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Coffee Jar

WanowrieRest of Pune    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


11 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Coffee Jar Reviews

Nice place

Had been there for my club's coffee morning...very nice sandwiches and cakes..good coffee and great the location as well..


No Home delivery??

wish u guys would start home deliveries... I like ur stuff... I'm sure it would taste even better while sitting on my couch!!



Happening place..

Good Flavored Mocha's .. and even the Tandakchinoes if you like them cold..
My favorite here are the various flavored Cheese Cakes and the banana walnut cake .
the crowd is young and mostly foreigners come in big groups.. its a great place to catch up with friends while you can smoke too..


TheChitta - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 21,2011


Simply Awesome Ice Tea

The new 'Ram'ware Ice Tea is the new flavor on the menu. It's very refreshing and simply awesome... Tried that last saturday...



best tea and bakes

This place serves one of the best tea and coffee, hazelnut mocha or an Assam tea. the service style is casual yet so very easy and clean. The bakes is another story : some of the best variety in tea-cakes - I think they need to pen a full-fledged bakery in Poona. The variety in bakes is awesome - you have to see this! The blue-berry chocolate cake will leave an indelible memory on your palate for a very very long time. The other varieties like the banana , orange cakes, the coconut and walnut topped and many other very interesting combination cakes are a delight. here , you need to come regularly for days and days and go thru every cake variety they have - each one will be worth the visit.
A suggestion : those wonderful cakes need a better showcase - they are too much below eye-level and difficult to see all great choicer you have there. - could you move the display a bit higher?
The location and atmosphere is very congenial and relaxing. The place has a very casual feel about it and seems to have a large hang-out of a 18's to 30's patronage.


EggMeister - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 17,2010


Great place to get some coffee

Went there last evening. The staff was friendly and the Hazelnut Mocha was excellent! Will definitely be coming back here. Probably a lot!



The awesomeness..

There is "expected", "beyond expectations" and then there is "awesomeness". Coffee Jar shot through the clouds at "beyond expectations" and is nesting on the moon of "awesomeness".

There was a time when I didn't believe that Pune was capable of churning out a good cafe, but I was stopped in my tracks, taken by hand, led to a table at Jar and served a cup of coffee. You know that scenario, in cartoons, when a character falls in love, and suddenly there are colours and rockets shooting and fireworks. Well, that is how my three year long affiliation with jar began.
I like to look at it this way, friends have come and gone, so many things have happened, but Jar has been a constant factor with its great coffee, great service and good times.

Recommended :
Try the coffee jar, the "Ram"ware ice tea, the brownies, the choco walnut pie, and the vegetable burger....


A Good Coffee Shop After A long TIME

CCD/Barista has some serious competition infact a 'Winner'...I would say...amazing coffees, fresh sandwiches and a good place to relax and rewind once you sit inside.....lot of college crowd normally sit outside but sitting inside is peaceful with good music and aromas of freshly brewing coffee....its an experience in itself.


Best coffee in pune..

Their coffees are excellent...jst how it should be...authentic in taste...pretty americanized...u shud try their tandakchino...its their cakes,,,try the banana walnut...they used to make the Pumpkin walnut too but ask them not to heat up any cakes cos it gets dry..., but they have stopped...their sandwiches are are not so good, its okie dokie....on the whole a cool place to hang out.. crowded most of the time...but u will always get a place to sit...


infinite warmth

Coffee, Sandwiches, Pastries....essential things to survive; especially when away from home.....

This is one place that provided me the much-needed solace to read and carry my work away from office in a cosier ambience! Apart from catching up with friends i.e.

This coffee shop has taken its sweet time ensuring a patronage, but they have the birds flocking in numbers now, I believe.

They have a limited range of sandwiches, yet they are the best and one of the more unique ones that I have ever come across.
1) zesty chicken sandwich (chicken with tomatoes, when by zesty they mean tangy or kinda salty.....very very yummy!!)
2) chicken tikka (not one of the best, a tad dry)
3) italian paneer (paneer bhurji, but a sweeter variant of its Indian counterpart)
4) Veg arabi sandwich (whoever thought of putting this lesser known vegetable in a sandwich is a genius)

They call their cold coffees tandackccinos. The hot coffee comes in a fairly oversized cup, hot and piping and strong or mild (as u like it). They serve pots of coffee and teas too.

Nicely decorated cups and plates, neatly served food and coffee give that extra finesse needed to feel as if you are indeed treated.

The biggest asset is their pricing. The sandwiches (toasted) come twice in portion (i.e. they serve two sandwiches in a portion!!! - how cool is that??) for Rs. 30 a portion for non veg and Rs. 25 a portion for veg, Coffee at Rs. 30/- only too. Tandackccinos at Rs. 35/- onwards.

They do their own small chocolates with different flavours and pastries too. Their culinary delights also stretch to croissants, bagels, cookies, easter eggs and a lot of trivial things like a seven layered bar, cheese cakes etc.

Essentially, my perception: good coffee + great sandwiches + friendly service = perfect recipe for a winner coffee shop



decent place, ok coffee

Coffee Jar could be MUCH better if they had
- air conditioning
- better coffee
- more space

Ask the barista for a board game (best kept secret) for some fun alongside your coffee - my favorite is an African pebbles game called "Macala".

Cold coffees (Thandak-chillos) starting at Rs 35/- for the most basic latté. Ok flavors and addons. Decent lemon cake.