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CampRest of Pune    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02065255301
  • 2400 Modikhana, East Street, Opposite Talwarkars, Camp,Pune
  • American, Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 250

42 Reviews / 46 Ratings

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Burger Reviews






We went to this place just because we had heard a lot about it. This place is just over- hyped and serves big tasteless burgers, nothing else. We ordered a cheesy potato burger and a jumbo chicken burger. The burgers are quite large and one burger is enough for one person but taste wise the burgers are quite bland and just have a patty stuffed in a bun, nothing in between. The waiting time for an order is around 20-30 minutes.The place is very easy on the pocket but taste matters a lot and it is simply not upto the mark.


Sloooooooooooow Food, But Tasty

After you place an order at Burger [censored], go to the Mini Golf course next door, play a round of golf, then go bowling, then play some gilli danda, because with over 30 minutes for orders to be delivered you have all the time in the world to kill before you get your food.

However, once your food arrives, you will wolf it down, that is of course if your stomach hasn't consumed itself with insatiable hunger.

Tried the chicken burger and believe me the burger is as big as an average Indian's head, I kid you not. Get a coke or two or the delightful (but tiny serving) cold coffee there and you're set for a meal.

How filling is it? Let's put it this way, my friends didn't have place for a midnight snack at the end of all that burger.


One burger to fill you up

This place has been my go-to place each time I have a craving for burgers. The ambiance has a typical outdoorish feel to it, and the flies will give you a very hard time. But the food will divert all the attention from the buzzing irritating beings. Though the menu has many burgers and other options, I have always had the same things: Jumbo Chicken Burger, French Fries and Cold Coffee. If you have space to have more, you should ask for a prize or go get a check-up done from your doctor. The prices are good and you get the most amazing gastronomic effect ever!


abyshake - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 13,2013


Good only for Food!

Burger King has been one of my favourite joints for fast-food. The burgers are delicious, filling and quite unlike any that you are likely to find especially in Pune. There is hardly anything to complain about the food except that sometimes the chicken can tend to be oily. But there are numerous other factors that you would have to ignore (rather bear) if you want to have a good time here.

The orders take ridiculous amount of time to be delivered and the staff at the counter is very rude. There are signs all over the place almost warning you that you're not welcome here. Also, the hygiene levels in the sitting area aren't upto desired levels.

All in all, if value for money is what you are looking for and if you have the patience, it's a nice place to hangout.


rpb_india - Burrp User


44 Reviews

December 07,2012


The King of Rude Times

Ok. I'm going to talk about the positive aspects first. Contrary to my star rating, this place has the best burgers in town, hands down. The Chicken burgers are great. Perfectly spiced minced chicken patty, veggies and cheese, smothered with a tasty mayo dressing. Or you could try the Grilled shredded chicken and cheese sandwich or the Chicken hot dog roll, all winners in my book. The portions are huge but you will be surprised at how quickly you can wolf it down. The prices are amazingly low. It caters to college crowds and it's not a family place so I would suggest take-out if you're with family. Then why give it only 2 stars, you ask? Read on.
The service is supremely bad, the cashier is pathetic and rude and hygiene is non-existent. Should you still eat here? Believe me, I've asked myself that every time. Not so much during my college days but more so now. My mind says I shouldn't but my taste buds disagree. I have trashed other restaurants for their hygiene/service in my reviews. In all fairness, this place deserves the same. It gets 2 stars only because of its unique taste instead of the big fat ZERO it really deserves. BK wouldn't be what it is without its customers. Stop acting like you're doing the world a favor by flipping burgers. If there is such a thing as karma, I hope to see this place driven out of business by some new & better burger joints. It would serve them right. They seem to think they are omnipotent. It is disappointing to see a place of business with so little regard for its customers. I've seen many but BK tops that list by a wide margin.
Is it too much to ask to be kind and respectful to your paying customers? How much effort does it take to maintain a decent level of cleanliness? Forget the kitchens, at least in the dining area?
Anyway, now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser) the hygiene and service aspects of restaurants bother me greatly which is why I don't visit BK that often anymore. But every once in a while, I sell my soul to the devil and drop in.




This is simplicity but honesty.One place in Pune where the prices are as honest as the food.No fancy gimmicks like freebies or toys.Burgers that fill and fulfill.


vikiby - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 19,2012


Home Sweet Home

Always a tried and tested favourite when you need to fall back on soul food.

Somethings are best the way they are like at Burger King



not good , unhygenic

unhygenic. less priced but should be careful if you dont want to end up having a bad tummy


Good food, cheap!

