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> > > > Delhi Kitchen

Delhi Kitchen

AundhRest of Pune  

  • 02025897725
  • Shop No. 1 & 2, Nirmal Apartment, Park Avenue, D P Road, Kotbagi Hospital Lane, Aundh, Pune
  • Indian, North Indian, Tandoori
  • Meal for 2 - 400

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Delhi Kitchen Reviews






Great Food, Great Service

I am a regular visitor at this establishment and have always loved the food. So when I had to host a party at my place, their catering was the default choice. They served excellent food, great service at my place. Highly recommended.


Anand Gune - Burrp User

Anand Gune

1 Reviews

December 06,2013






Dilli Wala Khana

Delhi Kitchen is one place I have been going frequently with my family since the day they started. To me they are the only ones who offer you authentic "Dilli wala Khana" in a homely atmosphere in Pune. The taste of their tandoori items are heavenly and delicious. Their subzis and pulaos are also very delicious. Their cheese balls and mushrooms coated in cheese are simply unparalleled. In fact I recommend DK to every friend of mine and take all of my out station friends for a DK lunch. The new restaurant is a good addition and the decor certainly takes you to Dilli and with the food to go along, DK deserves a special place in our hearts.


Misguided or high headed, either way its going down

I have been a strong advocate of Delhi kitchen for the past 3 years when quality and quantity was top notch for an eatery.

The prices were very well balanced with portions. Of late they seem to have been misguided or are living under the impression that if you increase the prices and push quality under the mat, folks wont realize it. Unfortunately for them that isn't the case. this review is based on the last 3 times I had ordered for takeaway from them.

Every time i told myself - just one more chance but now I have run out of patience.

Dal makhni used to be my fav at Delhi Kitchen. It used to nice creamy, thick and well made. now its watery , doesn't look like its slow cooked and is a joke. last night i ordered for butter paneer and 4 naans. Damn the naans looked like they were not even cooked well. it was chewey , no butter at all and for sure the dough was not fresh.

The Paneer dish had exactly 7 cubes in a watery all purpose base gravy.

This was the last time i will ever order from them. They used to be good. now they are just surviving on past laurels....should be shutdown.


Value for Money

I have been going to DK for a year now. Its everything it says it is. Its not a flashy place. its jut good food . prompt service and a very very small hole in your pocket,. If you are a single guy/girl looking for some good food at cheap rates this is the place to try.

a typical dal makhni and 2 nans will cost you ( 80+32 ) and this is a steal at any time. And mind you, for moderate eaters, its sufficient for 2 !


koolblue - Burrp User


8 Reviews

January 28,2011


Nice taste..worth the price..

This is an ideal for the office guys/ or for college students..looking for good taste .on tongue and on their pockets...We had ordered Chicken masala, Butter chicken, Egg biryani and Mutton kheema...won't say the best..but at good taste..served with hot phulkas...ll keep checking this place out with my work and then...


shax55 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 20,2010


Value for money..

This is quintessentially a bachelors paradise when it comes to the pricing..

Delhi Kitchen is located rnd 30 meters ahead of Kotbagi hospital along the same road. It is a small place (hardly 5 tables outside, and 5 inside) and is not particularly commendable for ambiance.

If you have 75 bucks in your pocket and want to have pretty tasty non veg food, this is the place to come to..

This is mainly a take away joint and not recommended for couples who are looking for a calm quiet dinner.

Food -- 3.5/5
Service -- 3/5
Ambiance -- 2/5
Value for money -- 4.5/5



Decent Dal Makhani

This joint serves the best dal makhani i have had in Pune so far. The non-veg dishes are decent as well. Value for money place.


Yummy !

Last weekend we had a small get together party at my place were we ordered Butter chicken, kheema and paneer masala, all were delicious and tasty. Good food and lots of take away food items to munch on.

Best to order is Kheema with Roti. Try once and start licking your fingers.