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> > > > Cafe Mocambo Grille

Cafe Mocambo Grille

KondhwaRest of Pune  

  • 02060509091, 09820027102
  • Shop No 1, Rahul Residency, Salunke Vihar Road, Kondhwa, Pune
  • European
  • Meal for 2 - 600

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Cafe Mocambo Grille Reviews

Give it a shot..

There was much delight in the news of a branch of Mumbai's Cafe Mocambo opening up in Pune. I've never been to the Mumbai outlet, but heard enough good reviews of the food there, especially the steaks and juicy burgers to make me head there within days of operations starting at their restaurant at Salunke Vihar Road.

The decor is way too simple; just four walls and tables and chairs strewn around though they were working on an indoor seating but that was going to take some time to get started. One hopes they'd paid a bit more attention to the decor of the alfresco dining area - maybe some wall-art or fancy lighting - to give it a more restaurant-y feel because the menu aims at a young clientele and they're not going to be impressed with this.

We started off with the Cracker Jack Prawns and Fondue. The prawns were nicely coated with breadcrumbs and fried to crispy perfection and served with a 'tangy dip' . The fondue disappointed with it's over-thickness and was too heavy for our liking. We'd asked for some extra bread to finish-off the fondue but that arrived after the fondue was over. Oh well!

For the mains, we decided on the Carpet Bag Steak, King Solomon's Steak, Con Funghi E Mia, CMG Classic Burger and Thai Fish Curry. The Carpet Bag Steak comes stuffed with three cheeses - parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar. The steak topped with mushroom sauce and served with accompaniments like mash and vegetables is quite delicious but I'd asked for a medium and the one I was served was cooked through. The King Solomon's Steak had better accompaniments like sauteed onions and mushrooms but we'd asked for the steak to be well-done and it was as chewy as leather. Also, we were served slices of tasteless salami instead of the sausages the menu promised. A restaurant can have the best accompaniments and sauces to go with their steaks, but if it's not cooked to specification, you've ruined your customer's meal. The Con Funghi E Mia, Mushroom and American Corn Risotto, was delicious with sweet crunch of the corn and flavours of basil and parmesan and I'd definitely love to try the Seafood Risotto on my next visit. Thai fish curry is totally avoidable because it has none of the flavours of a Thai curry; in fact this Thai Curry has tomatoes floating around. Go figure!. But the CMG Classic Burger was the biggest disappointment of the evening - it was dry and tasteless and no amount of tomato sauce could save this catastrophe.

Desserts were Choco-Brandy Cake and Kahlua Torte from the bakery 'Shockolaah' - weirdest spelling ever!, which is on their premises but I believe, separately operated. Both the cakes were very fresh, loaded with chocolate and potent with alcohol. Totally recommended.

Not just the food, even the service at CMG seemed strangely disjointed with the attendants even unaware of some of the dishes on the menu. These guys could surely do with some training.

I genuinely hope that these were teething troubles that most new restaurants go through because Pune really needs a restaurant serving good steaks and CMG, with some tweaking, could well be the answer.



worst food experience ever!!

I really don't think this place is eligible for even one star, as the experience we had was the worst ever!! When Mocambe opened its doors to salunke vihar, i was super glad because i had heard great stuff about the Mumbai branch and i couldn't wait to try their dishes.

The evening started off with only us being at the restaurant, withservers telling us to order up quickly, in bulk because they wanted to wrap for the day. so we ordered a couple of dishes like the CMG salad and Norwegian salmon.. the salad was the worst I've ever had as it looked liked the salad had been made way before its time and had been lying in the refrigerator for days.
If someone could really sabotage a good fillet of salmon, then it would definietly be this the fish was overcooked making its soft juicy flesh tough..and even the flavors did not feel right!!
I really fail to understand all the hype about cafe Mocambe grille. Upset, we simply went back home and comforted ourselves with a big good old bowl of maggi!!
A sheer waste of time and money!!


pnqguy - Burrp User


25 Reviews

August 30,2012


Not worth it..

Read the review on DNA and decided to visit with my son for dinner, however was totally let down...
The outside area was pleasant so we decided to seat ourselves, First impression : Waiters are not trained or have any knowledge regarding the dishes and the menu, they will smile courteously however lack training in serving and taking care of the guests.
Since there is only one Captain he has his limitations to look into customer service.
Presumed the owners do not live in Pune and are from Mumbai and have left the place unattended.
Many mosquitos in the open area with no repellent
Order goofed up, I had specified to add cheddar cheese in the burger however they garnished it with a pitiful amount of Amul cheese! Who puts Amul cheese in a beef steak burger??
The dishes are cheap and lack quality, taste and presentation.
Ordered french fries with cheesy sauce which was terrible! French fries were cold and not crisp, the cheese sauce tasted milky no cheese taste or anything close to that, Fries were not cooked properly and seemed stale.
Overall experience was bad. Will not visit in the future.


café mocambo grille - mocambo nakhush kiya!!

