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> > > Courtyard By Marriott Pune, City Centre

Courtyard By Marriott Pune, City Centre

Bund Garden Road  


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Courtyard By Marriott Pune, City Centre Reviews

Served Non Veg Soup When I Had Ordered For Veg Soup

Stay at this hotel was very comfortable and nice. But if you are thinking of ordering the food in your room please ‘BEWARE’ because I had a very bad experience here. I am a pure vegetarian and they served me non veg soup when I had ordered veg sweet corn soup, they delivered chicken corn soup. When I complained about this, as usual, they answer me, ‘my apology madam. I can send you desserts or anything you want’. But was that the right solution? Next day they offered me some pastries. But these pastries cannot erase that bad experience from my mind.
This was not the first experience. In my earlier stay, I had order paneer tikka masala. No one believes, hotels like this also served stale food. Yes, that paneer was not fresh. I think it was expired. This time also they send some sweets and finished the matter.
They should have learned from both the experiences. We are paying for quality. We trust on them, it doesn't mean they will make mistakes and patch up with some complementary pastries or desserts. Definitely we are not expecting these kinds of services from the hotels like Marriott. Even small restaurants take care of their quality and services and this is a leading, international brand. I am very disappointed.



Not worth the name Marriot

Been here for lunch buffet with my office group. Its Marriot so as expected the seating and ambiance was good.
We had chosen for buffet as half of us were vegetarian people so wanted everyone to enjoy their food.
Non-vegetarians had a good choice of chicken tandoor, mutton pieces and beef. The vegan guys only had an option of corn tikki and assorted salads. Pumpkin soup was bland.
Chicken clear soup was too clear. It didn’t even have any taste of chicken. Just warm water. Disappointing.

Main course non-vegetarians had a choice of chicken and mutton dishes. But that was it. ‘Chicken Dhaba’ was chicken serving with bones. Not good. Seriously, chicken made at a dhaba actually tastes much better. Other was Mutton kheema. Much to my astonishment kheema was just mutton pieces. I have always seen kheema as finely chopped or grated mutton, but no, this was not it. When I pointed this to the chef he coldly replied “that’s how we make it”. Well in that case name if differently. Taste was good though.
Vegetarians had option of Flower Masala and Dry Aloo. We were 8 of us and still none of them liked it.

One annoying part was once we took the main course servings and settled at our tables, we waited full 10mins till rotis arrived. That too just one basket! We were 8 and basket didn’t even have 8 rotis. The next basket came again 10mins later, by that time most of them had eaten their food without roti. Few of us moved on to Rice and Dal. The waiter didn’t even apologize for the delay.
There was no rush either. Only 3 tables had customers! Guess 20 people in total.
Marriot management has to really work on their courtesies.

Deserts were good. The only part of meal which everyone loved.
Chocolate pudding, pastries, chocolate fudge, dahi wada (was actually surprised to find this in desert section), fruits and Gulab Jamun.

Overall an OK experience. Not worth the price of 700
I have been to Hinjewadi Courtyard Marriot and food there is so much better. Also the service. This one still has miles to go before it earns any praise.



Average weekend lunch buffet

The buffet had a nice variety of food. Variety of fresh juices and mocktails for the buffet should be improved. Starters were good and raised the expectations. Though main course as well as pizzas were disappointing. Desserts again had a nice variety, though many of them lacked texture and lightness that is expected from the desserts. Overall it was an average experience and a lot of scope for improvements.



Need to Improve

Been there this Sat. and was a little dissapointed.

The food is ok, not too much variety, but the service is too poor.

There was only one waiter for about 20 of us and was very irritating asking for water - rotis and other things.

Even the drink menu is too limited.


foodshree - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 02,2011


License issues for liquor

We went there a few weeks back for buffet dinner at the 24hr cafe. When requested for the liquor menu, were told that they have some daily license thingy which was expesnvie, only specific items on the menu could be requested. Which ones? so this guy pulls out a chit for his pocket with the list of items available. yaar, you are a 5-start hotel not the neighbourhood restaurant. Frustrating. Rather weird - making a case about daily expensive license to your guest. So I think it wasnt that it couldn't be served, it was about saving license fee or something (I dont even want to know!). I am here for an experience and service. Not just to hog.

Just so that my review is complete - Food is good, but the place is little crampy. We were about 6 people and seating on the longer table with sofa seats. It was closed on one end, so people sitting inside had to pass their plates to the staff to clear. And just watch your step in the buffet area so as to not bump into anyone.

For Marriott fans - I'd always go to the Marriott SB road, none of the above issues there.