Whats not to like about this place? LOVE the beef steak burger and the kind burgers are not so bad either. we only wish they would up the cleanliness quotient at the one near ABC Farms.


Good place to munch on nice burgers !

I ordered for the cheese potato burger, and it was enough for one person with some hunger. In terms of Service, the waiters were cooperative. French fries were great, crisp and properly fried.
But, it took a lot of hardship to find this one. It can be visited if you are tired of McDs.



Remember to See through the Dark

Well, many of my fellow burpers have not liked this place for the service they provide. Well its true that the owner is a rough in attitude but you are there not to romance with him but have a bite of what the cafe offers. I would suggest to buy the coupon upstairs and then move on to the basement for placing the order.
Best attractions : Hotdogs , Mixed Sausae Surprise, Salami rolls .
And the Veg Burger will satisy your hunger at an very reasonalbe price.



Worst Place, very ordinary Burgers

his place is shoddy and with below average taste of Burger
After reading so much about burger king I decided to give it a try, went there on Sunday afternoon. This Place was so much crowded, the restaraunts has no positive points on ambience to be mentioned. The service and the Counter guys are pathetic, they think its a dharmshaal canteen.
I ordered a Jumbo chicken burger, though I was skeptical about it as saw many tables with plates with almost half of the burger dumped by other customers. But was very hungry so went ahead and ordered it, had to wait for almost 25mins to get the burger, worst was that not even able to enquiry about the order status as the counter guy was pathetic and rude.
Taste-The burger size was really huge, but the patty was really dry and it hardly tasted like chicken. The sauces and bread in the burgers was also very ordinary. We two people somehow managed to finish 75% of burger(as we were hungry), but the plate at end looked like the same I had seen when I saw other plates when i entered this place.



the burgers taste good...but the cashier is demeaning, rude and completely unethical, the place is not too hygienic either. the only good thing is the price..its cheap....but the service of this place does not make u come here again!!



a league above the rest

best burgers in town..
very filling tasty n economcal..
way better than mc'ds n kfc..



Terribly overated and Unhygenic

Dear Friends, yes this is a place where you get cheap burgers but have you ever wondered the quality of beef.chicken used to make these patties?
When visited the place is extremelly unhygenic and the conditions the cooks work are pathetic.
The cashier is rude, and callous and once we found a roach inside the burger pattice @ their Koregaon Park Branch and walked out without uttering a word coz confronting the management would have resulted in high temper and spoiling our health
Since then we have never ever visited the place. Though this place is popular amongst the college going and bachelor crowd who want a cheap bet!



Best burgers in the world!!!

I have been going to this place for lik 13 yrs now ...and lived abroad for a long time but these are the Best burgers in the world!!! juicy, tasty, best size n price!! and extremely consistent!


sanjay11 - Burrp User


37 Reviews

February 01,2011


Good for a Heavy n Tasty Burger

If you are very hungry and would like to enjoy a good Burger, then just drop by this place. you wont be disappointed.

Popular with Young n college crowd.



Steak Burger. Enuff said.

Shitty service. Foul mouthed cashiers. Probably bad hygiene.

But even as I type that, I am salivating at the thought of the oh-so-awesomely-juicy-and-tender-I-could-die-and-find-myself-in-heaven-right-there-beef-steak-burger priced at... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... a RIDICULOUS Rs. 50.

In fact, since I want to avoid the humongously long lines at the Koregaon Park outlet, I will write the rest of the review later. I have to go to Burger King now.


ajain12 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 19,2011


Poor & Arrogant service

This malaise seems to be pronounced in that particular Camp Cantonment area. Along with Mayur, Burger King, you can add Kayani Bakery to the list of places as well where the owners think they are God's greatest gift to mankind.

Stories about people fighting over their cream rolls, shrewsbury biscuits and standing in long queues 30 minutes before the place opened and for the afternoon batch of goodies are legendary.

Since our daughter loves their cream rolls, we would send our driver to fight those battles on our behalf. As per his version, the place would literally sell out in 10 minutes and the owners would rudely shoo the rest away. While he initially enjoyed a good scrum in order to let my daughter taste the victory spoils, battle fatigue eventually set in and he quietly started purchasing these cream rolls from Thakur bakery nearby to satisfy her sweet tooth cravings.

