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> > > Ccasanova


Kalyani Nagar  

  • 26608888, 26608870
  • 201/205, Fortleza, Vitoria II, Kalyani Nagar, Yerwada, Pune
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Ccasanova Reviews

bmayur10 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 17,2012



For me the Ambience is so wonderful beyond words for me to describe! Relishable - one word only i can say for food which me and my family tasted. We since then have been visiting frequent to the place. Interior is really an eye catcher. Due to curiosity, I visited in to the kitchen and found the place very neat and tidy. Staff and service was too good compare to price in mega city. keep it up and maintain the same all the time. Food is great Pizzas are my favourite :D :D


abhikher - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 30,2012


Worst place to eat out in Pune.

On Sunday (29 Jan 2012) I went to Ccasanova in Kalyani Nagar with my family and parents. We had opted for the buffet lunch. When we asked for starters, there were only 2.

The Veg starter was papad (which the hotel staff call as a starter) and non-veg starter was under-cooked cold chicken. There was only 1 soup and that too veg. The soup had a taste of crushed tomatoes with bucket full of sugar.

The main course was average and there were flies all over the food. The roti was also cold.

When we inquired if the pastry was with egg or without egg, none of the staff could reply accurately. Some were telling with egg and some were telling without egg.

The staff was also not able to understand the simple english language.

I sincerely recommend people NOT TO VISIT THIS PLACE ANYTIME. The worst place to have meals in Pune is Ccasanova restaurant.



The worst place that I have ever been to!

I didn't believe in miracles till the time the staff at Casanova told me that this place is running for the last three years! This is indeed a miracle considering the rowdy ambiance, pathetic service, sub-standard food quality and exorbitant price. The starters arrive one after the another with a gap of 15 minutes between two starters. The waiters insist on ordering for us and the food takes forever to arrive on the table. Rowdy people shout and make a ruckus in a supposedly 'Fine Dining' restaurant. This also explains why the place was practically empty on a Saturday night. This was my worst dining experience ever. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!



Most horrible place!

Okay here is the deal - we are a group of 20 people and plan an official team party at this joint. We reach the place at 7pm and the AC is off - the place is like an oven. After telling them multiple times they finally switch on a couple of desert coolers and tell us that ACs are on and will take time to cool the place. The snacks arrive after waiting for 45 minutes (this is after we are all waiting since 7pm and it was a pre-decided menu with snacks/main course and budget). For the beer, the waiters tell us that they have only a single brand and a strong one.
Even after 45 minutes the place is like an oven. Finally after calling up the Manager multiple times, he turns up with an attitude that befitting of a 5 star hotel. Initially he tells us that AC is on and if you have problems then just leave! Later on he did admit that the AC is not working since noon but he wouldnt give any decent discount for that. On top of that he started fighting with our Manager and team members..

Personally I wouldnt throw a penny at this place but for the sake of reviews and because I noticed this shitty place has a BURRP certificate!! For gods sake what was Burrp thinking??

Ambience - 1/5
Service - 0/5 (they'd rather get themselves a job at some bus/train booking windows - it should suit their attitudes!)
Worth for money - 0/5 (Like I said not worth a penny)


Bad Experience

Yesterday went for weekend booz..
But to be surprised it was not worth place to spend.
Staff is dad of laziness...
Ambience is not good.

Food is costly and not worth to spend on iit.

My suggestion is not to visit this stupid place,..



Pathetic Service, Sub standard ambience, High Pric

I had gone to Ccasanova a week back with my family. We had opted for buffet. I must admit that the staff was absolutely lazy. To get their attention, one had to bang his/her cutlery. If that is not enough, one has to shout across the restaurent. After receiving such treatment, we were suprised to not even hear a single sorry from them! Flies are seen in abundance in Ccasanova. As far as the quality of food goes, it was sub standard. I have been to Ccasanova several times, but it was always during night where one does not have the opportunity to look at the cheap decorations & sub std ambience which is hidden in the dim light in night.
Staff: Inactive
Flies: Active
Food: Ok
Price: Exceptional
Ambience: Sub std
In spite of adding an extra 'C' in Ccasanova, no changes have been seen.


