chicken Biriyani = Pure Bliss

The best Chicken Biriyani ever. I am great fan of Blue Nile. I've practically had Chicken Biriyani everywhere, but no restaurant has been able to match the standards of Blue Nile, I know there are like 8-9 reviews that contradict what i say! The Biriyani..Oh my! Divine,Absolutely.. I wish.. How i wish they had a branch here in Mumbai! I was pretty contented with the service.The tandoori chicken also tasted brilliant.. Both my experiences in Blue Nile were fabulous.. I'm waiting to go here again!..


burrpnilesh - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 18,2009


Lost it taste !!!

No more the briyani is same as it used to be. The service has gone more worst. Blue Nile made it name but lost the taste of the famous chicken briyani.
Please don't go if you are looking for a good briyani. It happen not once but almost everytime I visited the place for last 1 years for alomst 10-12 times. Chicken was cold in briyani, some whole briyani was cold and with no taste or spice flavor in it. Still you can see huge crowd turning to Blue Nile, but as time will go it will lose it also. As it Irani owner will come to know people come to eat good food not good name.



Pathetic food

There was a time when eating biryani at blue nile was a memory to cherish...service food everything was upto standard...but my last visit to Pune few weeks ago left a bad taste abt Blue nile.....service was poor food was pathetic...biryani was cold....avoid dining at this place....this is no more a place where hot n spicy biryani was served...things have changed for worse...


Very Sub standard Food

I had been to Blue Nile after hearing from several people. The Biryani was very bad. The Kababs were also bad. The price was very cheap. I hope the restaurant is popular only for cheap food and not for quality food. Not a place to go for people with good taste for food.



authentic irani briyani

i find the chicken as well as mutton briyani awesome!!!!its 2 good....nt lyk just 2 put lots of 2 make it tasty without putng lots of masalas....the non veg items are cooked till the very core...great value for money...a must 4r any foodie...


Biryani speciality!!

This place has "The Biryani" wonder its been around from such a long of the menu is also interesting & quite friendly with ur pocket!! basic ambience ..good service..just look forward to GOOD FOOD!


rahuls - Burrp User


5 Reviews

April 22,2009


old was gold

Well being a bachelor this was our hub for good non veg... Be it kebabs or simple biryani all was mouth watering.
Services was fine by us. It was not lavish but also not road side cheap.

Well now things have changed it seems.
A few days back I went there for dinner. Arrived at around 9PM. Its usaually the rush hour so we expected to wait for our turn. But to my surprise they called us in. and with in a few minutes they asked 2 guys sttanding outside to sit along with us. being with a girl it seemed very akward to me. Also i being the one suggesting the place. Felt very cheap.
Eating the food was very mechanical as the waiters are only interseted to get u out in 15mins.
They serve too quickly as if all is precooked. Foods quality has deteriorated. Well Pune is losing one of its good eating joints thats all i can say..



Pathetic food and bad ambience

I am new to Pune and have heard lot about good food and restaurants in Pune. This was my first experince.. and a very bad one. We went there on Valentine's day to celebrate both our marriage anniversary and Valentine was indeed a special occasion. My husband took me there stating that Blue Nile serves the best biriyani in Pune and this is one place where everyone comes at least once if they visit Pune... So with lots of expectations we headed for BLUE NILE.... The first look at the restaurant was very disappointing.. it looks like someone built it years ago and never bothered to look at it again!!

The waiters were too eager to take the order even before we could settle down in our chairs... The seating arrangement was little too close and not at all comfortable.. plain wooden chairs and tables...

Food was served rather too fast ... We ordered 1 plate of Reshmi Kabab, 2 plates of Biriyani, 1 lime soda, and 1 pomegranate Juice. Lime soda was horrible.. they added spoons of sugar syrun and did nt even bother to stir it. When I complained to the waiter, he "advised" me to stir it up... Biriyani was worst of its kind. I have tasted better Biriyani in the road side hotels in lesser price... Reshmi kabab was over-fired and salt was less... My Husband still wanted to experiment and ordered for a Prawn masala.. it was again very average in looks and taste.. The place was not looking very hygienic so we preferred to have another glass of lime soda. This time the sugar syrup was stirred as a "special service"!