What's utterly mind boggling is in today's day and age why would a consumer compromise his self respect and subject himself to humiliation over something petty such as eating outside? (which in itself is meant to be an R&R, stress free activity). And that too when there are so many comparable choices around? And also extremely eager to provide courteous and polite service with a smile at the drop of a hat.?

Does lust for taste always trump personal dignity?


So Bad, I Need To Review Twice

I regret having given this restaurant 3 stars in my earlier review, and have decided to balance the rating to give it 2/5.

I visited yesterday, and this was possibly my last visit. I waited for a night to see if I cooled down before I wrote this, so as to not let it affect my better judgement. Turns out, it didn't help.

My parcel order was a Chicken Fillet, a Sea Fillet and two French Fries. While the quality of food was above average, the service was, once again, atrocious.

I placed my order, amounting to 130, and handed the bawa a hundred and a fifty. He didn't even bother to look at me during the transaction, and threw the 20 change onto the table in the most callous attitude, when he could have just as easily reached across the counter and handed it to me.

This was the beginning of a half hour wait. There was another bloke who was waiting, and he noticed the sign that said to collect the parcel from the lower level kitchen. He asked the cashier bawa whether this was the case, and I do not exaggerate when I quote his reply:

"No, you have to collect from here only. At least you read the sign. All these f*cking illiterate people don't know how to read, and we have to tell most of them."

These were his exact words, not translated, originally narrated in English. The bugger was just lucky he didn't look at me while saying this.

Apart from this, when I asked them for the number so that I could place my order before coming, he quoted some random story where someone didn't turn up for an order that cost Rs. 370. And then he blatantly told me that I did not qualify in the "trust zone", to whom the number is revealed.

It's this kind of attitude that pisses me off, and like I said in my earlier review, he's not doing us any favours. I won't be going back to this sh*thole again.



Value for Money

Excellent yummy burgers at amazingly low prices! The cheapest burger is the beef burger!

Simple ambience, the place is a hit for the college junta.

Service might be a sore point, but for the burgers & the price, one really can't expect everything!


raniendu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 28,2010


Good Burger Poor Service

The service at this Burger King is awful... like they dont care for the customers. The burgers though are good... The Jumbo chicken burger is the biggest burger i have ever eaten... I couldnt finist it the first time so I went again to finish it at the 2nd go in which i succeded... Probably that was the only reason i went there... This place doesnt make me feel like going back there...


My second home

Its not easy finding a joint that serves a just portion of food for the price they ask in Pune. BK is one of those few joints. The Jumbo Chicken Burger, nicknamed JCB for obvious reasons, and the steak burger provide more than just the dose of endorphins. A reason to live. The wonderfully juicy, sauce filled patty between those two buns (I know, it‘s not just food I’m talking about) makes me want to cry every time I take a bite. Almost melt in the mouth. And with the killer prices, its amazing how they haven’t been run out of business. But then, that’s not the only side to BK.

BK’s callous attitude towards its customers is a turn off. The frustrating sign boards telling you not to ask how long it will take, and very blatantly telling you that if you don’t have 30 minutes, BK is not for you, are eye-sores. The rude cashiers and staff are part of the package. And yes, I do agree that perhaps a dog in the eating area is not the worlds best idea. They need to become more customer friendly. Start making small changes in the orders if the customer so wishes. I remember I had once ordered a JCB, without tomatoes and cucumbers. The bugger looked at me wild eyed and told me that if I didn’t want tomatoes, I should go *hideous profanity* my mother. At which I was visibly taken aback, considering I was 9. And from what I read on Burrp!, other people share my sentiments. Nobody is saying improve your hygiene. We understand that would mean raising costs. All I’m saying is shut up and take my order without your smart ass comments. And remove the veggies if I ask you. Its not a herculean task.

As a response to bheeshma, I would like to state that BK would be nowhere without its customers. The “You aren’t doing US any favours” attitude is cute, for a lemonade stand. But they need to grow up. Like any other business, they survive solely on the patronage of their customers.

I understand that with good things in life, come bad things. And that cashier certainly is one very big bad thing, if you catch my drift. If they changed a little bit, removed those sign boards, and listened to what the customer wanted, BK would be far more famous.


bheeshma - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 02,2010


shit service - superhit burgers!