Lousy Booze, Lousy Service, Over Priced

Visited their terrace unit last night, ordered a bacardi, they served us some weird alcohol, Called the waiter and complained about the drink, he without checking / smelling what was served insisted that it was bacardi. we were two drinkers there who have been drinking bacardi for more than 10 years now. When i asked for the manager, No one turned up. I didnt touch the drink, and told the waiter to take it away (they charged and I paid), really lousy service and be careful of the booze,You will get mixed stuff. Food was ok but overpriced. NOT WORTH VISITNG AGAIN.


manu  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 30,2009


gr8 ambience

the biggest plus point of this place is that it remains open till 0030,whereas the other places in kp closes down sharp at the music is gr8(sme of the latest by black eyed peas nd sme gud hindi no:s even ).ambience is good. but going nd havin a drink here is gonna make a hole in your pocket guys.the entry charge alone is 500 bucks..a pint beer cost u 100 nd dont forgt the 25% vat on it so that makes a125 total.hookas worth 350..nd the food was so damn expensive that we could not even afford 2 luk at.the crowd was nt tat gr8 even on a sun overall if u got sme xtra bucks 2 spend around u may try it..



Really worth the deal

This one's for those who dont mind shelling out a lil extra money for the OHS.....but otherwise the food's great, ambience awesome....quantity-wise they are not so generous but quality wise a big Yes!!!....


Try the Pizzas

The thin crust pizzas here are truly superb, and remind one of the kinds that are in Italy. Not to miss!


partyguy7 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 07,2009


Disastrous New Year @ Casanova,Kalyani Nagar,Pune

'Casanova'-The fine dining restaurant and lounge in Kalyani Nagar gave a perfect dose of hospitality to its guests on new year eve when its bar staff ,led by the main protaganist 'Asif' mobilized a mob of waiters and hotel staff and chased away guests after a verbal confrontation.

A dance party had been organized at the venue in which customers were promised unlimited food and drinks till 1.30 a.m. Around midnight a verbal brawl took place between the bar staff and some customers which resulted in the bar manager, Asif announcing to them that they wont be served any more liquor, whereas liquor continued to flow for all others.In Asif's polite words, "main bar ka head hoon,dekhta hoon tum logon ko kaise koi drinks serve karta hai". Some time later, a girl who was in the group that was confronted by the bar staff, was pushed by a bar staff member. When some police staff arrived at venue to close curtains to the party, they were guided directly to the table of the group which was confronted by the bar staff making unknown accusations .Take that for one of the finest example of hospitality from one of the so called finest dining place in pune.

Soon the premises was vacated by police and the police staff left.In the meantime the restaurant bar staff and waiters (most of them in an intoxicated state) under the leadership of Asif and another staff member Mukesh, accompanied by casanova's guards armed with lathis, united and charged towards the guests who were either waiting for autorickshaws or were about to leave in their vehicles. Some guests were manhandled by the armed mob of 20-25, and were let off by the mob only when a police van came in sight .No action has yet been taken by Casanova's management against the miscreants. The incident raises serious concerns about the schlocky quality of staff recruited even by such high profile restaurants and pubs during festivities.



CASANOVA.......myyyy ohhh myyy....!!!

