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> > > > Durvankur


Sadashiv PethOld Pune City  

  • 02024474438, 02024467067
  • 1166, Hatti Ganapati Chowk, Tilak Road, Near Sahitya Parishad, Sadashiv Peth, Pune
  • Maharashtrian
  • Meal for 2 - 450

17 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Durvankur Reviews






Too Poor Service and Arrogant People

Went today with family for a traditional thali and choose this restaurant, but as we went inside and sat on the allotted table, the staff was arrogant & so confused in serving us the food that even after repeated request, they were not bothered to act on the same and were continued to be arrogant.

After a while it was unbearable service thus had to report the issue to the management, but to our surprise the management was even more arrogant and didn't cared about their customers, had no sense of talking with ladies when we reported an issue with the food.

Will never recommend anyone to visit this arrogant-full restaurant whose management don't even have a courtesy to listen to customer's complaints, an arrogant behavior towards the customers (even ladies) is their specialty!!

Food was not well cooked as well! no proper service, no taste at all!

Fully Disappointed with such an old Restaurant, whom we(Puneris) used to be Proud of once!!!



Don't Even Think About It !!!!!

Didn't enjoy the meal here. One of the most pathetic restaurants. One would find better staff at a roadside restaurant than here. The worst staff ever!!!!


Not Good, Its Just Ok

If you are from MP, Rajasthan or some better state in terms of eating habits, you won't like it. Just ok and not worth a visit with family. No taste at all. Coconut oil on rotis , sabjis are just tasteless. Waste of money.



Awesome food quality and good service. specially the Aamras. Also you will get 20 rs discount on each thali if food is not left in plate.


priapadwal - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 18,2012


Perfect place for gluttony.

If you are a big fan of Maharashtrian Food, Durvankur Dining hall is the place to be. It carries forward the legacy of dining halls in Pune with a great success.
Have been to this place quite a number of times and it didnt even once disappoint me or my taste buds. Quality Food, Reasonable prices and that too unlimited...What more does a glutton want??

Its ras-malai, rabdi, khandvi, aamras are to die for and so is masale bhaat, batata bhaaji, bhaji etc. Service is ace and it is forever crowded on weekends.

However due to the unlimited thali and dining hall system it is the place to hang out with your buddies or ur boyfriend/girlfrnd/spouse only if food is only on your mind. Privacy is ziltch here so come only when you have to indulge in great food.

A perfect place for gluttony at reasonable prices :)))



Average place for Maharashtrian thali

Went to Durvankur for lunch on a weekend and many of the items were good, though overall I wouldn't give it the best rating. The items that were great was khandvi and thalipeeth. Items below average were ras malai where the ras was very watery, the amarkhand clearly had a synthetic flavoring. The 2 sabjis, one was tondli and tomato and the other peas and cauliflower, were too spicy and my eyes were watering. Probably it's better for people who can handle more spicy food. Also it's a no frill ambiance in case people want an experience and atmosphere. Overall I would give it an average rating.


The Best Maharashtrian Thali

It is a place frequently visited by me n family, the food is finger lickin good, being in pune for last 22 years, i am a pukka puneri, n wud always want a pukka maharashtrian lunch. Durvankur lives upto all my expectations. AAmras, jalebi, puranpoli, ukdiche modak, varan bhaat, batata bhaji............. amazing, quick service, big space no hush hush, good staff, n unlimited food is always served hot n garnished with desi ghee n coconut, hygiene standards are maintained at all times. Value for money truly:)


chitan2007 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 20,2011


If you are looking for FOOD and not GOSSIP

Durvankur is a nice place.
Price :- 150/-
Food :- Unlimited Thali (rotis -2 kinds, sabji - 3 , sweet and lot of more. 10 different dishes)
The service is also top class. Though, you would get bluter english speakers.
If you are a glutton, every penny of yours is valued..
You get a wide collection of a Maharashtrain good.
If you are going out with our girl friend, this is strongly not advised, but with friends awesome.



party center

durvankur was the spot for birthday parties for our group....i have eaten here many times...but still remember for the birthday parties i have enjoyed here....a great place...wonderful food andLOTS OF GR8 FOOD.......we would keep eating the dahiwadas as if we were in a contest....also in the summer the aamras unlimited was great.....never tried the sweets served as extra didnt need to after the GRAND favourate thali space......ROYAL IS THE ONLY WORD


Decent place to have authentic Maharashtrian Food

I had been to Pune to meet a friend and went to Durvankur's for lunch. At first look i felt i have come to someones wedding... but after what I tasted.. i was gastronomically delighted at what I was served. The humble & generous waiters were more than welcoming and were serving food till your plate was not full (even after that they did). The quality of food was really good and that too at a decent price (Rs.160/- per person). I would recommend Durvankur Dining Hall for trying authentic Maharashtrian food in Pune. FYI, if you happen to go there during the mango season you will be treated with unlimited Aamras.



