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AundhRest of Pune  

  • 8805210001, 8805310001
  • Ground Floor, Centriole Mall, ITI Road, , Aundh, Pune
  • European, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 700

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Esca Reviews


Likes the ambience most

Like the place...+1 for Ambiance,Fast Service,Hospitality and food



The Best

I am finally back with some restaurant updates from Pune. With all my travelling, I have been eating out in every place but Pune lately! And then, there wasn't much happening on the culinary front in this city. But I am glad to announce that things are a-changing: several promising new choices have sprung up recently for the foodie in Pune. Like Esca Restaurant Aundh Pune with them My first experience was quite delightful!
It was a warm evening and we decided on beer over cocktails. We ordered a non-vegetarian European Platter which is Very nice Combination from there all Carte Menu followed by Stmoked Chicken Soup - don't you like the name?

Mostly I like about this Place For Ambience,Music and Hospitality Provided by Waiting Staff which i have'nt Seen any Restaurant in Pune and I Recomend This Place for Vallue For Money and You Will Feel Eating Out in Europe.........



To the mark

what can i say about the place everything was so unimaginable the food the ambience the music and the service i had salim raan which cost Rs.550/- inclusive of all taxes it was mind blowing melting in mouth very tender guys u should try it believe me u wont regret. i can eat every day .


veepin - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 19,2012



I had a great evening to remember @ esca a pleasant place and such a lovely food u guys must try the grilled fish its awsome with mustard sauce, and the hari mirch ka halwa an unsual dessert but was very nice. I will surely visit again.


Minoo05 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 18,2012


Worst continental food ever!

I ordered a fish fillet with a lemon butter drizzle, salsa and vegetables. What I was served was fish in a bowl of thin gravy or soup. It was definitely not a lemon butter drizzle. There was no sign of the salsa and I was told that the vegetables were mashed into the soup. The chef should be ashamed of serving such food and passing it off as continental. Don't even think about trying this place!


Excellent Experience

Superb Ambience, Cordial Staff, Everything on the menu is out of the world.
All the dishes are hand picked and prepared to perfection. Excellent experience always.....


Nice Place for fine dining

If you are looking for fine dining in Aund..Esca is a good choice..
had visited 2 --3 times .. Ambiance is nice ,staff is decent ...quality of food is also good.But i dint find much on menu card..Not too much expensive..
A good experience ...


To Eat Or Not To Eat

To Eat

5) The Nawabi Paneer , creamy and lightly flavoured with fennel with melt in the mouth paneer makes you frown in its flavours. It is a very unique flavor, a recipe you will not come across in every other ‘Multi-Cuisine Restaurant’. The subtle flavours and silken mouth feel is one of a kind. For more on this visit foodietryingstein.blogspot or follow me on twitter @foodtryingstein

5 Reasons Not To Eat

1) Bad Ambience. The music was too loud for a place like that. The restaurateurs need to realize that they are running a fine-dining restaurant not a club. It is impossible to have a conversation with your family and friends when the music is so loud and atrocious. Even when we asked them to turn it down, it still sounded unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong, the choice of music wasn’t bad, it was bad for a restaurant like that.

2) Bad Service. There are two ways to go with a corner table. Either you don’t set a table in manner that the guest is out of reach for the server. Although, this was not the case, as I was seated on the corner seat it seemed to me like I set my table, served myself and even cleared my table on my own. I would might as well have stayed back home and done it myself.

3) Clumsy Service. When the server brought my Chicken Matka to the table, the curry was poured all over the sides of the curry bowl. It seemed as though the chef had clearly it spilled over the counter while serving it. The chef did not notice it, the server was just about to place it on our table when all of us exclaimed at the time. ‘Yeh Ganda Hai!’

4) FYI, Esca Restaurant, just describing a dish well on the menu is not sufficient. The recipe should be as good as it is described. Chicken Matka, recommended by the server, described as belonging to some dynasty and being one of the most interesting items in the Indian selection was highly disappointing. Not only was the chicken dry and overcooked but also, the flavours of the curry were average and not unique. Also, it was not served in a Matka!


food_xpert - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2011


Good restaurant let down by bad attitude

We decided pretty late to go out for lunch. Called the restaurant to confirm they can serve a party of 10 at this time (about 2:30-3 p.m.). They confirmed and we reached the place in 10 mins flat. Welcomed by a pleasant ambience and taken to our table very promptly. The waiter arrives in a minute of us settling down and informs us that he'll be taking our last order now. What? we've barely even looked at the menu. Obviously I wanted to speak with the manager. He comes over and justifies how the waiter is right and they're about to close. I wonder what they were thinking when the asked us to come over. Do they understand that "fine dining" involves more than one course? We did proceed to have our lunch as it was too late to go anywhere else. The food was great but the hospitality and service sucked.... big time.