I first went to burger king when I was 15 years old ( I am 31 now ). In my 16 years of frequenting the place, I can tell you with a certain amount of confidence that the taste of the burgers hasnt changed one bit. The Veg burger still tastes the same today as it did 16 years ago. The price has increased from Rs 7 to Rs 25 now, damn the indian economy! :-). But hey, King still rocks! However, if you are looking at a fancy atmosphere with ultra fast and polite service then Burger King is NOT for you. To be able to really appreciate the place, you will have to let it grow on you. YOU are not doing THEM a favor by visiting the place, THEY are doing YOU a favor by giving you burgers. Its that simple. DO NOT expect anything else except the biggest, meanest burgers you can possibly buy for under 50 bucks. service, hygience can take a hike. Definitely NOT a place to go with your sweetheart. You will have to leave your pride, position and prestige outside before you step in. After Death, Burger King is the great leveller.

Enjoy the experience!



Only Size matters No taste

The burgers are mostly frequented by college crowd, who want to have a fill with less money to spend.
No doubt its cheap but its awful in taste, ambience and service.
Oily and bulky they taste like chewing bread with some combination of veg and non-veg!
Avoid it at any cost


abusive cashier

No doubt the food is best in the city and the cashier is worst, don't know why the hell he is still working there.I would give it the worst rating just because of the cashier. I was looking for some email to forward complaint about him Please help me if you have any.........................



Horrible Cashier!

While the food is good for the prices, talking to their cashier is just not a good experience. I would give it the worst rating just for the cashiers attitude.
Prices are really cheap, but I would suggest alternatives such as Burger times in Viman Nagar.



Best Burgers. NOTHING ELSE

If you haven't heard of the burgers, before then just to state the fact that they are awesome (including the sandwiches)

Just a cautionary reminder.

Make up your mind if you are placing an order, before you reach the counter.
Avoid your normal Anglicized, Yank, South-Indian or anyother accent and use at max 4 words in a sentence to the cashier.

DO NOT change your order midway, or ask for a repetition and if you are lucky you might just modify your preference for a burger-filling.

Otherwise the wrath of the Meanest Cashier will fall upon your sorry ass, infront of a tut-Tutting crowd and donot retort back as it may involve your mother, sister and if you are lucky you in his explicits ;)

P.S. If you look for ambiance at Burger King you are the kind of person who sees F1 for the crowd and the scenery of the race-track ;)



burger dreams ;-)

Ok, so this place is worst in ambience. KP branch might be having dogs but camp branch has cats all over :-D The staff looks like roadside guys & the cashier is the most rude person but the burgers are the best!!!
I mean, once you eat burger here, you can't even think of going elsewhere. Well priced, Nice filling and YUMMMIEST...
They even have some local cold drinks like rio, frams and kala khatta which are nice substitute to regular coke/pepsi. I always try one of them...
5stars only for the burger!!


must try the beef steak burger

have not had a better beef steak burger ever, cooked to perfection, not really spicy, but a perfect burger to have on a lazy sunday morning for brunch.. not to forget, you can still afford it after partying hard all night and being broke... its that light on the pocket, it tastes so good, i would not wanna call it cheap :)



Burgers Galore but someone shoot the order taker

This is definitely what i didnt expect at less-than-okayish looking place: "The juiciest, largest and most-filling portions of burgers man has ever made." One bite and you ll totally forget the dilapidated condition of the joint.
This is a place made only for burgers and you have your options right right from size to stuff-beef, chick, veg etc. of the burger. The cream in the burger adds wonders to the taste and the old rugged ambiance has its own charm.
The only hitch is in the guy taking the orders. Now, I know taking orders 24/7 is difficult but this guy is totally off the hook. Extremely rude. But once past the wait for the order and the order ordeal, its happy eating.



a perfect place if ur low on cash!!

Lacks ambience .. stray dogs passing by in the KP branch.. Minimum 5 flies on each table @ both branches ..
but hey .. the compromise is worth it, wen u eat the delicios and so filling burgers/rolls..cheeze and mayo oozing out.. overloaded with enough of patty/salami/sausage/meat and the pune's very own Frams softdrink ..
The cashier is one frustated guy, who is juz not friendly, and no adjustments evenn if u decide to change the order within 10secs..
During the rains this place is worth visiting... its one of my most memorable moments with rain pouring on roof.. and garama-garam burgers in my hand !! :)



Best Burgers in the City

Compared to other fast food outlets like McDonalds or KFC, Burger king not only has bigger portions and better taste. But its much cheaper as well..
Try the Jumbo Chicken burger for a meal. Its more than enough.. Lot of diversity here for everyone's taste..Dont expect a fast service though..



King Is King

Best and cheapest Burger in town. Very nice and test Burger and place is also nice. There are only 2 issues with Burger King is that there are much crowd there and there is a problem with parking.