Best Thali

To be honest I didnt expect something outstanding!!! So we reached the place, looking at the place and ambience I thought its another run of the mill "thali" restaurant...but boy was i surprised by the food...Yes of course. Once they start serving'll forget about the ambience/people sitting next to you!!
The food is just outstanding. The menu is fixed and believe me its big!! I dont even remember what I had but whatever I had was simply amazing!!



The BEST !! ...


I have been introduced to this Wonderful , BEST place by my house owner couple of years back.

From that point, its been blessing for my Guests , ME too...

I mean, BEST quality, BEST price everything !! Common person can also afford
enjoyment of taking whole family out !..

God Bless them with Lots of wishes from widespread Happy,Satisfied Customers !


firasta - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 16,2009


Best Thali in Pune

I was a bit hesitant to have Thali, due to previous bad experiences. But, Durvankur turned out to be a nice surprise. It serves a meal full of varieties. 2/3 vegetables, Chapati, Dahi Vada, Bhakari, Thalipeeth, Curd, Papad, Pickles, Koshimbir and what not. In this wholesome Thali you surely find some favorite items and eat to your satisfaction.

After trying at almost all Thali Hotels in Pune, I vote for Durvankur as Pune's best Thali. Cost is also moderate at Rs. 120.

My Advice : Don't miss Thali in Summer. Durvankur serves unlimited Mango Ras ( Ambyacha Ras ). You can leave everything else intact and feast only on Ras and Poli. The quality of Ras is also very good. It is really a treat. Enjoy to your hearts content.


abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

October 23,2009


5 Stars say it all :)...

During my visit to pune last time I wanted to try out some authentic Maharahtrian food. So as suggested by wifey we went to Durvankur. To be honest I didnt expect something outstanding!!! So we reached the place, looking at the place and ambience I thought its another run of the mill "thali" restaurant...but boy was i surprised by the food...Yes of course. Once they start serving'll forget about the ambience/people sitting next to you!!
The food is just outstanding. The menu is fixed and believe me its big!! I dont even remember what I had but whatever I had was simply amazing!! That lucky day they had some kind of sweet made from Fig!! I dont think I have ever eaten anything more tasty than that!! All this for around Rs.110.
This place will be a must visit whenever I am in Pune. Thanks wifey for the suggestion :).

PS:- "This is a must visit" restaurant.


durvankur @1300hrs !!!!!!!!

It was 2100hrs 17 Oct , i was watching Manchester united vs fullham suddenly phone rings , hello, yes auntie how are you ? Its been a quite long ! good to hear your voice again , how is that ? my mom interrupts ! , now that you are here lets celebrate this Diwali together meet us @ durvankur ok ? ya bye !!!

As i entered into durvankur i saw a long Que waiting to get a seats , may be we should go somewhere else the thought crossed my mind !!! but my mum forced me to be patient. But mum don't you see this place is crowded ,even though my mum had some memories ,or lets just say very good memories that belongs to this place, said OK ! after 30min we got our seats , i saw a man who was requesting us to take the seats !

as soon as we sat they started serving us our plate was full in no time ! so many delicious dishes waiting ! said ok lets just start , there was poli, potato subji , fruit ice-cream that may sound weird to you but it tastes even better,then there was dahi-vada , jilebi, pulav and thats just for 110 rs unlimited !!!!!!!

As my mum used to be here with her dad i think it was fun time with my mum , my auntie , omkar my cousin it totally rocks ! !!!!!!!!!!


Be there to get the flavour of Pune

This is the place every Sat or Sun day to be. Maharashtian thali is grt . They serve unlimited sweetdish which is grt for thali system. Their quality of food is always the best . In May there is Amba mohotsav ( Mango Celebration) in this period they serve amras everyday unlimited . That is great time to be there . This place has huge crowd specialy maharastrian.

Be there if you want fill the flavour of pune.


Best Maharashtrian Thali

Couldn't believe that people haven't taken any effort to write review about this wonderful thali! Haa..anyways it gives me a pleasure to be a pioneer in this regards! Thanks Punekars! I would say situated in the heart of city this may probably offer the best combination of traditional marathi food compared to its nearby counterparts (e.g. Rasoi etc.) Nice to have array of starters...papads, thalipeeth, bhaji (read PAKODA) and sharp chutnies to accompny with! Main course offering has been generous always...2-3 bhaji (Read SABZI), dal and koshimbir (a simple raita of cucumber and ground peanuts) They do offer chapatis as well as puris as bread of choice.I would recommend to gung ho over puris with suki batatyachi bhaji! Must not forget the yummy dahiwadas they offer...i can eat as much they serve...very fluffy accompanied by sweet curd! Sweet dishes are available at diner's discretion on weekdays while on Sunday they offer a double whammy like SAJUK TUPATLI JILEBI and ANJEER RABADI...well it keeps on changing every weekend..but i guess jilebi is a permanent member! Service is very prompt. However, there is always huge crowd on holidays and weekends, so try to be patient and make your guts secret more juices before you attack the food! Ambience is OK since lots of noise and no AC! But i would recommend you to concentrate on food than surroundings!
OK there is a mistake in the payment methods described above - Please note that the restaurant doesn't accept cards (Credit/Debit...Forget about Library Cards then! :)) Its purely cash transaction