Disgrace to fine dining

1. Interiors very well done - small bar with 4 stools, spacious arrangements on two floors, impression of tall french windows with luscious red curtains... first impression on entering - very good, except possible a little too bright due to a chandelier (but that is a personal choice, so can be ignored)
2. Terrifying music - disco, dance, pop - all the cocoa-jumbo songs! The DJ sitting there was there to try the crowds patience, experimenting with misfit music, insanely loud and constantly modulating volume - strike 1
3. Jack Daniels large on the rocks, served in a beer/juice glass - strike 2 (literally a crime at a fine dining place)
(Also for readers` information, they have a tie-up with Kingfisher and don`t serve other beers such as Fosters, Carlsberg, Buds, Touborg etc.)
4. Double bill charge at the end of the dinner, no kidding, all quantities wrong, items wrong, charged over twice the actual bill amount. On pointing out, the manager did not even care to apologize - strike 3!
5. FOOD - Turkey ordered was so hard, it was either obviously stale, or not properly defrosted. Duck ordered, was so sweet it felt like eating a sweet-tamato-soup served at the roadside joints, almost cooked in sugar.... Bonus strikes earned for future.
My suggestion - stay away if you expect to have a fine dinner. Since this feedback is only for Esca, I will not list out truely better places in the same region, which will not leave you feeling taken advantage of... Managers of Esca, a genuine advice: get-your-head-out-of-your-ass.



A place for fine-dining in Aundh

Great food, good drinks, good ambience, great service!

Glad to have a good fine-dining place in Aundh. We've enjoyed ourselves every time we've been to Esca.

Esca's menu has Indian and Continental dishes. They don't have a very big menu but all the dishes we've tried are really tasty.

By the way, Esca has been running happy hours on Indian alcohol every evening for the last few months.


Fine, very fine

Esca is a good fine dinning place. We, six of us--a mixed crowd of vegetarians, Indian food lovers, continental taste bud holders--all of us liked it and ate to our appetite's content. Their starters are interesting, well cooked and tasty. Their menu shows variety. The cutlery is shinning and plates are appealing as well as the ambiance. Their service could get better in the sense they could do with some better receptive waiters. We also liked their drinks menu. Their mocktails were interesting and well-mixed. A must try--this place is appropriately priced.


t_g_d - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 16,2011


A missed opportunity!

Its nice to have a fine dining restaurant around Aundh. However, this one seems to be a case of a missed opportunity!

Ambience: The setting and lighting is nice. However, on the day I visited the place, there was loud music playing. Not sure if its a regular feature but the loud music did not go with the overall setting.

Service: Pretty nice with attentive folks.

Food: My food experience was a mixed bag. The smoked soup was quite awesome, a new concept for me. The tandoori chicken was just bad - uncooked at places and the portions were also very small. The chicken biryani was nice and flavorful. And the alcolhol in the tiramisu was overwhelming and not appropriate for the dessert.

I would like to try a few other menu combinations but I think Esca definitely can improve on a few aspects!


Average food at a costly price

this is my first visit to the place.the menu was small and had variety in it.
but the food was average and didn't have that zing in it..
the service and the ambiance was good.
and all this is was a tad bit overpriced.
i would like to try it out again for the european cuisine, but it will be my friend's treat



Great european food

Since the place opened 2 months back, I have been there 4 times. I have tried (most of) their veg european dishes and not the indian ones.

This is one of the rare places on this side of the town. It has great european food. I also like that they have a limited menu and what they have they really make well. The dishes are more like designed by the chef. Within the soups, the broccoli soup and a tomato based soup are very tasty. I am not mentioning about the main course dishes as i dont remember the names but go ahead and try them, I loved them all.

I gave this place 4 stars coz I thought that the service is not great. The people seem very new to the job. Also the ambiance is pretty ok. As far as the food is concerned, it's a winner.