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> > > By The Way

By The Way

FC Road  


18 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 03 - Aug 31

  • Buy one get one free on Cocktails, mocktails & Beer.

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By The Way Reviews





Bad Experience!!!

This place has good ambiance but the service and the food will not reach up to your expectations at all. We were four people still they took like ages to get our order... I mean how difficult is it to serve just 4 people. Again the food was not so good... Paneer Makhni was too sweet...I really don't understand the concept of making food that sweet which is not supposed to be.... Tandoori rotis were served before the curries so by the time they served the curries the rotis were cold. Even the deserts weren't that great. Not at all a good experience. I will not recommend this place to dinners at all.


Nice Place To Chillax

After my exams ended, me and my friends wanted to go to a nearby place but couldn't find a good one and then we thought about By The Way...The place has a nice cozy ambiance. It is situated almost at the end of FC Road...We saw it a number of times while going to KP, but never got a chance to try it out...:)

The ambiance is cool . It gives a little Goa like feel...The chairs are not that comfortable, which was a negative point of the place but they weren't that uncomfortable wither...The place is small with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. If going on a busy day, you could make reservations. We went on a Friday and had to wait 15-20 minutes for a table.

After reading the reviews, we decided to order the Corn Cheese kebab and my friends ordered a non veg dish...The food was served hot and it was also very delicious.The service is good.

If you are a smoker, then you will have to sit on the outside area.

Just a negative point of the place is as it is situated on the main road, the vehicles noise doesn't let you enjoy the music up there properly. I would have preferred if it was a little indoors. Also the music was okay. The DJ played some nice tracks in between, but they would have been more fun if the noise of the buses and other vehicles wasn't there.

Overall a nice place to chillax.

Also, the prices are pretty reasonable!! :)


Great Ambience - Period

Visited the place for Sunday lunch..The ambience was inviting but full-stop there. The staff had no idea of what the menu was or what it consists of. Very limited choices in the menu. Ordered a bruschetta which was nothing but rusk with tomato topping which was chilled and had raw garlic...bad! Next we ordered the Pesto sauce pasta and Alfredo pasta. Pesto description said it will have basil but there was not a tinge of taste in it. The sauce was like soup. Disaster recipe! Did not feel like ordering after it. Soft bread pieces were served with pasta (one expects garlic bread). For the price, the portions were OK but taste wise extremely average.


Not worth it...Good food but...

Decor and feel is nice....Pre-booking is a must otherwise you'd have to wait. Not suitable for larger groups - (8 pax or more) ....Service was slow and dishes didn't arrive at once...You'd got done with something and then something left in the order arrived.....Flavours used are good, anyhow these other things just spoiled the evening.... Look for better places arnd.....Give this one a miss...!


NOT worth the wait???

Wait for 45 minutes with poor service? We do not deserve this... The food was alright but definitely not worth waiting for 45 minutes. The service is quick however the food tastes more like it was prepared earlier and was chucked into the microwave before service. The utensil was hot but the food was only warm.
This places needs a serious manager who can run the show better.


absfoodie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 03,2012


Pathetic experience

For all the stars it has received, the actual experience was too bad. The italian food was a mess. Nachos on the menu described Jalapeno as a topping and came in with having to find jalapenos with a microscope in the dish. Food is high priced for the quality and the taste. Service is equally screwed up. The salsa dip came in 10 mins after serving the nachos. The continetal starters were a mix of chinese cuisine with a indian curry mix to it. Even the peppers were diced like an Indian sabji. All in all worst experience and pathetic food. Will not recommend to anyone.



Very nice, affordable option

Certainly the place is decorated simply but beautifully. & it compliments the food they serve. Food served is plated beautifully and has a flavour distinctly restaurant-y. A little more spicy and flavoursome food would certainly add another half a star to the rating. This is the option, when you particularly want not-homely food. Overall a value for money place, worth visit.


Eating out with Veggies

A night out with Vegetarians for a "Non" is ..well frankly...difficult. Especially, if they are in the total majority and you are tasked with picking a place and making sure they enjoy the evening. .However, last night, our little peek into "By the Way" proved worth it when I was accompanied by two beautiful ladies ( the veggies...) while I went in with crossed fingers.
It is costly, going by the prices, but the ambiance is quite worth it. More so, the non-veg to veg ratio in the menu is almost 60:40, which is great for vegetarians.

Once inside, the screens cut you off from rally traffic outside and you can actually find yourself lost in the live music performed by the young kid crooning to soft songs with his guitar.. I was seconded by a gang of adolescent senoritas sitting next to us, who couldn't stop going ga ga over him..
We tried the Mongolian Paneer as a starter with our Long islands and it was almost a disaster. Honestly, don't try that...It's just paneer pakode. Nothing Mongol about it and it didn't quite conquer us. However we tried the Hyderabadi Paneer Tikka next, which exploded volumes of taste at every morsel . Fantastically grilled, it was worth its price and the wait.
The crowd being very fresh here and more seeping in every few minutes, anyone would want to sit a little bit more, enjoy the rough plastered white walls glowing in the lamps, share a drink, with the music being - most importantly- not too loud - nor too sophisticated and classy , and chat with friends.

