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Home/pune/Cafe Level 9

Cafe Level 9

Senapati Bapat RoadRest of Pune  

  • 02030284553, 02030284554, 02030284555
  • 9th Floor, ICC Trade Tower, A Wing, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune
  • Snacks

6 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Cafe Level 9 Reviews


its cheap. its bad

the food is not at all cooked properly. not tasty..bad.



If you're not hungry, this is the place

This place is not for the foodies for sure. Though, you get some fine juices and light snacks to enjoy the view from level 9 of the building. One of the best places to spend the winter evenings. Make sure you give it a visit.


No place for food

Level 9's lame management and horrible food is only saved by its very well placed location. If it was not on the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in the area, their business would've shut down long ago. I heard that there was some change in management, but the chaos i saw there last night was nowhere near the term 'manageable'.
Only thing worth mentioning that after roaming around for 5 minutes, i was able to find a seat facing towards the city,

Dont go there if you're looking to eat.


Food not important, but place for sure.

Its a great place to view city from, its an open terrace, you can have great time with your date and also friends, the best time to visit is in evenings and specially in winters, the great thing what you will get is salads and coffee rest all is disappointing in big time.

I will suggest you to give a shot for lovely atmosphere with a person you love.



Horrible Food .... but excellent View

A restaurant should ideally be known for its food ...
Here the food is BAD... cleanliness goes in for a toss... Sitting arrangement is pathetic...
All said.. n done.. one- off visit is worth only for the beautiful view it offers...


ayirp87 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2008


worst food..but awesm view...

to start with..The food out here is way too bad...But the view is awesome..have been here couple of times..just for the serene view...

So my take on this a strict No-No for all the foodoholics!!!