Having heard rave reviews about café mocambo grille of Mumbai, I was uber excited when this café was setup in Pune and that too nearby my home. On the dreadful day of 1st August, me and my sis made way to this restaurant to beat the news blues. To our astonishment, we found no guests seated in the restaurant which we did forego due to terror doing rounds.
Being a salad person our order comprised with CMG Chicken grilled salad which is supposedly their specialty, was quite unappealing due to stale looking lettuce. The only good thing in the salad was the herbed chicken which was present in abundance, rest were ignorable.
The Norwegian pink salmon flame grilled was coupled with a serving of tomato risotto and lemon caper cream again of which we weren’t a fan of. The grilled salmon was grilled to death, thus leaving it flavorless & chewy; the tomato risotto on the other hand was over tangy and had a foul smell to it & the lemon caper cream lost its charm due to its other losers.
The staff was least bothered about us and was worrying about winding up for the day.
Last but not the least, we left dissatisfied and called it a bad day and vowed never to visit again.



Phone No's dont exist

The phones keep ringing & nobody picks up. Whats the point...



Just visited the place today. The place was empty as we were the first. Tried the Chicken Fiero Supremo. Presentation and Taste was sad. Tried Pasta and Beef Carpet Bag. Both were below average. The potatoes and the gravy for Beef Carpet bag was nice, beef was large chunky but dry. Pasta was very creamy and very little of pasta but lot cubed chicken pieces. Overall just ordinary experience but prices are on the higher side. Service as also very slow, though not much crowd.


An experience to remember !!

On a recent visit to Pune I had a meal at Cafe Mocambo Grille. I bring back truly an awesome experience with me. Apart from the attentive service the food was outstanding. The hospitality, courtesy and warmth is among the best i have received. The most important aspect, the food tasted yummy and lipsmacking. Still can't get over the Fondue !! Awaiting for another opportunity to drop by Pune !!


Delicious food, Great presentation!

It's not every day that one comes across great places to eat, ones that instantly become a part of the select restaurants where you'd like to eat regularly. This is one such place.

Cafe Mocambo Grille is new to the area, but not new to food, since they are an official branch of the Mocambo cafe in Mumbai.

The food is delicious, and I really mean delicious! If you are a food lover, you'd understand it when I say that it satisfies the heart and stomach.

The portions and the dedication towards presentation cheer you up. It's priced to be affordable and it easily achieves it. It's a good 40-50% cheaper in prices compared to the better known names in Koregaon Park, without any reduction in quality. If anything it's only better I feel.

I strongly suggest you checking with the owner on what's special, I'm very certain you won't be disappointed. I had the Baked Garlic Prawns and they tasted amazing. The Baked seafood pasta and the Chicken Cordon Bleu which I had were equally delicious in taste. His steaks again are wonderful.

Oh and the mashed potatoes that go with the dishes, I've never tasted mashed potatoes this good.

This place definitely warrants a visit and then repeated ones later. The best European food I've tasted in India!



Food is absolutely amazing! Everything is insanely good!



Fantastic food for a great price!

Heard about this place from the twitter promotions they were doing.
It's nice and quiet, ideal for a date or to have a good time with friends.
I started with their signature Cracker Jack Prawns and they did not disappoint at all. Succulent prawns with a crispy coating, with an in-house sweet-spicy sauce. Next I tried their fish n chips, and their bangers n mash; both of which were pretty much the best I've eaten. The fish was tender with a light juicy flavour, and the sausages were absolutely melt-in-your-mouth!
Washed it down with a kiwi margherita, and trust me, always, always order that when you go there.Overall, the ambience was nice and peaceful, the staff is courteous and knows their stuff. Makes for a great evening. Go there if you want to eat good, authentic european food, (in very indian prices that too :P)


Great for vegetarians too!

A new entrant on the Salunke Vihar Road, Cafe Mocambo Grille is surely going to be one of the city's favourite spots in times to come.

Me and my friend wanted to visit a new spot last evening which would serve us both veg and non veg options & Cafe Mocambo Grille didnt disappoint at all.

After a long time I had one of the best Fondue in the city followed by an equally awesome pasta. The place is quite relaxed & enjoyable. A nice spot to even hang out with a gang of friends.

Its very affordable price range makes it even more possible to visit the place & the staff was pretty courteous & well informed.

Good experience...kudos!


Still can't get over the Banoffee Pie

You enter Mocambo Grille and manage to fall in love with it. So earthy and such warmth. A friend and I went there for dinner on a Thursday evening at around 8:30pm. We ordered the cracker jack prawns which were nice! A great mix of something tangy and absolutely relishing. Along with that we ordered the supreme fiero which was also a very different yet tasty portion.
For main course we ordered the CMG special lasagne, which was basically sauages & salami in a herbed cheese sauce. Verdict: YUM!
For desserts we ordered a slice of the banoffee pie and gooey chocolate and I think the banoffee was the best peice of dessert ive ever had. haha :P
The staff was very helpful and cordial, a rarity in Pune ;)
Im so gonna be a regular here! love it!


Mocambo - Soon to be the new buzz in town

Mocambo is one of those new restaurants that not many know of, but will not take any time in becoming a city favourite. Located on Salunke Vihar road, it's an outdoor restaurant that knows its stuff. My fiance and I ordered the Double Bubble Steak and it wouldn't be any exaggeration if I say that it was the best steak I've had in Pune. I've been to a lot of restaurants known for their steaks and grill, but I'm going to end my search here.
The staff is really courteous. it's quite easy on the pocket and the seating is quite comfortable. Although outdoors, it's got a good covering and is perfect for a summer evening. My next visit, I'm going to try some Risotto - it's supposed to be another city best!