With all this, bill came to some 800!! Not at all worth it...
Do not visit even if you have money to waste!!!


batman - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 14,2009


An over-rated average eatry

this is a average road-side eatry , i won't call it a restraunt.. maybe like a irani joint.
Most dishes are disappointing and average though the price is not average.

Decor : what's that
a/c : did i hear you correct
hygine : difficult to follow
plus seats / comfortable seating : no,no
service : just put the plates on tables

Well worth a try if you are not that particular, not that hungry and feel like spending something.


Over Hyped - true, bt aint that bad

I went there just yesterday, have been waiting to go there for a looooong time.

However yesterday i was not so hungry and my friend with me is an eggie.. so I could not order Chicken Biryani :(

Stil i went for Mutton Masala n my friend went for Egg Pulav..

Guys the Mutton Masala is really good.. They had cooked it with generous amount of onions.. so thats wat had gotten that taste. I always prefer eating mutton over chicken, as only muttons taste boils down into the gravy... this never happens with the chicken... Anyways, the point is mutton masalaa is del-ic-ous !! A little bit more on the spicier end.. bt thats fine for me..

I tried eating egg pulav.. it was very bland.. no fun eating that. I could finish it only coz i had the mutton gravy to support me.. so this pulav thing here is a big NO NO..

My fellow reviewers here have mentioned that they would never go to Blue Nile again.. bt I am sure I would..
I am still to try the Chicken/Mutton Biryani and the grilled chicken. yesterday i could see so many people ordering it, but sadly i did not hat that much appetite yest.. just could not finish it alone..

Wil write more about it again.. coz m visiting it again.. this weekend :D



Truely Over-hyped Biryani!! Fu-get-about-it!!

I recently read about BLUE NILE being awarded the prize for the BEST BIRYANI in PUNE by none other than TIMES OF INDIA. I don't know if the people judging it were having sores on their tongue or kept hungry for a week. I visited Blue Nile to taste their much hyped Biryani with my spouse. To my dismay it was the most pathetic Biryani I had ever had... The serving is also very un-hygenic. I really cannot understand who on earth judged it as the Best Biryani in Pune.... Disgusting!! I would say people like TOI should atleast validated what they publish, to avoid embarassing and dispointments to readers like me.

We visited the place on Dassera day for dinner. We re-scheduled our visit to our usual eatout to try the so called BEST BIRYANI in Pune. We say a lot of people around, but were a little uncomfortable looking at the shabby and antique decor. The sitting was very crampy and uncomfortable too. We wasting no time ordered what we had come for... Chicken Biryani... We could not wait to taste the favour of the Best Pune stuff. At first glance it was nothing special from any other biryani we get in some dhabas. We thought what's in the looks.. it's the taste that counts. We sampled the biryani and the excitement soon died out... It was tasting as any other biryani we get in the road-side. There is one place in Koregaon Park next to Sweet Chariot, the biryani was much better there. Atlease he did'nt use the correct Biryani rice, but at Rs.40 a plate it's a common mans treat.

Blue Nile may have been the best in yeateryears... but if your looking for the same taste today... FORGET ABOUT IT GUYS!! it's not even worth the money they quote. I just paid my last visits there... and swear never again to BLUE NILE.

TAKE my word... don't even go there if your presented with a free coupon to enjoy your meal there. You'll be Biryani-phobic like me.


Briyani for Grandpa

Had heard a lot about the place. Was desperate to try out their Briyani!.. Well... was very very disappointed. May be they made good briyanies in the past, not anymore!. at 100 bucks its not worth eating their Briyani!, that too with zero service. You have to wait, and share tables with strangers and get served un - hygienically. Its just over hyped. Briyani is not what they make, briyani is heaven, and they dont have any idea about it.



not good for a veg biryani

Had really heard high of this place...for biryanis as raymasky mentioned. But the veg biryani was very very alright...i remember having nicer biryanis at similar costs in many other places.


Awesome Biryani Joint

Bule Nile has been and always will be one of the best places in pune when it comes to biryani's. Although recently they have diversified into chinese and other food (which aint that great ) , but this place will always be known for the great biryani they serve. The prices are pretty reasonable too. 100 bucks for a chicken biryani and 115 bucks for a mutton biryani. Also recommended is the tandoori chicken and other grilled stuff. Everything else here is just moderate ...but if you are in the mood for some good briyani ..then this is the place to go to !!