Lastly, we had a Vegetarian Hyderabadi Biryani for main course. This was absolutely amazing. The first time I have found a Biryani which is loaded and yet not overpowering. All the rice had almost homogeneously caught the various shades of the onion (something I personally like) and the spices were just there to mildly complement the overall combined taste. It saved my evening,as my crowd was pleased with the finale.
Shall visit again to try out the wonderful non vegetarian dishes the guy next to us was having a go at.. Nice place to spend any day of the week.


Missed out on some flavors

It was a planned trip to Pune this weekend (I am from Mumbai) to meet a friend and we decided to go out for dinner. I did some research to find a nice restaurant in the vicinity and zeroed down on By The Way, located on FC Road, after reading some reviews. Here is a little piece of my dining experience.

Being a Saturday night we were lucky to get a table the moment we entered the restaurant. The first thing that you will notice, is the cafe like ambiance of the place. We got a table in the outdoor section of the restaurant. The low cane seats were not all that comfortable, but suited to the setting. I am not sure if the light was low because of the power shortage or on purpose, to give it a rustic look, but it was definitely not helping us in going through the menu.
We ordered for some Nachos Mexicana which were nice and crispy, but were a little dry to taste due to less amount of molten cheese on it. Caesar's Salad was something that I always wanted to try, but the lettuce in it was not at all fresh and crispy, and that took away all the fun from the salad. The croutons on the other hand were good to taste and saved the dish to some extent. For the main course, we called for Penne Arabiatta which was nothing exceptional, but the red sauce helped to raise the dish. The olives could have been pickled to add some zing to it, but overall a decent dish. The Awadhi chicken biryani was by far the best dish we ordered. Perfectly spiced, well cooked chicken and great flavors. As we had some more space left to satisfy our hunger, we called for the classic french fries, which were hot and crispy.

The service was a tad lethargic, considering there were just 2 attendants taking the orders. The food was served quick though after we placed the order, which compensated for the slow service. Overall, it was a decent affair, but could have been much better for the want of some extra flavors in the dishes.


Lovely place

Went there last night. Amazing ambiance, great food and friendly service. I would recommend it to all. Try the Sholay kebab; it's one spicy treat.



In love with this place !

Ever since I found out about this place, I have visited it every 15 days. Every dish I've tried was tasty. I am a kebab lover and full marks to BTW for the kebabs. Very affordable., friendly staff, good music. Simply love it and would highly recommend it.

Must try - Murg Peshawari and Seekh kebabs (ones that have chicken + mutton). The mocktails are also good.

There is no better restaurant on FC road than BTW. Totally in love with it !


Good Food, Ambience, Music + Spirits

Pretty decent place to hangout but a bit costly.



Perfect place to go on a date

Perfect place to go on a date, lovely music
great food and great ambiance.


Finally FC has a place for weekends

I don't know why, but FC and JM were missing a weekend hangout joint for years. In spite of the places you have, Shivsagar, Shubham, and Mathura, such a crowded area still missed a decent weekend spot. One weekend, I visited this place with a friend and it was a nice surprise.
The place has great ambiance with cane seating and cushions, nice lighting
and to top this, it also has good food. I loved the Honey chilli potatoes there. Finally, there's one place on FC where I wouldn't mind spending my weekends.



Good place for a romantic couples

I visited this place on the recommendation of one of my friends. The place is romantic with good music. The starters are tasty but when it comes to food you will find yourself in "kake da dhaba". You have to keep looking for waiters, after you order they will barely understand and respond. Honestly, if you want to visit with your girl/guy friends go have a nice time, but don't expect best service.

In simple words go and enjoy the ambiance, the starters and nothing more.


Okay, By The Way

By the way is a good restaurant . But the place is jinxed. Before By the Way came, there was another restaurant called HAKA. Its food was good but at end of every month they used to increase the prices by 10 bucks. Finally they shut down the restaurant and By The Way came up.

It features Italian and continental cuisine. They also have a separate menu for breakfast which features cakes, croissants and more.

We had gone for dinner. The soup was okay. We started with kebabs. The waiter insisted that we try achaari and another weird-named kebab instead of the normal seekh kebab. We finally ordered the seekh and achaari kebab. It was okay, but made me suspicious about why he insisted on the achaari?

We then tried a roti and curry, it was good. They serve the curry in a bowl that makes you think it is a large quantity of curry but it was less.

We then tried a Spice Ice-Cream. They did not make it themselves but bought it from the sister restaurant next door. It was not good but worth a try.

I heard the ambiance was too good but in fact it was okay I would say By The Way is not so good and not so bad. Its worth a try.




Went there on a date with my girl as we both love continental food and saw the hoardings around ESQUARE.

I was highly disappointed to see the menu, high prices and pathetic food. The starters came in cold, so just had starters. I would not recommend it to anyone.



nice by d way

this place is really nice..
offers you good food as well as romatic abiance.
i tried tom yum soup,was yumm
some kebab, n chicken thai green curry
both were equally commendable..
this place is a must try..
also i checked out their breakfast menu,
they have wide collection of omlettes