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> > > En Vogue

En Vogue

Fatima Nagar  

  • 9890927777, 64107777
  • A 509, KPCT Mall, Fatima Nagar, Fatima Nagar, Kondhwa, Pune
  • American, International

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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En Vogue Reviews


The Deejays at their work ~:)

Till NOW i was a kid when i went for their first party.. their names were all over the road everyone knew them as the famous KK and the mazin.. The energy with them was massive it used to go above the roof everyone wanted to sing dance even be apart of the show All i used to do is be by myself and try to get along as much as possible.. my life wasnt that hard it was to follow the ones that knew to follow the soul of existence the soul of life the soul of the matter that made us dance all night.. Now all we need to do is get back that soul so that love for all matters again we need it for another day for another night so our seconds count all night...


neo29 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 23,2010


waste of money and time

The only thing good about this place is the crowd. Food is crap.Most times there is no place to sit, if crowdy no room to walk, dance and it really gets tight to breathe. Even after ordering some drinks and starters the waiters keep asking you if u want anything else, even while u are on the dance floor basically embarrassing you to order more, If a fight happens becoz of some drunk guy and the bouncer the entire crowd is asked to leave. Dont go here just becoz there is couples only tag. They allow stags too. There are much better disc's in pune where u can enjoy with ur girl.



Cheaters... they cheat people everyday... read how

So I went there with a 2 friends (male) and at the gate itself they asked him to pay Rs. 1000 as stag entry. We did so in cash there and then. After having all the drinks the bill was approx. Rs. 800. Paid that by debit card. That night got an SMS from my bank saying i got charged 1000+800!!!! that was 1000 extra. I called the owner, he claimed that i had signed on 2 bills!!! Went all the way back there and saw that someone had FORGED my signature on a receipt !!! The owner did not co-operate at all. It's easy to guess who would've taken my card, swiped it 2 times at 2 seperate machines and forged the signature. The owner stooped to levels of saying that you shouldve gone to the debit card machine and swiped yourself !!!! More, regulars who were there when we complained said that this is usual for this place!!! They cheat a lot of people like this !!!! BEWARE!!!!!!


schinkaru - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 01,2009



One good place to be.... I n my dearest friends offen drop out here. We enjoy the most.. good music.. good food... good ppl..... One must visit.



Decent place to chill...

This is a decent and nice place to chill. Moderately priced. Nothing to write home about.


Best Ambiance

If you want to entertain a small office group or just your close friends, this place is perfect. Soft lighting, balanced sound and a whole lot of space is what this club boasts about.
It's like a home away from home with comfortable, lush furniture, a projector so we can watch T.V., delicious food and appetizers.
Best days to go clubbing there are Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and everyday...
Best appetizer (i like) Onion rings...
Best in-house DJ- Sunny...