If you are thinking of this place for a special occasion as I did based on the great reviews I read here about it.......think again.......ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE......maybe I have a keen eye for detail and service when I go to a place...or plain picky.....but again that’s for you to decide after you finish reading my experience.
I arranged to take my girlfriend to this place since it was her birthday.....I called the place up and sure enough they made the arrangements that are mentioned in the previous reviews.........the rose petals on the table, the bouquet and the addition I also asked for a cake to be ordered for the occasion. The person on the phone was more keen on letting me know the price rather then understanding my requirement which was simple....a small cake since it was just the two of us. Moving on I had asked them to serve chilled white wine when we arrived at the table.........they could have offered the best or one of the best.......and according to their taste........SULA was the best wine they could serve for the figure...!!!
Moving on......two minutes into our experience at the table the Manager is right there breathing down my neck for Starters.........I don’t know but the staff out there have some fetish for starters.....even after telling them repeatedly they kept coming back every 10-15 min to ask for starters .......and it was just around 9ish so it wasn’t even the kitchen closing down in a few minutes or something.
Moving on.........remember the bouquet and cake that I ordered..........I had asked them to get carnations since my girl doesn’t like roses and I specifically mentioned RED...... they got the flowers alright but every color except red....and I had to walk up to them to remind them that the bouquet was meant to be given to someone.......and I get the dumb response from the so called Manager........." Sir you want to bouquet to be given now...!!!"........well I am sorry I should have specifically informed them what time the bouquet needs to be give.........that is.....after the place closes down and everybody has gone home so that it would be extra special............and then I get their favorite question again........"Sir you want to order the starters after the bouquet is given....??".....FAIR WARNING: Make sure you order your starters while you are booking the table on the phone....or else you have hell to pay......
After the starters were ordered ..........I had to go through the same ordeal all over again for the main course......
In the end the damages were Rs.3000/- for two starters, two glasses for SULA wine [Rs.700/-], a large shot of Scotch, Main course....Paneer Gravy [must say was very nice] with 3 rotis. I don’t mind the prices that I pay as long as the service and the experience is up to your expectations.
In the end my girl who was totally unaware of my frustration with the staff asked me if she could take one of the candles on the table just for memory of the day and I thought it shouldn’t be a problem as I wasn’t asking for a piece of their decor for which they would refuse.......ekkkkkk WRONG ANSWER........I was refused point blank......remember I had paid for the special arrangements including the candles ......that was the lowest point of my experience .......since it was my girl's special day I had to get it for I decided to pay for it if that’s what I needed to do to get that I asked him the price of the candle and shamelessly [quickly off course] the manager figured out an amount and quoted Rs.200/- for it.......which I paid.....don’t forget.......the Rs.3000/- bill I ran up.......all in was a great eye opener. I don’t know about others but for sure I am not going to be visiting this place again. Usually, when a new place opens up I make sure I pay a visit to the place as I come to know about it...........and I always wondered why I didn’t manage to go to this place called 'CASANOVA' yet.........I guess it was my 6th sense........and it didn’t disappoint me on this occasion.


S A - Burrp User

S A, --

17 Reviews

December 05,2008


Food, ambience, service... excellent!

After reading +ve review here on burrp, I booked at ccasanova for my 1st anniversary dinner.
I contacted the restaurant to arranged for candle lit dinner and must say the arrangement was perfect.
As such the ambience of the restaurant is superb, they arrange our table with flower petals along with some candles. On arrival, they presented my wife with a bouquet. The service and food quality was commendable as well. The bill was around Rs 1300 which I think was fair-enough for the overall quality. A 5-start rating.....


neerjacob - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 23,2008


Casanova Sucks

I follow up with the casonova guys for 1 month as we have a party with our top clients. 1 week later they get back to me and say that they wouldnt be able to give me the place that I booked because there were other people who were interested and that they were 100 people and we were 40 people. So guys beware Casanova cannot be trusted.. I am still on a look out for a restuarant.. If you guys can help. Kindly suggest a good place. Prefer not going to casanova anymore.


nibodhat - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 20,2008


Your search for a thin crust pizza ends here!

The place has amazing Italian food on offer. Everthing from soup to dessert was a pleasure to savour. The portions are huge - keep in mind while ordering. The ambience complements the entire experience. Absolutely fantabulous!


srikiran - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 17,2008


Absolutely amazing!

With the intention of setting up a romantic candle-lit dinner on our anniversary, I contacted the restaurant and had everything set up in a manner of minutes. Kudos to the manager! We were led to a secluded table, with rose petals strewn over it and then offered a complimentary welcome drink. A bouquet was then presented to my wife. We chose to order a la carte. The wine was awesome as was the meal. They capped the evening with yummy chocolate cake! A full 5 star rating for the service, the cuisine and the ambience! I plan to try the buffet lunch soon!


The best italian set meal{lunch} in town

Two consecutive visits have re affirmed that this is d place to be to have a hearty lunch[set meal-plated] for Rs.299/- all inclusive which includes a soft drink, a soup or salad, pasta or pizza & a dessert[apple pie or honey walnut tart]. More than you can ever eat. The chicken salad with sun dried pickled aubergine and pine nuts was enough to be a meal by itself. My fav dish over here. Veggies can chose from a minestone soup & greek salad. The pastas are spagetti bolognaise or pasta in red sauce. The pizzas are thin crust....8 slices per person. The portions are so huge that u feel guilty wasting all that good food...never mind, we got d pizza packed...too good to leave behind esp d veggie one. The chicken pizza was just pieces of chicken sprinkled on top....didn't look or taste as good as d veggie one.
They are going in for a revamp this month end....introducing different cuisines...lets see how it works out.
I'll be there.