Gr8 Burgers!

After looking at reviews....v went on a burger hunt literally....but were in for a surprise! ....the place didnt have a gr8 ambience or customer service but the taste of burgers were just awesome....real sumptious burger...for gr8 prices...must visit...forget Mc burgers!!


Best Burgers in pune

Burger King has been since ages and i have been visiting it since a long time.....The burgers are very juicy and filling as well... On top of that, its very cheap as well....Its far better than McDonalds and KFC... Fried chicken from KFC is completely diff. than Burger King.... Best of Burger King is Chicken Sausage, Mixed Surprise, Steak King and beef burger along with the amazing cheesy sandwiches (which are not available most of the times) Salami Roll,Jumbo chicken,Chicken fillet....

The worst part is there are not a lot of options for the Veggies...

Also the Koregaon Park branch is better than East street...



super sexy!!!

tasty, sasta and tikau...
pocket friendly for sure.. and simply out of the world burgers!!!!
burgers that neither of the world-famous brands can beat!!
simply delicious and ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ktolwal - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 16,2008


Burger King


I have been a Burger King visitor for as long as I remember, the last I remember was the Burger king in a old rustic house on East Street, back then the food the ambiance was WAY too good. The burgers were tasty and all.

Since the time they shifted to that small shop it sucks, it looks more like a irani tea joint. the food quality is awful, I only visit the Koregaon park one because it still maintains the laid back atmosphere and the burgers are tasty as well.

Bottomline, go to the koregaon park burger king, and btw if the owners are reading this, please get those mangy mutts out of the joint, its yucky.

If you are a ol time Puneite like me, you would remember "Jaws" it was far better than burger king at that time. The burgers were a hell lot better. Well it has been closed loads of years back, any newbies in pune can still see the remains of it by going a bit ahead of the east street burger king.



Juiciest Burgers in Pune !!!!!

Located at the end of East Street, Burger King has been all-time favorite place to have a quick meal. It’s a small place with a college canteen kind of an atmosphere. The décor is non-existent apart from some very interesting vintage-type posters on the walls.

They have a small menu comprising of 8-10 varieties of burgers, fries, colas and iced-teas – a dedicated burger joint, if you want to say so. The burgers are big, juicy and easily the best in Pune. A must have is the Potato & Cheese burger – the patty has nice, subtle cheesy flavor which has become a favorite with me. Double Chicken burger is huge, and ideally should be shared by two. Service is fast. It is a total value-for-money place with snacks for two costing less than 100 bucks.

Ideal place to go mid- evening while shopping or enjoying the walking plaza at MG Road.



Well if its burgers in Pune it has to be Burger King......

It is a typical Irani restaurant where you shdnt complain about ambience etc but just enjoy ur burgers....

The burger is simple.... cutlet & onions placed between an amazingly delicious bread ....boy the burger is huge and u need to have a very heavy appetite to finish two of them...and all this for 35 bucks!!!

I am sure if they get into promotional & branding activities they can give a very tough fight to macdonalds...


GimoWest - Burrp User


52 Reviews

November 11,2008


Good Stuff at a Great Price

The burgers on offer here are really good. They rarely disappoint you. The Steak Burger is simply awesome and is their highlight. The Mini Chicken and Jumbo Chicken have a nice smooth taste to them. The Sausage Surprise and Mixed Surprise has a killer combination of mayo and meats. The French Fries are well made as well. The cold coffee here is inconsistent to be frank, sometimes its too sweet or it has an overdose of coffee powder. This place lacks cleanliness or a pleasing ambience, but makes up with it's lip-smacking menu. On the whole, I would give it four stars.


The Best Burger Joint In Pune

This place is not to be confused with the Burger King fast food chain that operates overseas.The burger king in pune is as unique as pune itself.You have to go there to see how popular this place is amongst the youngsters.Posters of the beatles , john lenon , bob dylan and bands of the yesteryears adorn the walls giving the place a very 70's hippy feeling to it. This is a total VFM (value for money) paradise. A decent meal here (burger+ Coke) would throw up a bill of around 50-60 bucks !! read that right ! And you sould see the size of the burgers. The Jumbo chicken burger (priced at rs.45) , is almost equivalent to two McChicken burgers. This is one of the few places that serves beef burgers too. Veggies ..fear not ! They have quite a few veg burgers too. If you are really hungry ..and have just 50 odd bucks to spare ...this place is the place to go. Trust me wont be disappointed !!